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Chapter 261: Meeting Huo ** Again

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 261: Meeting Huo ** Again

    After leaving the Pure Water Palace, SongZhong was really like a fish free in the ocean and bird high in the sky. Now, SongZhong could not wait to fly back to the Eastern Ocean Alliance to beat Old Poison up good and kick the Naked Skinning Witch. Then, he will humiliate Mu ZiRong who abandoned him and that Huo ** who spoke her behalf.

    Of course, if he were to meet Old Devil Feng, SongZhong would definitely have a good fight with him as well. Anyway, SongZhong was no longer afraid of him. Just the late JinDan stage demonic witches is enough to contend with him. Together with the divine lightnings which SongZhong had accumulated over the years, it is more than enough to blow him up into smithereens!

    Feeling agitated, SongZhong increased his pace and travelled for a few days before finally arriving back at the Eastern Ocean continent.

    After finding a vacant cliff by the ocean, SongZhong hurriedly stopped, letting SiYu and SiYun out from his Natal Artifact.

    As SiYu and SiYun saw that they were by the shore of the Eastern Ocean, they were extremely excited. After eight years and a close encounter of a life and death situation, they could not help but reminisce about all their encounters!

    “Brother Song, we are finally back!” SiYu and SiYun said to SongZhong excitedly.

    “Hehe, I told you two before that I will definitely send you guys back!” SongZhong smiled, “How about that, I did not break my promise right?”

    “En, we know that brother Song is the best!” SiYu and SiYun smiled, “It is so amazing now that I think about it; a bunch of foundational cultivators being trapped by a YuanYing cultivator but still being able to escape alive. Then, they increased their cultivation base and finally returned back to the Eastern Ocean. If not for the fact that we experienced this personally, we would definitely not have believed it!”

    “Haha, what can this be considered!” SongZhong smiled, “Old Devil Feng is just a useless b*st*rd who only knows how to bully the juniors. If I were to meet him again, I will definitely beat him until all his teeth drop soff!”

    “Haha!” As SiYu and SiYun heard that, they could not help but cover their mouths as they giggled. With their beauty and innocent laughter, it made SongZhong fall into a daze for a moment. As SiYu and SiYun saw that, their faces turned red from embarrassment.

    Despite the three of them staying together for eight years, they had never proceeded on to the next base, only maintaining a pure relationship.

    Of course, this was not because SongZhong had suddenly become a gentleman. Instead, it was because SiYu and SiYun were both too naive and did not know anything about the matters between man and women. As such, they were totally ignorant about the hints which SongZhong dropped. Since SongZhong was not willing to force them, their relationship continued as such.

    While they did not take that last step, it did not hinder their relationship from growing deeper. Over the course of eight years of living together, the three of them were busy with their own cultivation and did not meet very often. However, they still built an extremely close relationship and the pair of siblings had already felt that they belonged to SongZhong. It is just that they did not overcome the final barrier separating them.

    Seeing how embarrassed SiYu and SiYun was, SongZhong only gave a foolish smile and summoned his own black boat. Then, he said, “Come, get on. Let us go to the Green Plateau to see our old friends!”

    Obviously, the ‘old friends’ which SongZhong was referring to, were the past comrades who abandoned them. Especially that Naked Skinning Witch who sold them out.

    As SiYu and SiYun heard that, they smiled gently and said, “Alright, after not seeing them for so long, we miss them too!” As they said that, they board the boat and SongZhong followed them up. Then, the three of them rode the boat to Green Plateau.

    The place where SongZhong was wasn’t too far from the Green Plateau. In just 6 hours, the three of them had arrived at the mansion on the mountain peak, which used to belong to SongZhong.

    The enraged SongZhong had long been unable to suppress his anger. The moment he landed, he kicked open the door, and charged in while scolding, “Darn idiots, this daddy is back already!”

    SiYu and SiYun followed closely behind him; but after they entered, the three of them were stunned. The place was completely empty and seemed as though it had been vacant for a long time already.

    “Dammit!” SongZhong cursed, “These b*st*rds aren’t here! They may have gone demonic beast hunting already!”

    “Perhaps they are in the Green Bamboo Island!” SiYu and SiYun suddenly said.

    “Aiyah!” Now that he was reminded, SongZhong thought about that place and said with a sneer, “Right, right, right. The Green Bamboo Island is the headquarters of the Thousands Desire Sect. After the Naked Skinning Witch betrayed me, she definitely reaped lots of rewards. In fact, she may be enjoying her time there right now! Let’s go and say hi to them and repay their generous gift from the last time!”

    As he said that, SongZhong wanted to walk out. However, SiYu and SiYun suddenly stopped him and said, “Brother Song, it is already getting late. Why don’t we stay here for the night and go tomorrow?”

    As SongZhong heard that, he asked in doubt, “Isn’t it the same as resting aboard the boat? Why do we have to rest here?”

    “En, because~” SiYu and SiYun looked at each other with troubled expressions.

    SongZhong immediately knew that they had something on their minds and asked, “Just say what is wrong, there isn’t a need to be so secretive amongst us right?”

    “En, it’s like this!” SiYu and SiYun frowned and said, “The both of us do not want to go to the Green Bamboo Island!”

    “Not go to the Green Bamboo Island?” SongZhong was first stunned. After snaping out of it, he exclaimed, “The both of you want to leave me?”

    “Aiyah, it can’t be considered leaving you!” SiYu and SiYun then began explaining, “We have left our sect for a full eight years without any news at all. Our master is definitely worried about us. So, we want to go back once before coming to look for you! Anyway, you will not need us in the Green Bamboo Island. There are too many JinDan cultivators there and we will only be a burden, simply dead weights to you.”

    “Are you guys really coming back?” SongZhong asked worryingly.

    “Of course! After all, we have to let our master know about us and obtain their approval!” As they said that, their faces were completely red, and their looks then were extremely heart-stirring.

    As SongZhong heard that, he felt elated. But, he feigned ignorance and asked, “Eh, what do you guys have to seek approval regarding?”

    “Naughty fellow!” SiYu and SiYun naturally knew that SongZhong was feigning ignorance, sending a flurry of fists in anger.

    SongZhong quickly pleaded, “Ai yah yah, show mercy on me, my two wives! Your husband knows his mistake!”

    As SiYu and SiYun heard that, their faces turned redder as they punched harder. The three of them did not sleep at all but cuddled together, conversing intimately throughout the night.

    The following morning, SiYu and SiYun reluctantly left the area after breakfast. Afraid that they may have mishaps along the way, SongZhong gave them the black boat. Since he had the Gold Dragon Boat with him, the black boat no longer meant much to him.

    SiYu and SiYun both knew how wealthy SongZhong was. Thus, after rejecting him for a while, they accepted the boat. Then, they took the boat and flew to a different direction.

    Only until the boat disappeared from his eyes, did SongZhong retract his reluctant gaze and mumble to himself, “Alright, now I am also relaxed already. I have truly become a lonely person! Forget it, it is time for me to meet some of my old friends!”

    As he said that, SongZhong rode on his flying sword towards the Green Bamboo Island, suffused with killing intent.

    After a full two hours, a red sword light appeared on the Green Bamboo Island with great arrogance. Ever since the flying sword was still a distance away, the cultivators on the island had been alerted. For someone to fly with such speed and arrogance openly towards the island, it is most likely someone trying to find trouble. Thus, the cultivators guarding the island did not dare delay, and deployed a JinDan cultivator with an entourage, to receive SongZhong. After both parties met in the air, they stopped as they looked at each other with astonishment, “Why is it you?”

    The person opposite him was startled because he saw SongZhong and SongZhong was startled because he knew the other party. They both exclaimed because they never expected to see each other here.

    It turns out, the people guarding the place were all from the Mystical Sky Yard and the one leading the pack was the eldest son of Daoist HuoLong, Huo **!

    As SongZhong saw Huo ** he was first stunned before asking, “Eh, isn’t this the headquarters of the Green Bamboo Island? Why is senior Huo ** here?”

    As he said that, SongZhong glanced at the people in the surroundings and realized that they were all from the Mystical Sky Yard. All of their robes had the insignia of the Mystical Sky Yard on them and it cannot possibly go wrong. But since they were from the Mystical Sky Yard, why did they look as though they were facing an enemy?

    Just when SongZhong was in doubt, Huo ** also had a thoughtful expression after seeing SongZhong. At the same time, Huo ** could not help but lament to himself, ‘My dear father, what kind of stupid order is this? Why do you have to insist that SongZhong is a spy? Now, in just short span of 8 years, this darn fatty is already a JinDan cultivator! When he was a foundational cultivator, he was already capable of fending off the Lightning Eagle King, managed to kill the Black Shark King, and had even intimidated the Eastern Ocean Three Demons. He even forced the YuanYing Old Devil Feng into using his ‘devil entering the body’ spell and managed to escape in the end. For such a frightening person to become a JinDan cultivator, what can I possibly do? Catch him? With a casual Lesser Positive Negative Five Elements Divine Lightning, he will probably pulverise me into ashes! My dear father, do you want to kill me?’