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Chapter 266: Celestial MeiHua

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 266: Celestial MeiHua

    If the sect protecting formation was completely intact, it would be able to defend three to four FenShen cultivators without any problems and would indeed be able to block SongZhong and the Gold Dragon Boat. But now, things were different. As an important part of the sect protecting formation, the Shifting Towers and Thousand Dragons Trapping Divine Formation were destroyed! Furthermore, the Purple Lightning Gold Dragon Cannon destroyed some foundations and formations in the surrounding areas, weakening the sect protecting formation to a certain extent as well. If all of these losses were to be added up, it was equivalent to losing half its strength!

    With the sect protecting formation at half of its strength, it was difficult for it to block the Gold Divine Lightnings which were falling down like a meteor shower. Despite Mister First and Mister Second personally taking action to compensate for the flaws in the formation, the situation continued to deteriorate. There were even some formations in the peripheral regions which broke down completely, causing the outer layer of residence to be completely destroyed.

    As Mister First and Mister Second saw that, they quickly realized that the situation was grave. They originally wanted to use this incident to build up their prestige to successfully take over the position of sect master. But the way things are going, before they can even become the sect master, they would probably be blown into smithereens by SongZhong. Thus, they could not be bothered with anything else as they dived down to find Daoist HuoLong who was still in a daze, “Senior brother, now is not the time to be zoning out! SongZhong’s Gold Dragon Boat is too frightening. The sect protecting formation is not going to hold for long!”

    “What?!” Daoist HuoLong snapped out of his daze as he exclaimed, “The sect protecting formation is so powerful. How can it possibly not hold on?”

    “There was no problem originally. But the problem now lies with the destruction of the Shifting Towers. That is an essential part of the sect protecting formation, and it was just destroyed by SongZhong! Now, the might of the sect protecting formation is only half of its peak. Furthermore, SongZhong is launching waves of attacks as though he had an endless amount of spiritual stones! If we do not think of a plan, we will be destroyed soon!”

    “The problem has become so severe?” Daoist HuoLong was startled. He originally thought that the sect protecting formation can definitely trap SongZhong and that he would be safe in there. Thus, he fell into deep thought, thinking about ways to solve this problem. After he was alerted by Mister First and Mister Second, he snapped out of his daze and looked around in a hurry. In the end, he saw that the sect protecting formation was already trembling severely under SongZhong’s ferocious attacks.

    Daoist HuoLong’s expression changed immediately. As compared to his reputation, his life was far more important. Thus, Daoist HuoLong shook his head to clear up his mind before shouting, “Send out all the disciples from the inner court to repair the formation!”

    “We have already deployed all of them. Even those who were in seclusion as well. In fact, both of us brothers had already took action personally but to no avail!” Mister Second lamented.

    As Daoist HuoLong heard that, he frowned and said, “Our only choice would be to request senior sister out of her mountain!”

    “Celestial MeiHua?” As Mister First and Mister Second heard that, they were first elated. But shortly after, they frowned with a bitter laughter, “We have created such a huge commotion and she is only a few thousand kilometres away. How is it possible that she is unaware about this situation? Seeing how she has not taken any action, it is obvious that she does not wish to involve herself in this matter!”

    “Ah!” Daoist HuoLong was first startled before exclaiming with realization, “Aiyah, dammit. A couple of decades ago, senior sister had once said that our Mystical Sky Yard will experience a tragedy and she does not want to involve herself with it, thus closing herself up for a hundred years. At that time, I did not think much about that. Given the prowess of our Mystical Sky Yard, I thought that we would not meet with any dangers. Never did I expect that the tragedy would be from SongZhong!”

    “Aiyah, so she knew that SongZhong was going to rebel?” Mister First and Mister Second exclaimed, “So why did she not stop him?”

    “This… I am not sure either. Senior sister’s actions have always been extremely mysterious and isn’t something which I can understand!” Daoist HuoLong replied helplessly.

    “Then what should we do now?” Mister First and Mister Second said anxiously, “The Shifting Towers have already been destroyed and we can no longer request for reinforcements! If Celestial MeiHua still does not take action, while the three of us will be able to escape, the thousands years of foundations in the Mystical Sky Yard will be completely destroyed!”

    As Daoist HuoLong heard that, he felt extremely regretful. However, since things have already turned out this way, regretting was useless. Then, he said hatefully, “No matter what, the Mystical Sky Yard cannot be destroyed while in my care.”

    If the Mystical Sky Yard is destroyed, Daoist HuoLong would be the number one sinner as the sect master. Even if he can escape successfully, the rules of the Mystical Sky Sect will not let him off easily. Thus, he has to protect the blood and sweat of all his predecessors and ancestors.

    Mister First and Mister Second would not want to become sectless after entering the Mystical Sky Yard for a short moment. Thus, they hurriedly said, “If the Mystical Sky Yard is destroyed, the three of us would be finished! Quickly and find a way!”

    “Way?” Daoist HuoLong frowned before asking with a chilly glare, “I am only afraid that you guys won’t have the guts.”

    “Now that things are already like that, what would we not dare to do?” Mister First and Mister Second replied hurriedly.

    “Good!” Daoist HuoLong then continued, “A while later, we will fight our way out to seek assistance from my senior sister at the Plum Mountain!”

    “En?” As Mister Second heard that, he was taken aback as he asked with doubt, “Doesn’t senior sister Mei not wish to take action? If we go over, what good would it be if she doesn’t open up her gates to us?”

    “Idiot!” Mister First hammered Mister Second and said resentfully, “It doesn’t matter if she opens up or not. Anyway, SongZhong would definitely chase after us with his Gold Dragon Boat. As long as we reach the Plum Mountain, SongZhong will definitely blow it up with his Gold Divine Lightning. Even if Celestial MeiHua wants to stay in seclusion, she will not allow others to disrupt her peace right?”

    “Ah, I understand!” Mister Second responded with surprise, “This is to bring the source of calamity to her! If Celestial MeiHua wants to avoid SongZhong, we can just send SongZhong to her doorstep! At that time, let’s see what she can do!”

    “That’s right, this is called borrowing someone’s knife!” Mister First smiled, “Senior brother, this is a really an ingenious plan!”

    “Haiz!” Daoist HuoLong shook his head helplessly, “For me to plot against senior sister like that isn’t my wish either. But since things are already like that, I can only pull her down with me!”

    Just when Daoist HuoLong finished his sentence, the sound of an angered female voice resounded, “Haha, great speech. You are indeed my good junior brother! Something like a senior sister, is only there to be sold out!”

    As the words sounded, a beautiful figure appeared in front of the three of them. This was a lady who appeared to be around 30 plus years old, glaring at the three of them with a chilly and enraged face. She was ShuiJing’s master and the number one expert of the Mystical Sky Yard, Celestial MeiHua!

    The way it seems, it was obvious that Celestial MeiHua had been here for a long time already and hid herself in the shadows. With Celestial MeiHua’s cultivation of a completed YuanYing cultivator, together with the fact that the three of them were focused on dealing with SongZhong, none of them noticed her presence. As such, their secret conversation had completely reached Celestial MeiHua’s ears.

    In fact, while Celestial MeiHua seemed heartless and really secluded herself for decades, she really could not bear to do nothing if the Mystical Sky Yard faces an existential crisis. Thus, she concealed herself to investigate the situation and see if she can be of any help. However, she never expected to hear her own junior brother discussing how to plot against her. Just how would Celestial MeiHua feel?

    This powerful cultivator, who was already a few centuries old, was angered by Daoist HuoLong to the point her body trembled as killing intent flowed out. If not for SongZhong’s incursion, she might have killed the three of them on the spot!

    As the three of them saw Celestial MeiHua arrive, they were all frightened to the point they felt their soul left their bodies. Especially Daoist HuoLong, who had the best relationship with Celestial MeiHua. After living together for centuries, he actually wanted to plot against her and now, had a guilty conscience. As for Mister First and Mister Second, they were not so close to Celestial MeiHua and did not feel that awkward.

    “Senior sister, listen to my explanation!” Looking at the enraged Celestial MeiHua, Daoist HuoLong was frightened to the point he broke out in cold sweat as he said, “I, I, I was forced to do this…”

    “Ha! Being forced to frame SongZhong’s family as demonic beast spies? Being forced to accept your goddaughter for killing his parents?” Celestial MeiHua said sternly, “Daoist HuoLong, do you still have a shred of humanity in you?!”

    “Ah!” As Daoist HuoLong heard that, he inhaled a breath of cold air. Only then did he realize something. Since Celestial MeiHua was already here, she would have also heard everything SongZhong said. As he thought about how his despicable deeds were to be found out by Celestial MeiHua, Daoist HuoLong’s face turned grey and became speechless.

    However, Celestial MeiHua did not let him go and continued to scold, “I was wondering, why was there no avail when I tried to divinate about the death of SongZhong’s parents. It was as though there was someone interfering with my Plum Blossom Divination. At that time, I had only suspected that it was the Seven Star Talisman from the Thousands Desire Sect. However, it was obviously this good junior brother of mine here, using his familiarity with me to disrupt me. Am I right?”

    Daoist HuoLong was afterall a human being. Seeing that Celestial MeiHua knew everything, he became calm instead. Since he was going to suffer regardless, why not just admit to it all? After thinking about that, Daoist HuoLong let out a bitter laughter, “Senior sister, I really did not know about Huo QianWu harming SongZhong’s parents. I only found out about it after the incident. However, it was already too late at that time. If a child isn’t sensible and makes a mistake, isn’t it the job of us adults to clean up after them? So, I… haiz, I have let senior sister down!”