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Chapter 230: Meeting the Witch Again

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 230: Meeting the Witch Again

    “Hehe!” Standing by the side, Old Poison gave a sinister smile as he said: “Actually this isn’t worth much. Just by opening your legs, you can exchange for so many spiritual stones, this should be your profit instead!”

    “Nonsense, what kind of people do you take us for?” SiYun and Siyu, the two sisters, exasperatedly replied.”

    “I’m treating you two as sluts!” The Naked Skinning Witch smiled coldly. “Let me tell you, whatever I say here goes! What I ask you two to do, you had better perform, before I get angry!”

    “You… aren’t you afraid that Junior Brother Song will come back and take care of you?” Both sisters shuddered as they retorted.

    “Haha!” Hearing this, the Witch laughed out loud before saying: “Aren’t you two too naive, really treating that darn fatty as though he is immortal? For him to be able to escape from the Lightning Eagle King is already considered a miracle, now facing the Black Shark King alone? Ha, if he could still come back alive, then this old woman will kneel on the floor and be his lapdog!”

    The Naked Skinning Witch had just finished speaking when her eyes subconsciously swept across the entrance. Suddenly, she let out a heaven-shaking scream, “AHHHHHH~”

    The surrounding crowd all got a shock, and twisted their necks to take a look. It did not matter who took a look, all of them got rooted on the spot. Turns out that when SongZhong was already standing at the entrance at a time nobody knew when, albeit looking worse for wear. His robes were tattered and bruises could be seen on his skin. However, his eyes were still bright and full of expression, as though they were stars on a winter night, as though they possessed the power to see through the hearts of people.

    Seeing that SongZhong had appeared, the two sisters could not help but be unable to contain their joy, jumping up and hugging him at his waist, one on each side. Both of them started crying tears of joy at that moment.

    After they had returned, because they had revealed their actual looks the other time, more and more people started to lust after them sisters. Lucky, although SongZhong was not there, but his prestige obtained from forcing the Lightning Eagle King to retreat as well as soloing the Black Shark King still remained. All the people thought that he would return in a jiffy and hence did not have the guts to take the two sisters which had already promised themselves to SongZhong.

    However, as time passed, SongZhong never returned, and adding to the fact that many cultivators witnessed the Black Shark King lay out a defence perimeter outside the Bewildering Ocean. This led people to believe that SongZhong was forced into the entry only Bewildering Ocean.

    Since the Bewildering Ocean was already infamous, after people started to hypothesis that SongZhong was trapped inside, they immediately sentenced him to death. Adding to that was the fact that he did not show himself even after a month, causing people to eventually forget about his existence. Thus, people began to once again lust after SiYun and SiYu, the twin sisters.

    As for the leader, the Naked Skinning Witch, not only did she not protect them, she even added fuel to the fire, taking the initiative to inform those bastards to bid for the first night of the two sisters. Of course, the proceeds from the auction would go to her, with SiYun and SiYu only receiving a meagre amount as compensation. This was as good as selling off her own group members as prostitutes!

    Just today, the Naked Skinning Witch finally found a good buyer, which was the Black Monk which was the leader of the stronger Foundational Cultivator team among the Eastern Ocean Cultivators. Thus the Naked Skinning Witch had started to pressure the two sisters.

    It was a pity that never in her dreams did she imagine the believed-dead SongZhong would suddenly appear, and furthermore right after she had spoken her sentence. This caused her to grow silly on the spot.

    While the Naked Skinning Witch was struck dumb, SongZhong was the opposite. He first gave a gentle smile to reassure both SiYun and SiYu. After which, her walked in front of the Witch with a malicious smile in his face, staring at her coldly without saying a single word. The Naked Skinning Witch was so frightened that she hurriedly vacated the seat of honour.

    SongZhong was not polite either, sitting on the seat that the Witch had vacated in extreme satisfaction, before putting his feet up on the tea table in front of him, smilingly saying: “When I came just now, I seemed to have heard someone saying that they would kneel down in front of me to lick my feet, I wonder who was that?”

    As the audience heard, they could not help but want to laugh, suppressing their laughter by covering their mouths. The Naked Skinning Witch sported an ashen face, before finally saying in embarrassment: “I, I was just joking!”

    “But I’m not joking!” Only to hear SongZhong coldly remark: “If you know what’s good for you, you had best fulfill your promise, or else I can let you see the prowess of Your Father I!”

    “SongZhong!” Hearing so, the Naked Skinning Witch could not help but scream out, saying in exasperation: “Don’t take things too far!”

    “Hmph!” SongZhong only coldly smiled, “I’m merely giving you a taste of your own medicine. If you can force the sisters SiYun and SiYu to sell themselves, why can’t I make you lick my feet?”

    “You, you, you~” Hearing this sentence, the Naked Skinning Witch did not know how exactly she should answer!

    “You slut, I can’t be bothered to continue bickering with you. That time, you snuck away before the actual battle, and today you still want to set up the two sisters. If I don’t take care of you today, then no one would bother to follow my laws anymore!” SongZhong ruthlessly spoke: “Right now, if you fulfill what you promised then we will call it quits, or else, I’ll shatter your cheap bones one by one!”

    “Hmph!” The Naked Skinning Witch was utterly enraged, and said in agitation: “SongZhong, you don’t know what’s good for you, I Naked Skinning Witch survived on threats from young till I was old, with just your strength, what can you even do to me?”

    “Hmph hmph!” With a cold laugh SongZhong waved his sleeve. Following which a ray of white light flashed and in the hall suddenly appeared a humongous animal. To think it was actually the carcass of the Black Shark King! Even though the meeting halls of cultivators were built to be spacious, but once this thing was taken out, even the tail stretched past the entrance, with the entire room filled to the brim.All of them were startled by SongZhong’s actions. Following which, they realised just what SongZhong threw out and were flabbergasted.

    “My goodness. This...isn’t this the Black Shark King?” SiYu and SiYun exclaimed in shock.

    “It can’t be wrong, it is definitely him. Look at this head and this aura. It is definitely the Black Shark King who were saw back then!” Old Poison also exclaimed.

    Despite her shock, the Naked Skinning Witch did not forget to take a look at the Black Shark King’s injuries. The moment she took a look at it, she got a shock of her life. It turns out, the Black Shark King who was known for the strength of his body was like a pile of clay currently with almost all of his bones broken and organs shattered. It was obvious that he had been beaten to death by someone with brute force!

    Seeing this, the Naked Skinning Witch did not dare believe her eyes. A peak 5th grade demonic beast was equivalent to a completed JinDan cultivator! Such a strong existence was actually turned into a corpse right before her eyes. How would she not be startled!

    SongZhong then said with a cold laughter, “This bastard was beaten to death alive by me. If you, this bitch, wants to provoke me any further, I do not mind exercising this body of mine!”

    As everyone heard that, they were all taken aback! Although they had a feeling that the Black Shark King must have died in SongZhong’s hands, the truth still startled them greatly. Especially the way the Black Shark King died, he was not blown to death by divine lightning but beaten to death by SongZhong’s fists! Wasn’t SongZhong a lightning cultivator? Since when did he become a lightning cultivator?

    The Naked Skinning Witch was shocked till her face turned pale and no longer had the arrogance she had a few moments ago. She hurriedly pleaded, “Junior brother Song, old master Song, this slave knows her mistake. Please have mercy on me!”

    “Hmph, did you have any mercy on SiYu and SiYun?” SongZhong replied coldly.

    “This, this~” As the Naked Skinning Witch heard that, she became speechless. But, she did not really want to really lick SongZhong’s toes. That was far too humiliating and she would never be able to lift up her head in future if she were to do that.

    Thankfully, SiYu and SiYun were both soft hearted individuals. The moment they saw that the Naked Skinning Witch was so pitiful, they could not help but plead on her behalf, “Junior brother Song. Ah, no! We should be calling you senior brother Song!”

    They found out that SongZhong had already reached the completed foundational stage which was higher than them, thus changing their address. “Haha, it doesn’t matter what you call me!” As SongZhong heard that, he could not help but reply with a smile.

    “No no, we can’t break the rules!” SiYu and SiYun then said, “Senior brother Song, although the leader is in the wrong, it seems a little too much for you to force a lady like her to do that! Can you not do that?”

    “Haiz! The both of you are too kind hearted!” As SongZhong heard that, he could not help but let out a sigh, “Forget it, since the both of you have pleaded on her behalf, I will let her go this once. But, she had escaped from the line of battle and betrayed the both of you after. I must definitely teach her a lesson! If not, this team cannot go on any further!”

    “Yes yes, we know. We only want you to change a method of punishment! As long as you do not humiliate her like that!” SiYu and SiYun both replied.

    “En!” SongZhong nodded his head. Then, he turned his head and said, “Bitch! Since SiYu and SiYun pleaded for you, I will let you off this time. But, you must be hanged up and wiped a hundred times to teach you a lesson for both your despicable actions! Do you agree?”

    “I agree, I agree!” The Naked Skinning Witch hurriedly said. Being whipped was definitely much better than licking SongZhong’s toes.

    However, after SongZhong finished that, he suddenly continued with an evil smile, “But, you should not be happy too early. I remember the words you said today. You already had two strikes already; one more strike and you will definitely have to lick my toes no matter who pleads on your behalf! Do you understand?”

    “Yes yes, this slave understands! This slave will definitely not do that again!” The Naked Skinning Witch pleaded pitifully. Although she looked to be extremely pitiful, SongZhong knew that a leopard will never change its spots. She would definitely do something funny again. Thus, he was not anxious and waved his hands, “Stone, carry out the punishment. 100 whips, do not show any mercy!”

    “Yes!” After SongZhong had saved his life twice, stone was completely on the side of SongZhong. The moment he heard SongZhong’s command, he grabbed the Naked Skinning Witch and sealed her cultivation without any hesitation. Then, he hanged her up and found a whip to whip her with all his might. Stone would not take pity on the lady. Since SongZhong let him whip her with all he had, he would whip her with all he had. Since SongZhong asked him to whip her a hundred times, he would not whip her any less than that even if no one was looking.

    In the end, the Naked Skinning Witch was whipped to the point her body was filled with blood all over as cried out in agony. But, her cries were completely useless. After stone had finished whipping her, he only released her cultivation and left without even undoing the string. The Naked Skinning Witch could only free herself with a body full of injuries, running back to treat them.

    As the Naked Skinning Witch was being sentenced, SongZhong asked the two sisters for any news regarding Mu ZiRong. Without any suspense, after Mu ZiRong awoke, her attitude took a 180 degree change, and after viciously cursing at swearing at SongZhong, she took leave without consulting anyone. No one knew of her whereabouts now. However, SongZhong could guess that there was an eighty percent chance she had returned home.

    For this ending, SongZhong had long since made preparations, thus he did not feel surprised. Very quickly, he put this at the back of his mind, and started to question regarding the latest news in the Eastern Ocean.

    As it turns out, SongZhong found out that this time he had created a lot of trouble from SiYun and SiYu’s mouths. Firstly was the fact that the Lightning Eagle King returned with the tail tucked between the legs, which led the long-lasting Eastern Ocean Surveillance Corps in the Eastern Ocean Empire feel that they had thrown their face. Thus all the other ambassadors unanimously agreed that she be revoked of her position as an ambassador.

    Although this absurd suggestion was quickly overturned by the Lightning Eagle King with her ideas, the main point was that she felt as though her prestige had been thoroughly dragged through the mud. To regain her image, this woman acted like a lunatic, continuously surveilling the Eastern Ocean again and again, not even leaving a blade of grass untouched. No matter what rank of cultivator she met, only death awaited.

    In just merely a month’s time, close to 500 cultivators had died under her hands, and thus the Eastern Ocean Alliance could not help but send out a warning, informing all those going out to sea to take extra precautions. Many of those teams without the pressure of completing their tasks directly chose to forgo any clearing tasks for the time being, focusing on cultivation in their homes.

    As for those fellows who had not finished their tasks, they could only grit their teeth and bear it as they continued to implement their suicidal tasks. As such, god knows how many people were cursing at this bastard SongZhong under their breaths.

    However, there was also many who treated SongZhong very nicely. This did not just include those in which SongZhong had once saved, but also those cultivators whom had lost members once to the Lightning Eagle King, as they all appreciated this guy who was able to throw the Lightning Eagle King’s face till she had nothing left.

    Especially since SongZhong had saved so many people, this made the Eastern Ocean Alliance specially send out a thank-you letter for SongZong, describing him as an upright cultivator whose actions were exemplary within the Eastern Ocean. Thus the Eastern Ocean Alliance decided that when SongZhong returned, they would bestow upon him a commendation!

    Of course, this sort of nonsense was not believed by any of the members in the demonic way, especially since SongZhong did not return at all. Thus a lot of people thought that this was a sort of consolation for the dead person.

    However, now that SongZhong had really returned, and heard that the Eastern Ocean Alliance wanted to reward him, he could not help but feel his heart palpitating slightly. Thinking to himself, since the Eastern Ocean Alliance had used such grandeur for praising him, this not end up with a present that was rubbish. No matter what they said, SongZhong was still a person who saved over 50 people, with one of them being a JinDan warrior.