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Chapter 281: Unexpected Change

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 281: Unexpected Change

    The Wind and Cloud Witches thought that with Daoist Chrysanthemum and gang’s strength, they would still put up a fight for sure. At that time, SongZhong would probably come and provide reinforcement with the Gold Dragon Boat. Thus, they wanted to finish the battle quickly and so they unleashed their strongest moves instantly.

    However, the Wind and Cloud Witches never expected that after they unleashed their attacks, Daoist Chrysanthemum and gang did not even bother blocking at all. Instead, they looked at the Wind and Cloud Witches with a smile and allowed themselves to be slaughtered and reduced to ashes.

    Under such circumstances, Daoist Chrysanthemum and gang actually did not say a single thing and died right on the spot. This was something which was far out of the Wind and Cloud Witches’ expectations. As such, they were stunned silly on the spot.

    Right at this moment, five black shadows floated out from the bodies of Daoist Chrysanthemum and gang. One of them then chuckled, “Ai yah yah, internal strife isn’t a good thing! The enemy is already knocking on your doorstep and you guys are still not fending off the enemy. Instead, you two killed the prime disciple of your sect master and four others. Hehe, I wonder how the both of you will be able to explain this to Daoist Lecher?”

    As they said that, the demonic witches retreated immediately. Since they had already framed the Wind and Cloud Witches successfully, they can leave the rest to Daoist Lecher.

    After the Wind and Cloud Witches heard that, their expression changed immediately. Only now did they realize that they had fell for a trap. This Daoist Chrysanthemum was not an ordinary person; he was the beloved disciple of Daoist Lecher. After young master Yu from the Thousands Desire Sect died, it was already an almost certain fact that Daoist Chrysanthemum would be Daoist Lecher’s successor. For someone like Daoist Chrysanthemum to die under the hands of sister duo, how would Daoist Lecher let go of this matter?

    While Daoist Chrysanthemum had indeed been possessed by the demonic witches, no one else knew about this matter apart from the Wind and Cloud Witches. Instead, the high grade cultivators who were hiding from SongZhong’s pursuit had witnessed the Wind and Cloud Witches killing Daoist Chrysanthemum and gang.

    Due to their distance, they were unable to hear the conversation between the Wind and Cloud Witches and Daoist Chrysanthemum. They were unaware of the truth as well. They only witnessed the Wind and Cloud Witches killing Daoist Chrysanthemum. What would these guys think? It can be imagined how they would report this matter back to Daoist Lecher.

    The Wind and Cloud Witches knew that these people had also fell for SongZhong’s trap and would definitely testify against the duo. This rendered them helpless to salvage the situation. After all, there were many of them and their hiding spots were extremely concealed. It would be extremely difficult for them to kill all of those hiding. If they were to attempt to silence all witnesses and some of them escape, they would really have really committed the crime of killing their fellow sect mates.

    In that instant, the Wind and Cloud Witches were trapped in a dilemma. They can’t kill, neither could they fight. It would also be useless for them to try and explain this matter. SongZhong had dumped a pile of shit right on their head! They were completely exasperated.

    Thankfully, the Wind and Cloud Witches had been through many storms and troubles. Even after knowing that they fell for SongZhong’s trap, they were still composed. They knew that the most important thing for them to do now would be to activate the sect protecting formation. As long as they can protect the Thousands Desire Sect, they would be more confident when facing Daoist Lecher in the future.

    Thinking about this, the Wind and Cloud Witches could not be bothered with anything else. They rushed into the cave and destroyed all of the restrictions which stopped them along the way, entering the core of the cave. The core of the cave was a large hall a thousand feet in diameter. There was a huge formation inside, the product of a few FenShen cultivators. This was the core of the sect protecting formation.

    As the Wind and Cloud Witches entered the place, they were completely dumbfounded. Corpses littered the formation as all of the 300 people guarding the formation was lying there. The weakest amongst them were foundational cultivators with at least two JinDan cultivators present.

    By right, two JinDan cultivators and 300 foundational cultivators is definitely enough to deal with five JinDan cultivators.

    The problem is, the demonic witches would definitely not fight them all head on. They made use of Daoist Chrysanthemum’s identity and signalled these disciples out wave by wave for the five JinDan cultivators to ambush them. They would therefore be able to take them all out easily without sustaining any injuries.

    Of course, the corpses present here would definitely not let the Wind and Cloud Witches lose their cool. The thing which devastated them the most was the fact that the formation which had been formed after great difficulty by FenShen cultivators, had completely been destroyed. The most important materials had been dug out, and hundreds of craters were left in its place.

    Apart from that, the demonic witches had used their flying swords to mess up the lines of the formation. Even the senior who refined this formation would probably be unable to recognize the formation for sure. A proper formation was completely destroyed beyond repair just like that!

    Looking at that, the Wind and Cloud Witches were completely dumbfounded. They could not help but grief, “Is the Thousands Desire Sect really fated to be destroyed?”

    While the Wind and Cloud Witches were facing desperation, SongZhong was extremely excited. Operating the Gold Dragon Boat, he riddled the sect with divine lightnings and destroyed all the caves and infrastructures of the sect. Piloting his Gold Dragon Boat through the infamous Thousands Desire Sect and destroying whatever he wanted, just how awe-inspiring is that? Perhaps, he is the first in the history of the Vast Mountains!

    Together with the fact that the Thousands Desire Sect was to be blame for his parents’ death, SongZhong became more and more excited as he destroyed the Thousands Desire Sect. Right now, SongZhong had already unknowingly reached the core of the Thousands Desire Sect.

    From afar, SongZhong realized that the core of the Thousands Desire Sect was a wave of infrastructures which span 5 kilometres wide. The buildings were all hundreds of feet tall with exquisite carvings on them. Especially when being compared to the caves which most of the cultivators were staying in, it made the building even more prominent.

    Since he saw it already, SongZhong would naturally not let go of them. He immediately directed his ship to that area. With the speed of the Gold Dragon Boat, he naturally arrived in the blink of an eye. SongZhong then let out a malevolent grin and wanted to unleash the divine lightnings.

    But right at this moment, a rainbow colored light flashed past SongZhong’s eyes and he immediately raised his head to take a look. In the end, he saw three gigantic magical artifact battleships charging towards him.

    Of these three battleships, two were small and one large. One of the small boat was white and the other black, both not exceeding a thousand feet. SongZhong felt that the white boat was extremely familiar and realized that it belonged to the Mystical Sky Yard. When he went to the Jade Green Screen, he had even taken it before. If that’s the case, were the three boats related to Mystical Sky Yard?

    Thinking about this, SongZhong quickly looked at the foremost boat carefully. It was a red flying battleship which was over 2000 feet long. This boat was also in the shape of a dragon but it was completely surrounded with a flame. The flickering flame had completely blocked the body of the boat and SongZhong could not even tell what this red boat that was shaped like a dragon, was made of.

    However, this did not prevent SongZhong from deducing the origins of the boat. At the top of the ship, there was a group of men with an old man dressed in red robes leading the group. He was someone who was unforgettable to SongZhong, Daoist HuoLong.

    Since Daoist HuoLong was on this boat, there was no need to doubt that this was the strongest giant magical artifact of the Mystical Sky Yard, the Fire Dragon Boat. As for the other two boats, they should be the two remaining boats of the Mystical Sky Yard. Obviously, the Mystical Sky Yard had brought out everything they had in order to deal with SongZhong.

    Looking at that, a burning anger rose in SongZhong’s heart as he thought to himself, ‘Darn old man, Daoist HuoLong, when I was fighting with the demonic beasts in the Eastern Ocean, you did not even send out a single boat. Now, in order to kill me and save the Thousands Desire Sect while you are at it, you actually take all of them out! You are just too hateful! Forget it, there is a road to the heavens but you don’t want to take it, no door to hell but you want to search for it. I shall no longer show any mercy this time round. A mere three boats is not something which I would place in my sights!

    Thinking about that, SongZhong wanted to activate his Gold Dragon Boat to retaliate. But right at this moment, SongZhong suddenly had a bad premonition. Turning back to look, he was immediately startled.

    It turns out, there was another three giant magical artifact behind SongZhong. It is just that they were not in the shape of boats but the shape of towers. Two of them were a thousand feet wide and about 10 stories high. The larger one was actually 2000 feet wide and over 20 stories high with a group of ladies at the very top.

    The female cultivator at the very front was dressed in a green robe with a chilly expression, filled with killing intent as though everyone in the world owes her a living. This was the pavilion head of the Jade Pearl Pavilion, Celestial QingYun.

    The moment SongZhong saw her, his eyes turned red and abandoned Daoist HuoLong to the side. In fact, the person who he hated the most was Celestial QingYun. If not for the fact that she did not know how to love herself, how would all of the following things happen? Besides, Huo QingYun is Huo QianWu’s mother and Huo QianWu is most likely hidden in the giant magical artifact. If he can take care of the both of them, then he would have taken revenge for his parents!

    Thinking about this, SongZhong was naturally no longer bothered with Daoist HuoLong. He quickly turned his boat around and wanted to take care of the Jade Pearl Pavilion first.

    But before SongZhong’s Gold Dragon Boat was able to make the turn, SongZhong was shocked to realize that another three more black giant magical artifact appeared by his side. While they were only about a 1000 feet long and did not exceed 2000 feet, it would be difficult to deal with them together, in addition to the six boats of the Mystical Sky Yard and Jade Pearl Pavilion.