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Chapter 258: Core Successfully Formed

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 258: Core Successfully Formed

    Since SiYu and SiYun had both pleaded, and SongZhong also could not really bear to hate Stone, he let out a sigh, “Forget it, I will not be so calculative with Stone. But, that Naked Skinning Witch colluded with Old Devil Feng to lure me into a trap, causing me to fall into such a state. If I don’t take revenge, I am not human! You guys cannot plead for her anymore!”“En, of course!” SiYu and SiYun hurriedly replied, “That lady is too vicious. In the past, she wanted to sell us sisters and she even harmed you this time. We hate her to death, why would we plead for her?”

    “Hehe, that’s good! Then things are settled, we will enter into seclusion here. When I am cultivating, you guys can seek the nine beauties for help if you run into any difficulties. They were all FenShen experts in the past and are extremely knowledgeable. It would be a piece of cake for them to give a few pointers to the both of you. This is a rare chance for the both of you!” As he said that, he summoned the nine beauties and instructed them to give pointers to SiYu and SiYun.

    The nine beauties would naturally agree. As SiYu and SiYun saw that, they were overjoyed. It must be understood that it was definitely a great help for them to be given pointers by such experts. An ordinary person would not have such a chance at all.

    Following which, SongZhong took SiYu and SiYun to tour his new treasure, the Gold Dragon Boat. After spending half a day in there, they were still unable to see all the rooms in the boat. This boat was just too huge! The exterior of the boat was designed luxuriously while the inside was designed intricately. Furthermore, there were many good things which were stored in the boat. For example, there were fresh spiritual trees with ripe fruits hanging all over. There were also a few storerooms with daily essentials, delicious food, nice smelling wine, various glamorous clothes and even spare parts for the boat.A day was obviously not enough for them to explore the whole boat. SongZhong then suggested that the both of them stay there. They then found two of the best rooms which were near each other and began to live there.

    In the following time, the three of them lived separately. SiYu and SiYun focused on cultivating. While the nine beauties were not formation specialists, they lived for many years and had some knowledge of formations. At the very least, it would not be any issue for them to give pointers to two foundational cultivators.

    As for SongZhong, he spent all of his time cultivating. Using the powerful resources he had, he did everything he could to increase his strength, hoping to form his core as early as possible.

    When SongZhong was cultivating, the nine beauties were in charge of the things in his Natal Artifact. Apart from sending someone to give pointers to SiYun and SiYu, the rest of them were extremely busy.

    Not only did they have to send fragments into the black soil continuously, they had to categorize the items which were disassembled. The treatment of the different materials would be according to their value, with the best items being paid special attention.

    Apart from this, they had to familiarize themselves with the usage of the Gold Dragon Boat. While this should have been done by SongZhong, he had to spend all his time cultivating. Thus, they had to complete this task. Thankfully, SongZhong and the nine beauties were connected telepathically. As long as SongZhong refined the Gold Dragon Boat, the nine beauties can control it on his behalf.

    Being a LianXu cultivator’s creation, this Gold Dragon Boat was something fantastic. The whole Gold Dragon Boat was made with a rare spiritual wood, the Dragon Scales Tree. Every single tree had the lifespan of at least 10,000 years, completely able to form a magical artifact with them. However, they were all used to make the Gold Dragon Boat, and over 10,000 of these Dragon Scales Trees were used to construct it. Just the value of these trees were astonishing.

    Furthermore, the core of the Gold Dragon Boat is a spiritual artifact called the Gold Dragon Core. With regards to the origins of this item, SongZhong had no idea. He only knew that this Gold Dragon Core controlled the whole Gold Dragon Boat. Furthermore, it gave the Gold Dragon Boat a frightening spell. The moment it is completely unleashed, it would be able to force a LianXu cultivator to retreat.

    However, the user of the Gold Dragon Boat cannot be too weak. At the very least, the user would have to have complete control over the Gold Dragon Core. Furthermore, sufficient high-grade spiritual stones are also required. If not, all of these are nothing but empty talk.

    Of course, SongZhong is definitely unable to control the Gold Dragon Core fully now. Not to mention now, even if he was a JinDan cultivator, he would still be unable to do so. He would need to be at the FenShen stage at the very least before he is able to control it completely. However, if SongZhong becomes a JinDan cultivator, he would be able to control a small portion of the Gold Dragon Core. He would then be able to unleash a few basic spells and utilise a small portion of the Gold Dragon Boat.

    Though it may only be a small portion of the Gold Dragon Boat, it wouldn’t be an issue for him to defeat a few YuanYing cultivators. However, if they want to escape, SongZhong could not block them with his Gold Dragon Boat. Thus, this item was still best suited for self defence. Furthermore, the exhaustion of spiritual stones was extremely frightening. Thus, SongZhong would never use it unless it was absolutely necessary. Just like that, the days passed peacefully.

    In a blink of an eye, eight years had passed. After cultivating for such a long time, SongZhong had finally formed his core successfully. But, while he managed to form his core, SongZhong’s core seemed a little strange.

    The JinDan, or golden core means that the core which a cultivator forms, has a golden resplendence. As for SongZhong, the core which he formed was a bunch of greyish mist, floating around in his abdomen and absorbing the pure primal chaos Qi.

    After SongZhong used his spiritual sense to scan his core, he was immediately depressed as he thought to himself, “Is this called a golden core? The core other cultivators are golden and shining while mine is just grey in color. The core of others is in the solid state, signifying the extreme condensation of spiritual Qi while mine is still a patch of mist. No matter how I look at it, it can’t be called a golden core but grey mist!”

    But it isn’t possible to say that SongZhong haven’t formed his core yet. At this moment, not only did SongZhong experience a sharp increase in spiritual Qi, his spiritual sense had also been strengthened greatly. With just a casual sweep, he is able to sweep over a few kilometres, a world of difference from the past.

    Besides that, SongZhong’s body also experienced great changes. His figure had increased greatly again, being almost 9 foot tall. However, his body was still extremely round. All of these weren’t fats but his super developed muscles. He was no longer a human but more of a human shaped beast. Especially his skin, shining with a bronze glow which made him look like a magical artifact.

    Of course, the strength of his body had a qualitative leap again. With just a casual wave of his arms, a large wave of strength would be unleashed. Every material which the nine beauties found, would be easily crushed by his hands. If the Five Elements Essence Swords were to strike his body without spiritual Qi, it would only make him itch slightly.

    As for the protective divine light of the Blood River Pattern, it also had a qualitative increase, together with his strength. The moment it is activated, it is enough to stop the attack of an ordinary magical artifact. Even if SiYu and SiYun were to use all of their strength, they were not able to break SongZhong’s protective light. Anyway, SiYu and SiYun had both advanced to the completed foundational stage under the guidance of the nine beauties. In another few more decades, they would also have the chance to attack the JinDan stage!

    Furthermore, there were also the nine beauties. After SongZhong became a JinDan cultivator, a portion of their restriction was also lifted, allowing them to have the strength of a late or even completed JinDan cultivator, thus being able to unleash the complete might of the Five Elements Essence Swords. As such, with the five sword cultivators and Five Elements Essence Swords, they would be able to fight Old Devil Feng to a stalemate if they were to fight again.

    All of these changes had indicated that SongZhong had indeed entered into the JinDan stage. As for why his core was so strange, SongZhong was completely puzzled. Even the knowledgeable nine beauties were unsure about the matter. Finally, SongZhong can only credit this occurrence to his mysterious cultivation method, the Primal Chaos Formula!

    When SongZhong was in seclusion, the rest of them were not wasting time either. SiYu and SiYun were both completed foundational cultivators already. The nine beauties had already completely disassembled the pile of fragments. In fact, they had completed it ahead of time, having no choice but to alert SongZhong to get him to refill the pile of fragments twice. Of course, he also had to pay a huge amount of spiritual stones for them. But thankfully, with sufficient fragments, a large amount of spiritual stones would be formed.

    The fragments in the Eastern Ocean were all from the battles between the human cultivators and demonic beasts. Before they were broken, they were all good stuff. Together with the fact that the people here were wealthy, with even foundational cultivators having magical artifacts, the amount and quality of these fragments far exceeded what he had collected in the Mystical Sky Yard. After all, the Mystical Sky Yard was only a single Sect and it was incomparable to a large organization like the Eastern Ocean Alliance.

    As such, the spiritual Qi in these fragments were all extremely dense. Especially the large amount of magical artifact fragments, being compressed with an extremely dense amount of spiritual Qi within them. If the spiritual Qi emanated from them were to be condensed into spiritual stones, it would form at least 10 times more spiritual stones than its own weight.

    As such, after eight years of disassembly, SongZhong’s Natal Artifact had a humongous amount of spiritual stones and new materials. All of these were coupled with the fact that the Lightning Congregating Stations were being operated at full capacity. If not, the amount of spiritual stones formed will be overflowing to the point his Natal Artifact would not be able to fit them all.

    Besides that, SongZhong collected many different types of treasure fragments, including a few dimensional storage items. Once these items were disassembled, they would increase the size of SongZhong’s dimension. After eight years of continuous disassembly, SongZhong’s Natal Artifact had expanded to around 90,000 feet. In this 90,000 feet, a third of them was land filled with SongZhong’s treasures. The rest of it was all empty, with SongZhong’s Gold Dragon Boat in his Natal Artifact as well.