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Chapter 276: Witch Insertion

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 276: Witch Insertion


    Despite the fact that the red dressed female cultivator had shouted at the first possible moment, it was still too late. Before the four of them were even able to move, they were already completely subdued by four shadows. Then, the four of them revealed a charming smile and bowed to SongZhong. “Paying our respects to Master!”

    Obviously, these four cultivators already had their bodies taken over by the demonic witches.

    Seeing that his plan was successful, SongZhong replied with a smile, “Good job. Now, tell me if there is anything useful in their heads.”

    “Master, they do not know much,” the red dressed female cultivator replied. “Even in this body of mine, news is scarce and only two pieces of information are useful.”

    “En, tell me about them!” SongZhong hurriedly replied.

    “Yes!” the red dressed female cultivator responded. Then, she said calmly, “The first piece of information is related to you destroying the Jade Pearl Pavilion last month. This matter had already caught the attention of the various sects in the Vast Mountains. They are all extremely startled about the destruction of the Jade Pearl Pavilion, especially the fact that the person who destroyed the Jade Pearl Pavilion was a traitor. Thus, they are all extremely afraid right now. Due to this, Celestial QingYun and Daoist HuoLong had called for a meeting with all the sects in the Vast Mountain to deal with this matter in Firmament City.”

    “Firmament City? Ah ah, that’s a good place for the evil and righteous to meet! Because of me, they actually blew this matter up to massive proportions and gathered so many people. It must have really been hard on them.” SongZhong then added on with a sneer, “However, all of them are all selfish bastards. They would probably take a few months to come up with any conclusions. By the time their meeting is over, hmph hmph, the Thousands Desire Sect will be destroyed already!”

    SongZhong then continued, “I don’t need to worry about this matter. What about the second piece of news?”

    “Yes!” The red dressed cultivator continued, “The second piece of news is regarding the defenses of this place. It seems as though the Thousands Desire Sect is sure that master will come here to create trouble. Thus, they greatly increased the defenses of this area. You will probably be able to spot a watch tower every three steps. There are patrols all around the area; if one isn’t able to answer their secret code, he will be executed on the spot.”

    “Hmph hmph!” SongZhong sneered, “Even if this is the case, they probably won’t stop you guys, right?”

    “Of course. Rest assured Master, us sisters will definitely complete the mission!” The red dressed cultivator assured.”

    “That’s good. You guys can go and take action!” SongZhong said with a wave of his hands.

    “Yes Master!” The four cultivators took a bow before flying off on their flying swords.

    After SongZhong saw them leave, he did not continue to proceed further. Instead, he found a secluded cave and hid himself within it.

    Needless to say, after the four cultivators left SongZhong, they began to perform their respective tasks and continued along their usual patrol routes. After the day’s patrol was completed, the four of them returned to a cave which was specially used to give them their missions.

    While the cave looked extremely ordinary, there was something special about it on the inside. There were tens of divisions within the cave with cultivators coming in and out of it from time to time. After the four cultivators came to one of the divisions, they reported that they had completed their mission and were given permission to rest.

    After acknowledging the order, the four of them walked out and entered a small cave. There were only four mats in the cave, specially prepared for their team to rest.

    As per the usual, the red dressed female cultivator rested in meditation with the three XianTian disciples. It was only after four to six hours, when she felt that the time was about right, that she took the three of them out with her.

    This time, they did not go to the place to receive their missions. Instead, they took a long route into the deepest region of the cave. This place was where the highest commander of the cave was staying, the dwelling of a JinDan cultivator.

    Such a place would naturally be extremely well guarded. Right when the four of them arrived at the entrance of the cave, they were stopped by a white-dressed foundational female cultivator.

    That white-dressed foundational cultivator said with a smile, “Junior Sister, Master is resting now, is there a problem?”

    “Reporting to Senior Sister!” The red-dressed female cultivator said calmly, “I have something important to report to Master. I hope that Senior Sister will allow me to pass.” As she said that, the red-dressed cultivator stealthily handed a few middle grade spiritual stones over.

    The eyes of the white-dressed female cultivator lit up as she said hurriedly, “Aiyaya, we are all sisters. Why is there a need to be so courteous? Don’t you just want to meet Master? I will help you to inform Master!”

    After that, the white dressed cultivator went in to inform her Master. While she seemed extremely agreeable on the surface, she did not return the middle grade spiritual stones. Actually, the demonic witch in the red dressed cultivator was extremely clear; if she did not pay the appropriate price, she would never be able to see her master. Thankfully, the demonic witch kept all the memories of the red-dressed cultivator, thus letting her know the details of what she should do. If not, any plan of theirs would fail for sure.

    A short while later, the white-dressed cultivator returned and said with a bright smile, “Junior Sister, Master did not want to see you originally. Only after my many praises did she begrudgingly agree. You must remember to not take up too much of Master’s time.”

    “Thank you, Senior Sister!” The red-dressed cultivator quickly replied with gratitude.

    Hearing her reply, the white-dressed cultivator nodded her head with satisfaction and said with a smile, “We are all sisters, there is no need to be so polite. Follow me!”

    After which, the white-dressed cultivator brought the four of them in.

    After making another two turns and entering two doors, they finally saw a middle-aged daoist woman seated in meditation on a bed of cloud.

    While this lady was dressed like a daoist lady, she did not have a single trace of holiness on her. Instead, her eyes were filled with lust, looking as though she was a prostitute in the brothel. While this lady looked extremely gentle and weak, she was actually a middle JinDan cultivator. Furthermore, her means were extremely vicious and all of her disciples were extremely afraid of her.

    The five of them were no different, displaying an extremely respectful appearance as they paid their respects to her.

    “Get up!” The middle-aged daoist lady waved her hands and said, “What are you guys here for?”

    “Master, it’s like this!” The red-dressed cultivator got up and said, “This disciple found a treasure coincidentally, it is a thousand-year-old Pine Wood Cloud Heart. This disciple knows that I do not have the fortune to enjoy such a divine treasure. Thus, I am here to present it to my benevolent master!”

    After which, a one-foot-long black piece of wood appeared in her hands. While it looked like trash on the surface, a dense wave of spiritual Qi emanated from it the moment it was taken out.

    In truth, the Pine Wood Cloud was already a spiritual item. The heart of the Pine Wood Cloud was a precious material used to make Wood-type magical artifacts. A thousand-year-old Pine Wood Cloud Heart was even more rare, and it would suffice for a sixth or seventh grade magical artifact.

    Seeing something so precious, it naturally piqued the interest of the middle-aged daoist lady. Even the white-dressed cultivator’s eyes were gleaming. At the same time, she was cursing in her heart, “Not keeping such a precious treasure and taking it out as a gift. What an idiot!”

    Without hesitation, the middle-aged daoist lady said with excitement, “Quick, let me take a look at it!”

    “Yes!” The red-dressed female cultivator quickly handed the Pine Wood Cloud Heart over.

    The middle-aged daoist lady received it excitedly as she stroked it gently with praise, “Good, this is indeed something good! Good disciple of mine, you have done me a great service this time. Your master will definitely reward you~”

    Just when the middle-aged daoist lady said that, her face suddenly changed as she scolded, “Ah, dammit. You actually dared to sneak in an attack? I~”

    Before she was able to continue her sentence, she was interrupted. Her face then turned purple, obviously experiencing great pain.

    As the white-dressed female cultivator saw that, she was immediately startled and wanted to call for help. But just at this moment, a black shadow appeared silently and entered into the body of the white-dressed cultivator. In just an instant, the white dressed cultivator was completely suppressed and her body was taken over by the demonic witch. She then smiled gently and watched the middle-aged daoist lady by the side.

    After a few breaths of struggling, the middle-aged daoist lady also lost. You have to know, the demonic witches had the strength of a late JinDan cultivator, a stage stronger than her. Together with the fact that two of them took action together and had the element of surprise on their side, there was naturally no need to doubt their victory.

    It turns out, SongZhong’s plans were to let the demonic witches become undercover operatives. With their ability of possession, it was an extremely easy affair for them to accomplish just that. In just a few short hours, they were able to make a JinDan cultivator their captive.

    Of course, a single JinDan cultivator was insufficient. However, this was already considered a good start. A JinDan cultivator would know more things and would also be able to enter more places. It would also become extremely convenient for them to contact other JinDan cultivators.

    After absorbing the memories of the JinDan cultivator, the nine demonic witches began to discuss their plan based on the memories of the middle-aged daoist lady. Very quickly, they came up with an idea. Following which, the middle aged female cultivator suddenly took action and killed the three XianTian disciples, allowing the other demonic witches to possess the same body.

    Following which, the remaining three cultivators went their own way. The white-dressed cultivator stayed behind to tie up the loose ends. She claimed that it was the order of the middle-aged daoist lady to kill the three XianTian cultivators and ordered people to settle their corpses. Despite the doubts in the hearts of the other disciples, they did not dare to question the authority of a JinDan cultivator.

    The middle-aged daoist lady then took the red-dressed cultivator to visit the other JinDan cultivators. Naturally, the first one they would visit would be the Naked Skinning Witch.

    With the merit of betraying SongZhong, the Naked Skinning Witch obtained great benefits from the sect. Together with her bitter training, she also successfully entered the JinDan stage in these few years. However, as a rookie JinDan cultivator, she did not dare to be the least bit disrespectful in front of this middle-aged daoist lady.