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Chapter 242: Do You Want To Know?

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 242: Do You Want To Know?

    “All in all, it was through my help that Celestial QingYun could progress so rapidly in cultivation, even outstripping mine! This placed her far above her peers in the Sect, to the point where she could rise above all her Sect Mates and achieve the position of Master of the Jade Pearl Pavillon! When she originally sought me out, she was merely a mid-YuanYing stage cultivator. But now, while I have just ascended to the middle stage, she is already a completed YuanYing cultivator, ready to assail the FenShen stage anytime! This really makes people sigh!” Old Devil Feng lamented with a bitter smile.

    As he spoke, Old Devil Feng could not help but shook his head and smile ruefully. One could see that his feelings ran deep. SongZhong was stunned silly upon hearing such a story. Though he knew that the death of his parents was laced with suspicious points, he did not expect that it was inclusive of such a secret!

    However, they had already reached this stage, and no matter what SongZhong had to delve to the bottom of this. Thus he could only open his mouth and question further, “If that’s so, then Huo QianWu only came to you through her mother?”

    “That’s not the case!” Old Devil Feng waved his suspicions off, “The matter between QingYun and I was an absolute secret. Other than the both of us, no one was allowed to know. Even my Sect was not aware of such a matter! The only reason why Huo QianWu found out was that of an accident! On that day, as I was having a tryst with Celestial QingYun, Huo QianWu coincidentally bumped into us. This old man could not dodge in time and was recognised by her! If it was anyone else, I would have silenced them in 1 move. However, this was Celestial QingYun’s only daughter! She could not bear to silence her, thus Huo QianWu and I became acquainted!”

    “And then? How did she betray my parents?” SongZhong hurriedly asked.

    “How else could she betray?” Old Devil Feng shrugged his shoulders. “She came straight to me, asking me to deploy some men for an ambush, all to assassinate your parents. She was even willing to use her body as payment! I was originally unwilling, after all her mother was still quite against us devil cultivators. However, she used our relationship to threaten me. If I were to disagree, then she would tell every one of our tryst and shift the blame to me, so Celestial QingYun would come for my life! You tell me, is it that this woman became crazy and perverted after she got dumped by your dad?!”

    “Aiii! Whatever the case, I had no choice. In actuality, I was unwilling to lay a finger on your parents. After all, they were the direct disciples of the Mystical Sky Yard, not just any small fries. If there was no reason, who would want to provoke that almighty dragon? However, Huo QianWu repeatedly put me in a spot, thus I could only reluctantly accede to her demands. However, speaking of which, that chick Huo QianWu was really fun to play with! The only problem was that when she came, she would always scream out your dad’s name, this really infuriated me!”

    Having heard up to this point, SongZhong was already close to falling unconscious from anger. He could not help but viciously cursed, “That darned slut!”

    “Hehe!” Old Devil Feng could only let out a light smile. “Okay, now that I’ve told you the entire story, can you tell me the location of the Nine Beauties Painting?”

    “Wait, wait!” SongZhong, on the other hand, waved his hands, “You only talked about Huo QianWu, but nothing about the evidence. With nothing to substantiate your words, how do you expect me to believe you?”

    “Haha, even if you don’t believe it, what can I do? I have no ways to prove that she was the mastermind too! However, if you get to meet Huo QianWu, you can take a look at the tattoo on her chest, that was done by yours truly!” Old Devil Feng delightedly spoke. “That could be considered a form of evidence, shouldn’t it? Haha!”

    “I guess so!” SongZhong coldly replied. “If I ever get the chance to, I will definitely go and broaden my horizons!”

    “Hehe, unfortunately, I’m afraid you will never get the chance to!”

    “That might be so!” SongZhong casually brushed it off before continuing, “I have 1 last question, if you can answer me, I’ll immediately reveal the location of the nine beauties painting. I will definitely not renege on my promise!”

    Hearing this, the eyes of Old Devil Feng gleamed as he hurriedly spoke: “Okay! Ask away!”

    “When Huo QianWu betrayed my parents, was Daoist HuoLong aware of it?” SongZhong coldly asked.

    “Hehe, regarding this? Obviously, he was not aware of the plan at the beginning! After all, this plan was just too insane. If it had traveled to the ears of the ferocious dragon, then it would be an unspeakable disaster for us! Furthermore, Daoist HuoLong is still considered a long time friend of that ferocious dragon and his Hong Family, and thus he would not allow Huo QianWu to plot against your dad!”

    “From your words, he was completely in the dark about this matter from start to end?” SongZhong pressed on. Truth be told, Daoist HuoLong did not treat him too shabbily over the past few years, and he did not want him to be implicated in this, lest the two of them turn hostile.

    However, things do not go as one wishes sometimes. Hearing SongZhong’s words, Old Devil Feng gave out a cold laughter before saying “SongZhong ah, you are really looking down on us old fellows. Daoist HuoLong is someone who has lived for over few hundred years, roaming unhindered through the vast mountains. He could be considered a major figure in these vast mountains. Thus, no matter is it prowess or psychological tactics, he would have polished all these to a fine degree. If not, he wouldn’t have been able to sit on the position of Sect Master of Mystical Sky Yard! Do you think that Huo QianWu’s small movements would slip past his eye for eternity? Did you think that with such lofty backgrounds, your parents’ deaths would have gone unignored? Hmph, kid, you are too naive!”

    “Ah!” After hearing such words, SongZhong exclaimed in shock: “What you mean is, Daoist HuoLong found out about this matter in the end?”

    “Of course!” Old Devil Feng replied: “If he wasn’t there to personally help Huo QianWu clean up her mess, then how would this matter be kept under wraps? Do you think the people from the Mystical Sky Yard are all idiots? Could it be that they could not even find out where the direct disciple died, as well as died under whose hands? How is that possible?”

    “What you’re saying is that not only did Daoist HuoLong not bring Huo QianWu to justice, but he helped her conceal everything?” SongZhong spoke viciously.

    “Do you still have to ask? In the end, Huo QianWu is still his daughter in name, and if news gets out, there would be irreconcilable enmity between the Huo family and the Hong family. Huo QianWu would definitely die, and Daoist HuoLong would also not be able to escape punishment! Faced with such a matter, Daoist HuoLong could only grit his teeth and do his best to help Huo QianWu cover up the matter!” Old Devil Feng then smiled before continuing, “Of course, Daoist HuoLong did not just let Huo QianWu go so easily. In fact, he went over to Celestial QingYun to create a ruckus, then threw Huo QianWu to her. For the past 10 years, she has not returned to Mystical Sky Yard!”

    “Ah, no wonder Huo QianWu has been missing even though she is an esteemed figure inside the Sect. So there is actually such a thing!” SongZhong coldly laughed. “Hmph, no matter what, the truth has come to light today! Huo QianWu you slut, you better wait there, this grandpa will one day cut you into pieces to avenge my parents!”

    “Oi oi, you darned fatty. Stop dreaming!” Old Devil Feng interjected. “Now that I’ve told you what you want to know, then shouldn’t you act upon your promise?”

    “Heheh!” SongZhong merely smirked and placed both his hands on the shoulders of the sisters SiYu and SiYun.

    “Darlings, don’t be scared, I’m about to send you to a very safe place!” As he spoke, SongZhong did not even wait for them to reply before directly activating his skill. The next moment, both sisters disappeared in front of Old Devil Feng’s eyes. Obviously, SongZhong had placed them inside his natal artifact. Kept together with both sisters was the huge, black flying ship.

    Seeing this situation, Old Devil Feng exclaimed in surprise, and nervously shouted: “SongZhong, what are you trying to do?”

    “Hehehe!” SongZhong leisurely replied: “I was only clearing up the battlefield, for, the battle between us have no need of them!”

    “Battle?” Old Devil Feng raged, “You darned Fatty, I thought you said you were going to tell me about the whereabouts of the Nine Beauties Painting. Don’t tell me you’re going back on your words now?”

    “Of course not! Unlike you bastards, I’m a trustworthy person!” SongZhong proudly spoke: “Since I said I was going to reveal it, then I’ll naturally tell you about it!”

    Although Old Devil Feng was mocked quite badly by SongZhong, he endured it because the location of the Nine Beauties Painting was more important. Thus he smoldered and smiled in compliance, “Good, good, good, you’re a great hero, magnanimous person. So, how about you adhere to your promise now!”

    “No problem, don’t you want to know where it is? Lookie here!” As he spoke, with a flick of his palm, a jade green fan flew out of his hand, following which, he casually opened up his fan, and even exaggeratedly fanned himself twice, purposefully showing the nine beauties drawn on the fan for Old Devil Feng to see.

    “Nine Beauties Painting!” Seeing this scene, Old Devil Feng shouted out in joy. “Haha, this is really the case of wearing out iron soles but finding nothing, then finding gold without any effort at all! Turns out that the painting is on you, kid! This is great!”

    “Hmph!” SongZhong could not help but laugh out coldly: “The nine beauties painting is indeed in my hands, but the problem is, do you have the ability to take it?” As he spoke, SongZhong lightly shook the nine beauties painting, and out it came nine cultivators. 5 of them were the sword cultivators, forming a five elements formation with the five elements Essence swords on hand. The other four were holding on to their respective artifacts, all of them staring at Old Devil Feng with wary looks.

    Seeing this, how could Old Devil Feng not get a shock? “The nine heavenly demonic witches? How, how is this possible? Even I couldn’t overcome the nine beauties painting. How did you make it yield to you?”

    Hearing this, SongZhong cheekily replied, “Take a guess?”

    “Damn it! Can’t you just tell me?”

    “Obviously not!” SongZhong replied, “Because I want you to be curious about this forever. Hehe, you want to know? If you want to, you should be more lax with your attacks later on, if you slip and get me killed, then you can forget about finding it out!”

    “God damned it!” Old Devil Feng was nearly half angered to death by this statement! He could not help but barked “You are obviously threatening me!”