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Chapter 286: Sinister Plan

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 286: Sinister Plan

    In truth, apart from the fact that the relationship between the various sects were not harmonious, the key reason was because of someone creating trouble. As for the people creating trouble, it would naturally be the five sword cultivator demonic witches. After Song Zhong entered into the JinDan stage, the strength of the demonic witches also took a qualitative leap and entered into the late JinDan stage. When they possessed someone, not only were they able to do it swiftly, they were also able to do it without being detected.

    Because the demonic witches were actually were actually a form of heavenly demon, their speciality lay in their ability to hide in the heart of a person. When the person let his guard down, they would be able to take over the host’s body in one fell swoop. As such, the heavenly demons were definitely considered to be unparalleled in their ability to conceal themselves.

    While the demonic witches were only at the late JinDan stage, even a YuanYing cultivator would not be able to tell that an individual was possessed with their physical eyesight. The only way for them to find the demonic witches would be to scan the primordial spirit of the host. However, such a method was extremely draining and a YuanYing cultivator would be dead exhausted after the whole process. In such a tense atmosphere where a fight could possibly break out at anytime, there would naturally be no YuanYing cultivators checking on their disciples.

    This allowed the demonic witches to move about as freely as fishes, without the worry of being found out. They were able to possess a cultivator and make use of that body to provoke a fight with other cultivators.

    After a long fight, a third of the original three to four thousand boarders had already died. Thus, the Gold Dragon ship was littered with corpses all over the place, fully showing just how brutal the battle was. Because all the various parties had their members dying, they were all extremely angsty with doubts filling their hearts. As such, as long as a small conflict could be started, a large battle would follow. Thus, the job of the demonic witches was just far too easy.

    As Song Zhong, who was hiding in a secret chamber, saw that the cultivators who had already stopped fighting break out into another fight, he was rolling on the floor with laughter.

    Needless to say, Huo QingYun, Daoist Lecher, and Daoist HuoLong were enraged when they received the news. “A bunch of useless things!” Daoist HuoLong cursed with disappointment.

    “We can’t wait any longer. We will miss our chance if we wait any longer!” Daoist Lecher said with a frown, “Why don’t we send out two YuanYing and ten JinDan cultivators each to form an elite task force to destroy the flying formation!”

    “Alright!” Huo QingYun nodded in agreement, “We must not delay any further, it’s best we take action now!”

    “Mmm!” Daoist HuoLong agreed and walked back. Very quickly, Mister First and Mister Second walked out with ten JinDan cultivators. At the other side, Daoist Lecher had somehow managed to persuade the Wind and Cloud Witches. As for Huo QingYun, she had sent out two women who were YuanYing cultivators. After the six YuanYing cultivators were gathered, they did not say a second word and entered the Gold Dragon ship with their JinDan cultivators. After the thirty-six of them appeared, all the cultivators who were fighting were startled. Not knowing if the unknown group was their friend or foe, all the other cultivators began to avoid them. As such, these thirty-six cultivators were able to move around in the Gold Dragon ship without obstruction or worry. Even if there were some cultivators who wanted to block them along the way, those cultivators would just be sent flying without question. Even if those cultivators weren’t killed, they would feel their blood churning. This was the might of the three great sects; all the cultivators from the smaller sects did not dare to voice a single word of complaint.

    However, like the saying ‘walking out at night often, you would eventually bump into a ghost’, this was no exception as well. Just when they were making their way inside the Gold Dragon ship and searching for the flying formation, a JinDan cultivator suddenly charged towards them. Behind that JinDan cultivator, there were another two JinDan cultivators from another sect. It was obvious that this JinDan cultivator was running for his life. But in the chaos, he had accidentally bumped into these few unreasonable people. Due to the fact that he was too fast, the thirty-six cultivators who were on high alert unleashed their sword lights without any hesitation to chase him away.

    Actually, while these cultivators from the three large sects seemed extremely arrogant on the surface, they were extremely careful in their actions. They knew that everyone present here was still part of their alliance in name and still had their role to play later. Together with the fact that they were far larger in combined numbers, these sect cultivators did not dare to kill. After all, grooming a JinDan cultivator required at least a good two to three hundred years of hard work, and they were all treasures in a sect. If they were to lose a single JinDan cultivator, they would definitely feel the heartache and it was impossible for them to let the three great sects off so easily.

    As such, while the sword lights looked extremely aggressive, they were lacking in killing intent. Not to mention a JinDan cultivator, even a foundational cultivator would be able to block the attack. After all, they only wanted him to move aside and not to kill him.

    However, they never expected this JinDan cultivator to be at a loss when facing the sword lights. He did not block the attack with his flying sword or magical artifact, and he did not bother to avoid it either.

    As such, a tragedy occurred. Under the watch of everyone present, this JinDan cultivator was punctured by these sword lights, and perished on the spot. As for the two JinDan cultivators chasing behind, not only were they not happy, they even shouted at the top of their lungs, “The three great sects have started to kill! They obviously want to kill us all in one fell swoop to monopolize Song Zhong’s treasures!”

    With the dense magical Qi of a JinDan cultivator, their voice could naturally be heard by everyone in the surrounding thirty miles. As everyone heard that, they were shocked and stopped what they were doing immediately. This shout obviously had a far larger impact than Huo QingYun’s words.

    As the thirty-six cultivators heard that, they were enraged as they thought to themselves, ‘We are obviously here to help out of goodwill. Why did you splash such dirty water on us? You are obviously here to stir up trouble!’

    Of those cultivators, the temper of the Wind and Cloud Witches were naturally the most fiery. First, their Thousands Desire Sect was destroyed and the both of them fell into a trap, killing Daoist Lecher’s prime disciple, Daoist Chrysanthemum. To explain this matter, they talked until their mouths were filled with ulcers and would naturally not be spared Daoist Lecher’s ridicule. Finally, the Wind and Cloud Witches, who were on the losing end, had no choice but to agree to a bunch of Daoist Lecher’s conditions in exchange for suppressing the matter. After suffering from such a large loss without reason, the Wind and Cloud Witches were naturally incensed. However, they were not able to vent their anger out on their own disciples. But today, two foolish juniors actually tried to malign them.

    This was akin to adding fuel to fire! The originally fuming Wind and Cloud Witches could not take it any longer. Without a single word, they raised their hands and two flying swords sliced through the air. Before the two JinDan cultivators were able to even let out a grunt, they were killed on the spot. After killing them, the Wind and Cloud Witches then lifted their chins arrogantly and said with disdain, “An ignorant junior like you dare to be so arrogant in front of me? You are really seeking death!” All the cultivators who saw this scene were startled, their necks shrinking back as they turned around, not daring to fight with the thirty-six of them.

    Just when the Wind and Cloud Witches thought that the matter was over, another voice sounded, “Everyone be careful! The Wind and Cloud Witches are starting their massacre! After killing the expert from the Thousands Devil Sect, they killed the two brothers from the Ancient Sword Sect. If we are not united, we will definitely be slaughtered by them eventually!”

    As the Wind and Cloud Witches heard that, they almost died from anger. While they wanted to kill this person, they could only hear but not see him. Helpless, they could only scold, “Who’s the scoundrel? Do you have to guts to come out?”

    The voice then sounded again, “If I were to come out, what will the both of you do?”

    “What will we do? Of course we will kill you!” the Wind and Cloud Witches said hatefully.

    “Ha! Have all of you heard that? They are still not satisfied after killing three JinDan cultivators and want to continue their slaughter. Are all of you just going to let them do as they wish?” that voice sounded again.

    “You!” The Wind and Cloud Witches were fooled by him yet again, angered to the point their faces turned green. Just when they wanted to respond, another frustrated voice sounded, “Wind and Cloud Witches, just how did this old man’s disciple offend the both of you? To a junior, you actually dealt such a heavy hand?”Following the words, a group of ten-plus cultivators appeared. There were male and female cultivators within the group, with the large majority of them being at the JinDan and foundational stage, and two YuanYing cultivators leading the group. On their left chest, there was an exquisite ancient sword embroidered on their robes — this was the insignia of the Ancient Sword Sect. The person who was speaking was a prestigious looking old man. With a large black sword in his hands, he was glaring at the Wind and Cloud Witches angrily. Seeing the bunch of them appear, the Wind and Cloud Witches also began to frown, not expecting trouble to come so quickly. They only wanted to vent their anger previously and forgot that it wasn’t the time for them to fight now.

    However, the Wind and Cloud Witches had already long built up their fame and would naturally not wish to lose face. As such, despite knowing that their previous actions were rash, they still replied with a stubborn attitude, “Those two juniors were rude to their seniors and we did you a favor by killing them, lest they throw the face of the Ancient Sword Sect!”

    Those from the Ancient Sword Sect were enraged as they heard that! They wanted to brandish their swords on the spot to slaughter the Wind and Cloud Witches. Mister First, Mister Second and those from the Jade Pearl Pavilion saw that, they quickly stopped the fight from breaking out and began to mediate the situation, saying that they should have the big picture in mind. Those from the Ancient Sword Sect would naturally not let the matter rest so easily. The disciples which they had been grooming for more than two hundred years had perished just like that and the other party even ridiculed them for throwing away the face of their sect. Wasn’t that naked humiliation?

    While those from the Ancient Sword Sect wanted to fly into a rampage, they were stopped by the Mystical Sky Yard and Jade Pearl Pavilion. To avoid the situation of facing the three sects alone, they did not dare to take action. However, they refused to let the matter rest and demanded an explanation from the Wind and Cloud Witches.

    Actually, everyone could tell that those from the Ancient Sword Sect only wanted a platform for them to retreat. As long as the Wind and Cloud Witches took a step back and gave them an apology, this matter would definitely be put to rest for now. In the future, they would naturally settle the score with the Wind and Cloud Witches.As such, the cultivators from the Mystical Sky Yard and Jade Pearl Pavilion began to persuade the Wind and Cloud Witches. However, they never expected the Wind and Cloud Witches to have such a stubborn temperament, completely refusing to lower their heads at all. After all, all YuanYing cultivators cared about their face and it would be too embarrassing for them to lower their heads in front of so many people.

    As such, the situation fell into a stalemate. One party insisted on an apology while the other party refused. As for Mister First, Mister Second, and those from the Jade Pearl Pavilion, they were trapped in the middle.Right at this moment, those from the Thousands Demon Sect also came forward to seek justice from the Wind and Cloud Witches. At that time, they did not see how their disciple died, but only heard from the rumors that he was killed by the Wind and Cloud Witches. In truth, the first cultivator was killed by the sword Qi from the various disciples and had nothing to do with the Wind and Cloud Witches at all.

    At this moment, the Wind and Cloud Witches were already extremely frustrated by those from the Ancient Sword Sect. However, those from the Thousands Demon Sect chose to face the tip of their spear at such a moment. As such, the frustrated Wind and Cloud Witches flew into an outrage and roared, “Isn’t it just a dead junior? What’s the big deal about that? If you guys dare to irritate us any further, we will kill you along with them!”

    As such, those from the Ancient Sword Sect and Thousands Demon Sect were completely incensed, drawing out all of their weapons and shouting back in response. At the same time, the disciples of the Wind and Cloud Witches did not back down either, drawing out their weapons and rebutting the other cultivators. As a result, those from the Mystical Sky Yard and Jade Pearl Pavilion were completely depressed. They were not willing to become the unlucky bastards facing attacks from all around them. Thus, they took a step back and let the four YuanYing cultivators mediate the situation. Due to the fact that they were already near the Eastern Ocean with a chance of meeting the demonic beasts at any time, both parties still had a certain degree of control despite the high tension. As such, they only argued verbally but did not break out into a fight.

    However, no matter how much control they had, they still could not triumph over a sneak attack! A JinDan cultivator from the Thousands Demon Sect then brandished his flying sword to provoke a cultivator from the Thousands Desire Sect. The cultivator from the Thousands Desire Sect did not step back either and brandished his flying sword also. At the start, both their sword Qi’s went past each other without any contact. Then, both the sword Qi began to approach each other before finally meeting.

    At this moment, the cultivator from the Thousands Desire Sect assumed that the other party would continue to provoke him. Thus, he sent out an even stronger sword Qi. However, he never expected the other party to keep his weapon after the previous attack. By the time he realized that the cultivator from the Thousands Desire Sect had not stopped his attack, but sent an even stronger one, it was already too late to block it. Thus, he could only retreat in a fluster. However, how could he ever be faster than the sword Qi? Together with the fact that they were extremely near to each other, the sword Qi arrived in front of him in less than a blink of an eye. As such, the cultivator from the Thousands Demon Sect had no chance to defend at all. As such, this resulted in a tragedy. With everyone as witness, this cultivator was cleaved in two by this not-so powerful sword Qi. In actual fact, a JinDan cultivator should not have died so easily regardless of the situation, and the whole affair was riddled with mystery.

    But with the high tension, who would spend the extra effort to give the matter some thought? Seeing that their sect mate was killed, the eyes of those from the Thousands Demon Sect turned red. Being a large sect amongst the devil cultivators, the Thousands Demon Sect was no weaker than the Thousands Desire Sect. Thus, their disciples had already gotten used to being extremely arrogant. Today, these arrogant fellows had two of their JinDan disciples killed by the Thousands Desire Sect. How would they still be able to hold back their anger?As such, these cultivators let out a loud roar and attacked with all they had. Seeing that the Thousands Demon Sect took action, the Ancient Sword Sect would not miss this opportunity as well. Thus, they also charged over.

    On one side was the ten JinDan disciples of the Thousands Desire Sect and on the other side was the hundred-plus people from the two sects. On one side were the two Wind and Cloud Witches and on the other side were a total of four YuanYing cultivators. With such a great disparity in strength, how could the Thousands Desire Sect defend against their opponents?

    In just a single round, those from the Thousands Desire Sect were on the losing end already. Seeing that the situation wasn’t good, the Wind and Cloud Witches shouted out, “Are those from the Jade Pearl Pavilion and Thousands Desire Sect planning to watch us die by the side? If that’s the case, we will definitely report the matter to our sect master when we leave!”

    Hearing the words of the Wind and Cloud Witches, the faces of those from the Mystical Sky Yard and Jade Pearl Pavilion turned ugly. While they disdained those from the Thousands Desire Sect, they were presently in an alliance. At the very least, the Thousands Desire Sect was much more proactive in dealing with Song Zhong.

    Helpless, those from the Mystical Sky Yard and Thousands Desire Sect had no choice but to take action. However, they controlled their strength well and only intended to separate the two groups, without any bias in their actions.

    Right at this moment, a cultivator from the Ancient Sword Sect and Thousands Demon Sect had smashed into the blade of a cultivator from the Mystical Sky Yard and Jade Pearl Pavilion for no apparent reason. With a miserable shriek, they died on the spot.

    In the chaos, there would naturally be no one paying attention to what had happened. Thus, no one knew how the both of them died. The only thing they saw was the fact that these two cultivators died under the blades of those from the Mystical Sky Yard and Jade Pearl Pavilion. As a result, the Thousands Demon Sect and Ancient Sword Sect were completely enraged. A YuanYing cultivator from the Thousands Demon Sect then bellowed, “Jade Pearl Pavilion, Mystical Sky Yard and Thousands Desire Sect! Good, good, good! You guys did indeed join hands with the intention to wipe us all out?”

    “Misunderstanding, it’s a misunderstanding! We really don’t have that intention!” Mister First tried explaining with a sobbing tone.

    However, it was a pity that no one would listen to him at such a moment. With their disciples already dead and the evidence in front of their faces, how would the other party believe Mister First? The black-dressed old man from the Thousands Demon Sect was famed for having a fiery temper; together with the fact that the two JinDan cultivators who died were his direct disciples, he was extremely depressed and frustrated. After meeting such an incident, he flew into a rage without listening to what Mister First had to say. Pointing his sword at Mister First’s face, he sneered, “Old brother, let me have a misunderstanding also!”

    As Mister First saw the actions of the other party, he realized that it was impossible for him to continue the mission. With so many people dead and such a deep misunderstanding, it was impossible to explain the situation. Even if they were able to explain the situation, the cultivators from both parties would probably be dead. At that time, how would they be able to find Song Zhong?Thus, Mister First let out a bitter laugh and commanded, “Forget it, all the disciples from the Mystical Sky Yard, retreat!”