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Chapter 262: Precarious Situation

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 262: Precarious Situation

    Facing SongZhong who just returned, Huo ** became very apprehensive. However, he was indeed a crafty old fox. From SongZhong’s previous actions, he guessed that SongZhong probably just appeared and was uninformed about what happened recently. As such, Huo ** quickly came up with a plan.

    “Haha!” Huo ** first displayed a smile and acted as though he was pleasantly surprised, “My dear nephew, it is great that you returned! We have been waiting for your return!”

    As he said that, Huo ** looked extremely emotional and just looked as though his words were from the bottom of his heart. As such, SongZhong could not help but be fooled as he replied with a bitter laugh, “I thank senior for your concern!”

    “I should be!” Huo ** replied immediately. Then, he waved his hands and said to the people in the surrounding, “He is one of us and not an enemy. All of you can return!”

    While the others were puzzled, they dare not question Huo **’s commands. After giving a bow, they all scattered to their respective locations.

    After everyone left, Huo ** personally took SongZhong’s hands and move towards the island affectionately. At the same time, he did not forget to ask, “My dear nephew, where have you been in the past few years? We have combed almost the whole Eastern Ocean and just could not find you. You really made us extremely anxious!”

    These words which Huo ** said were true. After receiving Daoist HuoLong’s orders, all the Mystical sky Yard personnel in the Eastern Ocean were deployed. In fact, this included those from the Thousands Desire Sect and some from some other sects. After flipping the whole Eastern Ocean upside down, they were still unable to find SongZhong. Of course, their purpose was not to save him but to silence him.

    However, SongZhong was clueless about all these and thought that it was a goodwill gesture of Huo **. As such, he hurriedly replied, “I was hiding in a secluded small island to recover. At the same time, I made a breakthrough and stayed there for a full eight years. I came out recently after having accomplishing some cultivation breakthrough!”

    “En?” As Huo ** heard that, he asked with surprise, “Advancing in a mere eight years? You must have met a fortuitous encounter again right?”

    “Hehe!” SongZhong smiled, “It can’t be considered much and is not worth mentioning!”

    Seeing that SongZhong wasn’t willing to explain, Huo ** naturally would not probe further. He could only say with a bitter laughter, “You are really lucky!”

    He did not say anything else and led SongZhong to a building in the center of the island. After the both of them took a seat, Huo ** did not give SongZhong a chance to say anything and hurriedly said, “My dear nephew, I know that you want to ask about the things which happened recently. Let me tell them to you now; things are like that!”

    Huo ** then said slowly, “When we heard that Old Devil Feng ambushed you, all of us fumed with rage. Although we did not dare confront that guy directly, we found the few head and vice heads of the Eastern Ocean Alliance to help us. They were also enraged about the fact that Old Devil Feng bullied a junior, and wanted to kill him on the spot. However, Old Devil Feng had escaped before that and the head and vice heads were unable to pursue him all the way to the Thousands Desire Sect. As such, they could only issue a criminal warrant for Old Devil Feng and give us the Green Bamboo Island as compensation. Over these past few years, your wife ZiRong, was in charge of this place. Now that you are back, the island head naturally should be you!”

    SongZhong wasn’t really bothered about the island. But when he heard ZiRong’s name, anger arose in his heart as he said with a cold laughter, “Mu ZiRong still has the cheek to call herself my wife?”

    Huo ** knew that SongZhong was really mad when he heard that. “Dear nephew, I know that it was a little too much for ZiRong to abandon you like that back then. But, you also have to place yourself in her shoes. Your opponent was the YuanYing stage Old Devil Feng and no one would have thought you had a chance for survival. Thus, ZiRong can only choose to do so in order to protect herself.”

    “I doubt so!” As SongZhong heard that, he sneered, “While SiYu and SiYun weren’t my wives, they were willing to go through thick and thin with me because I saved them once. That Mu ZiRong, who is my wife, actually ran away in times of need! Ha, that saying is really true, ‘Husband and wife are birds in the same forest. When troubles come, they will fly on their own’!”

    *Cough cough* Huo ** coughed twice awkwardly before saying with a bitter smile, “This, while ZiRong does have her reasons, her actions were still a little too much. Actually, we have already told her off sternly and she knows her lesson already. She has been living in regret in these few years!”

    “Really? Why don’t I believe that at all! With Mu ZiRong’s character, she will know how to feel regret? Cheh, as long as she knows I am dead, she will definitely be overjoyed right?”

    “Definitely not!” Huo ** assured, “Dear nephew, I know that you had some misunderstandings with ZiRong in the past. But this time, I can assure you that ZiRong has really turned over a new leaf! For example, as the head of this island, she is not guarding this place but mourning in the Mystical Sky Yard for you! You can see how much she regrets it!”

    “Mourning?” As SongZhong heard that, he said coldly, “Is she mourning or making a cuckold out of me?”

    “Of course she is mourning!” Huo ** said hurriedly, “If you do not believe me, we can go back to the Mystical Sky Yard now. At that time, you will be able to see that ZiRong is mourning for you!”

    “Really?” As SongZhong heard that, he said skeptically, “If that’s the case, then I will really want to take a look at that! If she is really mourning, we can forget about everything that happened in the past. But if she is not, hmph hmph, don’t blame me for not showing mercy!”

    Actually, it was a lie that SongZhong wanted to see Mu ZiRong mourning. The truth was that he wanted to rush back to the Mystical Sky Yard. He already could not wait to uncover Daoist HuoLong and Huo QianWu’s misdeeds. If he were to fly back on his own, he would take a few days at the very least and he just couldn’t wait that long! Thus, he played along with Huo ** and promised to go back and take a look. In fact, his real purpose was just to take the transportation portal to save those few days.

    Huo ** obviously had his own intentions as well; seeing that SongZhong was willing to return with him, he immediately replied, “Good, let us go back now!”

    As he said that, Huo ** stood up and took SongZhong to a heavily guarded building. After informing the guards, Huo ** took SongZhong inside the building.

    There was a huge transportation portal within the building. After Huo ** sent out a spell to activate the portal, he instructed, “Dear nephew, this transportation is a little small and can only transport one person at any time. Let me go in first and you can go in a short while later, alright?”

    “Okay!” As SongZhong heard that Huo ** was willing to take the lead, he agreed without hesitation. If that’s the case, he would not have to be worried that Huo ** would send him to a dangerous place.

    Seeing that SongZhong had agreed, Huo ** smiled and said, “If that’s the case, I will make a move first!” As he said that, he dashed into the transportation portal, disappearing into a flash of white light.

    After Huo ** disappeared completely, SongZhong estimated that he must have reached the destination already and went into the portal. Following which, he was filled with a familiar sense of dizziness. This was something which everyone would experience when using a transportation portal. The stronger a person was, the faster he would recover from it.

    With SongZhong’s strength, he only felt dizziness for a short moment before regaining his senses. After he opened his eyes, he realized that he was already in the Shifting Towers of the Mystical Sky Yard. Huo ** did not wait for him there and had flown out of the transportation portal already.

    But just when SongZhong intended to follow him, Huo ** suddenly shouted, “Activate the formation, the traitor SongZhong is here!”

    SongZhong was dumbfounded as he heard that. Since when did he become a traitor?

    Before he had a time to react, the three JinDan cultivators guarding the formation had already activated the protective array of the portal, the Thousand Dragons Trapping Divine Formation.

    Following the flash of colorful spiritual Qi, the portal was completely sealed and SongZhong stood in a narrow space about tens of feet wide. At the same time, the alarm bells in the shifting towers rang as the whole Mystical Sky Yard was alerted.

    As SongZhong saw that, he was startled. He also knew that the protective formation of the shifting towers was the Thousand Dragons Trapping Divine Formation. It is an extremely powerful formation where even FenShen cultivators would be trapped in if they were to enter it. At that time, it was also because SongZhong duped Old Devil Feng into entering here that the latter was captured alive. SongZhong never expected that the day where he would be duped into entering this formation would also arrive!

    As SongZhong saw that, he naturally would not dare to make a rash move. In frustration, he barked, “Huo **, what is the meaning of this?”

    “Ha!” Huo ** who was long outside the formation snickered, “Darn spy of the demonic beasts, you are already trapped! Hurry up and surrender, what are you waiting for?”

    “Bullshit!” SongZhong scolded, “I grew up in the Mystical Sky Yard since I was young and had only been in the Eastern Ocean for a few years. Since when did I become a demonic beast spy?”

    “You were one since young! Not only you, but your parents too!” Huo ** said self-righteously, “This is already a known fact, how are you going to deny it?”

    “You, you, you’re spouting bullshit!” SongZhong was angered till the point his face turned green as he scolded, “My father was the disciple of the previous sect master, how can you call him a spy. What evidence do you have?”

    “This~” As Huo ** heard that, he lowered his head as he laughed to himself bitterly, ‘Only a ghost would have evidence!’

    But just at this time, a mellow voice sounded, “SongZhong, you being saved by the demonic beasts is the best evidence. If not, why would those cruel beasts save you?”

    As the voice sounded, dozens of figures appeared outside the formation. The three people leading the group was Daoist HuoLong with Mister First and Mister Second beside him. Behind them were all JinDan disciples, obviously here at the behest of the alarm.