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Chapter 283: Blood Path

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 283: Blood Path

    Actually, SongZhong was also feeling extremely helpless. His pursuers were already catching up to him and he just could not delay his escape at all. But, this boat was right in front of him. In order to go around it, he would definitely have to reduce his speed to make a turn. At that time, he may suffer from the attacks of the five boats surrounding him. But if SongZhong wanted to wait for this boat to steer away, it would probably take an even longer amount of time, seeing how damaged this boat is.

    Thus, SongZhong decided to not show a single shred of mercy and threw out a wave of divine lightning. At the same time, he scolded, “This daoist here hates people like you who just want to watch a show! You want to come here to watch a show? Fine, I will let you guys watch whatever you want in hell!”

    Right after he shouted, the wave of divine lightning had already landed on the flying boat in his way. Following the multiple explosions, the flying boat was unable to endure the ferocious attack and was blown up right on the spot. Apart from the two YuanYing cultivators inside who were able to save a few talented disciples, all of the others perished in the explosion. Before the flames of explosion had even subsided, SongZhong’s Gold Dragon Boat had already dived right into the explosion and charged out. As long as he is able to pull away his distance from the other flying boats, he would be able to escape from their firing range. After that, SongZhong would no longer have to fear them with the speed of his Gold Dragon Boat.

    While the five flying boats by the side would be able to gather together and unleash a destructive attack capable of threatening the Gold Dragon Boat, all of them decided to stay silent when they witnessed the unreasonable actions of SongZhong. They all became afraid of provoking SongZhong and suffering from his retaliation. From afar, Daoist HuoLong grew anxious as he saw such a scene. He knew that if SongZhong were to escape, it would be extremely difficult for him to catch SongZhong again. This time, he had went to great lengths, and even paid a huge price, to gather both the devil and righteous cultivators. Making use of SongZhong’s attack on the Thousands Desire Sect, they surrounded him with the flying boats which were slower. The moment SonZhong escapes and become wary, how would it be possible for him to catch up with SongZhong’s Gold Dragon Boat with his speed of a mere 4000? Not only will he be unable to catch SongZhong, they may all be taken out individually as well. At that time, crying would be too late.

    Thinking about this, Daoist HuoLong shouted out, “Guys, all of you have already become enemies with SongZhong. This brat’s means are extremely vicious and he is one who will definitely take revenge. If you guys don’t stop him here today, the tragedy of the Thousands Desire Sect and Jade Pearl Pavilion will surely befall upon all of you as well! Please consider your moves well!”

    As everyone heard that, they began to nod their heads in agreement. They then shouted to the men on the five boats, “Fellow daoists, we cannot let him off and leave a great threat for ourselves!”

    “Get rid of him, I am willing to compensate all of your losses!” Daoist Lecher shouted out a reward.

    By the side, Huo QingYun said calmly, “The Jade Pearl Sect is willing to pay you guys back double of your losses. Work together and attack the rear of the Gold Dragon Boat, he will not be able to escape for sure!”

    Hearing Huo QingYun bring out the behemoth, Jade Pearl Sect, the eyes of those present on the five boats lit up as their hearts began to stir. Previously, they were afraid of attacking because they were afraid of suffering grave losses. Now that they heard that Huo QingYun was willing to pay them back twice their losses with the guarantee of the Jade Pearl Sect, how would they still dare to suspect her? Together with Daoist Lecher’s promise, they would be able to gain three flying boats for every flying boat they lose.

    Seeing that there was such a great benefit to be earned, all of the hesitations these fellows had completely vanished. Without a second thought, they unleashed the strongest attacks on their boats. In that instant, divine lightnings, blizzards, fire storms and demons were unleashed from those five boats, smashing towards SongZhong’s Gold Dragon Boat.

    Furthermore, the six to seven YuanYing cultivators on the five flying boats did not hold back either. They all worked together and concealed themselves within the attacks and prepared their strongest attacks. Then, making use of the fact that SongZhong was trying to deal with the attacks from the flying boats, they unleashed their attacks together. Then, thousands of sword Qi broke through the air and smashed onto the tail of the Gold Dragon Boat. At this moment, the colorful protective clouds on the Gold Dragon Boat had already been destroyed by the myriad attacks. Only the gold protective light of the boat was still remaining. While the protective light on the Gold Dragon Boat was able to defend the attacks, it also began to shake unsteadily from the attacks of the YuanYing cultivators. Following which, the second wave of attacks from these YuanYing cultivators arrived. They all unleashed their strongest attacks, with dragon shaped Qi, gigantic sword Qi, and countless of various divine lights.

    All of these attacks were unleashed from high grade magical artifacts. Together with the fact that they were from YuanYing cultivators, the strength of the attack weren’t weak at all. The already unsteady protective light could not longer block the attacks. After blocking off half of the attacks, a gigantic hole was made in the protective light. Following which, the remaining attacks made use of that hole, striking right at the tail of the Gold Dragon Boat. While the tail of the boat was made from Yellow Dragon Wood and was extremely durable, it was unable to withstand the concentrated attacks of a few YuanYing cultivators. As such, a large crater, over tens of feet wide, was made at the tail of the Gold Dragon Boat.

    If the attacks landed anywhere else, it would definitely not pose too big of an issue to this boat which was 3000 feet long. However, the tail of the Gold Dragon Boat was not there for decorative purposes only and had its own use as well. While the tail could unleash the Purple Lightning Yellow Dragon Cannon, the tail of the boat was used to speed it up.

    All of these YuanYing cultivators were not idiots either. They were all extremely experienced individuals who quickly realized the usage of the tail. They, they would attack the tail of the boat under the command of Huo QingYun. Furthermore, they were also able to pinpoint the weakest part of the tail from their many years of experience. As such, the spot which they chose to attack was the core of a huge formation at the tail. The purpose of this formation was to speed up the Gold Dragon Boat. Now that this formation was destroyed, the tail can be said to be totally useless already. Without the tail to speed it up, the speed of the Gold Dragon boat returned to its original speed, similar to the other flying boats. As such, SongZhong’s biggest advantage, the speed of his boat, was completely wasted.

    It can be imagined, under the circumstances of all the flying boats present being similar in speed, his opponent’s boats had experts present to help speed up their boats. But for SongZhong’s Gold Dragon Boat, he was the only one present on it. How would it be possible for him to outrun them? The moment he is surrounded by the other flying boats, 30 plus flying boats plus dozens of YuanYing cultivators, he would be finished for sure regardless of how powerful the Gold Dragon Boat was. From the time the five flying boats launched their attacks to the point the tail of the Gold Dragon Boat was destroyed, it all happened in a mere few breaths. As such, it was already too late when SongZhong reacted. As the few YuanYing cultivators saw that they had successfully slowed the Gold Dragon Boat down, they knew that their mission was completed. However, they offended this perverse SongZhong at the same time and so they just could not find the mood to celebrate. After destroying the tail of the Gold Dragon Boat, the first thing they wanted to do was to escape. They were afraid that SongZhong would vent his anger on them if they were to escape too slowly.

    Indeed, these sly old foxes were correct. The moment SongZhong saw that the tail of his Gold Dragon Boat was destroyed, he felt as though his innards were burning from anger as steam rose from the top of his head. He then scolded, “Darn scoundrels, you guys are seeking death!”

    Following which, commanded the Gold Dragon Boat to continue to escape. At the same time, he activate all of the divine lightning towers on the Gold Dragon Boat to their full capacity, condensing a large amount of divine lightnings and smashing them all towards the nearest flying boat. Besides that, the frustrated SongZhong ignored the cost of ten thousand high grade spiritual stones and activated the Purple Lightning Yellow Dragon Cannon, shooting towards the largest enemy ship.

    Following which, everyone could see a gigantic ball of purple lightning, which was hundreds of feet in diametre, smash towards a green flying boat which was 1500 feet long. Then, a gigantic it exploded into a gigantic fireball, destroying not only that green flying boat but another smaller flying boat which was a few kilometres away.

    It must be said that the power of the Purple Lightning Yellow Dragon Cannon was just too perverse. The might of the cannon was comparable to the attack of a FenShen cultivator, easily destroying anything in a few kilometres. At the very least, it was definitely invincible in this world.Looking at the frightening scene, everyone could not help but suck in a breath of cold air. At the same time, their fear towards SongZhong grew deeper. As such, many of the sects who were here to witness a show began to feel hesitant in their hearts. They could not help but question themselves if it was worth it for them to make such a powerful enemy. As for some of the more cowardly sects, they lowered their speed and had the intentions of being a bystander for now. Furthermore, their actions influenced others to join them as well. In that instant, apart from the Thousands Desire Sect, Jade Pearl Pavilion and Mystical Sky Yard, the boats from all the other sects began to slow down. Very quickly, Daoist HuoLong noticed this as well. Seeing that things weren’t going well, he quickly shouted, “Everyone, there is no need to be worried. While this attack of his may be powerful, it would definitely exhaust a lot of resources. The gigantic Gold Dragon Boat would definitely be running on high grade spiritual stones. I don’t believe this little brat has so many high grade spiritual stones to use!”

    “That’s right, this brat is only about 40 years old and is a mere JinDan cultivator. Even if he has a fortuitous encounter, it is impossible for him to collect so many high grade spiritual stones. He had already destroyed the Jade Pearl Pavilion and fought the Thousands Desire Sect. He must have spent a large amount of spiritual stones already and I dare to bet that he is definitely at his wit’s end!” Daoist Lecher added on.

    “That’s true!” Huo QingYun followed, “SongZhong is definitely at his wit’s end. If not, he would not escape the moment he saw us! All of you must not be fooled by this junior! Let us all work together to slaughter this brat. The Jade Pearl Pavilion can promise that we will not split the spoils of war with all of you, even including the Gold Dragon Boat!” Following what she said, Daoist HuoLong and Daoist Lecher also promised that they would not share the spoils of war and only wanted to kill SongZhong. As the people by the side heard that, their eyes all began to glow as they discussed what to do next. Then, they began to speed up again. The all believed that the young SongZhong should not have many high grade spiritual stones for sure. After all, he must have exhausted a great deal of spiritual stones to destroy the Jade Pearl Pavilion and Thousands Desire Sect. Besides that, they were extremely tempted by SongZhong’s Gold Dragon Boat.

    You have to know, this Gold Dragon Boat can be said to be filled with treasures all over. Just the main material used to forge the boat, the Yellow Dragon Wood, is already extremely attractive. Even if they are only able to obtain a few fragments of it, it would be sufficient to refine a magical artifact for sure. Besides that, the Gold Dragon Boat was the product of a LianXu cultivator and his refinement techniques were extremely attractive. Even if they are not able to gain much hints from the fragments, they would be able to receive some benefits from it as well. Such benefits would definitely be extremely helpful for them to advance their armament refinement skills. As such, the other sects could not help but be tempted when the heard that the three big sects was not going to snatch SongZhong’s treasures with them. For SongZhong’s treasures, they all began to speed up, afraid that they would end up losing out!

    After venting his anger with the Purple Lightning Yellow Dragon Cannon, SongZhong did not dare to stay back any longer and charged out with full speed. At the same time, his divine lightning smashed towards the nearest flying boat, destroying it before he escaped.

    As such, of the six flying boats which were blocking SongZhong previously, four was destroyed already. As for the remaining two, they had already escaped as far as they could after they saw SongZhong unleash the Purple Lightning Yellow Dragon Cannon.

    While treasures was precious to them, their lives were even more important! They would not want to sacrifice their lives to stop SongZhong. As such, SongZhong had still managed to escape from the encirclement and escaped towards the east. Actually, apart from the fact that the defence in this direction was weaker, SongZhong chose to break out from the encirclement in this direction because he would be able to reach the ocean if he were to travel in his direction.

    Now, SongZhong has a horrible reputation in the Vast Mountains and is akin to a mouse on the streets where everyone would attack him if they were to see him. While the Vast Mountains were huge, there was just nowhere for him to survive. As such, the only place left for him to escape to would be the Eastern Ocean. At the very least, he was the crown prince of the Eastern Ocean!

    Even though he was a human, one who had the battle record of slaughtering a demonic beast, he was forced to use his feigned identity of a demonic beast to seek shelter in the territory of the demonic beasts. Thinking about this, SongZhong could not help but be filled with bitterness in his heart. However, this was not a time for SongZhong to be emotional. While he had broken out of the encirclement, he was not out of danger yet. There were still over 20 flying boats at his tail. Due to the fact that the tail of the Gold Dragon Boat was destroyed, the speed of his Gold Dragon Boat was no different from the other flying boats. However, his opponents could use their manpower to speed up their flying boats, increasing the speed of their flying boats with the various spells. As such, his opponents’ flying boats were at least 30% faster than him. Thus, it was only a matter of time before they caught up to SongZhong. To him, the only good news was the fact that the Thousands Desire Sect was near the Eastern Ocean. As long as he can endure until he reach the Eastern Ocean, he would be able to seek reinforcements from the demonic beasts. As such, SongZhong did not think about anything else but how he would be able to escape further and quicker!“Can we repair the formation at the dragon’s tail?” SongZhong asked the demonic witches.

    “Reporting to Master, there are many materials for maintenance in the Gold Dragon Boat. While we would be able to fix it, we would have to stop for sure!” A demonic witch replied helplessly.

    “Stop?” As SongZhong heard that, he began to frown, “While the Gold Dragon Boat is extremely powerful, it would not be able to defend against the attack from over 30 flying boats for sure.”

    “Master, during the repairs, we must stop the movement of the boat and the protective divine light of the Gold Dragon Boat cannot be deployed either. They are all connected to the core of the formation and so we have to stop to repair it. Under such circumstances, we do not recommend you to repair it!” Another demonic witch explained.

    “But if we don’t repair it, they would definitely catch up to us in another hour or so. At that time, won’t we be dead as well?” SongZhong frowned.

    “Master, if we were to escape like that, we definitely won’t be able to escape. I think that the best method would be for us to fight while we escape!” A demonic witch recommended.

    “Fight while we escape?” As SongZhong heard that, he asked with interest, “What should we do?”

    “Simple!” That demonic witch explained, “While they seem to have the advantage of numbers, they are not united in reality. Facing such an unstable alliance, the best way would be to attack them individually. With the powerful Purple Lightning Yellow Dragon Cannon, Master would definitely be able to destroy their flying boats in a single shot. With the long range of the Purple Lightning Yellow Dragon Cannon, your attacking range would definitely exceed theirs greatly for sure. As long as you destroy the few flying boats at the front, the rest of them would definitely not dare to approach you!”

    As SongZhong heard the advice of the demonic witches, his eyes lit up and immediately determined that this was an extremely good plan. He then slapped his thighs and laughed, “Good, good plan! Let us do as you say. Prepare the Purple Lightning Yellow Dragon Cannon and attack the first boat to come into our crosshairs!”

    “Yes!” The demonic witches acknowledged the order and dispersed.