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Chapter 273: Shrewd Plan

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 273: Shrewd Plan

    From an observant’s perspective, such a choice isn’t difficult at all. Huo QianWu was only Huo QingYun’s niece in name after all. Furthermore, Daoist HuoLong has more than a single child. In fact, the number of children Daoist HuoLong has is close to being a two digit figure. It can be said that it wouldn’t matter if he has one less!

    However, Han Bing’er was different. She is the genius disciple of the Jade Pearl Pavilion, reaching the middle foundational stage at such a young age. Furthermore, she has the spiritual artifact, Divine Ice Soul Sword. Now that Huo QingYun had already caused the destruction of the Jade Pearl Pavilion, if she were to allow this talented disciple of hers to disappear with the important treasure of the Jade Pearl Pavilion, she would have committed a cardinal sin.

    Thus, everyone felt that Huo QingYun would definitely abandon Huo QianWu under such circumstances. In fact, even Han Bing’er also thought so as well.

    However, Han Bing’er never expected that in such a critical time, Huo QingYun actually pushed her out with a wave of hand. Furthermore, she instructed coldly, “Block SongZhong!”

    Block SongZhong? While it may seem like a simple command, it was impossible for her to do so. With the might of the Gold Dragon Boat, even a YuanYing cultivator like Huo QingYun chose to escape for her life. Being a foundational cultivator, how was it possible for Han Bing’er to block it? Without a doubt, this was akin to giving her a death warrant.

    Thus, Han Bing’er was dumbfounded as she heard that order. With an incredulous expression, she looked at her usually benevolent master, seeing her master threw her out emotionlessly and escaping with Huo QianWu. In that instant, Han Bing’er’s mind had completely blanked out.

    Just as Han Bing’er was in a complete daze, her body was sent spinning in the air before finally facing SongZhong’s Gold Dragon Boat. At the same time, she also saw the wave of Gold Divine Lightning, originally intended for Huo QianWu, coming her way.

    While Han Bing’er was in a daze, the Divine Ice Soul Sword was not. Witnessing that its owner was in danger, it jumped out and covered Han Bing’er in a protective silver light.

    Despite the Divine Ice Soul Sword being a spiritual artifact which exceeded the 9th grade, it was hindered by Han Bing’er’s lack of strength and was unable to unleash much of its might. Thus, it was only able to unleash an attack comparable to that of a completed JinDan cultivator. While it wouldn’t be a problem to deal with eight to ten divine lightnings, she would definitely be seriously injured if there were hundreds of divine lightnings. Furthermore, there were at least a thousand divine lightnings more to come. Without a doubt, she would be dead for sure if the attacks were to strike her.

    Just when the wave of divine lightnings were about to strike her, Han Bing’er finally snapped out from her daze. Following which, she quickly saw the desperate straits which she was in. Under such circumstances, Han Bing’er did not try to fight for her life anymore. Instead, she shut her beautiful eyes as she awaited her death.

    However, the impact which Han Bing’er did not come as she had expected. While SongZhong was anxious to kill Huo QianWu and Huo QingYun, he immediately diverted the trajectory of the divine lightnings away from Han Bing’er the moment he saw that she was abandoned by Huo QingYun. He then detoured pass Han Bing’er’s side and chased Huo QingYun.

    However, this slight delay had given Huo QingYun ample time for preparation. She quickly unleashed a colorful magical artifact, attracting all the Gold Divine Lightnings to the side, before speeding up and escaping for her life. Soon, she was far away from the Gold Dragon Boat.

    As SongZhong saw that, he grew anxious and commanded the nine beauties to activate the Gold Dragon Boat to its full potential, catching up to Huo QingYun and Huo QianWu at all costs. The nine beauties also knew how their master was feeling and did not dare to delay. They used everything they got and raised the speed of the Gold Dragon Boat even further.

    Right at this moment, Han Bing’er, who had just escaped death, unleashed her Divine Ice Soul Sword as she stood in front of the Gold Dragon Boat with resolute eyes.

    In comparison to the gigantic Gold Dragon Boat, Han Bing’er’s body seemed like a small ant. Furthermore, her strength was also very much lacking as compared to the Gold Dragon Boat. It can be said that the Gold Dragon Boat does not even have to activate the divine lightnings. If it were to speed up and charge directly at Han Bing’er, the Gold Dragon Boat would definitely be able to smash Han Bing’er’s body into smithereens with its gigantic size and speed of 6000. Even the Divine Ice Soul Sword would be unable to save her for sure.

    Han Bing’er was also aware that she was like a mantis trying to stop a chariot. However, she still chose to do so, blocking the Gold Dragon Boat with her weak body. In her eyes, there was no trace of fear, but only a look of relief and bewilderment.

    Facing such an ant, the gigantic Gold Dragon Boat had still stopped. Because of the sudden halt, the Gold Dragon Boat let out a large creak and SongZhong also lost his footing as he stumbled on the ground.

    After getting up, SongZhong quickly checked his front and realized that Han Bing’er had not been injured at all. The Gold Dragon Boat managed to stop just a single foot away from her, and it was a really close call.

    Seeing that Han Bing’er was alright, SongZhong first wiped away his sweat. Then, he said with frustration, “Han Bing’er, your master had already abandoned you like that. Why do you still fight so hard for a slut like her?”

    “My master for a day, my parent for a lifetime!” Han Bing’er said calmly, “I cannot go against my master’s words! If you want to pass, please step over my dead body!”

    “Haiz!” SongZhong slapped the railing hatefully but could not bear to move his Gold Dragon Boat. First, he could not bear to kill her because of their relationship, together with the fact that they had ‘intimate physical relationship’ and dual cultivation before. Second, it was already too late for him to chase after Huo QingYun right now. After abandoning Han Bing’er, Huo QingYun’s speed had already exceeded that of the Gold Dragon Boat. After that delay previously, he had already lost sight of them. If he still continued to chase after them now, he would only be wasting spiritual stones.

    Knowing that, SongZhong was naturally uninterested to continue chasing them. He could only shake his head helplessly as he persuaded, “Han Bing’er, on your account this time, I would not pursue them. However, I must definitely kill your master. Especially her daughter Huo QianWu, she is the killer of my parents. I will definitely not let her go!”

    “I can’t be bothered if you kill Huo QianWu. But if you want to kill my master, I will stop you for sure!” Han Bing’er said resolutely.

    As SongZhong heard that, he could not help but cry out, “Why are you so foolish? That Huo QianWu is definitely the illegitimate child of your master. I can swear to the heavens! You have to believe me!”

    As Han Bing’er heard that, she said with a bitter laughter, “After that incident just now, do you still think that I won’t believe you?”

    SongZhong was first stunned before asking with surprise, “Haha, you are finally enlightened! That’s right, if Huo QianWu isn’t the illegitimate daughter of your master, why would she abandon you and protect her?”

    “I am not an idiot, of course I can understand that.” Han Bing’er then said seriously, “However, it wouldn’t be right for me to poke my nose into the affairs of my master. In any case, my word still holds. My master for a day, my parent for a lifetime. Even if master abandoned me today, I will still protect her with my life if I am to see her in future!”

    “Child, why are you so foolish?” SongZhong said with resentment, “Is Huo QingYun really that good?”

    “My experience is largely similar to your father. I was also an orphan who was abandoned in the snow. My master was the one who saved me from the mouth of a wolf. All of my abilities were also imparted by her and she was the one who led me to obtain the Divine Ice Soul Sword. Do you think my master is good?” Han Bing’er said calmly.

    “She’s only average” SongZhong wasn’t exactly sure when he said that.

    “If it was you, would you protect her?” Han Bing’er asked again.

    SongZhong thought about it, ‘If I were in her shoes, I would probably do the same thing too.’ Helpless, SongZhong could only reply with a bitter laughter, “Forget it, forget it! Just take it that I am unlucky. At the very most, I will find a time where you are not around to kill her!”

    “Then you will be my mortal enemy!” Han Bing’er said seriously.

    “So be it, would I be afraid of you?” SongZhong twitch his lips.

    “If that’s the case, why don’t you kill me now? So that I will not get in your way in the future?” Han Bing’er suddenly asked, “With your current capabilities, it should be extremely easy for you to kill me right?”

    “Cough cough, I have no interest in killing women!” SongZhong acted as though he was extremely righteous.

    “Really? But just a while ago, many of my fellow sect members had died from the collapse of the Jade Pearl Peak. They are all women.” Han Bing’er then replied.

    Indeed, while most people were able to escape when the Jade Pearl Peak collapsed, there were still a few who were unable to escape. Especially the weaker disciples in the courtyards at the foot of the mountain, they did not even have a chance to escape when the Jade Pearl Peak collapsed. The Jade Pearl Pavilion was also a large sect with thousands of cultivators at the very least. With the collapse of the Jade Pearl Peak, there must have been a few hundred who had died at the very least.

    “This~” Seeing that his lie was seen though, his face turned red as he quickly explained, “That was for revenge. Thus, my actions may have been overbroad. But, things will be different in future. In any case, I do not wish to kill you. Just do as you wish in future!”

    Han Bing’er’s eyes turned cold as she suddenly said with a frightening chill, “Is the reason behind why you won’t kill me because you molested me in the Jade Green Screen?!”

    “Ah?!” As SongZhong heard that, he immediately exclaimed as his expression became flustered. However, he quickly calmed himself down and forced a smile, “Junior sister, what are you joking about? Since when did I molest you?”

    “You need not act anymore!” Han Bing’er said calmly, “When you were declared a traitor eight years ago, your sect had announced that the Nine Beauties Painting was in your hands. Furthermore, I became good friends with ShuiJing after and she told me everything about the Nine Beauties Painting after the matter was made known to the public! What a good SongZhong! You killed YuFeng together with ShuiJing and used the Nine Beauties Painting to molest me. Then, you framed the whole incident on the Thousands Desire Sect. After both the devil cultivators and I are heavily injured, you came out to be the hero saving the beauty! I really couldn’t tell that your schemes would run so deep!”