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Chapter 277: Meeting Old Devil Feng Again

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 277: Meeting Old Devil Feng Again

    Hearing that the middle-aged daoist lady wanted to visit, the Naked Skinning Witch quickly got up to receive her. After the Naked Skinning Witch invited her in, the middle-aged daoist lady began to create trouble for the Naked Skinning Witch before even a few sentences were spoken. The four demonic witches in the middle-aged daoist lady pounced out together and entered into the body of the Naked Skinning Witch swiftly.

    The poor Naked Skinning Witch was only an early JinDan cultivator. How was it possible for her to resist the four late JinDan demonic witches? Before she even had the chance to let out a shriek, her body had already been possessed.

    In the instant she was controlled, the middle-aged daoist lady said to her with a cold smile, “Dear Naked Skinning Witch, our master really misses you! He asked me to tell you that you are dead for sure!”

    Hearing this, a look of desperation and hopelessness filled the eyes of the Naked Skinning Witch. She really wanted to cry out for mercy, but the demonic witches would not even give her the opportunity to do so, completely suppressing her consciousness.

    After subduing the Naked Skinning Witch, the demonic witches set their sights on the eldest disciple of Daoist Lecher, Celestial Chrysanthemum CaoYi.

    Celestial Chrysanthemum Cao Yi was the number one disciple of the second generation in the Thousands Desire Sect. His strength had already reached the completed JinDan stage and could break through into the YuanYing stage at any time. CaoYi was said to be someone who only liked males and would only enjoy them without attacking. There was a beautiful chrysanthemum flower weaved onto his robes, thus giving him the name of Celestial Chrysanthemum.

    The four YuanYing cultivators of the Thousands Desire Sect were Old Devil Feng, Daoist Lecher and the Wind and Cloud Witches. Daoist Lecher and Old Devil Feng were in a faction together while the Wind and Cloud Witches were in another faction. They frequently opposed each other and could not get along well.

    The middle-aged daoist lady belonged to the faction of the Wind and Cloud Witches but Celestial Chrysanthemum belonged to Daoist Lecher’s faction. Thus, it would be impractical to let the middle-aged daoist lady ambush Celestial Chrysanthemum. Perhaps, she would be chased out before even being able to see him. However, the Naked Skinning Witch belonged to another faction and was a neutral party.

    In the past, the people from Daoist Lecher’s faction would definitely not be bothered about a mere Naked Skinning Witch. However, things were different now. Old Devil Feng was first duped by SongZhong into entering the Mystical Sky Yard, losing all of his magical artifacts. Then, Old Devil Feng was forced to unleash his ‘devil entering the body’ spell in the Eastern Ocean, harming his vitality by a great deal. Up until now, Old Devil Feng had not recovered fully from that battle yet. As such, Daoist Lecher’s faction was now on the losing end as compared to the Wind and Cloud Witches. Thus, the Naked Skinning Witch who was not popular before became someone who Daoist Lecher’s faction wanted to rope in after she became a JinDan cultivator.

    While it would be difficult to accomplish tasks which were too difficult, it wouldn’t be a problem to meet Celestial Chrysanthemum at the very least. In order to deal with the eldest disciple of the sect master successfully, the demonic witches did not dare to underestimate him. Apart from the four demonic witches currently possessing a body, the other five demonic witches entered the body of the Naked Skinning Witch. Then, they took her to meet Celestial Chrysanthemum alone.

    Indeed, the moment Celestial Chrysanthemum heard that the Naked Skinning Witch was visiting, he did not reject her and invited her into his own cave politely.

    Everything else that followed would be a lot simpler. The Naked Skinning Witch first used a few compliments to lower the guard of Celestial Chrysanthemum. Afterwards, the five demonic witches caught him off guard. In such a small distance with such a sudden and strange attack, no matter how experienced Celestial Chrysanthemum was, he fell for the trap immediately.

    However, Celestial Chrysanthemum was indeed the eldest disciple of the sect master. As a completed JinDan cultivator, he was able to fight the demonic witches for a full hour before being subdued. But no matter what, Celestial Chrysanthemum was still silently taken care of in the end.

    With the status of Celestial Chrysanthemum, the rest of the plan became much easier. With his help, many of the JinDan cultivators holding important positions became possessed by the demonic witches. Finally, even the white-dressed and red-dressed foundational cultivators were killed to allow the demonic witches in them to possess other JinDan cultivators.

    While the plan was moving along smoothly, the demonic witches did not speed up their actions in order to avoid raising suspicion. They took a total of two days before accomplishing their plans and controlling nine JinDan cultivators.

    After that, the demonic witches gave a signal to SongZhong. SongZhong, who had been monitoring their actions through their telepathic connection, was immediately notified of their success.

    Needless to say, SongZhong was elated upon receiving the news from the demonic witches. Without any hesitation, he dashed out of the cave, sprinting towards the headquarters of the Thousands Desire Sect without any concealment.

    Being in a period of high alert, the Thousands Desire Sect was able to easily detect SongZhong who was charging at them brazenly.

    The first people to block SongZhong were a few four-man teams. More than twenty foundational and even XianTian stage cultivators floated in mid air and took out their magical tools. The foundational cultivator in the lead then approached SongZhong and shouted, “Report who you are; if not, we will kill you on the spot!”

    “Hahaha!” SongZhong burst out into laughter and sent out a colourful divine lightning. At the same time, he said with a crazed look, “A bunch of nobodies trying to block my way? All of you can go and die!”

    As he said that, the colourful divine lightning had already arrived in front of them. At this moment, SongZhong was already a JinDan cultivator and the speed at which he unleashed his divine lightning had also been greatly improved. His colourful Positive Negative Five Element Divine Lightning no longer needed to be slowly merged before releasing the attack. The whole process could now be completed in an instant. Thus, he was now able to unleash a Positive Negative Five Element Divine Lightning with just a flick of his wrists.

    Because of SongZhong’s stunning speed and the fact that he attacked before saying a thing, his actions were no different from an ambush. Thus, those low grade disciples did not even have a chance to react before being blown up by the divine lightning. Following which, a gigantic colorful fireball rose into the air and more than twenty low grade disciples perished on the spot. Even their magical tools were no exception, being completely destroyed in the blast.

    When those disciples stopped SongZhong, the cultivators elsewhere had also noticed the situation here and came over to take a look. In the end, they saw the frightening attack unleashed by SongZhong, immediately reducing the number of people rushing here by half. For those who did not have the strength, they did not even dare to come near SongZhong. Only stronger cultivators dared to approach the explosion.

    After the explosion, it was as though SongZhong had poked a bee’s hive and the whole Thousands Desire Sect was alerted. Sword lights could then be seen coming from all directions and over ten thousand people appeared in an instant.

    Due to the fact that the devil cultivators would usually fight and scheme against each other, there were many casualties and deaths of the lower grade disciples in the devil sects. To ensure that there were sufficient high grade cultivators, the devil sects would have a large amount of low grade disciples and the Thousands Desire Sect was no exception. Thus, they had over a hundred thousand disciples, ten times more than the Mystical Sky Yard. But despite the large amount of disciples they had, the number of high grade cultivators in both the sects had were similar. It can thus be seen how intense the competition within the lower grade disciples were.

    Facing enemies as numerous as locusts, SongZhong was not afraid in the slightest. Instead, he burst out into laughter. “Don’t think it would be enough to have numbers. This daoist here will show you bastards what it means for a tiger to enter a herd of sheep!”

    As he said that, SongZhong’s hands did not stop, throwing out bead after bead of Positive Negative Five Element Divine Lightning as though they were free.

    Following the explosion of a fireball over ten thousand feet wide, many disciples of the Thousands Desire Sect perished as the caves and terrain of the surrounding area were decimated by the explosion.

    It couldn’t be helped, SongZhong was already a JinDan cultivator and the ordinary five element divine lightnings he created from the Lightning Congregating Towers were equivalent to the full might of a JinDan cultivator. The moment the five element divine lightnings joined together to form the Positive Negative Five Element Divine Lightning, the strength of the divine lightning was more than a hundred times greater than its previous strength. The moment the Positive Negative Five Element Divine Lightning exploded, it was akin to the spell of a YuanYing cultivator.

    While there were many disciples in the Thousands Desire Sect, they were mainly rookies of the foundational stage or below. Facing the Positive Negative Five Element Divine Lightning which even JinDan cultivators couldn’t block, they were completely helpless. As such, they were all blown to smithereens in the explosion.

    As for the JinDan cultivators, they did not even dare to approach SongZhong. The moment they saw the appearance of the colourful divine lightning, they escaped as far as they could to avoid being blown to death. Not daring to even approach, there was naturally no need to even talk about retaliating. Thus, SongZhong was extremely safe.

    Under such a circumstance, SongZhong became an invincible existence. No matter where he went, colourful lightning and explosions would fill the air. The terrain would be destroyed as the cultivators escaped for their lives. After roaming around and creating havoc in the Thousands Desire Sect for over a thousand kilometres, there was no one present who could stop him at all!

    As the cultivators of the Thousands Desire Sect saw that, they were all angered to death. However, they were also completely helpless. It couldn’t be helped, the Positive Negative Five Element Divine Lightning formed by a JinDan cultivator was just too perverse. All of the other lightning cultivators could not even bear to use such a divine lightning even if they were able to refine it. After all, all the divine lightnings were refined by them after great effort and so they treasured every single divine lightning. But as for SongZhong, he had the Lightning Congregating Towers to refine the divine lightnings for him. During the past eight years, he had accumulated a vast amount of five element divine lightnings. Thus, he did not treasure them in the slightest when using them. He could treat them like rubbish, throwing one out with every few steps he took.

    Facing such a spoiled and rich individual, even the dozens of JinDan cultivators would not dare to approach him carelessly.

    Thankfully, there were still experts in the Thousands Desire Sect. After SongZhong wreaked havoc crazily for a short while, there was finally an expert who took action. With a black flag magical artifact, he blocked one of SongZhong’s divine lightnings.

    SongZhong was startled at first as he quickly turned around to look. In the end, he realised that the one who blocked his attack was someone he knew, Old Devil Feng.