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Chapter 275: Chance Encounter

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 275: Chance Encounter

    “What ideas do you have?” Han LingFeng curiously asked.

    “Heheh, Heaven’s secrets cannot be revealed!” SongZhong replied in a mysterious manner.

    “Hateful man, let’s see if you will talk!” Han LingFeng angrily pounced onto Little Fatty, punching him with her little fists.

    While those fists of hers would shatter the bones of a mortal with just a light punch, in front of SongZhong, it was akin to a gentle massage. Not only did they not cause him pain, they even incited an evil fire in him. He had resisted for a long time to preserve his gentlemanly image in front of SiYu and SiYun, but he caved and immediately took the chance to flip Han LingFeng over. What happened next was akin to 'divine wrath descending from the heavens', but it was more like filling the sky with the feelings of spring!

    Thousands Desire Sect, despite being a demonic sect, was still pretty well known, with a history around the same magnitude as that of the Jade Pearl Pavilion. It was said that there was a behemoth behind it lending it support, which did not lose out to the Mystical Sky Sect. If it was not for that, then how would someone endure having a snoring person sleeping beside him on a narrow bed? The Mystical Sky Yard would have long annihilated the Thousands Desire Sect, instead of only limiting themselves to small scale fights.

    The headquarters of Thousands Desire Sect was not considered far from Jade Pearl Pavilion, around two hundred thousand li at most. With the skills of a YuanYing expert, only a day would be needed to arrive there.

    As a demonic sect, the ways of the Thousands Desire Sect would definitely be more aggressive. A circumference of tens of thousands of miles around their sect was their area of influence. The righteous sects like the Mystical Sky Yard as well as the Jade Pearl Pavilion only dared to expand up to ten thousand miles around themselves.

    The headquarters of the Thousands Desire Sect was also huge, spanning over a few thousand miles in total. Other than the central Thousands Desire Altar, its surroundings were dotted with a few experts here and there.

    The reason why all the experts of the Thousands Desire Sect stayed in cave dwellings instead of pavilions despite them being less comfortable was that the protection offered by the caves was higher compared to living up above in the pavilion. This was due to the lack of trust between the demonic cultivators. All those fellows were constantly on tenterhooks, afraid of being plotted against by others, hence their cave dwellings were all situated quite far apart from each other. Furthermore, the traps that lined each cave dwelling were… extremely perverted.

    Although this made the overall defense of the Thousands Desire Sect slightly weaker, their personal defence had been raised up a notch. Of course, even if we were to that their overall defence was slightly weaker, the sect’s defensive formation was still not something that could be broken with a mere thought. At least, even if SongZhong were to ram straight with his Golden Dragon Boat, he would still only meet with defeat!

    However, no matter how sturdy a castle might be, the interior would still be full of weakness. The Thousands Desire Sect was of no difference. This was the linchpin in SongZhong’s plan.

    On this day, in the perimeter of the Thousands Desire Sect, a tall and sturdy fellow stealthily appeared. This infiltrator was SongZhong. In order not to alarm anyone, he carefully made his way into enemy territory, using the demonic witches to test the road. This journey of over ten thousand miles had taken almost a month.

    However, SongZhong was no in a rush at all. To plot against a large sect such as the Thousands Desire Sect without patience, that would be an impossible task. This was especially so since the surroundings were all in its area of influence, with the possibility of him running into an enemy at any point. Thus, SongZhong was even more wary than usual, not even daring to fly too high above ground, sticking close to the surface as he proceeded. As such, though his flying speed would be excessively slow, the advantage was that he would not be spotted easily. This was especially so since he had employed the Mist Concealing Technique, hiding his entire figure in a cloud of fog. Without looking in detail, one would easily not be able to spot him flying.

    Just as SongZhong was proceeding forwards cautiously, he received a jolt to his mental senses and found out that the demonic witches had passed on news that four cultivators were up ahead. They seemed to be disciples from the Thousands Desire Sect!

    SongZhong’s fatigued mind was jolted awake in an instant, hurriedly linking his thoughts to the demonic witches, commanding them to continue observing those four.

    The four of them comprised of two males and two females. The males looked to be around twenty odd years in age, one clad in yellow robes and the other in pink, their faces full of gorgeous makeup. One look and you could tell that they were nothing good.

    The two women were dressed in white and red respectively. Coquettish to their bones, their flirtatious behavior was capable moving anyone. How could they be the daughters of a normal family? This could not be blamed on them, the Thousands Desire Sect was the best when it came to using unorthodox cultivation methods like cultivating inner desires, and it was most effective when used in dual cultivation. Obviously, these four were practicing such methods.

    Amongst the four of them, three were at the XianTian stage; only the red-robed female was still a foundational cultivator. All four seemed to have been assigned to do surveillance, and since they were already tired from walking, they decided to stop for a while to rest.

    SongZhong immediately felt that this was strange; as cultivators, it shouldn’t have been a difficult thing to use their flying swords, and even if they were in charge of patrolling, it should not be more than just cursory glances. How could they be so worn out to the point that they needed a rest? Could there actually be an ulterior motive involved? Thinking up to this point, Songzhong decided to calm his emotions and called the demonic witches to secretly position themselves beside the demonic cultivators to eavesdrop on them.

    The yellow-robed cultivator drank a mouthful of clear water that he brought before complaining with a depressed expression, “Senior, these past twenty days we’ve only been patrolling day after day, is there really such a need?”

    “Precisely!” The white-robed female also replied a little grumpily, “Isn’t SongZhong just a JinDan cultivator? To have the members of the great Thousands Desire Sect tormented so, having thousands of us patrolling day after day, this is going to kill us!”

    “Ai, do you think I’m enjoying this?” the red-robed foundational cultivator replied helplessly. “We don’t have a choice! The higher-ups commanded us to be more wary these few days, so we must suffer a little. Anyways, all of this can be blamed on that slut called the Naked Skinning Witch. Of all things, why did she choose to offend that dark star?”

    When they heard the foundation cultivator speak, the three of them could not help but widen their eyes in surprise. The white-robed female immediately asked, “Senior, that SongZhong seems to have been in the limelight before for having wounded Ancestor Feng, but in the end, he’s still a junior, and annexed from the Mystical Sky Yard at that. He’s a pitiful thing that lacks even a backing, why should we be afraid of him?”

    “Ai!” The foundational cultivator let out another sigh, “Some of the matters have not been made known to you guys yet. SongZhong might not have a sect, but through some miraculous chance, he actually destroyed the Jade Pearl Pavilion a month ago! Don’t you think we should be scared of him?”

    “Ah? How could this be possible?” the white-robed girl asked in shock.

    “Don’t ask me, I’m not sure about it too. I only heard it has something to do with some artifact that he had gotten his hands on. No matter what, my cultivation is too low for me to know the details of such important matters; for the specifics, only those seniors at the JinDan stage and above would know!” the red-robed female could only helplessly say.

    “Then what does this have to do with the Naked Skinning Witch?” the yellow-robed cultivator pressed on.

    “It was said that the Naked Skinning Witch was SongZhong’s subordinate when they were in the Eastern Sea. However, she sold him out to Ancestor Feng, but Ancestor Feng did not manage to subdue him and let him escape!” the red-robed female angrily spoke. “SongZhong thus engraved a hatred for our Thousands Desire Sect onto his heart. As you can see, if not for the Naked Skinning Witch, SongZhong would also not come knocking on our sect for revenge. And we would not have to constantly be patrolling!”

    The red-robed foundational cultivator was slightly biased, emphasising that it was the fault of the Naked Skinning Witch but conveniently passing by the fact that Old Devil Feng did not manage to capture him. However, this was natural. For such a puny foundational cultivator such as her, how could she insult a YuanYing senior without a care? For this reason, she pinned the blame on the Naked Skinning Witch.

    After the other three heard her words, they also displayed expressions of fury. This was especially so for the white-robed female. She cursed out loud, “That darned slut, I knew from the start that she wasn’t the same as us. She’s obviously some inferior product, how dare she try to put herself on a pedestal? Look at us now, all in this situation because of her!”

    “Precisely so! We should not have allowed her to return the last time, even leaving her to die at the Eastern Sea would have been better!” another cultivator said.

    “Hmph!” The red-robed cultivator coldly snorted before saying, “God knows what sort of method that slut had employed to make Martial Ancestor Feng so besotted over her. Not only did he allow her to return, he even awarded her a fifth-grade magical artifact from the treasury, the Ice Heart Devouring Spirit dagger! Furthermore, with his personal guidance, he even helped that slut to form her JinDan core, promoting her cultivation! How preposterous!”

    “Of course!” the white-robed female said in disdain. “Her lineage was actually declining from the start and had always been respectful to us. Ever since she become a JinDan cultivator, they are now snubbing us all the time. How insufferably arrogant!”

    “Hmph!” The red-robed female laughed coldly, “That slut can’t survive for long. Having brought a huge problem to the sect in the form of SongZhong, the top experts of the Sect have long been unhappy, and I believe she will have a lot of problems in the future! Heheh, you guys didn’t see it, but when the Naked Skinning Witch heard that SongZhong had returned for revenge, and even destroyed the Jade Pearl Pavilion, she was so scared that her entire face turned pale and her whole body started trembling! This shows how afraid she is of SongZhong!”

    “Just fear isn’t enough, the best would be to allow him to tear her into pieces!” The yellow-robed cultivator laughed sinisterly.

    “Yep, that’s right!” The rest of the crowd also nodded in agreement.

    At this time, a foreign voice sounded out, “That’s simple. As long as you do me a small favour, I can assure you that the Naked Skinning Witch will be torn into pieces!”

    As the sound faded, a sturdy person slowly walked out from the forest.

    All four of them received a great shock, hurriedly preparing their equipment. They could not help but size up the unknown person in front of them.

    The red-robed female furrowed her brows as she spoke, “May I ask as to what this esteemed guest’s name may be?”

    “I’m the one you guys call SongZhong! Why, am I not welcome?” SongZhong leisurely teased her.

    “AHH~ That’s SongZhong!” The colour drained from the four of them the moment they heard him speak. The red-robed cultivator immediately shouted out, “Hurry and sound the alarm—”