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Chapter 254: Frightening Dragon

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 254: Frightening Dragon

    SongZhong never expected this one horned dragon female emperor to be so crazy. After just talking to him for a short while, she directly took action.

    This lady was obviously someone who loved those perverse in bodily cultivation technique. Following her punch, a wave of air gushed forward, sending the surrounding stones and rocks flying. If it was anyone else instead of SongZhong present, just the winds generated from the fist would cripple them.

    Thankfully, SongZhong was no weakling, the protective divine light on his body activated on reflex, to block the winds from the fist at the nick of time. Hence, SongZhong managed to endure the fist.

    However, while SongZhong was able to endure the fist, the might in the fist was just too frightening and was not something which he can hope to block. As such, SongZhong was sent flying like a cloud, smashing into a large boulder, which was a hundred feet high, before finally stopping.

    However, SongZhong indeed had thick skin and muscles. After the refinement from the Primal Natal Fire, the might of his body was strengthened to a frightening degree, completely comparable to a magical artifact. As such, while he seemed to be extremely pitiful from this blow, he did not sustain many injuries. He managed to climb out from the rubble quickly, only looking slightly pathetic.

    When the Empress saw that, her eyes lit up and burst out into laughter, “Haha, not bad, not bad. I used 50% of my strength in that attack and you are not injured at all. I originally thought that you would end up puking blood at least!”

    SongZhong did not puke blood from the attack but almost puked blood from those words as he thought to himself, “Where did this crazy lady come from? Trying to make me puke blood the first time she sees me. Is this how she receives guests?”

    Not to mention SongZhong, even Old Fang and Lei Shan’er by the side was also extremely anxious. However, they knew that while the empress may act unbridled, she definitely held restraint and definitely won’t beat SongZhong to death. Thus, they only stared on with a bitter laughter, without any intention to interfere at all.

    But at this moment, the empress seem to have gotten addicted to playing. She did not wait for SongZhong to protest as she flashed in front of him and laughed, “Since you are so good at receiving hits, then come play with me!”

    As she said that, the crazy empress began to unleash a flurry of fists and kicks at SongZhong. At the start, Songzhong would only remain on the defense. But, he would not be able to endure the frightening power of the attack everytime, being sent flying with every blow. Even if he does not get injured from the attack, he would also feel the pain from the attacks. SongZhong was depressed. Finally, he could not take it any longer; with a loud roar, he unleashed his counterattack at that crazy lady. Furthermore, he did not treat her as a lady at all and sent out two fists flying to her chest.

    But it was a pity, while SongZhong learned divine lightning and refinements of armanents, he had never learned any fists techniques in his life before. However, the empress was obviously an expert. As such, she had easily defused his attack, not allowing him to even touch the corner of her clothes. Furthermore, she even increased the force of her attacks.

    Now, SongZhong was in huge trouble; he was like a punching bag, being sent flying all over by the empress. The whole island was then filled with rocks which had been destroyed by SongZhong and many craters, which was caused by his bodily impact.

    This vicious beating lasted for a full hour before finally ending. At this moment, Songzhong was no longer in the shape of a human anymore. His clothes was destroyed yet again, leaving behind a well made pair of underpants. His body was filled with bruises all over, making him feel ache all over. After all of these, he did not even have the energy to stand up anymore.

    Contrary to SongZhong’s pathetic looks, the empress was enjoying herself. After beating SongZhong like a dead dog, she stretched her body in enjoyment as she smiled, “I haven’t enjoyed myself for like that for such a long time already! While you look pretty weak, you are unexpectedly able to endure beatings! With just your bodily strength, Old Fang, he isn’t any much weaker than you! You are a 6th grade demonic beast already, why are you incomparable to a 4th grade junior?”

    As she said that, she turned over and looked at Old Fang with a face full of disdain.

    As Old Fang heard that, he said with grievance, “Majesty, are you joking? While Old Fang isn’t talented, I can’t be that bad right?”

    “It’s true!” The empress placed her hands behind her back and said seriously, “Especially the last few attacks of mine, I had used almost 70% of my strength to injure him a little. If it was you, I don’t think you would be any much better right?”

    As Old Fang heard that, he exclaimed, “It can’t be right. He...he’s really so perverse?”

    “En, indeed so. However, he has the Blood River Pattern; that is something which is extremely mystical, capable of shaving away 30% of my attack. Furthermore, it even absorbed my strength and converted it into spiritual Qi for him. I have to admit that the black tortoise clan is incomparable in its defences! Even I from the azure dragon clan, concede defeat in this aspect!”

    Hearing this, Old Fang replied, “Why? Has Majesty confirmed his identity?”

    “Of course, only those old tortoise from the black tortoise clan will be able to endure such a beating from me! Thus, while he looks a little odd on the surface, he definitely has the bloodline of the black tortoise!”

    SongZhong also heaved a sigh of relief. After hearing that, he did not know whether to laugh or cry, “You beat me up like a dead dog just to confirm my identity?”

    “Hehe!” As the empress heard that, she said with an awkward laughter, “Indeed! After all, the royal bloodline is extremely important and I have to check clearly, right?”

    “Can’t you check it with a more gentle method?” SongZhong could not help but grumble.

    “Isn’t this pretty good? You trained your body and I solved my problem of having itchy hands. We killed two birds with one stone!”

    After SongZhong heard that, he was almost angered to death. But since he was in her household, he could only lower his head as he replied with a bitter laughter, “You’re good!”

    “Hehe!” Seeing Songzhong like that, the empress knew that he was resentful in his heart. As such, she said with a laugh, “Alright alright, didn’t I just have a little exercise? What’s the big deal about that? You are just too petty. How about this, why not I compensate you by making you the crown prince!”

    “I don’t need it!” SongZhong curled his lips and said, “I am not willing to be a crown prince or emperor! I only want to enter closed-door cultivation. When I surpass you one day, I will beat you up to vent my anger!”

    “Haha!” As the empress heard that, she burst out into laughter, “Good, you are ambitious indeed! But, you have no choice but to be the crown prince, because you possess the royal bloodline. Those with the royal bloodline have a duty to lead the demonic beasts. In the Eastern Ocean, we are the only two remaining with the royal bloodline. If you’re not going to become the crown prince, who is going to?”

    “Don’t we have you as the emperor? Then I can naturally lead my free life!” SongZhong replied immediately.

    “I’m sorry, you can’t escape for long!” The empress then said, “In another two hundred years, I will be undergoing the Lesser Heavenly Tribulation! If I do not succeed, my body will be destroyed and there will be nothing left of me. If I am to succeed, I will leave to another world because this world is no longer suitable for me. Thus, no matter what, this Eastern Ocean will be handed over to you after a hundred years!”

    “What?” As SongZhong heard that, he said with doubt, “After a hundred years, I would only be of the 5th grade at most, you want me to lead so many demonic beasts of the 6th grade? Aren’t you joking? It would be a miracle if they would listen to me!”

    “Don’t play fool with me! With your strength at the 4th grade, you are already able to harm a human YuanYing cultivator. If you are to have another hundred years and be in the 5th grade, you will definitely be able to beat someone like Old Fang.”

    As Old Fang heard that, his face revealed an awkward expression. As for SongZhong, he knew not whether to laugh or cry, “How can things be so exaggerated?”

    “It isn’t at all!” The empress said solemnly, “You are different from the others who has the royal bloodline. With the Blood River Pattern, you are the strongest fighter in the black tortoise clan. You are blessed by the heavens. Your cultivation is uncommon, and your combat strength is capable of fighting cultivators with a higher cultivation base! You are a walking testimony of being the strongest fighter. In any case, the future of the Eastern Ocean can only rely on you!”

    “But~” SongZhong wanted to reject but was interrupted by the empress, “There are no buts! As one of the royal bloodline, your glory and responsibility will be to lead the demonic beasts! You do not have a choice but to agree unless you want to be seen as a coward in the black tortoise clan!”

    Now that the empress had already given her ultimatum, how would SongZhong dare oppose her? If he were to continue opposing her, this violent dragon will probably kill him on the spot. Thus, he could only nod his head bitterly, “Alright, alright. I agree!”

    “Haha! That’s the way!” The Empress burst out into laughter, “Are you guys still not going to pay respects to the crown prince?”

    “Paying respects to crown prince your highness!” Old Fang and Lei Shan’er who were by the side bowed in unison.

    Hearing how they called him, he felt extremely awkward in his heart. He was obviously a pure human being who was just at odds with demonic beasts a few days ago. But a few days later, he had already become the crown prince of the Eastern Ocean Empire! The rate at which his status changed was far too fast!

    In actual fact, when SongZhong was daydreaming, that empress laughed out loudly and waved her hands, “Brat, this Gold Dragon Boat isn’t too bad right? I will give it to you as a gift for our first meeting!”

    “Ah?” SongZhong was dumbfounded on the spot. This golden boat is such a powerful treasure and she just gave it out like that?

    As the empress saw how SongZhong was dumbfounded, she could not help but laugh, “Little brat, don’t think that you are the one with benefits. After using this thing, you will understand how this darn thing makes you go crazy. In any case, I will definitely not use it!”

    As SongZhong heard that, he thought to himself, ‘Don’t tell me there is something dubious about the Gold Dragon Boat?”

    That Empress could not be bothered to explain everything to SongZhong and turned behind to Old Fang, “The crown prince is of the black tortoise’s bloodline, and likes water. Who is using our Pure Water Palace?”

    Reporting to your majesty, AoTian is the one using it!” Old Fang hurriedly replied, “He still has 100 years to use it!”

    “Ask him to scram. From now on, the Pure Water Palace will have its name changed to the Crown Prince Palace. It will belong to this brat!” As the Empress said that, she pointed to SongZhong.

    As Old Fang heard that, he took a bow and said, “Roger! I will inform Old Ao and evict him!”

    “Of course, he is also an old tortoise and is of the same family tree as this fellow. Of course, he will have to bootlick him a little.” The Empress then said helplessly, “It is just a pity that his bloodline is too thin, not even 10% of this little brat. No matter how hard he cultivates, the 7th grade would be his limit!”

    “Yes, yes, that can’t be helped!” Old Fang added on.

    “Forget it, let him go have a headache over these matters himself!” As the Empress said that, she took a lazy stretch as she said comfortably, “I had a good time fighting today, time to go back and sleep. You are not allowed to call me for 10 years, if not you shall bear the consequences on your own!”

    As she said that, she turned around and disappeared from their sights. Following which, SongZhong saw a gigantic one horn dragon which was 1000 feet long and filled with black scales, in the sky. After making a round in the sky, she disappeared into the clouds and not a trace of her could be seen.

    She was only at the peak of the 6th grade and did not have a pure azure dragon bloodline. Just how frightening will a 7th or 8th-grade pure azure dragon be then? In any case, SongZhong was shocked by this gigantic dragon, looking at the direction she disappeared in, without saying anything.

    Only until Old Fang gave a cough did SongZhong wake up. Following which, Old Fang laughed as he cupped his fists, “Congratulations, crown prince. Congratulations for obtaining the biggest treasure in the Eastern Ocean, the Gold Dragon Boat.

    As SongZhong heard that, he suddenly thought of something and hurriedly asked, “Don’t be too eager to congratulate me. Let me ask you, just what is it with this Gold Dragon Boat? Why doesn’t the empress use it?”

    “Hehe!” Old Fang smiled, “It actually isn’t much, it is just that this thing exhausts too much money!”

    “Exhausts money? What do you mean?” SongZhong asked in doubt.

    “It’s simple, this Gold Dragon Boat exhausts a large amount of spiritual stone and requires the use of minimally high-grade spiritual stones. Thus, every time this thing is used, a large amount of money has to be exhausted! You should also know that high-grade spiritual stones are much rarer, not a single piece can be seen in a hundred mines. It is usually something which only more powerful cultivators would use for cultivation. Who would be willing to use it for traveling? At the very least, our own two legs are not as precious as the high-grade spiritual stones!”

    As SongZhong heard that, he could not help but be stunned as he asked, “But she’s the Empress? Don’t tell me she can’t afford these little spiritual stones just to travel?”

    “These little?” As Old Fang heard that, he replied with a bitter laughter, “My little highness, the Gold Dragon Boat burns a thousand spiritual stone every 10 minutes, traveling about 3000 kilometres of distance! The Eastern Ocean is so big, with at least tens of thousands of kilometres from place to place. Just how much spiritual stones will be exhausted? The Empress is someone who cannot sit still and will have to run all around. Even if we were to give all the high-grade spiritual stones on the Eastern Ocean to her, it would not be enough!”