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Chapter 279: Enraged Attack

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 279: Enraged Attack

    One could not help but say that even if Old Devil Feng was powerless in battle without a good magical artifact, his escape techniques were still as intricate as ever. Even though SongZhong and the four JinDan practitioners had all made preparations in advance, they ultimately were unable to prevent his escape. Despite using his Positive Negative Five Elements Divine Lightnings and his flying swords, all he was able to hit was just Old Devil Feng’s shadow. Following a flash of light, the Naked Skinning Witch had already been picked up by Old Devil Feng, and the two of them had escaped their encirclement.

    “Ah!” Seeing this situation, SongZhong and the four JinDan cultivators were stunned silly. They did not imagine that Old Devil Feng actually had such an insane escaping technique.

    Seeing their stunned looks, Old Devil Feng had a huge ego boost, and his depression vanishing almost immediately. He laughed in delight, “Darned fatty, do you know how powerful this daddy is now? Hahaha~”

    Just as Old Devil Feng was laughing madly, a surprising accident occurred. The Naked Skinning Witch, who was originally wedged at Old Devil Feng’s waist, crying with happiness at being saved, suddenly had a change in expression as she turned sinister. Without wasting a single moment, her hands pulled out an inky black dagger and viciously stabbed Old Devil Feng’s Dantian.

    Due to the sudden change in the situation, Old Devil Feng did not realise that the person he rescued would suddenly turn on him. Thus he had completely lowered his guard around her, and was stabbed just as he was laughing out in joy.

    While normal daggers are incapable of harming the fleshly body of a YuanYing cultivator due to a protective layer of Qi, the Naked Skinning Witch’s dagger was no ordinary artifact. A magical artifact of the fifth level, the Ice Heart Devouring Spirit Devil Dagger was most adept at tearing apart the protective layer of cultivators, with increased effectiveness towards harming the internals of a person.

    Thus, it turned into a tragedy for Old Devil Feng. Under the control of the possessed Naked Skinning Witch, the dagger sliced through him as easily as cutting through tofu. Be it his protective layer or his physical body, there was seemingly no resistance as the dagger stabbed through him like a shish kebab.

    The Dantian cavity is a place where the YuanYing of a cultivator is kept. Therefore, after the sneak attack by the Naked Skinning Witch, the YuanYing that Old Devil Feng had bitterly cultivated for hundreds of years was destroyed.

    With his Dantian destroyed, Old Devil Feng was indeed in great pain. With a wave of his hand, he sent the Naked Skinning Witch flying with a slap, cursing, “Darned bitch, how dare you betray me!”

    The Naked Skinning Witch did not have such a perverse defensive skill like SongZhong’s, and thus disintegrated without any means to resist.

    However, just as her corpse was soaring through the sky, a dark shadow detached itself from the corpse and transformed into a gorgeous female cultivator.

    With Old Devil Feng’s experience, he immediately recognized who the female was. He screamed in regret, “Demonic Desire Witch? Damn it, you guys are too despicable, actually using this slut to bait me!”

    “Hahaha, you fool, don’t you know that the winners are glorified while losers are vilified? How could you say I’m despicable, it’s just you being stupid!” SongZhong exclaimed in delight. “So how is it? The feeling of being stabbed is great, isn’t it? The dagger was something you personally bestowed upon the Naked Skinning Witch, as a reward for betraying me. Ironically, you’re dying due to this same dagger. Such well deserved outcome, isn’t it?”

    Old Devil Feng was already heavily injured; hearing SongZhong add insult to injury, his face turned green while his body trembled uncontrollably. Before he could speak, he vomited a mouthful of blood before speaking in a faltering tone, “Darned Fatty, you’re too sly. This old man has suffered an injustice!”

    “So what? You still have to die!” SongZhong smirked. “You can tell King Yama all about the grievances you have suffered once you reach the Underworld!”

    “Hmph!” Old Devil Feng coldly snorted, saying with much unwillingness, “If not for the fact that the Wind and Cloud Witches chose not to interfere, your plan wouldn’t have worked. Even in death, I will not rest in peace!”

    Following which, he threw his head back and screamed, “AHH~ Wind and Cloud Witches, you two sluts, I won’t forgive you both, even in death!”

    The moment he finished speaking, he ruthlessly slammed his palm towards his forehead, thus committing suicide by splitting his head. He knew that he would not live long, because after being stabbed, once the dagger’s devouring curse took effect, his YuanYing would be completely destroyed. As such, while he could retain his life, he would be no better than trash. In such an unforgiving place like the demonic sects, no one would pity a piece of trash, thus committing suicide would be better than being looked down upon and bullied.

    Seeing the person who killed his parents committing suicide, SongZhong was elated, with the only regret of not being able to end him personally. However, this was a small matter. The point was that Old Devil Feng was still forced to suicide, so it did not affect him at all. With a sweep of his hand, he collected the corpse, with the intention of using it to pay respects to his parents.

    After this, SongZhong’s gaze locked onto the thousand desire sect’s disciples standing a bit further off. He was not aware of who were Old Devil Feng’s subordinates, accomplices to his parents’ death. But what did it matter? So long as he killed them all, vengeance would still be carried out!

    At this point, SongZhong’s eyes filled with killing intent as beads after beads of five elements divine lightning appeared in his hands, prepared to kill to his heart’s content.

    Seeing his actions, the disciples all turned pale in fright, and began to scatter in all directions.

    At this crucial timing, a sonorous voice suddenly sounded out, “SongZhong, did you really think that the Thousand Desires Sect has no one left to stop you?”

    The voice had just sounded when two women dressed in red appeared out of nowhere. Both of them looked around the age of thirty, with similar appearances. They possessed voluptuous figures, milky white skin, and emitted an aura of noble disposition. With their bodies festooned with valuable pearls and jades, they portray the image of a wealthy noblewomen.

    Simply from external appearances, the two women looked opulent and wealthy. But upon a closer look, one could see their brows were full of baleful energy. Furthermore, their skin shone with an unnatural luster, an obvious indication of them having cultivated to the point that they could alter their appearances.

    SongZhong could, with difficulty, be considered as someone with experience. With just a look, he could tell that their strengths were definitely not below Old Devil Feng, possibly even be higher. They were both YuanYing experts, and even twins. Such possibility of occurring was infinitesimal. Thus, SongZhong immediately recognised them as the Wind and Cloud Witches.

    Seeing the two of them, SongZhong was first surprised for a brief instant, but that soon turned into a cold smile as he jeered, “Haha, who’s this? Turns out to be the famed Wind and Cloud Witches! The two of you watched blatantly as Old Devil Feng was killed, but now show yourselves, could you two be trying to stop the inevitable?

    “Hmph!” The Wind and Cloud Witches snorted in response, “Kid, don’t try to dissuade us here. The death of Old Devil Feng is only because he was stupid and did not plan in advance. This has nothing to do with us! The reason why we’ve chosen to show ourselves now, is naturally so we can eliminate you to show our sect’s prowess!”

    Hearing them bluster, SongZhong could not help but let out a cold laugh, “Is the Thousand Desire Sect that powerful? How come I can’t see it? This young master came in single handedly, chopping Jindans and destroying yuanyings, killing countless number of disciples, but I’m still vigorous and lively! This shows that your Thousand Desires Sect, is actually just a paper tiger!”

    “Hng!” The Wind and Cloud Witches sniggered in response, “Darned Fatty, don’t think that just because you used the Nine Beauties Painting to infiltrate our Sect and crack the defensive formation, you can rampage without fear! Us sisters are not like that silly guy Old Devil Feng. For a little junior like you, even if you possess the Nine Beauties Painting, you still got to die!”

    As they spoke, both of them stretched out their hands, each summoning a scarlet red flying sword, before smirking at Songzhong. Obviously, they were still looking down on him.

    Indeed, they had the qualifications to look down upon SongZhong. The fact that Songzhong managed to push Old Devil Feng to the state of being hunted like a stray dog, was because Old Devil Feng was already inflicted with injuries. Coupled with the fact that he was missing his magical artifact, thus his subpar performance. If he had attacked him while the latter was in his prime, even if Old Devil Feng could not defeat SongZhong, he at least possessed the measure to hold himself in a prolonged fight.

    As for the Wind and Cloud Witches, their individual strengths already slightly exceeds Old Devil Feng at his peak. When one includes their innumerable magical artifacts, and the chemistry between the two of them, if they were to attack simultaneously, they could even face off three to five Old Devil Feng at his peak. To deal with SongZhong was simply beneath them.

    However, despite being so arrogant and spewing nonsense constantly, Songzhong would never allow them to gang up on him. Fighting with two perverse experts, even he would not dare to attempt such a thing, it was an act tantamount to seeking death!

    Thus, after the sisters brought out their bright scarlet swords, SongZhong did not rush forward, but instead smiled evilly as he brought out his Golden Dragon Boat.

    The three thousand odd feet boat quietly floated above SongZhong’s head. More than ten of the dragon heads were facing the Wind and Cloud Witches, their purple eyes flickering with lightning. Witnessing so many of them staring straight at the sisters, a sense of powerlessness and pressure weighed down upon the twin sisters.

    Taking this chance, SongZhong vanished from the plains in an instant, appearing at the top deck of the Golden Dragon Boat.

    Seeing him standing on the frightening weapon of mass destruction, with a cold smile plastered to his face, the Wind and Cloud Witches could not help but turn pale, howling, “Darned SongZhong, you’re shameless!”

    “Hehe, rather than me screaming that two on one would be shameless, I’d rather have you two screaming that I’m shameless! In any fact, you two are the shameless ones!” SongZhong delightedly said. “It doesn’t matter though, even if you guys want to be shameless, this young master here isn’t scared. I’ll still flatten you all the same, so watch out!”