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Chapter 274: Destroying Thousands Desire

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 274: Destroying Thousands Desire

    After listening to Han Bing’er’s confrontation, perspiration flowed from his head like rain. He had never felt this awkward in his life before. She had already laid out all her cards so clearly and even brought out ShuiJing. No matter how good SongZhong was with words, it would be impossible for him to wiggle his way out of this. He then thought about how he had treated this virgin in front of him back then. While he did not take her first time, it isn’t much different from taking her first time.

    Now that, she had asked him about it, while it was not a stormy interrogation and there was no anger in her eyes, that calm question had made SongZhong completely embarrassed. He who was guilty did not even have the courage to raise his head. He just remarked, “Haha, the weather seems good today!”

    After he said that, he turned and escaped, disappearing in the blink of an eye, as though Han Bing’er was a ferocious beast.

    As Han Bing’er looked at SongZhong’s pitiful escape, she did not know whether to laugh or cry, “Darn fatty, I didn’t say that I was going to blame you for it. Why are you running away for!”

    After that, she looked at the rubble underneath her, with the cloud of dust still unsettled. The previously beautiful and scenic Jade Pearl Pavilion which looked like a celestial palace on the Jade Pearl Peak had already been completely demolished. There were only a few structures nearer to the foot of the mountain which wasn’t destroyed. But because the sect protecting formation of the whole Jade Pearl Peak had been destroyed, those remaining buildings were not secure at alll. After this battle, the Jade Pearl Pavilion had been completely uprooted from this world. At the same time, this also meant that SongZhong had completely offended the powerful Jade Pearl Sect.

    The Jade Pearl Sect would definitely not let this go so easily. This was not just a matter of their benefits, but their dignity. A powerful sect like that which has hundreds of thousands of years of legacy would definitely not allow someone from the younger generation to walk over their heads. Now that things have already developed to such an extent, it is no longer a matter of right or wrong anymore. Even if SongZhong had a legitimate reason, the Jade Pearl Sect would not be bothered about that and kill him for sure. If not, the Jade Pearl Sect would never be able to lift their heads in front of the other sects.

    “Coming events cast their shadows before them. Darn fatty, take care!” Han Bing’er knew that she was completely unable to interfere with this incident with her social status. Thus, she let out a long sigh before disappearing in a flash.

    Needless to say, after flying a certain distance with his Gold Dragon Boat and seeing that Han Bing’er did not give chase, SongZhong quickly let Han LingFeng off from his Gold Dragon Boat and kept it. This boat required a thousand high grade spiritual stones to fly it for just 10 minutes, and was akin to burning money. Even with SongZhong’s wealth, he was unable to afford such an expenditure.

    After getting off the Gold Dragon Boat, SongZhong kept it and found a secluded cave nearby, setting up some early warning formation.

    After SongZhong is done with that, he turned to look at Han LingFeng, only to realize that her face was red, as she stood by the side not knowing what to do.

    As SongZong saw that, he could not help but ask with doubt, “What’s wrong with you?”

    As Han LingFeng heard that, she lowered her head and scolded, “Are you really so desperate? In broad daylight, finding a random cave to~” As she said that, she could not continue her sentence.

    The moment SongZhong heard that, he knew that Han LingFeng had misunderstood him, thinking that he wanted to have a good time with her in the cave. After SongZhong realized that, he could not help but reply with a bitter laughter, “What are you thinking about? I am not a sex fiend, do I need to be that desperate?”

    As Han LingFeng heard that, she was first stunned for a moment before asking, “Then what is this cave for?”

    As SongZhong heard that, he laughed bitterly and explained, “I want to bring you somewhere!”

    “Somewhere?” Han LingFeng asked with doubt, “Here? What’s there to see here?”

    “Of course it isn’t this cave!” As SongZhong said that, he held onto Han LingFeng’s hands and smiled, “The place I want to bring you, is here!” As he finished his sentence, SongZhong already appeared in his Natal Artifact with Han LingFeng.

    Han LingFeng only felt a huge change of scenery and she was already in a different place. While it wasn’t a huge place, the spiritual Qi in this place was extremely dense, a few times more dense as compared to the best Fire Divine Hall in the Mystical Sky Yard.

    Then, she looked around her and saw countless treasures surrounding a patch of black soil, almost filling up the whole dimension. At one side of the dimension was mountains of treasure fragments, to the other side was the Five Element Pure Lotus, Dao Comprehending Tea and other treasures.

    The most shocking thing would naturally be the majestic Gold Dragon Boat floating in midair. That body which was 3000 feet long and the frightening appearance, making one feel an inexplicable sense of shock. When she was on the Gold Dragon Boat, she did not feel the full majesty of the Gold Dragon Boat. But now that she was below the boat with the eyes of the dragon staring at her, it almost shocked her to death.

    Witnessing such a shocking scene, Han LingFeng stood dumbfounded on the spot. She looked to her left and right, taking in a breath of cold air as she saw the many treasures around her. She only snapped out of the daze after a long while. Holding onto SongZhong’s hands as she asked, “Senior brother, where, where are we? Why are there so many treasures?”

    “Hehe!” SongZhong smiled with delight, “This is the dimension in my Natal Artifact. Everything here is mine, let me introduce them to you.”

    As he said that, SongZhong held onto to Han LingFeng’s hand and began to introduce the things here to her. From the eyeless fish and spiritual mushroom to the copper bell and the Nine Beauties Painting, SongZhong told her everything without reservation.

    Only after spending a couple of hours did SongZhong finally introduce almost everything in his Natal Artifact. Finally, SongZhong brought Han LingFeng up the Gold Dragon Boat, enjoying wine in the topmost pavilion as they chatted.

    “Senior brother, while I had already known that you were wealthy, I never expected that you actually have so many good things!” Han LingFeng rubbed her head as she said with a bitter laughter, “Even the Nine Beauties Painting and something as perverse as this Gold Dragon Boat is in your hands. No wonder you dare to fight the Jade Pearl Pavilion and Mystical Sky Yard single handedly!”

    “This isn’t a matter of whether or not I dare to, it is a matter of whether or not I want to!” SongZhong place his wine glass down and said solemnly, “In truth, even if I have all these, I am not a match for the Jade Pearl Sect and Mystical Sky Sect. Both sects have such a long legacy with even DaCheng cultivators present. What am I compared to them?”

    “Then why did you choose to fight with them?” Han LingFeng said with a frown.

    “I didn’t want to originally, but who asked them to go too far?” SongZhong said calmly, “My parents were killed by Huo QianWu back then. While Daoist HuoLong and Huo QingYun knew about that matter, they still chose to help her cover up the matter. Seeing that the matter could no longer be hidden, they actually wanted to silence me! Hmph, while I, SongZhong, isn’t a talent, I am not a spineless coward which can be bullied by anyone. Even if I am going to die, I will let these bastards know that even if an ordinary man is angered, I can create rivers of blood!”

    “Senior brother!” Han LingFeng looked to SongZhong with a flash in her eyes, “This little sister said something wrong. No matter what your decision is, I will follow you and help you!”

    “En!” SongZhong nodded his head and said, “You cannot be of much help to me now. Thus, your current mission is to cultivate. The spiritual Qi in here is extremely dense and the nine beauties can answer your cultivation doubts. Furthermore, you have the best cultivation resources here as well. The only thing you need to do is to cultivate. You must try to enter into the JinDan stage as soon as possible. At that time, you will be able to help me!”

    “Rest assured senior brother, this little sister would definitely not let you down!” Han LingFeng said with resolution.

    “Hehe, I trust you!” SongZhong smiled and hugged her gently, “If not, I would not have told you about this place!”

    “Thank you for your trust!” Han LingFeng kissed him gently. Then, she looked towards him with teary eyes, “Right, what are you going to do in future?”

    “Of course I must continue my revenge!” SongZhong replied hatefully, “If I don’t kill Huo QianWu, I can never be at peace in this lifetime!”

    “But do you know where Huo QianWu has escaped to?” Han LingFeng said, “Don’t tell me you want to search for her?”

    “Of course not. Huo QianWu has already been frightened by me and there is no need to find her. Let her enjoy the feeling of being in fear! Anyway, I have many enemies and there is no need for me to search for her!” SongZhong said coldly.

    “Who are you going to find for revenge?” Han LingFeng asked curiously.

    “Naturally those bastards from the Thousands Desire Sect!” SongZhong said hatefully, “After all, they were the ones who took action personally. Those people are the culprit while Huo QianWu was the mastermind. Now that the Jade Pearl Pavilion has been destroyed, the Thousands Desire Sect would naturally not be able to escape!”

    “You want to destroy the Thousands Desire Sect?” As Han LingFeng heard that, she began to frown, “The Thousands Desire Sect is a devil sect with almost ten thousand years of history. Experts are as abundant as clouds in there and the sect protecting formation is also extremely intricate. Are you sure you will be able to fight your way in?”

    “This~” As SongZhong heard that, he began to frown. Then, he said, “I have to say that it was a mere coincidence for me to destroy the Jade Pearl Pavilion. First, I had the help of Celestial MeiHua. Second, the Jade Pearl Peak itself was the downfall of the Jade Pearl Pavilion. Without the help of the Jade Pearl Peak, I would not have been able to destroy the Jade Pearl Pavilion. As for the Thousands Desire Sect, they are similar to the Jade Pearl Pavilion in strength and I am unable to find the weaknesses in their formation. Furthermore, they are not built upon treacherous terrain like the Jade Pearl Pavilion. It may really be a little difficult for me to destroy them in one fell swoop!”

    As Han LingFeng heard that, she could not help but reply with a bitter laughter, “It isn’t just ‘a little difficult’ right?”

    “Hehe, you’re wrong about that. Is indeed a little difficult only!” SongZhong suddenly smiled, “I just thought of a beautiful plan which can help me destroy the Thousands Desire Sect easily!”