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Chapter 271: Destroying the Jade Pearl Pavilion

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 271: Destroying the Jade Pearl Pavilion

    As he finished his sentence, SongZhong flew towards the Jade Pearl Pavilion with Han LingFeng.

    “Don’t!” Han LingFeng hurriedly said, “Experts are as abundant as clouds in the Jade Pearl Pavilion, how will you be able to defeat them?”

    “Hehe!” SongZhong smiled. Seeing that he wasn’t too far away from the Jade Pearl Pavilion, he brandished his Gold Dragon Boat out.

    As Han LingFeng saw the Gold Dragon Boat which was 3000 feet long, her mouth widened in shock, unable to say a single thing.

    “With it around, the Jade Pearl Pavilion will become a pile of scrap!” SongZhong said hatefully. Then, he entered the Gold Dragon Boat with Han LingFeng and flew towards the Jade Pearl Pavilion.

    Not far in the corner, the sound of someone giggling could be heard, “Hahahaha, there’s going to be a good show, going to be a good show!”

    Looking at how excited her master was, ShuiJing did not know whether to laugh or cry. Just as she was about to open her mouth to say something, Celestial MeiHua pulled her along and tailed the Gold Dragon Boat.

    Not long after the Jade Pearl Pavilion had just made their preparations, they saw a 3000 feet, majestic boat appearing over the horizon, with dense killing intent emanating from within. Be it the size of the Gold Dragon Boat or the malevolent looking dragon at the helm of the boat, it made one feel an immense pressure from looking at it. Even without anything being said, the very presence of the boat made one feel a strong sense of threat.

    The moment the Gold Dragon Boat appeared, the people from the Jade Pearl Pavilion felt a strong sense of danger and prepared themselves to face it. Soon, Huo QingYun also received news and appeared in the Jade Pearl Hall entrance. Together with her at the entrance was Huo QianWu, Han Bing’er and dozens of disciples. Looking at the Gold Dragon Boat, everyone felt as though a rock was weighing down on their heart, as though thunderstorm is about to strike.

    Huo QingYun raised her head and looked at the frightening Gold Dragon Boat with worry in her heart. However, she still said calmly, “Who are you? Why did you barge into the Jade Pearl Pavilion?”

    “The one speaking should be the Pavilion head of the Jade Pearl Pavilion, Celestial QingYun, right?” SongZhong’s voice sounded from the boat.

    Huo QingYun frowned and admitted, “It is I indeed. I wonder who you are?”

    “Hehe, I am a loose cultivator, named SongZhong. Today, I am here to seek you and Huo QianWu, both mother and daughter, to settle our debts!” SongZhong cursed.

    Although they were long prepared, everyone who heard that was still startled as they thought to themselves, ‘A junior from the Mystical Sky Yard dares to barge into the Jade Pearl Pavilion without fear? Isn’t he a little too bold? Don’t tell me he really has an irreconcilable enmity with the pavilion head and would risk his life by coming here?’

    After Huo QingYun heard what SongZhong said, her brows furrowed in anger as she scolded, “SongZhong, you are merely an excommunicated disciple of the Mystical Sky Yard, what rights do you have to create trouble here?”

    “This, is my right!” After SongZhong finished his sentence, he waved his hands and countless gold-coloured divine lightnings smashed down like a thunderstorm.

    As Huo QingYun saw that, she was startled. Without a delay, she waved both her hands and activated the sect protecting formation of the Jade Pearl Pavilion. A white divine light then rose into the air and covered the Jade Pearl Ridgeline like a gigantic jade bowl.

    After a chain of countless loud explosions, gold fireballs could be seen rising into the sky all around, covering the skies in a wave of gold.

    However, while the Gold Divine Lightning was powerful, it only managed to shake the sect protecting formation a little, without any signs of being destroyed.

    As Huo QingYun saw that, she could not help but sneer, “SongZhong, if you only have this little ability, you have made a wasted trip today!”

    “Hmph, hmph!” As SongZhong heard that, he replied with a cold laughter, “I want to see if your sect protecting formation can protect you two sluts!”

    As he finished, he waved his hands again and a bright flash of gold light could be seen on the Gold Dragon Boat. Then, wave after wave of Gold Divine Lightnings smashed on the sect protecting formation again.

    This attack was very different from the previous all-out attack. While there were many divine lightnings previously, they are all scattered and without any focus. But this time, the divine lightnings are obviously concentrated. A few hundred divine lightnings congregated, attacking a particular point on the formation. This point, was the weakest point of the sect protecting formation. As such, the protective light of the formation would tremble every time that point is attacked. Thus, Huo QingYun and gang did not have a choice but to channel spiritual Qi from the other areas in order to ensure that the sect protecting formation would hold.

    While it wouldn’t matter if the cycle of the formation was broken once or twice, the formation would become messier if the cycle is continuously disrupted.

    As Huo QingYun saw that, she was taken aback. It must be understood that while there were a few weak points in the sect protecting formation, these points are extremely concealed and small. Furthermore, they were all top secrets in the sect and no one would know about them. Only if a formations grandmaster is able to recognize the formation, would he be able to identify the weak points. If not, it would be lucky if an outsider would be able to strike the weak point once or twice.

    But as for SongZhong, apart from his first probing attack, all of his other attacks did not miss its mark, hitting the weakest spot of the formation every time. This cannot be a coincidence for sure; it was obvious that SongZhong had already grasped their weakness!

    As such, the strength of the sect protecting formation had been reduced by half. If such a scenario were to persist, the sect protecting formation would be destroyed very quickly for sure.

    Huo QingYun was no idiot and could almost instantly guess the truth. She could not help but curse, “Celestial MeiHua, do you want to destroy our Jade Pearl Pavilion?”

    As Celestial MeiHua who was in hiding heard that, she became dumbfounded as she mumbled, “That’s not right, I only gave SongZhong some superficial knowledge. No matter how powerful he is, he should only be able to destroy the outer layer of the formation. Why does this brat seem to know all of its weaknesses? If this continues, things will go very wrong!”

    As ShuiJing, who was by the side heard that, she could not help but ask, “Master, did something go wrong?”

    Celestial MeiHua frowned, “Of course, something went very wrong! SongZhong is still so young and he is a lightning cultivator. It is impossible for him to be a grandmaster of formation. How can he deduce all the weaknesses of the formation from that little superficial knowledge which I gave him?”

    “Master, senior brother Song has the Nine Beauties Painting!” ShuiJing then said, “Those nine female cultivators are all completed FenShen cultivators who are extremely knowledgeable!”

    “Ah!” As Celestial MeiHua heard that, she exclaimed, “He has the Nine Beauties Painting? Goodness, things are bad, things are bad!”

    “What’s wrong?” ShuiJing asked.

    “Disciple, while I do have some enmity with Huo QingYun, our enmity is not deep to the point I want to destroy the Jade Pearl Pavilion. Thus, I only told SongZhong a small bit of the Jade Pearl Pavilion’s weaknesses. I originally thought that he would be able to destroy all of the martial hall, armament hall, elixir hall and etc. That can also be considered as him destroying the Jade Pearl Pavilion to help me vent my anger. But it seems that even the most important Jade Pearl Hall of the Jade Pearl Pavilion is going to be destroyed!”

    “It can’t be right?” As ShuiJing heard that, she exclaimed, “The Jade Pearl Hall holds the many profound cultivation methods accumulated over the years and all the important treasures of the Jade Pearl Pavilion. It serves as the very foundation of the Jade Pearl Pavilion. If the Jade Pearl Hall is going to be destroyed, the Jade Pearl Pavilion would be wiped out from the Vast Mountains! Without the passing of a thousand years, it would be impossible for them to rebuild it again! If things were to develop to such a stage, it would be impossible for Huo QingYun to hide the matter and the Jade Pearl Sect may be alerted!”

    “I know, I also don’t want things to turn out like that! But who asked that SongZhong to be so powerful?” Celestial MeiHua lamented helplessly.

    “No, we have to stop him. If we allow him to destroy the Jade Pearl Pavilion, he will definitely be pursued by the experts of the Jade Pearl Sect for vengeance! At that time, no matter how powerful he is, he wouldn’t be able to withstand it!” ShuiJing hurriedly said.

    As she said that, ShuiJing wanted to rush forward to stop SongZhong but was pulled back by Celestial MeiHua.

    “Haiz, it’s finished, that darn fatty SongZhong already got his way!” Celestial MeiHua said helplessly.

    “Ah!” As ShuiJing heard that, she was shocked as she raised her head, witnessing a scene which she will never forget for life.

    After SongZhong used waves of divine lightning to tear the sect protecting formation apart, he resolutely activated the Purple Lightning Yellow Dragon Cannon!

    A gigantic fireball which was more than a hundred feet, with purple lightning bolts embedded within it, charged towards the sect protecting formation like a meteor, tearing apart the remnants of the formation and smashing the base of the Jade Pearl Peak.

    The Jade Pearl Peak was over a hundred thousand feet high. Looking at it from afar, it looked like a gigantic pillar in the sky with a scenic green scenery below, and a white snowy world on top. The most important building of the Jade Pearl Pavilion, the Jade Pearl Hall, was right at the peak of the Jade Pearl Peak.

    Usually, the Jade Pearl Peak would naturally be as stable as Mount Tai, impervious to earthquakes as there were many layers of formations protecting it. But today, things were different. After the Purple Lightning Yellow Dragon Cannon struck the base of the Jade Pearl Peak, the hundred thousand feet high Jade Pearl Peak was no longer stable. After standing up erected for more than a hundred thousand years, it began to fall like a dead giant, and witnessed by all the disciples of the Jade Pearl Pavilion.