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Chapter 280: Crazed Massacre

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 280: Crazed Massacre

    As he said that, SongZhong waved his hands and thousands of Gold Divine Lightnings smashed towards the Storm Demonic Witches like a sea of lightning.

    There was no need to doubt the strength of the Storm Demonic Witches at all. While these Gold Divine Lightnings were equivalent to SongZhong’s Positive Negative Five Element Divine Lightning in strength, the Witches would still be able to easily defend against tens of them. Even if there were a few hundred of them, they would still be able to defend against it if they risked the destruction of their magical artifacts. But in the face of the thousands of Gold Divine Lightnings, they did not have any choice but to flee at the sight of them. If they were to forcefully endure the attack, they would definitely be charred, even if they didn’t die.

    Despite their frustrations, the Storm Demonic Witches could only choose to make a temporary retreat. But the moment they made a retreat, the mountain which they were previously on had to suffer the fate of destruction. A wave of Divine Lightning smashed down and countless fireballs rose into the air. Rocks were sent flying all over as a cloud of dust filled the place, covering the surrounding few kilometres in a cloud of dust.

    After the dust settled down, those from the Thousands Desire Sect realized that at least a thousand feet were shaved off from that mountain from just a single wave of attacks. The cave which was hidden in the mountain was also not spared; it was destroyed along with the mountain and reduced to smithereens.

    This cave belonged to a JinDan cultivator who was watching from afar as his cave was destroyed. In that instant, he erupted in anger as he shouted out, “My cave, my treasures! They’re all finished! Darn SongZhong, we are mortal enemies from this day on!”

    Of course, this fellow only dared to make these empty statements and would definitely not dare to fight SongZhong.

    Needless to say, SongZhong let out a sneer after seeing the escape of the Storm Demonic Witches and gave up on his pursuit. SongZhong knew that while the Gold Dragon Boat was strong, it was far too slow due to its gigantic size. As such, it was impossible for him to kill the Storm Demonic Witches. Rather than wasting his spiritual stones chasing them, he could instead use them to destroy the Thousands Desire Sect.

    As such, SongZhong let the Storm Demonic Witches off and began to destroy the other infrastructures of the Thousand Desire Sect! Countless Divine Lightnings rained down from the sky, attacking the places most densely occupied by people. In the wake of the countless fireballs, numerous low grade disciples were reduced to ashes. Because of their slow speed, the lower grade disciples did not even get the chance to escape. With the fact that the Gold Divine Lightnings were being let out in waves, there were numerous casualties amongst the lower grade disciples. This was no different from a massacre!

    Of course, the disciples of the Thousands Desire Sect were also not idiots. Witnessing the crazed attacks of SongZhong, they began to run for their lives in all directions. With their large numbers and the fact that SongZhong only had that single Gold Dragon Boat, it was impossible for SongZhong to kill all of them. As such, there were still many of them who were able to escape.

    With regards to those who escaped, SongZhong could not be bothered with them either. After killing most of the low grade disciples, SongZhong began to destroy all the buildings in the Thousands Desire Sect. Be it their Armament Refinement Hall, Elixir Refinement Hall, residences of the high grade cultivators, or even the Fire Essence Hall and transportation portals were not spared from SongZhong’s attacks.

    While these places all had defensive formations, the formations were only capable of blocking ordinary YuanYing cultivators. Without the aid of the Sect Protecting Formation, those formations were insignificant in front of the Gold Dragon Boat. After a few waves of Divine Lightnings, they were easily destroyed and flattened.


    As SongZhong was destroying the Thousands Desire Sect, The Storm Demonic Witches were not idle either. They knew that it was impossible for them to defeat the Golden Dragon Boat by relying on their own strength. As such, they thought of activating the Sect-Protecting Formation.

    However, the core of the Sect Protecting Formation was in the Grand Hall of the inner courts and was under the jurisdiction of the sect master’s faction. For such an important place, Daoist Lecher would definitely place great emphasis on it, delegating Daoist Chrysanthemum to take care of it. Being the disciple of Daoist Lecher, his relationship with the Storm Demonic Witches was naturally like fire and water. Together with the importance of this place, Daoist Chrysanthemum would not normally allow them near here.

    On normal days, the Storm Demonic Witches would definitely not be willing to approach such a place to save themselves from humiliation. But today, the situation was different; Old Devil Feng had already died and there was still no news from the Sect-Protecting Formation. Now that the Thousands Desire Sect was suffering from the fury of SongZhong, the whole sect would probably be destroyed if things dragged on.

    While the Storm Demonic Witches did not like Daoist Chrysanthemum, they were more worried about the destruction of the Thousands Desire Sect. As such, they decided to set aside their personal grudges in such a critical time and visit the core of the Sect-Protecting Formation. They did not have the intention of seizing authority and only had the intention to help aid the activation of the Sect-Protecting Formation to block that crazy SongZhong.

    However, while the Storm Demonic Witches had good intentions, reality was out of their expectations. As the both of them arrived at the entrance to the place, they were blocked by a JinDan cultivator who said that they did not have the authority to enter the place and permission had to be given by Daoist Chrysanthemum.

    The Storm Demonic Witches were enraged as they thought to themselves, ‘During such a time, all of you bastards still aren’t anxious at all?’

    However, regardless of their anger, the Storm Demonic Witches could do nothing to that JinDan cultivator. After all, this place was still their territory and the Storm Demonic Witches would definitely suffer from all the formations and restrictions in this place if they were to fight here.

    Thus, the Storm Demonic Witches swallowed their anger and requested to meet Daoist Chrysanthemum. This time, the JinDan cultivator did not reject their request and asked them to wait for a moment as he went in to make a report.

    As such, the Storm Demonic Witches stood outside waiting. In the end, Daoist Chrysanthemum just did not turn up no matter how they waited. Seeing how SongZhong had killed almost all of the low grade disciples and was about to destroy all their infrastructure, the both of them could no longer endure the wait. If they were to continue waiting, the Thousands Desire Sect would probably cease to exist from today on.

    Thus, the Storm Demonic Witches used their flying swords to destroy the restrictions and charged in.

    As the Storm Demonic Witches stepped in, they did not even see a single person before hearing a eccentric voice sound out, “The Storm Demonic Witches colluded with SongZhong and want to destroy the Sect Protecting Formation! Brothers, kill them!”

    As that voice sounded, magical artifacts and flying swords smashed towards them without any delay. Being caught off guard, the Storm Demonic Witches were forced out of the cave.

    There was no doubt that the Storm Demonic Witches were infuriated. They obviously came with the intention to help and only charged in out of anxiousness. In the end, they were framed with such a huge crime and their juniors actually dared to attack them!

    How would the Storm Demonic Witches be able to swallow such indignance? Thus, they scolded in frustration, “Daoist Chrysanthemum, you dare to attack your seniors?”

    “Hmph, everyone has the right to kill a traitor. Why wouldn’t I dare to attack the both of you?” As the voice sounded, a middle aged man wearing a green robe with a chrysanthemum flower weaved on it walked out. Behind him were four JinDan disciples who looked at the Storm Demonic Witches with a face full of disdain, as though they were really traitors.

    The Storm Demonic Witches were angered to the point where their faces turned green. They only broke down the door and these juniors actually dared to malign them as such. How would they be able to endure this?

    They took out their strongest magical artifacts and said coldly, “CaoYi, the Thousands Desire Sect is facing an apocalyptic crisis right now. Instead of activating the Sect-Protecting Formation to fend off the enemy, you are trying to frame us here. Where is the logic in your actions? If you don’t give us a good explanation, us sisters will execute you right now, even if we have to offend Senior Brother Lecher.

    “Hmph!” Daoist Chrysanthemum snorted, “You two bitches still have the face to say that? If not for the both of you destroying the core of the formation, the formation would have already been activated. Senior Uncle Feng would also not have died and the Thousands Desire Sect would not have been reduced to such a state.”

    “That’s right, all of these occurrences were all caused by the both of you. We have to report this matter up to our Master so he can punish both of you traitors!” the JinDan cultivators behind Daoist Chrysanthemum scolded with anger.

    As the Storm Demonic Witches heard that, they were almost angered to death on the spot as they thought to themselves, ‘Since when did we destroy the core of the Sect-Protecting Formation? These people are obviously trying to frame us! But, Daoist Chrysanthemum is the prime disciple of Daoist Lecher after all, and he will be the future sect master. Despite our disputes, he should not have chosen such a time to deal with us, right? After all, his master would be the one to suffer the greatest loss if the Thousands Desire Sect were to be destroyed.’

    Thinking about this, the Storm Demonic Witches suddenly remembered that SongZhong had the Nine Beauties Painting. Remembering how the Sect-Protecting Formation was not activated and thinking about the oddity in Daoist Chrysanthemum’s actions, they came to a realization, whereupon they exclaimed, “No, you are not Daoist Chrysanthemum. You are the demonic witches from the Nine Beauties Painting!”

    As Daoist Chrysanthemum heard that, he smiled, “Ah ah, you are smart. That’s right, we are the demonic witches. You guys are right. But, it is a pity that it’s too late!”

    As the Storm Demonic Witches heard that, they brandished their flying swords and charged forward as they scolded, “Bitches, don’t be happy so soon! As long as we kill you and activate the Sect-Protecting Formation, it still isn’t too late!”

    As they said that, countless sword lights smashed towards Daoist Chrysanthemum and his gang.