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Chapter 251: Imperial Bloodline

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 251: Imperial Bloodline

    As Daoist HuoLong heard that, he replied with a bitter laughter, “My dear sister! Things are already in such a state, what else would I not dare to do? Just say what you want to!”

    “Actually, this is also a despicable move!” Celestial QingYun’s expression became heavy as she said hatefully, “Old Devil Feng was indeed saved by the Lightning Eagle King. Furthermore, she even called SongZhong ‘little highness’!”

    “This is obviously just Old Devil Feng talking nonsense!” Daoist HuoLong replied bitterly, “SongZhong grew up in the Mystical Sky Yard, how can he possibly be the highness of the demonic beasts?”

    “Who cares if it is bullshit or not!” Celestial QingYun said sternly, “Since you are the sect master, whatever you say will be the truth!”

    “En?” As Daoist HuoLong heard that, he immediately understood and replied hastily, “You want me to personally frame SongZhong as a spy of the demonic beasts?”

    “That’s right, you are the sect master. As long as you announce this matter, everyone will believe you. Even if SongZhong comes back alive, he will be the public enemy of everyone present. Even if he were to say anything, no one would believe him!” Celestial QingYun said coldly, “As such, we do not need to be afraid that he will spew the truth! Since he is a spy of the demonic beasts, everything he says will be lies; even if they were truths!”

    “This~” Daoist HuoLong lowered his head and thought for a moment. Then, he laughed bitterly, “Sister, there is some challenge to frame him like that… everyone knows that SongZhong was born in the Mystical Sky Yard and grew up here. He had almost never met with the outside world before, how did he become a spy? Even if I were to announce it, no one would believe me for sure.”

    “If that’s the case, then we should go all out! Frame his parents as well!” Celestial QingYun said hatefully, “If I don’t remember wrongly, SongZhong’s father was a person with unknown origins! Just say that he is a spy sent by the demonic beasts and he developed his son to become a spy as well. If that’s the case, people should believe right?”

    “This~” As Daoist HuoLong heard that, he frowned, obviously unwilling to do so.

    As Celestial QingYun saw that, she could only shake her head bitterly, “I know you are still feeling guilt towards them. Indeed, QianWu went too far the last time and shouldn’t have harmed them as such. After all, he was your senior brother Hong’s disciple. This made you feel like you’ve let down your senior brother! But now, it is already a matter of life and death. If we don’t make SongZhong a spy, then not only will you lose all your reputation, I will also have to suffer with you. The moment the affairs of Old Devil Feng and I are revealed, I don’t have to remain as the head of the Jade Pearl Pavilion any longer. Even the Enforcement Hall may not let me off so easily! In any case, I can only rely on you now!”

    “Haiz!” As Daoist HuoLong heard that, he gave a long sigh and replied helplessly, “Forget it, since I have already let them down, just let me be the bad guy all the way!” As he said that, Daoist HuoLong lowered his head in agony.

    “Haiz!” As Celestial QingYun saw that, he could not help but let out a sigh before saying helplessly, “I know that your senior brother Hong places great importance on this child. If you make his whole family become demonic beasts spies, that hot tempered senior brother of yours will surely severe all ties with you! I never imagined that just because of QianWu’s wilful actions back then, such a huge wave is created. It is even going to cause you brothers to turn on each other! This is all my fault!”

    “Sister, don’t talk about this already!” Daoist HuoLong waved his hands and said with a bitter laughter, “While senior brother Hong and I have known each other for a few hundred years, that can’t be compared to our brother-sister relationship. Besides, while I did let him down, his rejection of the marriage back then had also made me lose a great deal of face, unable to lift my head up. If we were to look at it in detail, he is also responsible for this matter! He can’t blame me for this! So, let’s just turn against each other then! At the very most, I will let him beat me up once!”

    Celestial QingYun knew that while Daoist HouLong made things sound so simple, he was extremely heartbroken. It is just that she did not know how to comfort him since things were already in such a state. She could only reply with a bitter laughter, “If that’s the case, then this matter is settled. Furthermore, if SongZhong becomes a spy, his Eastern Ocean Island Head Warrant may be confiscated. But don’t worry, since the Green Bamboo Island is now yours, it will also be yours in the future. That Old Devil Feng caused such a huge trouble, we must definitely let him pay some price!”

    “Haha, that’s the best, I’m still relying on the Green Bamboo Island to prosper!” Daoist HuoLong forced a smile.

    However, Celestial QingYun saw that his smile was even uglier than if he were to cry and knew that he was extremely depressed within. Since things are already settled, Celestial QingYun did not want to stay any longer and left. Daoist HuoLong also did not keep her back any longer and sent her off. When he returned and looked at the brightly shining moon, he could not help but mumble to himself, “The moon is shining bright while my heart is in pitch darkness! I never imagined that I, Daoist HuoLong, will also do something so immoral in my life! Senior brother Hong, this little brother has let you down and have to go back on my words! Darn fatty, you also shouldn’t blame me, who asked you to become a big threat for us all? If you don’t die, I can’t be at peace either! So, I can only let you down!”

    As he said that, Daoist HuoLong came to his desk and began writing something hastily.

    Needless to say, SongZhong only managed to wake up after being unconscious for a long time.

    After SongZhong woke up, he opened his eyes and looked at a tender looking face filled with wisdom.

    However, while this face was extremely beautiful, it had shocked SongZhong to the point his face turned white, almost screaming on the spot. It was for no other reason, but because SongZhong recognized this face. This was the face of the famous Lightning Eagle King, Lei Shan’er.

    With regards to the legends of the Lightning Eagle King, it was definitely shocking in the Eastern Ocean Alliance. It is said that there were thousands of human cultivators who died in her hands with even JinDan experts amongst them! For SongZhong to see such a frightening person in front of him, how can he not be afraid?

    However, as she saw SongZhong’s frightened looks, Lei Shan’er was startled and quickly took a step back. Then, she said with a pitiful look, “Little highness, why are you looking at me like that? I am a good person!”

    Looking at the pitiful look on Lei Shan’er’s face, SongZhong felt a little guilty as he said with a bitter laughter, “This, hehe...that, hehe…”

    After replying with a ‘hehe’, he also did not know what to say. He realized that Lei Shan’er was treating him like he was an important person in the Demonic Beast clan instead of a human cultivator. While SongZhong did not know why this was the case, he was extremely clear that he had to conceal the truth. The moment Lei Shan’er finds out that he was the one who forced her back, she would definitely not treat him so nicely but slice him up into pieces to feed the fishes!

    As Lei Shan’er saw SongZhong laughing foolishly, she could not help but laugh, “Little highness, I am Lei Shan’er, a Lightning Eagle. I am now an ambassador of the Eastern Ocean Surveillance Corps. Where did you come from, why were you being chased by a human cultivator?”

    “This~” SongZhong rubbed his head and replied with a bitter laughter, “I can’t really remember! Why do you think this was the case?”

    As he said that, SongZhong began to look at his surroundings and realized that he was in a beautiful room. There were pink curtains around with exquisite tea sets together with a zither and dressing table. It looked just like the room of a wealthy young miss. SongZhong was now lying down on her bed, being covered with a comfortable silk blanket. As the fragrant smell filled his nose, he could not help but feel extremely comfortable.

    As for Lei Shan’er, she was seated by the side of the bed. Hearing what SongZhong said, she was stunned for a moment before replying with realization, “Little highness, in order to save us, you fought that terrifying cultivator head on and received a blow from him. Many of your bones were even broken. You may have injured your brain and lost your memory temporarily, right?”

    “Ah, right!” SongZhong nodded and said, “This might be the case!”

    “Aiyah, this is bad, if you lose your memory, how will you return home?” Lei Shan’er could not help but reply anxiously.

    “Haha!” SongZhong gave a foolish laughter, “There’s no need to rush, I will just wait till I regain my memory. Right, why are you calling me little highness?”

    “Do you need to ask? You are the pure blood descendant of a demonic beast emperor. Everyone from the demonic beast clan will naturally have to call you ‘little highness’!” Lei Shan’er explained with a smile.

    “Bloodline of a demonic beast emperor?” As SongZhong heard that, he could not help but laugh bitterly, “What is that?”

    “Aiyah, you even forgot about this?” Lei Shan’er laughed bitterly and began to explain.

    As SongZhong heard that, he finally understood. It turns out that the demonic beasts clan was actually the descendants of the different god-beasts. These god-beasts include the azure dragon, white tiger, black tortoise, vermillion bird, phoenix, qilin, nine-coloured deer and etc. They were called the founders of the demonic beasts clan! After many generations of demonic beasts, there were many changes in their bloodline causing them vary. However, every god-beast will have a demonic beast descendant with the closest bloodline. They would usually inherit the powerful abilities of the god-beasts and were thus made the leaders, being called the demonic beast emperor. As time passed, such a bloodline was called the Imperial bloodline.

    After SongZhong understood what it meant by Imperial bloodline, he was still extremely confused. Finally, he could not help and asked carefully, “Shan’er, how did you know that I had the Imperial bloodline of the demonic beast clan?”

    “Goodness, you really forgot about everything!” Lei Shan’er face palmed helplessly before explaining, “My little highness, as the Imperial bloodline of the Black Tortoise, you have the Blood River Pattern behind you and the symbolistic protective divine light of the Black Tortoise! These are all irrefutable evidences!”

    As Lei Shan’er explained that, SongZhong came to a realization, understanding that the problem lay with the Blood River Pattern. After it was refined with the Primal Natal Fire, it had completely fused together with SongZhong. At the same time, he also had the bloodline of the Black Tortoise within him. Thus, he would have such a change in the water and even have the special demonic beast aura. It can be said that SongZhong isn’t purely human anymore but half human and half demon.

    Just when SongZhong was still daydreaming, Lei Shan’er asked with a smile, “Little highness, you are only of the 4th grade and you have transformed already. You are really remarkable! Even though I had a chance encounter, I could only transform at the 5th grade! But, don’t they say that those of the Imperial bloodline can usually only transform at the 8th, 9th or even 10th grade due to their denser bloodlines? Why are you able to transform so early?”

    “Hehe…” SongZhong rubbed his head and replied with a foolish laughter, “I don’t know, I can’t remember!”

    Now, Songzhong completely loved this excuse of losing his memory. As long as he meet a question which he doesn’t know how to reply, he will just avoid it with an excuse of losing his memory. At least, it will not create any doubts.

    Indeed, after Lei Shan’er heard that, she could only frown helplessly and did not pester him with that matter. She then pouted and said, “Little highness, it doesn’t matter if you transform early. I just don’t understand why you have to transform into something like this?”

    As SongZhong heard that, he was taken aback as he asked in doubt, “Is anything wrong with how I am?”

    “It’s not that it is wrong, it’s…” Lei Shan’er did not know how to reply.

    As SongZhong saw that, he could not help but laugh bitterly, “It’s what?”

    “Aiyah, it’s like that!” Lei Shan’er replied, “Last month, I met a human cultivator who was a darn fatty. He actually forced me into retreat and I even let go of tens of human cultivators. He is just repulsive to the extreme!”

    As she said that, Lei Shan’er grit her teeth as though she could not help but eat him alive. As SongZhong heard that and saw Lei Shan’er’s hateful appearance, he could not help but shrink up as a chill ran down his spine.

    Lei Shan’er then continued, “Little highness, do you know that he looks exactly like you? When I first saw you, I thought that you were him!”

    “Oh!” As SongZhong heard that, he quickly denied, “I am definitely not him!”

    “I know, I know!” As Lei Shan’er heard that, she smiled, “Little highness has the Blood River Pattern but that darn fatty does not. Furthermore, your strength is not something he can hope to compare to. While both of you are at the same level, I can smack that darn fatty to death with a single palm. As for you, you are able to send a human YuanYing cultivator flying with injury! Aiyah, I really admire you to death! You are so strong!”

    As she said that, stars filled her eyes as she stared at SongZhong with worship. It was also no wonder that she was like that, SongZhong’s battle record was just too stunning. Sending a YuanYing cultivator flying with the strength of a foundational cultivator, forcing the YuanYing cultivator into escape. If this matter were to spread out, it would definitely shock the cultivation world.

    The demonic beasts clan placed the greatest importance on strength. Thus, with such a fierce battle record, it was only natural for Lei Shan’er to worship him as such.

    As SongZhong saw that, he could not help but feel full of himself in his heart. But he acted indifferent and said, “Hehe, this isn’t much! It was just luck!”

    “Aiyah, little highness is so humble! How can it be considered luck for you to beat a YuanYing cultivator into escape!” Lei Shan’er replied with a smile.

    SongZhong naturally knew about this; it is just that he had too many secrets which could not be told to Lei Shan’er. Thus, he changed the topic and asked, “Right, Shan’er, where am I know?”

    “Reporting to little highness, you are on my Lightning Eagle Island!” Lei Shan’er replied.

    As SongZhong heard how Lei Shan’er was addressing him, he did not know whether to laugh or cry, “Ai yah yah, can you not call me little highness, I am not used to it!”

    “Then what should I call you?” Lei Shan’er asked with her eyes wide open.

    “If you don’t mind, you can call me elder brother!” SongZhong replied shamelessly.

    In actual fact, while SongZhong looked older, their age difference was extremely huge. Lei Shan’er had cultivated for at least seven to eight hundred years while SongZhong was a mere 30 plus years old. According to their age gap, it wouldn’t be enough for SongZhong to call Lei Shan’er grandmother or great grandmother. Thus, he decided to ignore that and call her his younger sister.

    Lei Shan’er naturally would not know what SongZhong intentions were. However, strength was everything in the demonic beasts clan. The frightening strength which SongZhong displayed in the last battle had already convinced Lei Shan’er. Thus, Lei Shan’er was not the slightest bit displeased with SongZhong’s suggestion but replied cheerfully, “It will be my honor! I shall call you little elder brother!”

    “Why little elder brother?” SongZhong replied with depression, “Look at my built, in what way do I look little?” As he said that, he revealed his two well built arms.

    Lei Shan’er covered her mouth and laughed, “Because you’re young! Don’t tell me it’s wrong to call you little elder brother?”

    As SongZhong heard that, he knew that Lei Shan’er was also not a fool and had long been able to tell his age. It is just because of his own status and strength that she was willing to call him elder brother.

    After SongZhong understood that, he smiled awkwardly and said, “Little elder brother then!”

    As he said that, he stretched on the bed and said with surprise, “Eh? All of my injuries are recovered? What is going on? I remembered that many of my bones were broken by that palm of his?”

    “Hehe, I have the secret medicine which the Black Shark King gave me!” As Lei Shan’er mentioned the Black Shark King, her face changed and did not say anything else, obviously a little upset.

    As SongZhong saw that, he knew that Lei Shan’er was suffering from heartache regarding the Black Shark King dying. After all, they were both local tyrants and he had actually died so easily. Even if they were not close to each other in the past, Lei Shan’er could not help but feel a little lonely now that the Black Shark King had died.

    While SongZhong had already guessed that, he did not dare to display it lest he ended up being seen through. Thus, he pretended to be puzzled, “Eh, Shan’er, what’s wrong with you?”

    “Nothing much!” Lei Shan’er pretended to be happy and said, “After mentioning the Black Shark King, I just feel a little sad. I was always at odds with that fellow in the past and did not like him a lot. But after he died in the hands of that darn fatty a few days ago, I felt a little sad instead!”

    As SongZhong heard that, he could not help but grow wary, afraid that Lei Shan’er will be able to recognise his identity. He then hurriedly said, “A dead person cannot come back to life, cheer up!”

    “En!” Lei Shan’er nodded her head and revealed a smile, “Little elder brother, don’t worry, I’m fine. After so many years, many of my friends in the Eastern Ocean had died and I’m used to it already!”

    As SongZhong heard that, he could not help but laugh bitterly, “Alright, alright, let’s not talk about this anymore. Can you give me some clothes, I want to go out and take a look!”

    After that brutal battle, SongZhong’s body was bruised all over and his clothes was naturally not intact anymore. As such, he had long became a naked person already. Even now as he lay on the bed, he was still completely naked.

    “Okay!” As Lei Shan’er heard that, she walked towards the cupboard and took out a pink coloured skirt and smiled at SongZhong, “Little elder brother, this is my favourite dress. How about I let you wear it?”

    As SongZhong saw that, he almost fainted on the spot! What Lei Shan’er took out was obviously female clothes, how would he be able to wear it? But if he doesn’t wear it, it would be contradicting his memory loss. In order to act the part of not having his memory, he should not know the difference between how a male and female dresses. However, it was just impossible for him to put on a lady’s dress.

    Thankfully, SongZhong wittily replied, “This, seems a little small. I don’t think I can fit?”

    “Aiyah!” Lei Shan’er finally realized that as she said, “What should I do then? All of my clothes are all too small, it is impossible for you to fit into them!”

    “Then, just give me some leafs to cover myself!” SongZhong replied helplessly. While he did have robes in his dimensional storage ring, they were all human clothes. If he were to put them on, Lei Shan’er would probably realize that he was the darn fatty who killed the Black Shark King. Thus, he did not dare to wear them at all.

    As Lei Shan’er heard what SongZhong said, she smiled, “Alright then, I will make a new set of clothes for little elder brother. This is the first time I am making clothes! Wait for a moment and I will be back in a jiffy!” As she said that, she did not wait for SongZhong to reply and sprinted out of the room, looking extremely excited to make SongZhong a new set of clothes.

    As SongZhong saw that, what else could he say other than laugh bitterly? Helplessly, he could only wait here. Thankfully, Lei Shan’er came back quickly, hugging a pile of leaves. Then, she threw the leaves on the floor and began making clothes for SongZhong attentively.

    It must be said that Lei Shan’er’s speed was rather fast. In just a short while, she stood up with a ‘luxurious’ set of leaf-clothes and smiled, “Little elder brother, come and take a look. This is made from the leafs of the Lightning Cry Tree. Look, there are still lightning flashing around in the leaves, how beautiful!”