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Chapter 265: Tiger Escaping the Cage

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 265: Tiger Escaping the Cage

    After the members of the Mystical Sky Yard gave it all they’ve got, the pillars in the Thousand Dragons Trapping Divine Formation also began to tremble. Countless of malevolent looking dragons which were a thousand feet long and hundred feet thick also appeared. Like locusts, they began to swarm towards the Gold Dragon Boat.

    Even if the Gold Dragon Boat was extremely powerful, it wasn’t able to endure the attack of so many gigantic dragons. The outer layer of the five colored cloud already began to show signs of dissipation while the protective golden light surrounding the Gold Dragon Boat also began to ripple.

    However, if they wanted to break the defence of the Gold Dragon Boat, it would still take them more time. As for the Gold Divine Lightning on the head of the dragon, it had already slowly taken form as it unleashed a frightening killing intent.

    Just when this ball of lightning took shape, the eyes of the dragon also shot two purple lightning into it. Following which, numerous purple sparks flashed within the Gold Divine Lightning. With this change in color, a devastating aura also began to emanate from within it.

    When that LianXu cultivator was building the Gold Dragon Boat, he found out by coincidence that if he were to merge this purple lightning into the Gold Divine Lightning, it would increase the might of the Gold Divine Lightning by multiple times. As such, he developed this Purple Lightning Gold Dragon Cannon. It is just that the resources required for this purple lightning was far too exorbitant. With his wealth, he was only able to make two eyes. If not, he would definitely have turned all of the divine lightning towers on the Gold Dragon boat into Purple Lightning Gold Dragon Cannons.

    But now, even a single Purple Lightning Gold Dragon Cannon was frightening enough. Without it even being shot out, Daoist HuoLong and gang already lost all the courage to continue fighting. They were all renowned, crafty old foxes for a long time, and would naturally know what they can and cannot provoke. As such, the moment that devastating aura was released, they were all scared silly.

    Daoist HuoLong then shouted, “Escape!” As he said that, he was the first to exit the Thousand Dragons Trapping Divine Formation, escaping for his life. Mister First and Mister Second also did not fall behind by much, following closely behind him. As the JinDan cultivators saw that, they were first stunned before dispersing like a flock of birds.

    It was a pity that the reaction of the JinDan cultivators were just too slow. Just when they began to escape, the Purple Lightning Gold Dragon Cannon had already unleashed out its devastating attack. A hundred feet gold lightning ball with flashes of purple sparks within it smashed right into the center of the Thousand Dragons Trapping Divine Formation.

    Following which, the explosion of a golden fireball could be seen and the Thousand Dragons Trapping Divine Formation was not able to last for even a second before being destroyed. The thousands of stone pillars were also smashed into smithereens by the wave of berserk energy, which coursed through the Shifting Towers.

    Looking at it from afar, the Shifting Towers of the Mystical Sky Yard seemed to have suddenly detonated as a large mushroom shaped cloud formed. The humongous aftershock of the blast had flattened the grounds kilometres around the tower. Be it the hills or pavilions, they were all grinded to dust.

    Amidst the explosion, the silhouette of a huge golden boat rose into the air, soaring towards the sky, seemingly unaffected by the aftershock and flames from the explosion. After charging out from the explosion radius. It halted in the skies and hovered like a proud dragon, looking down at its work of art below.

    As the dust gradually dissipated, the ground became visible again. At this moment, the Mystical Sky Yard was no longer as majestic as it used to be. Hundreds of temples, the Shifting Towers, beautiful forest and cute lakes could no longer be seen.

    In place of all those was a bottomless crater which was over kilometres in diameter. Everything that was within a thousand kilometres from the crater, was all charred while green smoke rose from the ground, making it an extremely miserable sight! It was difficult to imagine that this place had a beautiful scenery just moments ago.

    As SongZhong witnessed all of these from the Gold Dragon Boat high above, he first felt apprehensive about his actions. This was afterall the place where he grew up in. Now, he has to leave behind all semblance of memories, encompassing all the laughter, tears, bitterness and kinship from when he was young. Now that it was reduced to such a state by him single-handedly, he naturally did not feel good.

    But, he very quickly felt a sense of boldness in his heart. So what if it is the Mystical Sky Yard or Shifting Towers? I, SongZhong, will still smash it all into smithereens!

    At the other side, Daoist HuoLong, Mister First and Mister Second were completely dumbfounded. While the few of them were able to escape, there were a few JinDan cultivators who were unable to escape, and were killed on the spot when they turned into ashes.

    Not only did SongZhong destroyed the Thousand Dragons Trapping Divine Formation with this attack, he even destroyed the Shifting Towers and left behind such a terrifying mark in its place. How was it possible for them to not be shocked? If not for the fact that they escaped quickly just now, they would have probably died there as well! This darn fatty was only a JinDan cultivator and is already so powerful. If he is to develop fully in the future, just imagine what grandeur can he possibly achieve?

    After Daoist HuoLong thought about how he had forced SongZhong to become enemies with him, he felt extremely depressed and just wanted to strangle himself to death on the spot!

    At this moment, SongZhong had found Daoist HuoLong who had escaped. Now, SongZhong can be said to be a tiger out of the cage. Seeing his enemy right in front of him, his eyeballs turned red in that instant!

    “Daoist HuoLong! Darn old man! Return me my parents’ lives!” With a roar, he operated the Gold Dragon Boat to take a nosedive.

    Along the way, SongZhong had already sent out thousands of Gold Divine Lightnings, which was condensed around the Gold Dragon Boat.

    Under the control of SongZhong’s spiritual sense, the wave of divine lightnings was like a meteor shower, smashing down onto Daoist HuoLong from above. No matter how much confidence they had, they would not dare to receive such an attack head on without the aid of the Thousand Dragons Trapping Divine Formation.

    Thus, they shouted anxiously, “Escape!” As they said that, they activated their flying swords, and flew into the inner courts of the Mystical Sky Yard with all their might. In the inner courts, there was the protection of the sect protecting formation. Even if the Gold Divine Lightnings were to smash onto the formation, it would only be able to form ripples on the formation and would not penetrate it. The Gold Divine Lightnings which landed on the outside had incited a wave of explosion. Every Gold Divine Lightning that landed, was capable of forming a crater that was thousands of feet wide. The earth was sent flying all around from the explosions, making a person scared witless.

    SongZhong naturally would not stop there. He let the Gold Dragon Boat hover above the sect protecting formation and activated it to full power. Wave after wave of Gold Divine Lightning then showered down like rain. Even the sect protecting formation of the Mystical Sky Yard began to shake from the continuous explosions.

    As SongZhong attacked the formation, he scolded, “Darn old fogey, your whole family are scumbags! Your sister is naturally a slut, having that illegitimate child, Huo QianWu, with some unknown fellow. But, she did not dare to take care of Huo QianWu herself and handed Huo QianWu over to you. Furthermore, Huo QianWu is just as much a slut as her mother, having an adulterous relationship with Old Devil Feng just to kill my parents! Both mother and daughter shared the same husband and you as the younger brother still want to help them silence me! In order to do that, you even accuse my whole family as demonic beasts spies. Just what kind of people do you have in your family?”

    As Daoist HuoLong heard what SongZhong said, he was angered till his face turned ashen, spitting out a mouthful of blood as he thought to himself, “Finished, I’m finished!”

    If he were to silence SongZhong just now, the only ones to find out about this matter would be the JinDan cultivators who knew the severity of this matter. As long as Daoist HuoLong were to give them some benefits, he can be assured that they will not spread the matter.

    But now, SongZhong was dead set on announcing the matter out to the world. In front of everyone present in the Mystical Sky Yard, he publicised the ugly affairs of Daoist HuoLong’s family. When he shouted, SongZhong had activated all of his magical Qi so that anyone thousands of kilometres away would be able to hear it. The thousands of cultivators in the inner and outer courts all heard the matter clearly!

    With so many people finding out, it was impossible for Daoist HuoLong to keep it under wraps no matter how powerful he was.

    Furthermore, the worst part was the fact that SongZhong was not dead yet. Today, he can announce the matter in the Mystical Sky Yard. Tomorrow, he will be able to announce the matter to the Jade Pearl Pavilion. Not too long later, the whole Vast Mountain would find out about this matter.

    While these matters were concealed, they were still truths! It was still easy to fool their underlings, but if the upper echelons are to be notified of this matter, everything can definitely be investigated! At that time, the both of them would definitely lose their reputation! Furthermore, they may not be able to even keep their lives! After all, this matter was far too vile and it was impossible for the sect to show mercy.

    At this time, Daoist HuoLong was filled with both remorse and despair, dazing by the side. While he was in a daze, Mister First and Mister Second were not. They were now full of regrets! If they knew that SongZhong was so perverse, they would have never side with Daoist HuoLong.

    ! If it was an ordinary mistake, it wouldn’t matter much. But, this was a fatal mistake, provoking a powerful individual with unlimited potential. Obviously, the moment SongZhong breaks the sect protecting formation, the both of them would not be able to survive either! They would definitely be sliced into pieces by the infuriated SongZhong. Can there be anything that they would regret more in this world? If they had known earlier, they would have helped SongZhong to stage an uprising against Daoist HuoLong. At that time, they would be able to obtain the position of sect master as well and need not be in such a precarious situation.

    No matter how deep the regrets were, it was too late for them to change their mind now. The only thing they can do is to give it their all now. When Daoist HuoLong was in a daze, they were in charge of commanding the thousands of elites in the inner courts to activate the sect protecting formation.

    They originally thought that with the sect protecting formation, they would definitely be able to block SongZhong. But soon, they would realise how wrong they were!