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Chapter 269: Jade Pearl Ridgeline

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 269: Jade Pearl Ridgeline

    Seeing that Celestial MeiHua left, SongZhong would naturally not stay any longer. First, he roared downwards, “Darn old fogey Daoist HuoLong, wash your neck clean and wait for me. I will find you one day for smearing my parents!”

    As he finished that, SongZhong did not wait for Daoist HuoLong to reply and disappeared with his Gold Dragon Boat.

    As Mister First and Mister Second heard SongZhong’s threat, they both began to sweat. This SongZhong already had the ability to contend with them now. By the time he became a YuanYing cultivator, wouldn’t they all be dead for sure?

    As for Daoist HuoLong, he was not worried about SongZhong’s threat. He had already made the decision to resign from the position of sect master and enter into closed door cultivation in the Mystical Sky Branch. In there were LianXu and FenShen cultivators to protect him, making it impossible for SongZhong to create trouble.

    But the problem is, Celestial MeiHua did not hide her words just now and everyone could hear them loud and clear. Knowing that Celestial MeiHua was going to find trouble with his sister, Daoist HuoLong was anxious to the point he almost caught on fire.

    Even if the others did not know how powerful Celestial MeiHua was, how would he not be clear about that? This senior sister of his had quite an extreme personality. It wouldn’t matter if she didn’t take action, but the moment she did, she would definitely strike hard. With her giving SongZhong a few pointers, the protecting formation of the Jade Pearl Pavilion was as good as nonexistent. Together with the large amount of spiritual stones which she gave SongZhong, Daoist HuoLong could already imagine the scene of the Jade Pearl Pavilion getting destroyed in his mind. At that time, his sister would definitely have to bear the responsibility as the head of the Jade Pearl Pavilion and would definitely suffer many grievances!

    Thinking about that, Daoist HuoLong was anxious to the point he broke out in cold sweat. He knew that he was unable to catch up with Celestial MeiHua. Thus, he used a flying sword to send his sister a message, hoping it would salvage the situation a little. As for the others, he could only leave it up to the heavens!

    In the western region of the Vast Mountains, there was a mountain range which spanned thousands of kilometres called the Jade Pearl Ridgeline. The view here is spectacular with a dense amount of spiritual Qi, home to the thousand-year-old Jade Pearl Pavilion.

    The main peak of the Jade Pearl Ridgeline was 100,000 feet high with the top half of it being filled with snow all year round. The headquarters of the Jade Pearl Pavilion was located there.

    Everyone in the Jade Pearl Pavilion was female, and these meticulous female cultivators had built an extremely exquisite palace, making this the most beautiful place in the Vast Mountains. Everyone who came here would definitely be in awe over the wonderful scenery.

    Today, following the flash of a greenish sword light, a lady dressed in white appeared in front of the Jade Pearl Hall, which was located at the very peak of the Jade Pearl Ridgeline. While this lady was extremely beautiful and elegant, the words she said were extremely rude. After she arrived here, she shouted out without restraint, “Huo QingYun, get out here!”

    This lady’s magical Qi was extremely profound. While she only spoke a single phrase, it shook the surrounding frost as her voice echoed out kilometers away.

    Huo QingYun was the head of the Jade Pearl Pavilion, and Celestial QingYun was her secular name. In the Jade Pearl Pavilion, the one with the highest position was the head of the pavilion. For someone to shout out the name of the their pavilion head outside the Jade Pearl Hall, wasn’t this a form of provocation? The people from the Jade Pearl Pavilion would naturally not endure such provocation and sword light flashed from all around.

    In just a mere few breaths, there were over a hundred female JinDan cultivators who arrived. While they originally arrived aggressively to question the perpetrator, they immediately lost all morale the moment they saw the person who was talking. They then looked at each other without saying a second word.

    The lady in front of them was just too famous. The famous Celestial MeiHua, number one expert of the Vast Mountains, capable of killing YuanYing cultivators with just a wave of her hands. It was said that this lady had an eccentric personality. It wouldn’t matter if she didn’t take action. But the moment she did, she would definitely injure someone. In the past, she had killed countless of people when she was exploring the world. She was just like a god of death.

    Facing such a person, who would dare be disrespectful? Thus, despite there being YuanYing cultivators amongst them, they all decided to keep their mouths shut as they thought to themselves, “Since she isn’t looking for me but the pavilion head, why should I involve myself in this matter?”

    Right at this moment, the doors of the Jade Pearl Hall opened and three people walked out. The one in front was a green-dressed middle-aged female cultivator who looked extremely stunning. Her face carried a tinge of prestige; obviously she was a person with status. Without a doubt, this person was the head of the Jade Pearl Pavilion, Huo QingYun.

    To the left of Huo QingYun was a red-dressed female cultivator at the late JinDan stage, disciple of the Mystical Sky Yard Huo QianWu.

    To her right was a young lady who was dressed in white with a solemn expression. While she did not intentionally circulate her spiritual Qi, a wave of cold air could still be felt emanating from her. If SongZhong was here, he would definitely be able to recognize this girl who was already at the late foundational stage. She was Han Bing’er, who had once fought alongside him in the Jade Green Screen.

    After the three of them appeared, they calmly moved in front of Celestial MeiHua.

    Celestial QingYun then frowned. “Senior sister is here today with a body full of killing intent. You are obviously not here for tea, right?”

    “Of course not.” Celestial MeiHua replied coldly.

    “Eh, then you are here to question me about my crimes?” Huo QingYun asked with a frown, “I wonder how I have offended you?”

    “Huo QingYun, stop feigning ignorance,” Celestial MeiHua said with disdain. “You can no longer hide what both of you, mother and child, did.”

    As Celestial MeiHua said that, the faces of everyone in their surroundings changed. You must know, Celestial QingYun is known to the world to be single. How was it possible for a single female cultivator to have a daughter?

    As Huo QingYun heard that, her face changed as she said, “Celestial MeiHua, what nonsense are you spouting? I respect you as a senior sister, but why you are maligning me like that?”

    “Maligning you? Hahaha!” Celestial MeiHua burst out into laughter, “I have been cultivating the Plum Blossom Divination for so many years, do you really think I can’t calculate the truth that you and Huo QianWu are mother and daughter?”

    “Ah!” As the female cultivators in the surrounding heard that, they all let out shocks of exclamation, staring at Celestial QingYun and Huo QianWu with questioning glares.

    Huo QianWu’s face immediately turned anxious. However, Huo QingYun was a sly old fox and immediately roared, “Bullshit! Who here doesn’t know that Huo QianWu is my brother’s daughter? Don’t think that you can do whatever you wish just because you cultivate the Plum Blossom Divination!”

    “That’s right!” Huo QianWu also stood out, “Senior aunt, I don’t know how I have offended you, but I hope that you will forgive me and watch your words. Do not spit out nonsense with no evidence!”

    “Haha, you are indeed mother and daughter,” Celestial MeiHua laughed, “equally shameless with your words.”

    Celestial QingYun was angered until her face turned green. If not for the fact that she could not win against Celestial MeiHua, she would have attacked her already. She first took in a deep breath and suppressed her anger. Then, she said, “Celestial MeiHua, if you are going to continue maligning me, don’t blame me for not being polite.”

    As she said that, Huo QingYun sent out a signal with her eyes. All of the female cultivators understood what she meant and began to surround Celestial MeiHua, taking out their magical artifacts and flying swords. It was as though if Celestial MeiHua said another word, they would surround her with a flurry of attacks.

    Celestial MeiHua snorted coldly and ignored all the cultivators around her. She said, “Huo QingYun, you can continue to deny it! SongZhong is already back, I would like to see how long you can continue to be arrogant!”

    “What? SongZhong is back?” Huo QingYun and Huo QianWu exclaimed together as they heard that.

    “Of course!” Celestial MeiHua hatefully said, “Thanks to you two sluts, that fool Daoist HuoLong had already forced SongZhong to sever ties with the Mystical Sky Yard. As such, he was surrounded in the Shifting Towers the moment he returned. Are you two happy now?”

    Hearing what Celestial MeiHua said, everyone was naturally puzzled. However, Huo QingYun and Huo QianWu both heaved a sigh of relief in their hearts.

    Huo QingYun then pretended to be puzzled, “If I recall correctly, SongZhong is a spy for the demonic beasts, isn’t he? Isn’t it only right for your Mystical Sky Yard to take care of him?”

    “That’s right, such a bastard should be executed. Even if he is executed, it is only considered cleaning up the sect!” Huo QianWu replied calmly.

    Obviously, both mother and daughter thought that SongZhong was equivalent to a dead person if he was in the Shifting Towers. That was a place capable of trapping FenShen cultivators. Even a YuanYing cultivator like Old Devil Feng was captured alive in there. No matter how powerful SongZhong was, he would definitely be finished.

    While the both of them were elated, Han Bing’er frowned when she heard that. A sense of depression rose from her heart.

    After Celestial MeiHua heard that, she laughed out loud. “Haha, two idiots. You guys look down on that darn fatty too much! Let me tell you the truth, SongZhong was not killed in the Shifting Towers. On the contrary, he destroyed the Shifting Towers and escaped from peril. He had even destroyed half of the Mystical Sky Yard.”

    As Huo QingYun heard that, she exclaimed, “WHAT? Impossible! Just how old is that brat? How can he destroy the defenses of the Shifting Towers?”

    “Haha, it doesn’t matter whether or not you believe it. In any case, you will be seeing him soon!” Celestial MeiHua said cheerfully, “At that time, don’t be too surprised!”

    After Celestial QingYun heard that, she replied with shock, “What do you mean?”

    “Simple, after SongZhong destroyed the Shifting Towers and made a scene in the Mystical Sky Yard, he decided to make his way here!” Celestial MeiHua said with a cold laughter, “He wants to settle some old scores with both of you.”

    After Huo QianWu heard that, her face turned white. However, Huo QingYun knew the gravity of the matter and remained unfazed. “Please forgive me for not knowing what you’re talking about. SongZhong and I have no enmity, why would he be looking for me?”