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Chapter 249: Celestial QingYun

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 249: Celestial QingYun

    Sectless DongHai naturally did not know about Huo **’s scheme. The moment he heard Huo **’s concern for SongZhong, he thought that Huo ** was concerned about his junior. Thus, he looked towards Huo ** with gratification and asked Cui’er, “Speak, where is SongZhong? Is he dead or alive?”

    In fact, for those who were present, in their hearts they had already determined that SongZhong was dead for sure. After all, he was only a foundational cultivator. How would it be possible for him to escape from a YuanYing cultivator? In fact, it was already considered extremely surprising for him to escape the Green Bamboo Island.

    Under such assumption, Huo ** and Mu ZiRong had readied themselves to start bawling their eyes out the moment Cui’er confirmed SongZhong’s death. They must definitely ensure that this matter blows up big.

    However, never did Huo ** and Mu ZiRong expect that after Cui’er hesitated for a moment, she gritted her teeth and said, “Reporting to seniors, SongZhong did not die!”

    “Ah?” Everyone present exclaimed as they heard that.

    Especially Mu ZiRong and Huo **, who were filled with a face of incredulity. As for Mu ZiRong, her heart was raised all the way to her throat as she thought, ‘This trouble maker still isn’t dead? If he comes back alive, I will definitely be played to death by him just because I abandoned him.’

    As Sectless DongHai heard that, he questioned in joy, “Then where is he?”

    “Saved by Lightning Eagle King, Lei Shan’er!” Cui’er said carefully.

    “En?” As everyone heard that, they gasped in doubt.

    As for Sectless DongHai, his eyes widened as he asked in shock, “Lei Shan’er saved SongZhong? Did I hear wrongly? Since when did Lei Shan’er become a kind hearted person?”

    “He should have been caught by Lei Shan’er right?” The old lady suddenly said.

    “No no no, not caught, saved!” Cui’er quickly explained, “Senior uncle said that just when he was about to capture SongZhong, Lei Shan’er suddenly appeared and attacked him with all her might. Then, she brought SongZhong away. Senior Uncle Feng had personally heard Lei Shan’er call SongZhong ‘little highness’. This can be seen as SongZhong isn’t a human, but a spy which the Eastern Ocean sent!”

    As everyone heard that, they were first stunned before snorting in disdain. Sectless DongHai could not help but laugh coldly, “Little one, who are you trying to fool? If SongZhong is a spy, would he kill the Black Shark King?”

    “Huo ** also could not help but laugh coldly, “SongZhong was born in the Mystical Sky Yard and his parents were also from the Mystical Sky Yard. Furthermore, his father was the disciple of our previous sect master and SongZhong was personally named by our previous sect master. If you say that he is a spy from the Eastern Ocean, why not you just accuse everyone in the Mystical Sky Yard for being a spy?”

    “This is not the only ridiculous matter!” Another devil YuanYing cultivator added on with a frown, “That SongZhong is only a foundational cultivator, it is impossible for him to escape from a YuanYing cultivator. He is probably killed by Old Devil Feng. Why bother weaving such lies?”

    “That’s right, even if you guys are going to lie, make a better one. Such explanation of yours is an insult to our intelligence!” Another devil cultivator grumbled.

    With everyone present doubting her, Cui’er was helpless at what to do either. Thus, she could only say, “Seniors, this, this is what senior uncle Feng instructed me to say! He is my senior, I will naturally follow whatever he asks me to say!”

    As she said that, everyone here understood that even Cui’er herself did not believe what Old Devil Feng said. This was just something far too absurd. In these few thousand years, the demonic beasts from the Eastern Ocean had never sent a spy before. This time, when Old Devil Feng had shamelessly bullied a junior, he also audaciously accused SongZhong of being a spy. Furthermore, SongZhong was someone who had killed an ambassador! Who would ever believe this?

    Huo ** could not help but lament bitterly, “Senior, this Thousands Desire Sect is just too despicable! They were obviously the one who secretly launched an ambush. Now, they still want to accuse my dear nephew for being a spy? My goodness, they are just too despicable to the extreme! I hope that senior will bring justice to us all!”

    Sectless DongHai was also angered greatly. As he heard that, he replied without hesitation, “Don’t worry, justice will definitely be served!”

    Sectless DongHai and the four vice heads began to discuss the matter via telepathy. Not too long later, they came to a conclusion and Sectless DongHai announced solemnly, “With regards to the despicable actions of the Thousands Desire Sect. the five of us have discussed and came to a conclusion - The whole Eastern Ocean will brand Old Devil Feng as a wanted criminal. As long as he appears in the Eastern Ocean Alliance, he will be killed on sight!”

    As Cui’er heard that, she revealed a bitter smile on her face. In fact, this arrest warrant is not extremely strong. Rather than calling it an arrest warrant, it should be called a restriction warrant. After all, it only prohibits Old Devil Feng from entering the Eastern Ocean. However, the meaning behind this is not small. The moment he is deemed a criminal by the Eastern Ocean Alliance, Old Devil Feng would definitely lose a great deal of face. A cultivator as powerful as himself is most afraid of having his dignity besmirched. Furthermore, it was also as good as the Eastern Ocean Alliance giving him a tight slap.

    Of course, just slapping Old Devil Feng isn’t enough. Thus, after pausing for a moment, Sectless DongHai continued, “Furthermore, since SongZhong placed his Eastern Ocean Island Head Warrant here, this place would belong to him. Now that he isn’t here, this place shall be monitored by his wife, Mu ZiRong. All of you from the Thousands Desire Sect better scram out of here. If anyone of you dares to make a scene here after this, don’t blame me for being merciless!”

    As Cui’er heard that, she was startled as she lament bitterly in her heart. You have to know, this Green Bamboo Island is not an ordinary spiritual island; whatever the Naked Skinning Witch said was the truth! There were indeed Golden Earth Dragon Vines under this island. Furthermore, they were all extremely old. Thus, this is definitely one of the most precious spiritual island in the Eastern Ocean!

    Now, they would have to give such a precious island to the Mystical Sky Yard just like this. Cui’er, being the person in charge, will no longer have a chance to reap any benefits out of this island. It would be a lie to say that she did not feel the heartache.

    The problem is, all five head and vice heads were now glaring at her coldly. What could she have done as a mere JinDan cultivator? Furthermore, they were in the wrong and she did not have anything to retort. Helpless, Cui’er could only agree and evict all disciples from the Thousands Desire Sect. Very quickly, the disciples from the Mystical Sky Yard had rushed over to occupy the Green Bamboo Island. As for Mu ZiRong, she was the island’s head wife in name. As long as SongZhong does not appear, she would be the owner of this island.

    With regards to this ending, Huo ** and Mu ZiRong were extremely satisfied, thanking the five head and vice heads continuously. After they settled the matter, they did not stay any longer and flew away to their respective dwellings. Mu ZiRong would naturally stay on the Green Bamboo Island while Huo ** returned to his own Hundred Flowers Tower to send this piece of news back.

    In the inner courts of the Mystical Sky Yard, Daoist HuoLong was in his bedroom with his seventh concubine.

    After reading Huo **’s letter, Daoist HuoLong was notified that SongZhong had passed away and Mu ZiRong inherited the Eastern Ocean Island Head Warrant. With regards to this, he was both shocked and elated. He was shocked by the fact that SongZhong died and elated about the great benefits from the Green Bamboo Island. Of course, he was also a little regretful. With regards to SongZhong who rose like a shooting star, Daoist HuoLong actually placed a great deal of importance on him. Now that he’s dead, he definitely felt regretful.

    But just when Daoist HuoLong was feeling complicated and wanted to go to bed with his concubine, his face tightened as he looked behind to see a black clad figure. This person actually entered his bedroom without making a single sound.

    Daoist HuoLong was startled. It must be understood that he was deep within the Mystical Sky Yard, not only was this place full of traps and restrictive spells, there was also the protection of a formation. Together with the patrolling disciples, it was as if he was in a crucible! Just how did this person appear here? Why was Daoist HuoLong not able to notice her with his strength? Only until she intentionally let out her aura, did he realize her presence.

    As this unknown person appeared, Daoist HuoLong began to feel nervous. He then hugged his concubine and asked cautiously, “Who are you, why did you barge into the Mystical Sky Yard?”

    “It’s me!” The sound of a female’s voice sounded.

    After Daoist HuoLong heard that, he relaxed and replied with a bitter laughter, “So it was you? Why did you come and find me at such a time, in such a manner? Do you want to scare me to death?”

    “It is something urgent!” She said calmly.

    “Oh!” As Daoist HuoLong heard that, he frowned, “Something that can make you so anxious is definitely important right?”

    “Naturally!” She replied slowly. Then, she turned around and closed the door.

    As Daoist HuoLong saw that, he laughed bitterly. Then, he turned to his concubine and said, “Go back and rest, I do not need you to serve me tonight!”

    “Yes!” That concubine did not dare to say anything else and left quickly.

    After she left, the mysterious person shut the door and formed seals with her hand, laying down a huge restriction on the room to prevent people from eavesdropping.

    As Daoist HuoLong saw that, he could not help but laugh bitterly, “Elder sister, at my place, you do not need to be that careful. There will be no one eavesdropping for sure!”

    “It’s best to be careful!” The mysterious person said that, At the same time, she sat in front of Daoist HuoLong and took off her mask, revealing her beautiful face. If there was someone present who was familiar with her, they would definitely be shocked. Because this person is the elder sister of Daoist HuoLong, the head of the Jade Pearl Pavilion, Celestial QingYun!