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Chapter 256: Thousand Year Old Sea Turtle

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 256: Thousand Year Old Sea Turtle

    SongZhong would naturally not be disrespectful to someone so strong, hurriedly returning cupped fists. After they exchanged pleasantries, AoTian brought the three of them in happily. Thankfully, SongZhong had already changed on the way here and no longer looked as pathetic as he was before. If not, he would not have the face to enter this luxurious palace in front of him.This Pure Water Palace was indeed the dwellings of an ancient cultivator. While it was not extremely large, the insides of the palace were filled with restrictions. Furthermore, there were various kinds of decorations in the form of flowers, birds, bugs, and fishes. Furthermore, they were mainly made from spiritual items. As they went in, they could feel a dense wave of spiritual Qi emanating from the inside. They could hear the graceful celestial sounds surrounding them, look at the beautiful scenery and smell the fragrant flowers. As they stepped down on the smooth jade stones, just being in this place made one feel extremely comfortable.

    Finally, SongZhong and gang were taken into the most luxurious hall in the Pure Water Palace. It was over a hundred feet wide with a gigantic 10 feet chandelier hanging down from above. The four of them did not bother with who was the host, who was a guest, seating down without any particular arrangement together. In front of them was a small jade table with all sort of fruits on them and a jug of good wine. While these things are not as valuable as the spiritual fruits on the Gold Dragon Boat, they were also high-grade spiritual items which were extremely precious.After they sat down, AoTian asked about SongZhong’s origins. Old Fang then quickly introduced SongZhong, emphasizing on two points. First, he mentioned SongZhong’s strength, introducing how SongZhong was able to injure a human YuanYing cultivator and how he had a spar with the Empress. Of course, in order to save some face for SongZhong, he did not mention how SongZhong was pitifully beaten up; he only mentioned how the empress praised SongZhong.

    As for the other point, it was how SongZhong was made crown prince by the empress and that the Pure Water Palace would be given to SongZhong to become the Crown Prince Palace.

    Hearing the first point, AoTian was shocked, revealing a look of appreciation. After hearing the second point, everything was how Old Fang had expected. AoTian was not surprised at all and did not even reveal any anger. Instead, he burst out into laughter and said, “Of course, of course, in fact, apart from the crown prince, no one else would be fit to stay within the Pure Water Palace!”

    As SongZhong saw how AoTian reacted, it would be a lie if he wasn’t touched. After all, this was the place where AoTian rented and it just wasn’t right for SongZhong to chase AoTian away the moment he arrived. As such, SongZhong cupped his fists respectfully, “I am really sorry, occupying your territory the moment I come here and allowing you to spend so much money. But don’t worry, I will come out with the money you spent to rent this place. I will not let you suffer a loss!”

    “Eh?” As AoTian heard that, he waved his hands and said, “Your highness is wrong, how can I let you spend such money? While I am a poor old man, I am definitely able to take out these little things!”

    “This~” Seeing how he was so polite, SongZhong did not know what to say.However, AoTian did not even give SongZhong a chance to speak and continued, “Highness, highness, your appearance here is already giving me face. If you were to give me anything, wouldn’t you be slapping me in the face? If I were to meet any of my brothers from the black tortoise clan in future, I wouldn’t have the face to meet them for sure! Just let me off, alright?”

    Hearing what AoTian said, SongZhong would naturally not stand on ceremony anymore. He could only reply with a bitter laughter, “Alright then, if that’s the case, I will receive it. I will definitely repay you in the future!”

    AoTian was just waiting for these words! While those things were valuable, it was a far cry from SongZhong’s future favor!

    However, while AoTian was thinking about that, he still said magnanimously, “Your highness is too polite, too polite! Isn’t it just something small? Don’t need to place it in your heart! Come come come, let us drink!” As he said that, he raised a cup towards SongZhong and gang.

    The three of them would naturally not dare delay, raising their glasses in response.

    After drinking the wine, AoTian thought about something and suddenly asked, “Your highness came here so hastily, do you have any guards?”

    “Guards?” As SongZhong heard that, he replied with a bitter laughter, “This, not yet!”

    “Ai yah yah!” As AoTian heard that, he slapped his thighs and shouted, “With your status, how can you not have any guards?”

    “This~” Being shocked by the sudden shout, SongZhong did not know what to say.

    AoTian then rubbed his hands and asked with expectations, “Highness, what do you think about this old man? If you do not mind, why not let this old man be your butler and guard?”

    “Ah?” As SongZhong heard that, he was immediately stunned and he asked, “You, you as a 6th grade senior wants to be my butler? This, just what is going on?” “This is normal! You are a black tortoise with the Blood River Pattern! Not to mention a 6th-grade Butler, it would be normal for you to have a 7th or 8th-grade guard! Unless you don’t think much of this old man?” AoTian then said to Old Fang anxiously, “Old Fang, help me say something!”

    As Old Fang heard that, he revealed an envious bitter laughter. He then shook his head and said to SongZhong, “Little highness, brother AoTian is indeed loyal and reliable. He is also extremely capable. Since you do not have anyone to serve you, just keep him!”

    As Lei Shan’er by the side saw that, she also added on, “Little highness, uncle Ao is a good person. He takes care of Shan’er very often, just keep him! He is definitely a loyal person!”As SongZhong heard what they said, they could not help but feel puzzled. Why does it sound like it was an honor to be his butler?

    In fact, what SongZhong did not know was that it was indeed an honor. You have to know, while it was true that AoTian was a 6th-grade demonic beast now, it was already at his limit. He would only have less than 10% chance of advancing to the 7th grade. As for the 8th grade, it could only happen if there was a miracle.

    However, things would be different if he were to follow SongZhong. With the potential of one with the Blood River Pattern, it is almost certain that SongZhong would achieve the 9th grade at the very least in 10,000 years. At that time, who knows what kind of heavenly treasures he would find. If SongZhong were to just casually give him a single treasure, it would be enough for AoTian to have a complete change. At the very least, he would reach the 7th grade with the chance of reaching the 8th grade. This was his only chance left.

    While 10,000 years might be a long time, the long lifespan of the black tortoise clan was their biggest advantage. Even the most ordinary tortoise would be able to live for a few hundred years. For someone like AoTian who had some achievement in cultivating, it wouldn’t be an issue for him to live for tens of thousands of years. Now, he was only seven to eight thousand years old and it would not be much for him to survive another ten thousand years. Only when SongZhong was young and did not have any elders to take care of him would AoTian have the chance to follow him. If AoTian were to wait until SongZhong was at the 7th or 8th grade, someone like AoTian with low bloodline density and potential would only be chased away with disdain even if he offered himself up.

    AoTian was indeed an old fellow who had been alive for thousands of years. He was meticulous in his thinking and had great foresight. As such, he took this opportunity to become a butler for SongZhong despite his status. As for a guard, he could forget about it. While he can still be considered capable now, when SongZhong reaches the 7th or 8th grade in future, the opponents that SongZhong would face would all be experts for sure. His old bones would definitely not be able to endure all of that. However, if was different if he was a butler. He would be closer to his master, being the first to receive benefits and furthest away from the fighting. It was definitely the best choice!

    While SongZhong did not understand the logic within, he was certain that AoTian was sincere in following him. Furthermore, Old Fang and Lei Shan’er also really wished for him to keep AoTian. Since that was the case, SongZhong would naturally not be the bad person. No matter what, he would not suffer a loss to have a peak 6th grade old fellow to be his old butler.Thinking about that, SongZhong replied not knowing whether to laugh or cry as he replied, “If senior is really willing, then I will accept senior’s request with my thick skin.”

    “Ai yah yah, that’s great!” AoTian burst out in joy as he heard that. He hurriedly knelt in front of SongZhong and shouted, “This old slave, AoTian, greets master!”

    “Get up, get up!” SongZhong quickly held him up and said with a bitter laughter, “Don’t call me master, it sounds really strange. Just call me… call me young master!”“But young master belongs to those of the secular realm. If you do not like to be called master, let me call you highness!” AoTian hurriedly said, “In any case, you are the rightful crown prince of the Eastern Ocean Empire!”

    “Alright, alright, anything!” SongZhong waved his hands.

    “Congrats, congrats!” Old Fang came over to congratulate AoTian. After all, he would definitely have a great future as the butler of the royal bloodline. If not for the fact that Old Fang was already following the empress, he would definitely fight with AoTian for this position.

    AoTian obviously had a good mood as he said cheerfully, “Come come come, take a seat and continue drinking!”

    This time, SongZhong was forcefully pulled by AoTian to seat at the head of the table which Old Fang and Shan’er seated at the guests’ positions. As for AoTian, he accompanied them at the end of the table.

    After a few more glasses, SongZhong suddenly placed down his glass and said, “Senior Ao, can I ask where did those fragments of magical tools come from?”

    “That!” AoTian replied with an apologetic smile, “It is all because my grandchildren said that they wanted to add to the atmosphere when they were celebrating my birthday. Why, does highness not like it? If that’s the case, I will ask them to take it all away!”“No no!” SongZhong waved his hands and said, “These fragments are extremely useful to me, I wonder if you can give it to me?”

    “Aiyah, what is your highness talking about, everything in the Pure Water Palace including this old servant is yours. You can just take those fragments away, there is no need to tell me anything!” AoTian hurriedly said.

    “Hehe!” Songzhong smiled, “It’s best that I inform you still! Furthermore, there don’t seem to be enough of these fragments. I wonder if there are more of them?”

    “Of course!” As AoTian heard that, he laughed, “These things are the spoils of war from when we fought the Eastern Ocean Alliance of the human cultivators. Because they are shining and dense with spiritual Qi, children will collect them for fun. We have fought those Eastern Ocean Alliance fellows for thousands of years and there are many of these things! If you want them, all you need is a single word!”