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Chapter 267: Celestial MeiHua’s Migh

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 267: Celestial MeiHua’s Might

    “You did not let me down, you let your senior brother down!” Celestial MeiHua coldly spoke. “Both of you are disciples from the same Sect, studying the same art for 500 years, but you actually colluded and helped Huo QianWu to harm your senior brother’s only direct disciple! Now you’re even stepping up onto the stage, trying to kill the only child from the family you destroyed. Daoist HuoLong, how was I unable to see the fact that you are so vicious in your heart? You shouldn’t be in Mystical Sky Yard, it’s too humiliating for you! You should have gone to the Thousand Desires Sect, that’s the best place for you!”

    Seeing such sarcastic words, Daoist HuoLong could not help but let out a bitter smile, “Senior Sister, on one side is my Senior Brother Hong, on the other side is my blood sister, I’m also in a spot!”

    “Ha, blood sister? Are you talking about the cultivation partner of the Thousand Desires Sect Elder, Old Devil Feng?” Celestial MeiHua laughed coldly. “Since your blood sister is worth more than your fellow Sect disciples, then why are you staying in Mystical Sky Yard? You should go and rely on your good brother-in-law!”

    Hearing such slanderous words, Daoist HuoLong’s expressions changed as he spat out, “Senior sister, my sister is still Pearl Jade Pavilion’s head, untainted. Do not slander and impose false evidence against her!”

    “Slander?” Hearing Daoist HuoLong speak, Celestial MeiHua smiled coldly as she retorted, “If your sister was untainted, then how did Huo QianWu come about? Even if others don’t know, do you think I can’t find out? She must be that guy’s daughter!”

    Hearing her speak, Daoist HuoLong’s expression turned ash-grey as he replied in astonishment, “Senior sister, how did you find out?”

    “I divined it the first time I meet Huo QianWu!” Celestial MeiHua grimly said. “Talking about it, your sister is really the best of the best. Let’s not even mention about her snatching my man, she even sent her bastard child over to me! And you, as my junior brother, can even pretend that you know nothing! Hmph!”

    Hearing her say so, Daoist HuoLong could only lower his face ashamedly. Turns out that Huo QianWu’s father was actually Celestial MeiHua’s sweetheart! It was only because Celestial MeiHua arts were mystical in nature that she was unable to have intimate relations with any men. However, both of them had mutual affections for one another, and they both did not overstep their bounds of propriety.

    But Daoist HuoLong’s sister Celestial QingYun had also long admired him, just that no matter how hard she pursued him, that man was unswervingly loyal to Celestial MeiHua. Celestial QingYun could really be considered as part of the Huo Family, her temper being equally stubborn and fiery. The more she could not get the item, the more she desired it. It was to the point where she could not take it anymore, resorting to underhanded moves to force the other party into being intimate with her. She ended up being pregnant with Huo QianWu.

    Celestial QingYun actually thought that this matter was settled. But to think that the guy was actually someone who treats love seriously. After harshly scolding Celestial QingYun, he felt that he no longer deserves to see Celestial MeiHua, thus he left the Sect and never appeared again.

    Then, Celestial QingYun was stucked in a conundrum. Although her Sect was not against marrying, but they more or less had to put up a facade. If the woman had no partner, yet her stomach bulged up first, then that would be quite the scandalous news.

    Left without choice, Celestial QingYun could only choose to go adventuring, temporary leaving the Pearl Jade Pavilion so as to secretly give birth to Huo QianWu. She then passed the child over to Daoist HuoLong. She originally thought that her plan was seamless, but she obviously underestimated Celestial MeiHua’s abilities.

    The first time Celestial MeiHua laid her eyes on Huo QianWu, she immediately recognised the looks of her sweetheart on her. Originally she thought the reason her sweetheart ran away, was because of the fact that he had made Daoist HuoLong a cuckold! This frightened her so much that she even used her skill to divine what exactly happened, but she ended up calculating the fact that the child’s mother was Celestial QingYun.

    At that time, Celestial MeiHua almost imploded with rage. Her achievements then was because of assistance from the Huo Family, and she had amicable relationships with Daoist HuoLong and Celestial QingYun as well. Yet they had went to commit such a misdeed behind her back.

    Celestial MeiHua initially thought of blowing up this matter. But after considering the fact that she had once received the grace of the family, if she were to expose this fact, then not only would Daoist HuoLong and Celestial QingYun be disgraced, the entire Huo Family would be implicated. Hence, she suppressed her anger and avoided everyone. Her relationship with the sibling also naturally became colder because of that.

    However, Celestial MeiHua did not expect that even after she had swallowed this insult, Daoist HuoLong would still plot against her. If she were to really let them lead SongZhong’s Golden Dragon Boat towards her Plum Blossom Mountain, and cause devastation with his Divine Golden Lightning, then wouldn’t the lesser protected Plum Blossom Mountain be reduced to ashes?

    Thinking of how the Plum Blossom Mountain which she and her sweetheart had spent hundreds of years constructing, almost being destroyed by Daoist HuoLong, Celestial MeiHua’s old wounds naturally reopened. It was one thing if she were to endure, but if they were to continue pressuring her, even a peaceful person would not remain unmoved!

    Thinking up till here, Celestial MeiHua’s eyes were shooting out meteors. Daoist HuoLong was scared to the point his thighs were trembling, almost unable to stand properly.

    Mister First and Second, who were standing by the side did not know whether to laugh or to cry. In their hearts, they thought, ‘The menace SongZhong has not been gotten rid off, and now in here we have another Celestial MeiHua going on a rampage. Is this Mystical Sky Yard doomed to be so unlucky?’

    Although they did not have much interactions with her, they were after all still from the same Sect. Right now, given the situation, they also could not be bothered with much. They stood infront of Daoist HuoLong and begged: “Senior sister, even though Sect Master HuoLong acted inappropriately, but this is not the time to punish him! SongZhong is still ferociously bombarding our Mystical Sky Yard. You can’t possibly leave us in the lurch, right?”

    “Yes, it’s more important to save the Mystical Sky Yard! This is the culmination of blood, sweat and tears of our ancestors for countless years!” Mister Second also interjected, “In the event that it is destroyed in another’s hands, how would we have the face to meet our ancestors?”

    “Bah!” Celestial MeiHua only spat out in response, before lashing out, “What are you two bastards talking about? Are you fit to talk about the ancestors in front of me? Then when you were helping Daoist HuoLong frame SongZhong’s family, did honouring your ancestors ever came across your mind?”

    Celestial MeiHua is usually elegant, and otherworldly. But the moment she starts to scold someone, it certainly would not be any sort of normal chiding. Even Mister First and Second, who were powerhouses, still got verbally abused! They did not dare to say a single word after that, hurriedly backing off. They had no choice, Celestial Meihua was known for being a ruthless killer back when she was still adventuring. While Mister First and Second were able to suppress Daoist HuoLong together, they were just ants in front of her. A wave of her hand would be able to silence them. So how would they dare to go against her in any way?

    At this time, Daoist HuoLong seemed to have snapped out of his reverie, and stepped forward. “Senior Sister, us Brother and Sister have really let you down! If you want to kill me, I’ll gladly comply and offer myself up, without a single word of complaint. Please! I beg you to save the Mystical Sky Yard after you have killed me, and save these innocent disciples!” Daoist HuoLong shut his eyes after that, as though resigned to his death.

    Seeing this situation, Celestial MeiHua seemed to have lost her killing drive. Just at this moment, the protectors guarding the mountain were blasted away by SongZhong again, revealing a gap in the defences. Hundreds of Divine Golden Lightning blasted down from the heavens, demolishing ten over pavilions into rubble. Some foundational cultivators were unable to escape in time, and were naturally blasted into bits and pieces.

    Whatever protective measures or cultivation methods, in front of the Golden Divine Lightnings, they were like children’s toys, without any use at all.

    Witnessing the disciples’ tragic deaths, Celestial Meihua also felt her heart softening. Mystical Sky Yard was still considered her home, and she definitely cared about the disciples in there. If SongZhong were to really break apart the defensive formation, then while Daoist Huolong, Mister First and Second would not die, the same could not be said for the disciples. More than 80% of them would die under SongZhong’s hands. Celestial Meihua was at her very core, a female, and could not bear to see all these innocent disciples being brutally slaughtered.

    Having thought to this point, Celestial Meihua merely sighed once, and coldly addressed Daoist Huolong, “Huolong, taking past relationships into account, I’ll help you one last time. However, from today onwards, don’t bother addressing me as Senior Sister! Whatever I’ve owed your Huo Family, I’ve paid them back. From now on, we’re unrelated!”

    Celestial Meihua turned into a blur and vanished right after speaking. When she left, Daoist Huolong had tears were streaming down his face while Mister First and Second were secretly rejoicing over this.

    On the other hand, SongZhong was raving mad at the sky. He was cursing Daoist Huolong and his family, while controlling the Golden Dragon Boat to blast indiscriminately at the defensive formation down below. He displayed an attitude which indicated he would not rest unless he had destroyed the entire mountain.

    However, just as he managed to open up a gap in their defences with difficulty, and was intend on pressing his advantage, an extremely strong female cultivator appeared in front of the Golden Dragon Boat. That exact person was Celestial Meihua.

    Right now, her eyes were wide open as she weighed SongZhong mentally, “So this is the dark star of my disciple? He is indeed a frightening character. This person’s road is filled with a multitude of thorns and blocked by huge boulders. But he will cut apart the thorns and pulverise the boulders in the most barbaric way possible, stepping across countless bodies to ascend to heights we have never known. This sort of person, I cannot afford to offend, or I’ll end up as one of the corpses under his feet!”

    Celestial Meihua had just appeared, but SongZhong could sense her presense immediately. Just based on the strange method she used to enter the battleground, he could already sense that this was a high level frightening character. Although the person did not raise any great alarms, and had appeared weak and frail, but SongZhong’s heart suddenly chilled, giving rise to fearful thoughts. Even Old Devil Feng’s Devil Entering the Body did not make him feel so nervous before.

    Facing this pressure, SongZhong immediately stopped his assault on the defensive formation, bringing all guns to aim this dreadful enemy.

    Seeing how SongZhong was so frightened to the point he brought all his weapons to face off against her, Celestial Meihua could guess SongZhong’s line of thinking. She hurriedly smiled at him, saying: “Aiyoh, little kid SongZhong, I’m not your enemy! I don’t think there’s a need to be so nervous towards a feeble little girl like me, right?”