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Chapter 282: Surrounded On All Sides

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 282: Surrounded On All Sides

    A mere bunch of nine flying boats actually was not sufficient to intimidate SongZhong. Rather, it was how the boats were positioned. It actually showed that he was surrounded. With enemies from three directions, would any more enemies appear from the fourth direction as well? Thinking up to this point, SongZhong turned his head back in panic, and espied three more flying boats.

    12 large magical flying boat artifacts is not a laughing matter at all. The moment SongZhong got surrounded, even something as powerful as the golden dragon boat could only helplessly take a beating. Thinking to this point, SongZhong’s head cleared from his original rage-induced mood. At this point, it came as a shock when he found out that his enemy did not only just bring along 12 flying boats, but the indistinct figure of four to five more boats could be seen at the back. From this, he could infer that they were probably flying in a formation consisting of nearly 30 flying boats.

    If there were only seven or eight boats, SongZhong might still have dared to fight it out. However, with thirty opposing boats, he had better just run! Facing such a siege, even his golden dragon boat would not survive, let alone retaliate!

    SongZhong was no fool. He had already vented enough frustrations today, and there wasn’t any point to continue venting. Since the situation was already so unfavourable for him, he swept the surroundings once, before selecting a direction with only six flying boats, and propelled the boat towards it.

    Of course, SongZhong would not let the Thousand Desires Sect go that easily. A purple lightning golden dragon cannon spat out its energy beam as the boat passed by, viciously devastating the headquarters of the thousand desires sect. Consequently, an explosion that was a few thousand feet high and hundreds of li wide could be seen. The headquarters of the Thousand Desires Sect was obliterated, just like that.

    Witnessing this scene, all the disciples of the Thousand Desires Sect had faces the colour of ash, and they lamented in their hearts. Another millennium long historical huge sect had just been wiped out, there would no longer be a thousand desires sect in this area ever again.

    Seated in the flying boat that was approaching from one of the directions, the Sect Master of the Thousand Desires Sect, Daoist Sex Fiend, was angered to the point he vomited blood. In his anger, he swore, “If I do not kill SongZhong, then I’m not fit to be a man!”

    His disciples were suffused with indignance and grievances. All of them howled in assent, and focused their full attention on operating the flying boat to overtake Daoist HuoLong as well as Celestial QingYun. A pity, even if that was the case, to actually overtake SongZhong would still require a period of time.

    As for the others, all of them collectively inhaled a breath of cold air. Only right now did they realise that it was no fluke which SongZhong had destroyed the Jade Pearl Pavilion. This caused them to be even more wary of the SongZhong, and even more determined to kill him.

    SongZhong could not be bothered with the rabble. His thoughts were solely occupied with how to safely escape this entrapment. From his observations just now, SongZhong was quite sure that the ships he was flying towards belonged to external cultivators who were invited to fill the numbers.

    This bunch of people did not possess similar levels of strength as compared to the other three directions, and were in no rush to fly over while the rest were speeding up for fear of losing SongZhong. Obviously, this group was planning to reap the rewards after everyone got injured from the battle.

    For this sort of people, they were more enthusiastic than others when it came for them to obtain victory. However, upon meeting a disadvantageous scenario, they would be the first to run.

    Due to this conduct, SongZhong naturally would choose them to break out of his entrapment. Judging by their attitudes, they would definitely give SongZhong a wide berth and not attempt to sacrifice their lives needlessly to tangle with him. If SongZhong chose to escape from the side of Daoist Huolong and Celestial Qingyun, judging by how they hated him to the bone, they would give their all to trap him, which might result in his demise.

    Seeing how SongZhong did not stand his ground and was instead fleeing, and furthermore towards those weak willed fellows, Daoist HuoLong and Celestial QingYun’s expressions changed as they begun to panic. Likewise, they were aware of how those fellow were unscrupulous, so to make them buy time was impossible. If the matter were to proceed down this road, there was a high chance that SongZhong would manage to escape once again. After all, the speed of the golden dragon boat was super to the other flying boats, and would definitely not be able to catch up to SongZhong.

    In his panic, Daoist HuoLong suddenly had a weird idea, and proceeded to circulate his internal energy to shout, “SongZhong, you evildoer, how dare you engage in wanton killing. While I may be kind at heart, I cannot endure such behavior anymore! I will serve justice on behalf of the heavens, and exterminate the vermin like you, an unloyal bastard!”

    Hearing such slanderous insults, it was a blessing that Songzhong did not just drop dead on the spot. While Songzhong had the blood of countless people on his hands today, all of them were cultivators of the demonic way. Which one of them was a saint who had abstained from killing? Him killing them should be executing justice on heaven’s behalf! Furthermore, he could be considered to have gone to great lengths to eliminate competition for his Mystical Sky Yard. But to be framed by Daoist Huolong as a demonic cultivator, this was the real injustice!

    Furthermore, eliminating the Thousand Desires Sect was actually just to avenge his parents, so how could he be considered as unfilial? But that darned Daoist Huolong was obviously twisting facts and distorting the truth!

    Given that SongZhong’s temper leaned towards the explosive side, how could he endure this? He immediately turned to rant, “Daoist Huolong, to think that you’re someone who has lived for a few hundred years, how could you be so shameless!”

    “The shameless one is you!” Celestial QingYun immediately caught on to Huolong’s idea, and without waiting for SongZhong to retaliate, she continued, “Our Jade Pearl Pavilion originally had no feud with you and all we had were a bunch of poor girls in the Sect. But you simply just killed your way to our doorstep and destroy our sect without clearing any doubts! How are you still considered a man? To think that you would go so low as to bully girls!”

    Hearing the insults spouted by Huo QingYun, SongZhong was enraged to the point he wanted to vomit blood. Even those in the surroundings could not help but break into cold sweat. The females of Jade Pearl Pavilion, everyone was fierce and valiant. It would be good if they did not take advantage of anyone. Now you’re calling them poor little girls, who would believe you?

    However, Daoist Huolong did not bother with the technicalities, and continued hurling abuses, “Little bastard SongZhong, if you have any bit of conscience, you will lay down your arms now and surrender. Or you can be a man, and go for a bout with me! This old man will fight with you one to one, do you dare?”

    SongZhong was no longer the naive kid he was in the past. Hearing such a dubious statement, he merely snorted coldly before spitting out, “You old fogey, there will be a day when we will have our reckoning! I’m just afraid that you will not dare to do so when the day comes! However, I am busy today, and have no time to accompany you!”

    The moment he finished talking, the golden dragon boat had reached roughly a hundred li away from the other six flying boats’ barricade, and this was still within the effective range of fire for the firing of the golden divine lightning.

    SongZhong did not even bother exchanging any words with them, simply firing a huge bolt of golden divine lightning towards them. At the same time, the purple lightning golden dragon cannon also began charging. He hollered out, “Those who block me will die, so bystanders better scram far away, if not don’t blame me for being heartless!”

    Seeing such a scenario, everyone almost got angered to death. Most people only started attacking each other after exchanging a few phrases, but this darned fatty threw a golden divine lightning over as a greeting, before starting to talk. This showed how little he viewed the lives in front of him! How arrogant!

    Directly in front of him was a thousand feet long magical flying boat from the demonic faction, completely cloaked in black mist. Seeing the bolt of lightning making its way over, the people on board started to panic and deployed their strongest defences, and even the two YuanYing cultivators were forced to take action, summoning a huge bone shield to ward off the attack. They assumed that, with so many defences, they could at least stave off a part of the lightning’s strength.

    However, those fellows were underestimating the power of the golden divine lightning a little too much. With a ‘hong long long’ sound, everyone gaped as the huge bone shield disintegrated into nothing more than ash. This was followed by the crumbling of the protective light of the flying boat, and finally, even the black mist surrounding the flying boat dissipated away.

    Although this took off quite a bit of the power of the golden divine lightning, over a hundred of the smaller bolts broke through all the defences to land on the flying boat.

    Seeing this disastrous scenario, the two YuanYing cultivators flew into a frenzy as they took out all their magical artifacts to block. However, they missed the opportune time, and in the end, a few stray bolts managed to land on the flying boat.

    Following a tremendous explosion, the entire black coloured boat was covered in a multitude of colours. After the fireworks died down, everyone found out that a good half of the upper levels of the flying boat had vanished. While the boat ultimately escaped its demise due to the high grade materials used in its construction, but with the amount of hidden cuts left in it, the expenditure to repair the boat would not be small. The worst part was that half of the disciples on the flying boat had died; while they were mainly foundational cultivators, but there was two JinDan cultivators amongst them. This was an unbearable loss.

    Looking at this situation, the Yuanying cultivators were so heartbroken that they nearly cried, their hearts filled with even more hatred towards SongZhong. However, this wasn’t the time to settle debts, as his golden dragon boat was still approaching towards them at a terrifying speed. If they attempted to provoke him further, another wave of lightning thrown by him could destroy all their sect disciples. With the amount of JinDan cultivators they had on this boat having exhausted all their magical artifacts, could they continue to afford to lose them all?

    Thus, while they were simmering with hatred, they could only tamp down the fire, and shout loudly, “Don’t be mistaken, we’re only here to watch!”

    Their meaning was that they were bystanders, please be magnanimous and let us go!

    However, even after hearing this, Songzhong did not ask any questions, instead throwing another bolt of divine lightning over, with an attitude of not stopping til they were dead. This caused goosebumps to rise up in all the cultivators seated on that boat!

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