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Chapter 252: Gold Dragon Boa

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 252: Gold Dragon Boat

    Indeed, the clothes which Lei Shan’er was holding was extremely beautiful; especially the flashing lightning, adding on a layer of beauty to the set of clothes. Because the Lightning Cry tree was a type of Lightning spiritual wood, the Lightning Eagles loved to stay in them to most. The biggest speciality they had was that they carried with them lightning bolts.

    However, clothes were created for humans, and furthermore SongZhong was not a Lightning Eagle. How would he be able to endure the lightning bolts on them? Thus, after he saw the set of clothes, he replied with a bitter laughter, “Shan’er, wouldn’t I become a roasted duck if I put this on?”

    Lei Shan’er was first stunned before coming to a realization, “Ai yah yah, I forgot. It’s alright, we have other kinds of leaves!”

    As she said that, Lei Shan’er threw the clothes made from lightning leaves aside and took out another pile of leaves, quickly making a set of clothes for SongZhong. Then, she revealed it to him as though she was displaying jewelry.

    As SongZhong looked at it, he realized that were small holes on the set of clothes, intentionally poked by Lei Shan’er. Thus, he asked with a bitter laughter, “Why are there holes all over? What are they for?”

    “So it’s more cooling!” Lei Shan’er widened her eyes in shock as she said, “Little elder brother, don’t you know that the Eastern Ocean is extremely hot. If you don’t poke holes all over, you will perspire for sure!”

    “This, it’s alright if there are holes on the upper half. Why are there holes on the bottom half as well?” SongZhong asked with a bitter expression.

    “Your ass is so big, of course you will need some circulation!” Lei Shan’er replied confidently.

    “This, I don’t think that’s necessary!” SongZhong said with a bitter laughter, “Anyway, you should make a pair of pants without holes!”

    “Why?” Lei Shan’er asked in doubt.

    “Err~” As SongZhong heard that, he did not know how to reply her.

    As Lei Shan’er heard that, she replied in grievance, “Little elder brother, do you not like the clothes which I made?”

    “No no!” As SongZhong saw that she was almost crying, he shouted in shock, “I like it, of course I like it! Bring it over, I will wear it now!”

    As Lei Shan’er heard that, she burst into smiles and handed SongZhong the clothes full of holes. SongZhong then received it bitterly and put it on under the sheets. He then climbed off the bed awkwardly. At the same time, a gust of wind blew past, making him feel cooling both in front and behind. It made him think of a phrase; it is really cold for wind to blow your little chick!

    SongZhong just could not take it and hurriedly picked up a pile of leaves to cover his crotch. Only then did he let out a heave of relief as he said to Lei Shan’er, “Shan’er, can you bring me around?”

    As Lei Shan’er saw SongZhong’s weird actions, she only frowned and did not ask further. Instead, she replied without hesitation, “Alright, let’s go! I’ll bring you out. This is my bedroom which is also at the peak of Lightning Cry Mountain. Lightning Cry Island is right on the outside!”

    As Lei Shan’er explained, she brought SongZhong out of the room. In that instant, SongZhong was overwhelmed by the scenery he saw.

    It turned out that the Lightning Cry Mountain was a hundred thousand feet high with a steep terrain and narrow ridgelines. There were countless of Lightning Cry Trees growing all over the mountain and Lei Shan’er’s bedroom was right at the peak of the mountain. As SongZhong looked down from the railing, he could see that the island was filled with Lightning Eagles. Some were big, others small and there were over ten thousand of them present. They enjoyed themselves on the island, sometimes flying out into the ocean to catch a fish or two with a lightning bolt. The Lightning Eagles were all dancing around him alive with many Lightning Eagles younglings in their nests chirping with their parents there to feed them. It was just like the scenery of an utopia.

    While SongZhong had seen the majestic view of 10,000 Lightning Eagles flying before, it was not as shocking as the scene in front of him now. So, it seems that the brutal Lightning Eagles also had such a caring side to them.

    As Lei Shan’er saw that, she could not help but ask curiously, “Little elder brother, how is my Lightning Eagle Island?”

    “Good, I have never imagined the view to be so spectacular!” SongZhong replied in awe.

    “Hehe!” As Lei Shan’er heard that, she replied in delight, “This place isn’t considered too bad, filled with Lightning Cry Trees, being the most important provider of Lightning type spiritual wood in the Eastern Ocean. There are many thousand year old trees here which have been pre-ordered by the seniors from the other clans. With them taking care of us, our Lightning Eagle Island can have a good life in the Eastern Ocean!”

    As SongZhong heard that, he could not help but laugh, “If that’s the case, can the homeless me come stay at your place?”

    “Aiyah, I would not dare to keep you!” Lei Shan’er waved her hands anxiously, “I had already reported your news to the higher ups. They will send someone to fetch you not too long later!”

    “Fetch me?” As SongZhong heard that, his face changed, “Shan’er, what have you done?”

    “Nothing much. Little elder brother has the royal bloodline and should not be so pitiful. You must definitely be well taken care of by our Eastern Ocean for sure. I would definitely not dare to conceal such a large matter, thus I had already reported this matter up!” Lei Shan’er then questioned, “Did I do something wrongly?”

    As SongZhong heard that, he became depressed as he thought to himself, ‘You are indeed wrong, I don’t have any royal bloodline but am only a human cultivator. You are only of the 5th grade and may not be able to tell. But if you send me into the inner parts of the Eastern Ocean Empire to see the 6th or even 7th grade demonic beasts, those old monsters may probably see through my disguise. If that’s the case, I will definitely be sliced into pieces by them for sure!’

    Thinking about this, SongZhong realized that he cannot stay here for any longer. Thus, he replied with an apologetic laughter, “Haha, you are not wrong. It is just that I do not like to meet strangers. So, it’s best I leave first!” As he said that, SongZhong wanted to fly away.

    But as Lei Shan’er heard that, she hugged SongZhong’s arms and began to cry and whine, “I don’t want little elder brother to leave, I don’t want little elder brother to leave!”

    Seeing how Lei Shan’er was crying like a child, SongZhong did not feel good in his heart. However, his own life was in danger and it was not the time for he to bother about all these.

    Thus, SongZhong hardened his heart and asked, “Shan’er, won’t we still be separated if you send me to the Eastern Ocean Empire?”

    “We won’t! Shan’er will definitely accompany you!” Lei Shan’er replied anxiously.

    As SongZhong heard that, he almost fainted on the spot. Seeing that this excuse of his wasn’t useful, he said again, “But what if those old fellows lock us up?”

    “How is this possible? You have the royal bloodline, who would dare to lock you up?” Lei Shan’er explained, “In the Eastern Ocean Empire now, there isn’t a single demonic beast with the royal bloodline. Now that little elder brother has the royal bloodline, you would most probably end up as the crown prince, future successor of the Eastern Ocean Empire. Who would dare to lock you up?”

    As SongZhong heard that, he was stunned on the spot as he asked in doubt, “It can’t be right? A stranger like me can become the crown prince?”

    “Of course!” Lei Shan’er replied without hesitation, “You have the royal bloodline in you. In the Eastern Ocean, only the emperor has the royal bloodline of the azure dragon in him. Apart from him, you are the only one left. Naturally, you will be his successor!”

    “My goodness!” SongZhong could not help but laugh bitterly, “Isn’t how they choose a successor a little too casual?”

    “Hehe, anyway, no one will bother about the imperial throne!” Lei Shan’er replied with a smile.

    “Ah?” As SongZhong heard that, he was stunned as he asked, “No one would care about the imperial throne?”

    “Of course, us demonic beasts only pursue the heavenly laws and hope to ascend as soon as possible. The imperial throne is only something material. As one with the royal bloodline, that is your responsibility and all of us demonic beasts would also follow your command,” Lei Shan’er then added, “however, the demonic beasts have many clans and everyone cares more for their own clan! Normally, the person on the throne would not bother about anything and everyone would only mind their business. Only when it comes to a point where it concerns the life and death of the demonic beasts and unity is required will the imperial throne be of use.”

    “I understand!” SongZhong then replied bitterly, “So the emperor of the demonic beast is just a figurehead without any power and authority?”

    “Of course not!” Lei Shan’er replied immediately, “The emperor of the demonic beasts are always those with the royal bloodline. They are extremely powerful with strong powers under them. They would usually not bother about anything. But if they were to meet trouble, they can choose to intervene as well. For example, if the different demonic beasts clans are fighting, they can be the mediator. Their decision would hold great authority!”

    “Mmm!” SongZhong rubbed his chin and said, “That doesn’t sound too bad!”

    “It is definitely good. After you become the crown prince, you can have your own Crown Prince Island and direct subordinates. At that time, I can also find you to play!” Lei Shan’er smiled.

    “No no, I am not interested in that!” SongZhong waved his hands and said, “I still want to leave!” As he said that, he wanted to break free from Lei Shan’er.

    As Lei Shan’er heard that, she became even more anxious as she hugged SongZhong tightly and whined, “Little elder brother, why do you have to leave? You cannot bully Shan’er like that!”

    SongZhong was also depressed in his heart! He could not possibly tell Shan’er that he was afraid of him being seen through, right? But if he did not tell the truth, he was unable to find a suitable excuse. If it was anyone else, he would have kicked them aside and escaped already. But, the one whining now was Lei Shan’er. Not to mention the fact that she saved him, SongZhong could never bear to lift his hand against such a cute lady.

    Just when SongZhong was in a dilemma, a colorful cloud flew across the air. As Lei Shan’er saw that, she burst out in joy, “Haha, little elder brother, you can’t leave already. The higher ups have sent someone already!”

    As SongZhong heard that, he was speechless as he thought, ‘Goodness, I will be played to death by this lass eventually!’

    While he was unresigned, he knew that it was impossible for him to leave already. Not to mention Lei Shan’er’s frightening speed, that colorful cloud which was flying over was also horrifyingly fast. After appearing in SongZhong’s sights, it quickly arrived above his head in merely a blink of an eye.

    SongZhong calculated in his heart and was shocked to realize that the speed of the cloud was above 5000 at least!

    Just as SongZhong was wondering what it was, the clouds began to disperse, revealing a 3000 feet long, hundreds of feet high gigantic dragon boat which had tens of stories.

    This dragon boat was made using golden colored wood with a large and realistic dragon head carved out at the helm of the boat. The head of the dragon was so realistic that it looked as though it was alive. Especially the eyes of the dragons, which had lightning flashes in them, looking like a divine being. The tail of the boat was a dragon tail which was hundreds of feet long. The tail looked as though it is able to move left and right, creating clouds as it moved, creating the feeling of ‘seeing the dragon’s head but not tail’.

    In the centre of the boat was a luxurious tower which was divided into many levels. On every level, there was an intricately designed with many colors and lanterns all over.

    The thing which caught SongZhong’s attention the most was the pagoda like structures on the top of the tower. While they looked like lighthouses, they were actually the famous Divine Lightning Towers letting out terrifying divine lightning. It was just SongZhong was not knowledgeable about these things; thus, he only knew that they were Divine Lightning Towers but did not know what divine lightning they formed. However, with just the awe given off by the dragon boat, he knew that these hundreds of Divine Lightning Towers were definitely powerful.

    This high grade gigantic magical artifact dragon boat was something which SongZhong had never seen before. Even in the Mystical Sky Yard, the strongest boat they had was only 2000 feet wide with low-grade Divine Lightning Towers, completely incomparable to this boat.

    Facing such a majestic magical artifact dragon boat, SongZhong could not help but be overwhelmed.

    Lei Shan’er who was by the side also said with envy, “Aiyah, I never imagined that the Emperor valued you so much, sending his own Gold Dragon Boat! This is the strongest giant magical artifact in the whole Eastern Ocean; even without anyone commanding it, its defence is enough to defend against 10 YuanYing cultivators!”

    “It can’t be, right? It is actually so strong?” SongZhong exclaimed in shock.

    “Of course, this boat is something which is left behind ten thousand years ago by a LianXu human cultivator. It was dug out by the emperor a thousand years ago. From then on, it had became the ride of the Eastern Ocean Emperor!” Lei Shan’er explained.

    “I see!” Only then did SongZhong understand.

    As they were talking, a tall and sturdy man floated out from the Gold Dragon Boat. He was half naked, only wearing a pair of leather pants. His muscles were all extremely well developed, and he was no smaller in size than SongZhong.

    This tall and sturdy man then floated in front of SongZhong. As Lei Shan’er saw that, she greeted in respect, “Paying my respects to senior!”

    That person then smiled to Lei Shan’er, “Shan’er, don’t need to stand on ceremony. Stand aside, let me take a look to see if this royal bloodline is real or not!”

    As he said that, he then stared at SongZhong. SongZhong then felt a wave of hot spiritual sense scan him, penetrating into his body as though he wanted to see through all of his secrets. SongZhong immediately realized that it was time to put up a show!