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Chapter 278: Vicious Beating

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 278: Vicious Beating

    At this moment, Old Devil Feng no longer had that arrogant disposition from before. He was much older now, his head was inundated with white hairs and face full of wrinkles. The key thing was that his temperament also had a great change. From an expert full of mettle, he transformed into a melancholic old man. It can be seen just how great of an impact of SongZhong’s escape previously at the Eastern Ocean had on him.

    “Old man, you aren’t dead yet? Hahaha, did you know, when I was in the Eastern Ocean, I prayed to the heavens everyday for you to live a long life so that I could see you again!” SongZhong smirked. While the words were polite, SongZhong’s face was filled with rage as he said them. Obviously, what he meant was to pray for Old Devil Feng to live until the time he could personally deal with Old Devil Feng.

    The most interesting thing was, Old Devil Feng had once said this to SongZhong before as well. Now, the roles were reversed. It is really like the saying, ‘What goes around comes around’.

    After hearing what SongZhong said, Old Devil Feng fumed with rage as he scolded, “Darn fatty, don’t be too conceited. After entering my Thousands Desire Sect, you can only dream about escaping! Men, activate the Sect-Protecting Formation!”

    Facing Old Devil Feng’s roar, SongZhong was not afraid at all. Instead, he replied with a smile, “Shout, shout with all your might. Even if you shout till your voice turns hoarse, no one will be bothered with you!”

    As Old Devil Feng heard that, he was immediately startled. You have to know, because of SongZhong, the Thousands Desire Sect had already been in a state of high alert. The whole sect was in a state of apprehension and had made various preparations already. When SongZhong first began his massacre, the JinDan disciples in charge of the Sect-Protecting Formation should have already received the news and activated the Sect-Protecting Formation. But after so long, there wasn’t a single trace of the Sect-Protecting Formation being activated. Obviously, something went wrong for sure.

    Thinking about that, Old Devil Feng broke out into perspiration as he quickly instructed, “Go and send a few men to see why the Sect-Protecting Formation has not been activated. Check what those disciples in charge are doing!”

    “Yes!” A few JinDan disciples acknowledged the order and flew away.

    After the disciples flew away, Old Devil Feng calmed himself down. He knew that the most important thing for him to do now would be to stall for time. Thus, he said to SongZhong, “Brat, don’t think that this little accident will be able to save you. Experts are as numerous as clouds in my Thousands Desire Sect. Even if we do not have the Sect-Protecting Formation, you will definitely not be able to escape!”

    “Ah ah, who said I was intending to escape?” As SongZhong heard that, he burst out into laughter, “Before getting rid of you, why should I escape?”

    “Hmph, with just you?” Old Devil Feng sneered, “I’m afraid you don’t have the power to kill this old man!”

    “We’ll only know after trying!” SongZhong said coldly. Then, he let out a loud shout, “Old Devil Feng, die for my parents!”

    SongZhong waved his hands and ten Positive Negative Five Elements Divine Lightnings appeared from out of nowhere. Under SongZhong’s control, they smashed towards Old Devil Feng. As for SongZhong himself, he followed behind the Divine Lightnings closely and pounced towards Old Devil Feng with a sinister grin.

    If it was before, Old Devil Feng would only feel disdain towards SongZhong’s attack. But now, times had changed. While SongZhong’s strength increased greatly, Old Devil Feng’s strength had decreased greatly. Thus, Old Devil Feng was forced to use all he had to defend against SongZhong’s frightening attack.

    The reason why this was the case was not only due to the fact that his vitality was greatly injured. The other reason was because Old Devil Feng’s magical artifacts were now much weaker than before. After all, it wasn’t an easy thing to refine an eighth-grade magical artifact. After Old Devil Feng was captured previously, he lost all his treasures and was only able to refine another eighth-grade magical artifact with the aid of Daoist Lecher.

    However, the primary soul of his Wind Snake Flag had already died when Old Devil Feng used the ‘devil entering the body’ spell. Thus, his eighth-grade magical artifact was completely crippled. In such a short amount of time, it was obviously impossible for him to refine another eighth-grade magical artifact. Daoist Lecher’s wealth also had its limits. Thus, Old Devil Feng was only able to use a sixth-grade magical artifact, the small black flag he used to block SongZhong’s Divine Lightnings previously.

    Old Devil Feng was naturally the most familiar with his own magical artifacts. While he was able to block SongZhong’s Positive Negative Five Elements Divine Lightnings previously, his magical artifact also suffered some damage from it. Obviously, it was impossible for him to use this magical artifact to block the ten-odd Positive Negative Five Elements Divine Lightnings which SongZhong had just unleashed, unless Old Devil Feng did not want this magical artifact of his any longer.

    As such, he did not dare to go head on with the Divine Lightnings under such circumstances and could only choose to dodge. With the wind-type movement spells Old Devil Feng specialised in, it was just too simple for him to dodge these ten-odd Divine Lightnings. With a flash, he easily avoided them all.

    However, the moment Old Devil Feng dodged the Divine Lightnings, those disciples to his left and right were the ones in trouble. The ten odd Divine Lightnings exploded together, forming a beautiful ball of prismatic flame which surrounded the area. However, the cultivators who were inside wouldn’t feel that it was something beautiful. Before they even had the time to react, they were incinerated into ashes.

    Looking at the craters formed from the explosion and the pitiful plight of the hundred plus cultivators, all the disciples of the Thousands Desire Sect were terrified. They no longer dared to attack SongZhong and began to retreat instead, leaving Old Devil Feng alone.

    As SongZhong saw that Old Devil Feng was left alone, how was it possible for him to show any mercy? While using his Divine Lightning, he began to pursue Old Devil Feng.

    Old Devil Feng did not dare to block the Divine Lightnings at all and could only choose to escape. As such, it was a cat and mouse game played in the Thousands Desire Sect. SongZhong was the cat and Old Devil Feng was the mouse.

    The famous YuanYing cultivator Old Devil Feng was actually forced to escape like a dead dog in his own sect! Despite the tens of thousands of Thousands Desire Sect disciples surrounding the area, not a single one of them was able to intervene. They could only watch and witness their senior being chased helplessly. Old Devil Feng himself was extremely depressed, almost to the point of puking blood.

    Comparatively, SongZhong was extremely spirited. But very quickly, SongZhong also became frustrated. Old Devil Feng was just too cunning. With his wind-type movement spells, he was just like a slippery fish, difficult to catch. No matter how SongZhong tried to chase him, all of his efforts were useless. Even if he were to throw out a wave of Divine Lightnings, it would only go to waste. While there were many disciples from the Thousands Desire Sect who were injured by the Divine Lightnings, the target, Old Devil Feng, was completely uninjured.

    As SongZhong saw that, he scolded, “Old Devil Feng, no matter what, you are someone who has been famous for a long time already. Do you only know how to escape? Can’t you have a good man-to-man fight with me?”

    Old Devil Feng’s face turned red from embarrassment. While he was extremely angry, SongZhong’s words were not wrong. Thus, he did not reply and could be said to have silently acknowledged it.

    As SongZhong saw that, he immediately sneered, “Old Devil Feng, if you are really afraid of this daoist here, then I shall only use a single hand. How about that? This daddy here will fight you with a single hand. Do you dare?”

    Even a clay man has a temper; Old Devil Feng was indeed criticised to the point where he did not know where to hide his face any longer. Thus, he turned back and scolded, “Darn fatty, what are you so proud of? If it wasn’t for the fact that I was injured, do you really thing this old man would be afraid of you? Experts are as numerous as clouds in my Thousands Desire Sect. It is just a pity that our sect master isn’t here and the Wind and Clouds Witches can’t wait for me to die. Only then can you act so arrogantly. If my senior brother was here, you would have died more than a hundred times already!”

    “Ha!” As SongZhong heard that, he replied with a cold laughter, “I see! Old Devil Feng, to think that you are a YuanYing stage senior! You only dare to hide behind the pants of someone else! You do not even have any ability yourself!”

    Old Devil Feng’s face turned green from anger. In frustration, he wanted to charge out and fight SongZhong to the death. But at this very moment, an unexpected voice sounded from afar.

    “Senior uncle, come and save me. That bastard SongZhong used the Nine Beauties Painting to infiltrate into the sect. He secretly controlled the disciples in charge of the Sect-Protecting Formation. This disciple was also caught by him!” An anxious voice sounded.

    As Old Devil Feng saw that, he realised that the Naked Skinning Witch was being brought over by four JinDan cultivators. Her body was full of injuries, obviously having fought a great battle. Her face was pale with blood oozing out of her wound. The four JinDan cultivators used the sword light to coerce her here, obviously a captive.

    Hearing what the Naked Skinning Witch said, Old Devil Feng came to a realisation and finally understood why the Sect-Protecting Formation was not activated. At the same time, he began to grow worried. SongZhong was now in the hinterlands of the Thousands Desire Sect and it was impossible for him to fight SongZhong off without the help of the Wind and Cloud Witches.

    Right at this moment, SongZhong burst out into laughter, “Naked Skinning Witch, I have been waiting a long time for this day. Didn’t you want to betray me? Didn’t you think that Old Devil Feng was able to protect you? I will skin you alive today in front of this old fogey and make you a true Naked Skinning Witch!”

    “Ah, NOOOOO!” The Naked Skinning Witch began to wail.

    SongZhong could not be bothered at all as he commanded the four JinDan cultivators being controlled by the demonic witches, “Skin her!”

    “Yes!” The four JinDan cultivators acknowledged and began to use their flying swords to slowly skin her alive.

    With a flash of the four swords, the Naked Skinning Witch immediately lost four slices of thin flesh.

    The Naked Skinning Witch began to shriek in pain as she cried out, “AHHH, senior uncle, save me!!! I will am willing to be your slave to repay your favour!”

    As Old Devil Feng heard that, his eyes narrowed as he shouted, “SongZhong has gone too far, I will save you immediately!” As he said that, Old Devil Feng transformed into a gust of wind, approaching the four JinDan cultivators.

    Actually, Old Devil Feng could not be bothered with the Naked Skinning Witch’s fate. But after he heard her say that she was willing to be a slave to repay his favour, he changed his mind immediately. First was because he indeed wanted to have a subordinate like her who had some potential. Second was because of his confidence. With his powerful wind-type movement spell, he would definitely be able to escape SongZhong, even if he brought another person along with him.