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Chapter 264: Purple Lightning Yellow Dragon Cannon

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 264: Purple Lightning Yellow Dragon Cannon

    “HAHAHA!” As SongZhong heard that, he burst out in laughter. After laughing enough, he tore of the Mystical Sky Yard insignia on his robe and threw it on the floor. Then, he said proudly, “I do not need you to kick me out, I, SongZhong, announce right here that I will betray the Mystical Sky Sect. Since you guys claim that I am a spy of the demonic beast, I will be a demon for once! HAHAHAHA” As he said that, he laughed maniacally again. As he was laughing out loud, tears were streaming down his face. Everyone present knew that while he seemed to be laughing, the truth was that he was crying.

    Looking at how pathetic looking SongZhong was, the cultivators by the side could not help but feel a sense of melancholy in their hearts. No matter what, this SongZhong was the most powerful in the younger generation, and his future was even brighter than ShuiJing’s.

    His merits were numerous. Killing Old Devil Feng Ning and saving HongYing, saving Han Bing’er in the Jade Green Screen, killing two JinDan cultivators and injuring Old Devil Feng outside of the Jade Green Screen to turn the situation around, fooling Old Devil Feng to allow the Mystical Sky Yard to capture a YuanYing cultivator alive. Following which, the moment he went to the Mystical Sky Yard, he killed the Black Shark King, forced the Eastern Ocean Three Demons into retreat and earned the Mystical Sky Yard a spiritual island.

    He was such a heroic figure, contributing greatly to the Mystical Sky Yard. However, he was not awarded with any prizes or compliments, but fabrications and schemes. Even his late parents were also framed as spies and excommunicated. How was it possible for him to not feel desolation and despair?

    Even Daoist HuoLong was also feeling extremely complicated at this moment. In truth, he had no enmity with SongZhong at all. He was only forced to do this because of the trouble caused by Huo QianWu. No matter what, Daoist HuoLong felt guilt towards SongZhong.

    However, for his sister’s and his own reputation, no matter how much he could not bear to do so, he could only grit his teeth, “SongZhong, you committed grave crimes and cannot be forgiven! On account on our past relationship, I can guarantee you a complete corpse if you choose to surrender yourself!”

    “HAHAHA, thank you for that!” As SongZhong heard that, he said with a cold laughter, “It is a pity, but I do not have the habit of surrendering myself! Daoist HuoLong, you old bastard, do you really think that you have won today?”

    After Daoist HuoLong was scolded by SongZhong, he only frowned slightly before saying calmly, “I do not see how you can possibly have any hope for survival. I, am not an idiot like that Old Devil Feng. This is not the Eastern Ocean. So what if you are a JinDan cultivator, you will not be able to escape!”

    “Escape? What a joke, if I don’t slaughter all of you despicable things, how will I be willing to retreat?”

    “With just you? Darn fattty, aren’t you thinking too highly of yourself? Even if you have two spiritual artifacts, it is impossible for you to defeat this Thousand Dragons Divine Trapping Formation!”

    “If two spiritual artifacts aren’t enough, then what about this?” SongZhong waved his hands. Then, everyone witnessed a flash of light as a 3000 feet dragon shaped boat appeared in front of them.

    This Gold Dragon Boat was simply too enormous. Thus, it extended out of the safety zone which SongZhong was currently in, triggering the formation’s attacks. Following the countless of flashes from the surrounding pillars, a divine dragon condensed of spiritual Qi charged towards the Gold Dragon Boat. The majesty of the attack looked as though it was about to tear the boat apart.

    However, that dragon which was hundreds of feet long was unable to deal any damage to the Gold Dragon Boat. Just when it approached the Gold Dragon Boat, it was stopped by the protective golden light emitted from the Gold Dragon Boat, dissipating into different kinds of spiritual Qi. Following which, the Gold Dragon Boat shook slightly and a five-colored cloud appeared around the Gold Dragon Boat from nowhere, making it seem as though the Gold Dragon Boat was floating on clouds. The dissipated spiritual Qi was then absorbed by this cloud and grew even larger.

    This five colored cloud is actually a powerful assistive spell. Not only was it able to speed up the Gold Dragon Boat during flight, it was also able to absorb spiritual Qi from the surroundings, supplying the Gold Dragon Boat to decrease its spiritual stone consumption. Besides that, it is also a pretty powerful defensive type spell. After an attack conjured from the spiritual Qi of the five element enters it, the attack would be absorbed and weakened. For example, after the dragon sent from the formation entered the cloud, at least half of its strength was absorbed by the clouds before smashing onto the golden protective light. Thus, it did not exhaust much energy from the golden protective light.

    At the same time, the thousands of Divine Lightning Towers on the Gold Dragon Boat lit up and gathered dozens of golden lightning balls.

    Seeing this, Daoist HuoLong and gang exclaimed, “This, how did he get such a huge dragon boat?”

    “Don’t bother about that first!” Mister First replied anxiously, “Get into position and activate the Thousand Dragon Trapping Divine Formation!”

    After being reminded by Mister First, everyone snap out of their daze and get into their positions quickly, injecting their spiritual Qi into the formation.

    Under the control of dozens of experts, the might of the formation increased by multiple times and countless of dragons appeared again. At the same time, Daoist HuoLong went into battle personally, sending a red sword Qi over.

    Facing the relentless attacks of the Thousand Dragon Trapping Divine Formation, SongZhong who was already at the peak of the Gold Dragon Boat laughed coldly. Then, he said with disdain, “Let me show you despicable scums what is called ‘struck by ten thousand lightning bolts’!”

    As he said that, SongZhong waved his hands and countless of golden divine lightning flew towards all direction.

    All of these divine lightning were condensed from a special energy within the Yellow Dragon Wood which formed this Gold Dragon Boat. The energy which the Yellow Dragon Wood formed is extremely berserk and serves as a source of protection. If an ordinary demonic beast were to approach the Yellow Dragon Wood, it would be injured or even killed by this wave of hysterical energy.

    The LianXu cultivator which created the Gold Dragon Boat made use of this point to form the divine lightning towers on the Gold Dragon Boat. The divine lightning towers are able to absorb this special energy directly from the Yellow Dragon Wood to form a frightening Golden Divine Lightning.

    In the core of the Gold Dragon boat, there was a secret chamber which was specially used to store high grade spiritual stones. At this moment, the inscriptions on the wall of the secret chamber was activated as it gradually disassembled the high grade spiritual stones, absorbing the pure spiritual Qi it gave out. Through the use of a special magical artifact, the spiritual Qi is converted into the special energy formed by the Yellow Dragon Wood and supplied into the Gold Dragon Boat to serve as the source of energy for the diving lightning towers, forming a complete cycle.

    The might of the Gold Divine Lightning was related to the divine lightning which condenses it. The larger the divine lightning tower, the slower it condensed the divine lightning. However, the divine lightning condensed would also become stronger. While SongZhong’s might greatly affected the strength of the divine lightning tower, the might of the Gold Divine Lightning formed should not be underestimated still. The strongest Gold Diving Lightning formed is comparable to a Lesser Positive Negative Five Elements Divine Lightning which SongZhong can form now, and was comparable to the attack of an ordinary YuanYing cultivator. As for the weakest Gold Divine Lightning, it was comparable to the Lesser Positive Negative Five Elements Divine Lightning which SongZhong formed when he was a foundational cultivator.

    After the thousands of divine lightning smashed over, the countless of dragons formed by formation all exploded, filling the room with a bright gold color. The intense explosions had almost tore the whole Shifting Towers apart.

    However, the Shifting Towers was after all an important part of the Mystical Sky Yard and had powerful defenses. In fact, it was connected to the protective formation of the Mystical Sky Yard. Even if an ordinary FenShen cultivator were to enter it, they would die for sure. Thus, even if these countless Gold Divine Lightnings were able to destroy those gigantic dragons, they were only able to prevent the dragons from drawing closer to the Gold Dragon Boat, and not able to break out of the formation.

    Daoist HuoLong and gang were also crafty old foxes. While they were shocked by the frightening display of might SongZhong showed, they quickly realized that SongZhong was unable to do anything to them either.

    As Daoist HuoLong noticed that, he said with joy, “Don’t be afraid, put in more effort! While SongZhong’s gigantic magical artifact seems very powerful, it also exhausts a lot of energy. It burns spiritual stones, high grade spiritual stones. Thus, as long as we are able to rely on the protective formation to endure until SongZhong runs out of spiritual stones, we can capture him easily!”

    After everyone heard that, they became more alert as they declared, “Protect the sect to our deaths!” As they said that, the protective formation of the sect activated and a dense wave of spiritual Qi flowed in from all directions, increasing the might of the Thousand Dragon Trapping Divine Formation to another level. After the the gigantic dragons received this boost of spiritual Qi, they flew out from the stone pillars, surrounding SongZhong!

    “Hmph!” As SongZhong heard what Daoist HuoLong said, he sneered, “Do you really think that you will be safe if you rely on the Thousand Dragon Trapping Divine Formation? Let me tell you, that’s impossible! Let me show you how I’ll destroy the Shifting Towers!”

    As he said that SongZhong waved his hands coldly and said, “Purple Lightning Yellow Dragon Cannon! Attack!”

    “Yes!” a demonic witch behind SongZhong responded. Then, she raised her hands and smashed it on a pillar by her side. After she injected a wave of spiritual Qi into it, the Gold Dragon Boat experienced another change.

    First, the high-grade spiritual stones in the Gold Dragon Boat were consumed more rapidly. In just a short moment, 10,000 high-grade spiritual stones disappeared, completely transforming into spiritual Qi to supply the Gold Dragon Boat.

    Following which, the dragon at the front of the Gold Dragon Boat seemed to have come alive as a purple lightning flashed in its eyes. At the same time, a golden ball of light condensed in the mouth of the dragon as a gigantic Gold Divine Lightning, which was tens of feet in diameter.

    While he did not know how powerful the Purple Lightning Yellow Dragon Cannon was, Daoist HuoLong’s experience told him that he was in danger. Thus, he roared, “Attack with everything you’ve got! Don’t let him unleash that attack!”

    Following Daoist HuoLong’s command, the disciples of the Mystical Sky Yard all gave it everything they got, especially Mister First and Mister Second. At the start, they were just putting on a show for Daoist HuoLong. But after witnessing the Purple Lightning Yellow Dragon Cannon, their faces changed as they injected all the spiritual Qi they could.