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Chapter 255: Pure Water Palace

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 255: Pure Water Palace

    “Are you sure? Using 1000 spiritual stones for just 10 minutes of flight? This is equivalent to the price of a low grade magical artifact? Why does it exhaust so many spiritual stones?”

    “This thing is so huge and is extremely fast when it flies. Furthermore, the protective barrier has to be opened as well for safety. In addition, the lights in the Gold Dragon Boat and the different functions on it requires the use of spiritual stones as well. Thus, more spiritual stones are being exhausted.” Old Fang then smiled, “Actually this isn’t considered to be much! The consumption of spiritual stone during travel is different from the consumption in battle. It is said that when the Gold Dragon Boat uses all of it weapons, even the ordinary FenShen cultivators will have to avoid them. It is just that the consumption of spiritual stones at that time will be over 10,000. This is no different from burning money!”

    “Goodness, I now know why the empress gave this to me. She couldn’t afford playing with this tool, and keeping this would take up her storage space. So, she might as well give it to me as a favour!”

    “Hehe, that’s about right!” Old Fang smiled, “However, it is also out of goodwill that the empress gave it to you. After all, little highness isn’t too strong right now with many things capable of threatening you. You are not like the empress who can come and go as she likes in this world. There are simply no concerns for her safety! Thus, she gave this boat to you as a form of protection.”

    “This thing isn’t too bad. But the problem is, can I afford to use it?” SongZhong laughed bitterly, “I don’t have that many spiritual stones to burn!”

    “Haha, you do not need to be worried about that!” Old Fang laughed, “You are the crown prince after all. While the Eastern Ocean Empire does not have the ability to allow you to travel with this boat everyday, we can still fork out 10,000 high grade spiritual stones. This should be enough for you to escape in times of danger!”

    As SongZhong heard that, he was elated as he asked, “That’s great, where are the spiritual stones?”

    “Haha, they are all in the Gold Dragon Boat already. It is enough for you to fight a two hour long battle!” Old Fang smiled, “So, should we take the Gold Dragon Boat or fly there ourselves?”

    “Do you need to ask?” Without a second word, SongZhong stretched out his hands and kept the Gold Dragon Boat in his Natal Artifact.

    As Old Fang saw that, he was shocked as he said, “Aiyah, little highness is pretty capable! You are able to keep such a huge Gold Dragon Boat?”

    “Haha!” SongZhong smiled without replying. At the same time, he thought to himself, ‘The dimension in my Natal Artifact is already 60 to 70 thousand feet wide. Not to mention a Gold Dragon Boat which is 3000 feet, I can even keep a 30,000 feet tall mountain.’

    However, all of these are SongZhong’s secret and he would never tell them to Old Fang. Thus, he changed the topic and asked, “Right, Old Fang, let us go to that Pure Water Palace?”

    “It is now the Crown Prince Palace!” Old Fang smiled, “From now on, that place belongs to you! Let’s go, I will lead the way”. As he said that, Old Fang took out a gigantic long sword. After injecting his magical Qi into it, it transformed into a huge sword which was hundreds of feet long and tens of feet wide.

    Old Fang then invited SongZhong and Lei Shan’er onto it as they began to take flight.

    On the way there, SongZhong began to ask about the Pure Water Palace. He would not know if he didn’t ask, but he got a shock the moment he did. It turns out that the Pure Water Palace was actually a cave left behind by an ancient cultivator. Although it was not spacious and extremely deserted, there was a natural Negative Pure Black Water Pond.

    This Negative Pure Black Water is made from the essence of Water spiritual Qi and was similar to SongZhong’s Five Elements Pure Water. It is just that the Five Elements Pure Water has the spiritual Qi of all five elements while the Negative Pure Black Water only had the Water spiritual Qi.

    In terms of effect, the Five Elements Pure Water is definitely better. However, in terms of practicality, the Negative Pure Black Water is much better. It was rare to see demonic beasts and human cultivators who specialized in all five elements, as such, the Five Elements Pure Water can only be used to refine elixirs.

    However, the Negative Pure Black Water was different. Not only is it able to refine high grade Water type elixirs, it was suitable for Water type cultivators to cultivate in. Furthermore, there were many Water type demonic beasts in the Eastern Ocean. As such, after the discovery of this place, there were many who fought over it.

    In the end, everyone grew displeased with each other and they ended up in a battle royale that resulted in countless of casualties. No one was able to become the sole owner of this land. Helpless, they could only request the Emperor of the Eastern Ocean Empire to make a verdict.

    After a series of arguments, a final decision was made. The Negative Pure Black Water Pond and the Pure Water Palace will all be placed under the emperor’s jurisdiction. However, the rights to the Pure Water Palace will be up for auction for a hundred year period of use. Whoever wants to use it must spend money to outbid their competitors. All of these wealth will then be split amongst the various bidders. As such, everyone would receive benefits and the fighting was stopped. The current user of the Pure Water Palace was a thousand year old sea turtle called AoTian

    It is said that AoTian was even stronger than Old Fang, infinitely near the peak of the 6th grade and just a bit weaker than the one horned dragon empress.

    SongZhong thought to himself, ‘I am a mere 4th grade rookie, trying to chase him away with just a command from the empress. Does that make sense? That fellow isn’t able to stay in the Pure Water Palace after spending such wealth, how will he be able to accept that? If he kills me in a fit of rage, then wouldn’t it be an unjust death?’

    Thinking about this, SongZhong told his worries to Old Fang. In the end, Old Fang burst out into laughter as he heard that. He then told SongZhong that there was no need to worry at all and that AoTian would definitely not attack him. In fact, he will be extremely happy to let out the Pure Water Palace.

    In doubt, SongZhong asked why; only after a series of explanation did SongZhong finally understand why that was so.

    It turns out, the demonic beasts were similar to humans as well and also placed huge importance to bloodline. For someone like SongZhong who had the Blood River Pattern, he was akin to someone of the upper echelons, similar to being part of the royal family. As for AoTian who has a thin bloodline, he was like a commoner. Thus, he would have to be respectful to SongZhong.

    Furthermore, on behalf of SongZhong’s future achievements, the actions that AoTian did today would mean that SongZhong would owe him a huge favor. While the favor of a 4th grade demonic beast may not mean much, this favor would mean a lot when SongZhong is at the 7th, 8th, or even 9th grade.

    Coupled with the command of the empress, AoTian will definitely let out the Pure Water Palace happily.

    While Old Fang explained it clearly, SongZhong was still not accustomed to the practises of the demonic beasts after all. Thus, while he understood what Old Fang explained, he was still a little apprehensive.

    With complicated feelings, SongZhong and Lei Shan’er finally arrived at where the Pure Water Palace was located at after hours of travel, the Black Water Island.

    The Black Water Island was not huge, only 500km in circumference. The view was good, with mountains, rivers and many spiritual wood. Especially the centre of the island, where there was a gigantic lake which was a few kilometres in circumference. The Pure Water Palace was on top of the lake.

    As they arrived above the Pure Water Palace, SongZhong was awed by the majesty of it. This was a palace which was forged fully from white jade. It was tens of thousand of feet wide, located in the centre of the lake like a castle.

    Something which should be mentioned is the sandbar surrounding the Pure Water Palace which was a few feet deep. In the water, there were many things which were shining in the light, emitting out a beautiful glow. As SongZhong inspected, he realized that they were all broken magical tools and artifacts. While they were all broken, they still let out a glow. Despite them being broken, spiritual Qi still continued to emanate from them. The spiritual Qi emanating from these countless of fragments was not something to be underestimated. It made the exterior of the Pure Water Palace filled with a dense spiritual Qi, making it the perfect place for cultivation.

    SongZhong never imagined that there were the fragments of so many magical tools and artifacts present here, at least a million of them. Just where did all of these fragments come from?

    Just when SongZhong was thinking about all these, Old Fang sent out a sword light into the Pure Water Palace. A short while later, the restrictions on the outside of the Pure Water Palace was deactivated and the door opened up wide. Then, a white dressed old man flew out from inside with smiles, “Little brother Fang, which wind blew you over to my place today? Aiyah, even Shan’er is here? What a rare guest!”

    As SongZhong heard that, he studied him carefully and realized that this thousand year old sea turtle was indeed a formidable character. While he does not seem anything special on the surface, walking with a slouched back and walking stick, the more unassuming he looked, the more SongZhong guarded against him. An ordinary person is obviously unable to fly at such high speeds. Furthermore, he was still extremely calm while flying at such a speed. Obviously, the cultivation base of this person was already extremely deep and profound.

    Lei Shan’er was a junior after all and did not dare to be rude. Thus, she quickly responded with a smile, “Shan’er greets senior Ao!”

    While Old Fang called AoTian, Old Ao, in front of the empress, he did not dare to be so rude in front of him. He quickly responded with an apologetic smile, “Brother AoTian, I am here at the empress’s behest!”

    AoTian first smiled to Shan’er as a form of greeting. Then, he ignored Old Fang and stared at SongZhong with a face full of doubt, “Strange, why do I feel the aura of my clan from this little brother here?”

    “Because he is from your clan!” Old Fang quickly interrupted, “Little highness, can you reveal your identity to brother AoTian!”

    As SongZhong heard that, he did not bother saying anything else and revealed the protective light of the Blood River Pattern, allowing the clear lines of the pattern to be seen. After AoTian saw it, he was first startled before saying with surprise, “Aiyah, so it is the royal bloodline. I’ve been rude, I’ve been rude!” As he said that, he cupped his fists in apology to SongZhong.