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Chapter 270: Meeting the Beauty Again

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 270: Meeting the Beauty Again

    “Cheh, you can ask him yourself when he comes. I do not have the time to talk nonsense with you!” Celestial MeiHua said proudly, “Hand over my disciple and that Han LingFeng, I want them immediately out of this troublesome place!”

    “Master!” A crisp female voice sounded from afar.

    As Celestial MeiHua turned to look, she saw ShuiJing, with Han LingFeng accompanying by the side. It was obvious that the both of them had received the news and were flying towards her.

    Without a second word, Celestial MeiHua’s body flashed as she appeared in front of the duo. Without waiting for them to say a thing, she enveloped them in a sword light and flew away. At the same time, Celestial MeiHua did not forget to jeer, “Huo QingYun, you guys should start preparing your funeral! The Jade Pearl Pavilion, which boasts a history of ten thousand years, is about to be ruined in your hands! HAHAHA!”

    Laughing arrogantly, Celestial MeiHua quickly disappeared with the female duo.

    After the three of them left, a YuanYing elder asked with a frown, “Pavilion head, was what Celestial MeiHua said true?”

    “Of course not, they are all bullshit!” Huo QingYun denied it and said, “The most important thing to do now is to suppress that traitor SongZhong. Since Celestial MeiHua had already said that, he would definitely pose some threat to us. Give the command, the whole mountain sect is to be on high alert. Activate the sect protecting formation!”

    “Yes!” They acknowledged the command and flew into their positions. Huo QingYun had been the head of the Jade Pearl Pavilion for many years, and command a great deal of authority. Thus, no one dared to disobey her commands.

    When everyone had left, the sect protecting formation had also gradually activated. Huo QingYun glared at Huo QianWu fiercely, before shaking her own head helplessly, “Go back and get ready!” As she said that, she led Huo QianWu and Han Bing’er into the hall.

    Obviously, Huo QingYun was also frustrated over the trouble which Huo QianWu caused back then. If not for her daughter taking things into her own hands, how was it possible for both her and her brother to be reduced to such a state? If what Celestial MeiHua said was true and the Mystical Sky Yard was half destroyed, her poor brother would definitely be removed from his position as sect master. Furthermore, all of these troubles originated from her. As Huo QingYun thought about this, she felt a wave of frustration.

    Just as Celestial QingYun was feeling extremely anxious, Celestial MeiHua was overjoyed. As she flew on her flying sword, there were times when she almost started singing.

    Seeing how Celestial MeiHua was so happy, ShuiJing could not help but ask out of curiosity, “Master, didn’t you want to enter seclusion for a hundred years? Why did you come out?”

    “Don’t mention it already!” Celestial MeiHua’s face turned white from anger and scolded, “I thought that I would be able to avoid the trouble if I seclude myself. I never imagined that while I hid myself in the Plum Mountain, that bastard from the Huo family wanted to implicate me! If not for the fact that I had the sudden urge to divinate what was going on, the Plum Mountain would have been reduced to smithereens by now!”

    “Ah? What exactly happened? Did master’s prophecy from a few decades ago really happen? The Mystical Sky Yard is really facing a tribulation?”

    When Celestial MeiHua arrived, ShuiJing and Han LingFeng were playing outside. By the time they heard the news and returned, they had already missed what Celestial MeiHua said earlier. Thus, ShuiJing asked this question.

    Celestial MeiHua explained, “Your guess is right, the Mystical Sky Yard faced a tribulation. The Shifting Towers was destroyed and the sect protecting formation was almost destroyed. If not for the fact that I appeared, the Mystical Sky Yard would be gone!”

    “My goodness, why did this happen? Who did we provoke?” ShuiJing asked in shock. Han LingFeng also had an expression of incredulity.

    “You know that person, he is your destined nemesis!” Celestial MeiHua smiled.

    “Ah, SongZhong!” ShuJing exclaimed, “He is back? Aiyah, this is trouble. He was framed as a spy of the demonic beast and will be surrounded when he returns!”

    “He was already surrounded, but they were not able to subdue him. Instead, he destroyed the Shifting Towers!” Celestial MeiHua then told ShuiJing and Han LingFeng everything that happened. Finally, she said, “I had already knew that your nemesis would definitely be extremely capable. However, I never expected him to be so powerful. Even your master has to be courteous to him now, and has to be careful of offending him! Not only did that foolish Daoist HuoLong frame him, he even framed his parents and kicked the three of them out of the sect. Goodness, how can there be such a stupid person in the world!”

    “Dammit! Daoist HuoLong went too far! Master, you have to uphold justice for senior SongZhong!”

    “Of course! In order to uphold justice, I have supplied your senior brother SongZhong with an abundance of high grade spiritual stones! I even taught him how to destroy the Jade Pearl Pavilion! He is now on his way here and you guys will see him soon!”

    ” As ShuiJing heard that, she could not help but laugh bitterly, “Master! I asked you to uphold justice and not create trouble! I am asking you to clear his name!”

    As Celestial MeiHua heard that, she replied with disapproval, “Cheh! It is the sect master of Mystical Sky Yard that accused your senior brother SongZhong of the crime. Do you think it is so easy for me to wash it off?”

    “Why not? You are more powerful than the sect master!” Han LingFeng could not help but interject.

    Celestial MeiHua could not help but smile, “Haha, you are just too naive! If the most powerful person has the most authority, what is the use of having sect rules? HuoLong made the decision as the sect master. As an elder, I only have the rights to appeal, and not any veto rights!”

    “Then you should make an appeal! Let those people of the upper echelons take care of Daoist HuoLong!” ShuiJing said hurriedly.

    Celestial MeiHua said with a bitter laughter, “Haiz, it’s useless! Daoist HuoLong is from the Huo family, one of the four main families in our Mystical Sky Sect. Your master is only a loose cultivator in the sect and just cannot be compared to him. Even if I were to make an appeal, the upper echelons would still think that Daoist HuoLong is in the right, in order to preserve the dignity of the Mystical Sky Sect. In fact, they would send experts to assassinate SongZhong, lest the reputation of the Mystical Sky Sect be ruined.”

    “Ah, why is this the case?” ShuiJing and Han LingFeng exclaimed.

    Celestial MeiHua said helplessly, “It is all for the reputation of the sect! As a sect which has a few hundred thousand years of history, the Mystical Sky Sect is intolerable of any scandals. For this matter, it wouldn’t matter if we do not report to the higher-ups. But if we do, experts would definitely be deployed to take care of the mess created!”

    “If that’s the case, then isn’t senior brother Song dead for sure?” ShuiJing exclaimed.

    “Not necessarily. Daoist HuoLong would not be willing to report this matter up. While the sect would side with him on the surface, Daoist HuoLong’s future would also be ruined the moment this matter is leaked. The Huo family will not let him off easily for ruining their reputation. Thus, SongZhong is still very safe. He can just create trouble as he wishes! As long as he doesn’t go too far, it wouldn’t matter!” Celestial MeiHua smiled.

    “You are not afraid of him blowing the matters up by attacking the Jade Pearl Pavilion?” ShuiJing frowned.

    Celestial MeiHua smiled, “It won’t! While that little fellow is strong, he will only be able to devastate the Jade Pearl Pavilion to the point they can’t lift their heads up. It would not be destroyed for sure. Given the expected degree of damage, Huo QingYun will definitely be able to conceal such a matter from the upper echelons. Besdies, I only want to vent some anger.”

    As she said that, Celestial MeiHua’s eyes lit up, “Haha, that little fellow isn’t slow!”

    As she said that, she flew diagonally for a while and met with SongZhong. At this moment, SongZhong was using his flying sword and not his Gold Dragon Boat. The Gold Dragon Boat simply expends too much spiritual stones, and he cannot afford it.

    After the few of them met, Celestial MeiHua did not even give SongZhong and Han LingFeng a chance to catch up. She threw the latter over to the former and said, “Brat, I have already brought her to you. Go and destroy the Jade Pearl Pavilion!”

    After she said that, she disappeared with ShuiJing in a flash. ShuiJing could not help but say anxiously, “Master, I want to talk to him!”

    “What’s there to talk about? If you are going to be lovey-dovey with him, his anger would placate for sure. How would he be able to create chaos at the Jade Pearl Pavilion then?” Celestial MeiHua then continued, “Anyway, there are still many years to come and you don’t have to be in such a rush!”

    ShuiJing’s face turned red from what Celestial MeiHua said. Just as she wanted to say something, she was interjected by Celestial MeiHua, “Alright alright, I also know that you really miss that darn fatty. How about this, let us hide in a corner and enjoy the good show? The Jade Pearl Pavilion has not been so lively for a while now. Your master must definitely relish the scene of Huo QingYun losing face! Hahaha!” As she said that, Celestial MeiHua concealed herself and shadowed SongZhong in secret.

    After SongZhong received Han LingFeng, he was stunned. Before he had a chance to express his gratitude, Celestial MeiHua had already disappeared.

    He could only laugh bitterly before saying to Han LingFeng gently, “Have you been well?”

    “Yep, I miss you!” As Han LingFeng spoke, her tears began to fall.

    “I also miss you!” SongZhong hugged Han LingFeng and said, “From now on, I will become the enemy of the righteous. Are you still willing to follow me?”

    “Yes, even if you are the king of devils, I will still follow you!” Han LingFeng said resolutely.

    “Good!” SongZhong hugged her tightly before saying seriously, “I, SongZhong, swear that I will never let you down!”

    “En!” Han LingFeng dived into SongZhong’s embrace and began to sob.

    “What are you crying about? Aren’t we all good?” SongZhong comforted her, “Let me ask you, did you just came out from the Jade Pearl Pavilion?”

    “En!” Han LingFeng nodded, “Are you really going to attack the Jade Pearl Pavilion?”

    “I have to see if the Jade Pearl Pavilion has the person I want!” SongZhong then said hatefully, “Is that b*tch, Huo QianWu, in the Jade Pearl Pavilion?”

    “Yes!” Han LingFeng nodded.

    “Very good! Then, the Jade Pearl Pavilion is dead for sure!”