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Chapter 257: Meeting The Twin Beauties Again

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 257: Meeting The Twin Beauties Again

    When SongZhong heard that, he was overjoyed, “That’s great, send someone to collect them. Mmm, I also will not take them for nothing. I will use low-grade spiritual stones to in exchange for magical tool fragments and middle-grade spiritual stones to exchange for magical artifact fragments. I will do a one to one exchange for as much as possible!”

    As AoTian heard that, he was stunned for a moment. Then, he asked in doubt, “Highness, the fragments here are only a small portion of the total. There are over millions of fragments here and a small hill can be made out of them. You still think that it isn’t enough?”

    SongZhong smiled as he thought to himself, “Of course it isn’t enough, no matter how much there is, it wouldn’t be enough for my Natal Artifact to disassemble them. I am still counting on these to become rich!”However, he cannot publicize the matters of his natal artifact. Thus, he gave a mysterious smile and said, “Rest assured Senior Ao, I know what I’m doing. These things are extremely useful to me and the more the better. Not to mention a small hill, I would take even 10 of these hills!”

    After AoTian, Old Fang and Lei Shan’er heard that, they were all startled, and could not understand what SongZhong was thinking about.

    However, Lei Shan’er would not be bothered with all of these. After hearing that SongZhong wanted to use spiritual stones to exchange for them, she said with surprise, “Little elder brother, I have many of these things at my place. Can you really exchange for them all with spiritual stones? That would require many spiritual stones!”

    “Haha!” As SongZhong heard that, he laughed out loud and waved his hands. Following which, a small hill of spiritual stones appeared in the center of the hall.

    SongZhong then said with a smile, “The place here isn’t large enough and I can’t take out too many spiritual stones. This can be considered a deposit. As long as you have fragments, give them to me and you do not need to be afraid that I will run out of spiritual stones!”

    SongZhong said these words proudly; in fact, he really had the capability to say these words. Ever since he had this Natal Artifact, he had been disassembling various broken magical tools and magical artifacts. Be it magical tools or artifacts, plenty of spiritual stones would go into refining them. Thus, the materials from the disassembly were only a small portion of the byproduct. The largest portion was the spiritual Qi. The spiritual Qi which was given out was just too dense, thus transforming into spiritual stones.

    Despite there being a portion transformed into Five Elements Pure Water and another portion into divine lightnings, there were still many spiritual stones which had been formed. In the beginning, they would be low-grade spiritual stones. But after the low-grade spiritual stones stayed in his Natal Artifact for three years they would transform into middle-grade spiritual stones. After another 10 years, they would become high-grade spiritual stones.

    However, the amount of spiritual Qi required for a high-grade spiritual stone was just too much. Ever since SongZhong constructed the highly draining Lightning Congregating Station, there were only a few high-grade spiritual stones being formed. However, there were still large amounts of low and middle-grade spiritual stones, thus filling his Natal Artifact with mountains of these spiritual stones. Even SongZhong himself did not know how many spiritual stones he had. He only knew that they were all piled up in huge mountains over thousands of feet high.

    While SongZhong always splurged, he never had the chance to finish this frightening amount of spiritual stones. Now that he had such a chance, he would naturally grab the opportunity to do so. In any case, spiritual stones were not that important to him, since he was able to get it anytime he wanted to. However, those treasures are the things he would require the most. After all, he would never complain about having too much high-grade materials. Looking at how generous SongZhong was, AoTian and Old Fang were both taken aback. As for Lei Shan’er, she clapped her hands excitedly, “Ai yah yah, that’s great! I never expected little elder brother to be so rich! I will get people to send the things over immediately!” As she said that, she took out a feather with traces of lightning on it. After jotting down a few instructions on it, she threw it out and it disappeared in a flash, obviously on its way to the Lightning Eagle Island.

    As Old Fang saw that Lei Shan’er took action already, he could not help but be tempted as well. After all, no one would ever complain about having too much spiritual stones. Since those fragments were useless apart from forming some decorations for his children, it would be a good thing if he could use them to exchange for spiritual stones.

    As such, Old Fang said with an apologetic smile, “Little highness, if you really need these things, I have some of them at my place as well!”

    Without waiting for SongZhong to reply, AoTian waved his hands and said, “Old Fang, don’t come and butt into this matter as well!”

    AoTian then looked towards SongZhong, “Highness, there are many of these things in the Eastern Ocean. In just the 100 plus children of mine, there are countless of these fragments. I dare assure that it’ll be at least 100 times of what you see here. All of those can be taken for free, enough for you to do anything you want. Why do you have to spend the money?” Obviously, AoTian had already seen SongZhong as his master and worried on SongZhong’s behalf.

    As SongZhong heard that, he only smiled in reply before asking in doubt, “You have over a hundred sons?”

    “Hehe, I only have a hundred plus of them who are more accomplished. As for how many I have exactly, I’m not too sure either. In any case, I’ve got plenty of them!” AoTian said with pride, “These hundred plus of them are only the clan heads of their various clans. If they do not even have a thousand underlings, I would not bother mentioning them.”

    SongZhong never expected that this fellow was so overbearing, having so many sons. As such, a look of admiration filled his face.

    As Old Fang saw that, he could not help but laugh, “Little highness, a hundred isn’t considered much. Us demonic beasts have a long life span and it is normal to have many children. Brother Ao is already almost 8000 years old and it would be a wonder if he did not have so many children!”

    Only then did SongZhong come to a realization; with the mere hundred years in a human life, they can have a few dozen offsprings. For him to be alive for 8000 years, it is no surprise to have a few hundred children!

    Thinking about this, he could not be bothered to ask too much as he smiled, “Senior Ao is really so lucky. However, you really do not need to worry about these fragments. For the fragments of your children, I will also collect them according to the price I set and will not make them suffer a loss. I do not dare to say other things, but I am not lacking spiritual stones at all! You do not need to be worried at all!”

    Hearing SongZhong say that, while AoTian did not understand him, it wasn’t good for him to nag any further. Thus, he could only reply with a bitter smile, “If that’s the case, then highness can do as you wish!”

    Hearing that he agreed, SongZhong also heaved a sigh of relief. He then said, “If that’s the case, I will hand this matter over to you. I will give you enough spiritual stones before I go into seclusion. As long as there are people here to exchange fragments, you can give it to them!”

    “Seclusion?” As AoTian heard that, he asked in doubt, “Your highness wants to go into seclusion?”

    “En!” SongZhong nodded and said in depression, “I received too many provocations recently and cannot take it anymore. This time, I will not exit if I don’t reach the 5th grade!”

    AoTian did not know what was going on and only had a blank face. But, Old Fang and Lei Shan’er both knew that SongZhong wanted to increase his strength quickly because he was beaten up by the empress.

    However, while AoTian did not know the reason for SongZhong wanting to go into seclusion, it would not stop him for arranging the matters for SongZhong. He then smiled, “Since your highness is going into seclusion, this old servant will let the Negative Pure Black Water Pond out for you. That is an extremely good place!”

    “No no!” SongZhong waved his hands and said, “You should leave that place for yourself. My cultivation method is a little special and I cannot cultivate in the Negative Pure Black Water Pond!”“En?” As everyone heard that, they were taken aback. AoTian then could not help but ask with doubt, “Your highness, aren’t we of the black tortoise clan all Water type? Don’t tell me you’re special?”

    “I am also of the Water type, but that isn’t everything. In any case, while my speed of cultivating will increase in the Negative Pure Black Water Pond, I have something better! You don’t need to bother yourself with this matter!” SongZhong smiled, “Anyway, you just need to find me a quiet and secure place!”

    AoTian knew that one’s cultivation method is always secret, thus he did not dare to ask. Instead,

    he lowered his head and said, “Alright, this old servant will go and prepare it for you!” As he said that, he left.

    As Old Fang saw that, he knew that it wasn’t good for him to stay any longer. Thus, he stood up and prepared to leave. Lei Shan’er then had no choice but to stand up with a depressed look.

    As SongZhong saw that, he smiled and said, “Actually, it doesn’t matter if it is delayed for a few days!”

    As Lei Shan’er heard that, she bounced around in excitement, “Eh, that’s great! Can I play here?”

    “Of course, you can just treat this as your home in the future. Whether or not I am here, you can come here and play as you wish!” SongZhong replied with a smile. With regards to this cute fellow, SongZhong actually liked her after growing more familiar with her. She was just like a cute younger sister to him.

    As Old Fang saw AoTian leave, there would only be SongZhong and Lei Shan’er left behind. Thus, his presence would only be unnecessary. In order to not be despised, he could only take his leave with a bitter laughter, saying that he wanted to collect fragments for SongZhong to exchange them with spiritual stones.

    As SongZhong saw that he was adament about leaving, it wouldn’t be good for SongZhong to keep him back. Thus, SongZhong personally sent him out before accompanying Lei Shan’er to play in the Pure Water Palace.

    Just like that, he led a comfortable few days of life. At this time, the demonic beasts from all over also knew about the fact that SongZhong was collecting the treasure fragments and began to deliver them over.

    SongZhong was extremely generous, always clearing the debt on the spot and would never owe anyone anything. Furthermore, he also did not put on airs and got along with everyone pretty well, thus winning him the love of many demonic beasts. As such, more and more people came to visit him. Besides exchanging fragments, they did not forget to give this new crown prince some gifts, including some precious heavenly treasures.

    At the start, SongZhong still had the interest to meet them all. But as time went on and more and more people came, he began to grow tired. He then took out all the spiritual stones in his Natal Artifact and handed them over to AoTian. Then, SongZhong hid with all the treasure fragments and heavenly treasures in seclusion. SongZhong’s seclusion location was a completely sealed place which was about 100 feet wide. There were layers of restrictions which were laid down on the outside and could be said to be extremely secure. However, SongZhong still took out his copper bell and hide the black ball of his Natal Artifact as a precautionary measure. Only then did SongZhong go into his Natal Artifact.

    As SongZhong entered, he met SiYu and SiYun who had been hiding here. These few days, while SongZhong did not come in, he would send them a message or two to prevent them from worrying.

    Thus SiYu and SiYun had already known about SongZhong’s bizarre experiences already. After meeting him again, they did not know what to say as they stared at him with their eyes wide opened.

    As SongZhong saw that, he could not help but laugh bitterly, “I only did not meet you for a few days and you guys don’t recognize me already?”

    “After not seeing you for a few days, you turned from a human cultivator into an Eastern Ocean crown prince!” SiYu and SiYun said with a bitter laughter, “How would us sisters dare to recognize you!”

    “Isn’t this just something temporary?” SongZhong hurriedly said, “That Old Devil Feng has most likely laid down a gigantic net to wait for me. If we were to return now, it would most likely spell trouble for us. Rather than take that risk, why no we make use of this opportunity to cultivate to the JinDan stage! At that time, I would not be afraid of that Old Devil Feng with my Nine Beauties Painting!”

    “But, it isn’t a simple thing to attack the JinDan stage. Many chance encounters are required for that and it isn’t enough if you just have magical Qi. The most important thing is the cultivation of your mental state.” SiYu and SiYun said with worry, “While you rose to prominence like a shooting star, you are still young after all. While your strength is sufficient, your mental state may not be so. Time may not be enough for you to attack the JinDan stage!”

    “Haha, you guys don’t need to worry about this!” As SongZhong heard that, he said proudly, “I can definitely attack the JinDan stage in 10 years!”

    “Really?” As SiYun and SiYu heard that, they said with surprise, “If that’s the case, we can wait for you!”

    “Of course, since when have I ever lied to you!” SongZhong smiled.

    “En!” SiYu and SiYun nodded their heads and smiled, “If that’s the case, we can also be relieved. In fact, the spiritual Qi here is dense to an unbelievable level and is extremely suitable for us to cultivate. There is even the Five Element Lotus and Five Element Pure Water in here. Goodness, these are all heavenly treasures that only exists in the legends! I never expected you to have them all in here!”

    “Hehe, it’s all a matter of luck!” SongZhong smiled, “There are still a few Five Element Lotus, you guys can find a chance to consume it. There are plenty of Five Element Pure Water in here and you guys can drink as you wish!” “Aiyah!” After SiYun and SiYu heard that, they exclaimed, “How could we have the cheek to do so!”

    “The two of you were willing to follow me to death, you don’t have to stand on ceremony!” SongZhong then said emotionally, “We only see real emotions during times of trouble. While that wife in name of mine abandoned me, you guys stayed behind with me. With just this point alone, I will definitely use all I have to take care of you guys. What can the Five Element Lotus and Five Element Pure Water be considered? There will be even better things in future!”

    After SiYun and SiYu heard what SongZhong said, they were also extremely touched. They lowered their blushed cheeks and said with shyness, “We, we only want to repay your life-saving favour!”

    “Haha, you guys are not the only ones whom I saved. I also saved Old Poison and Stone, but didn’t they abandon me also?” SongZhong then said with a cold laughter, “So, they don’t have to dream about getting any perks from me. Also, I will definitely settle this score with them one day!”

    Seeing SongZhong grit his teeth viciously, SiYu and SiYun were both stunned as they pleaded, “While what Stone did wasn’t the best, he was also helpless under those circumstances. So, please show him mercy! On behalf of us!”