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Chapter 224: Heaven Shaking Battle

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 224: Heaven Shaking Battle


    As he said that, the Black Shark King waved his trident, emitting a violent wave of black light. As for his subordinates, they charged forward, relentlessly attacking with the water pillars. The next moment, the water pillars shot up to the sky, making it seem like there is a wall of water.

    Faced with such a frightening attack, SongZhong dare not hold back any longer. While using the Lesser Positive Negative Five Elements Divine Lightnings to defend against the trident, he also shot out a spiritual talisman towards the copper bell. His copper bell then emitted a loud ring, which reverberated in all directions. The water pillars which were in close proximity were destroyed by the sound wave, while those water pillars that were further away, had their internal structure destroyed and weakened greatly.

    The four nuns then unleashed their divine light, forming a force field composed of light, easily blocking the oncoming but weakened water pillars.

    At the same time, the five sword cultivators suddenly became translucent as they turned into formless devils. They passed through the water pillars and arrived right in front of the herd of black sharks. Then they returned back into corporeal forms and sent out waves of sword Qi which struck the foes accurately.

    None of the black sharks expected such moves from the demonic witches. They were caught off guard and a few hundred black sharks died again.

    These women were just too savage. Every attack of theirs would kill several of the black sharks instantly. It scared these black sharks, who were infamous for their fierceness, into scattering for their lives. The Black Shark King was angered to the point his face turned green as he roared, “Brethrens, set up the Mysterious Water Protection Formation!”

    Following the Black Shark King’s commands, the eight JinDan brethrens immediately took action. They released a large amount of spiritual Qi, coalescing a large water ball of over ten thousand feet, to allow the black sharks to hide within it.

    All of these water balls are formed from water spiritual Qi and the black sharks are able to move about freely in them. In fact, their spells would be strengthened in them as well. But if someone else were to go in, they would be greatly restricted. Even the formless demonic witches would also be affected. If they were to enter in their human forms, they would be unable to move at all.

    The five sword cultivators did not dare to enter the water balls and only attacked from outside with their sword Qi. However, the water ball was capable of weakening the sword Qi. After the sword Qi entered the water ball, not only its strength would be weakened, its speed would also be reduced. The black sharks could then easily ensure that their vital spots would not be hit, thus easily defending against the sword Qi with their tough hide.

    Faced with such a situation, the five demonic witches were rendered helpless. As SongZhong saw that, he gave out a cold laughter and sent his divine lightnings towards the water ball. With the might of the Lesser Positive Negative Five Elements Divine Lightnings, at least half of each water ball would be destroyed in a single blow for sure. Not only would the black sharks hiding within would be killed, they would also lose the protection of the water balls, giving the demonic witches a chance to slaughter them.

    As the Black Shark King saw that, he was startled. He hurriedly waved his trident to block the divine lightnings which SongZhong threw out. Following a loud explosion, the divine lightnings exploded in the air and none of the black sharks were harmed.

    Upon the sight of this scene, their morale rose as they shot out water pillars from inside the water ball to assist the Black Shark King. Through the aid of the water spiritual Qi, the water pillars were actually black with a light shade of gold. If these water pillars were to strike metal, the metal would probably be blown to smithereens.

    SongZhong’s divine lightning had no effect at all! Instead, it drew hundreds of water pillar to him, resulting him to be at a loss at what to do for an instant. Although he barely managed to block the attack with the aid of the devils and copper bell, he was still extremely ticked off by this attack.

    Given how things had progressed to this extent, both of them were already fighting to the death, so SongZhong decided not to hold back further. He gritted his teeth and made a bold and crazy decision.

    He shrinked the bell above his head, to around 10 feet big and rode on it, charging towards the nearest water ball to him. As he charged forward, he shot out his divine lightnings in rapid succession and unleashed the Bone Eroding Immortal Voice with his copper bell.

    The water ball naturally could not defend against such a large-scale attack and was instantly destroyed. Consequently, a large massacre started. The five sword cultivators unleashed their sword Qi incessantly and SongZhong spammed his divine lightnings as though they were free. In just a short few breaths, a few hundred black sharks were killed and the rest scattered to the other water balls.

    The Black Shark King would not watch in silence and see his kins be killed. In reality, when SongZhong began to move, the Black Shark King had already used his trident to block SongZhong. It was a pity that SongZhong had learnt from his mistake and handed the mission of dealing with the trident to the four nuns. These four nuns were well-versed in the study of buddhist spells, which had a subduing effect on demonic beasts. Thus, despite the four nuns being weaker than the Black Shark King, they were able to utilise their vast experience and knowledge to block the Black Shark King. In the end, the Black Shark King was only able to watch his brothers get massacred helplessly.

    SongZhong’s divine lightning, copper bell and sword Qi went all out, thereby killing the middle JinDan cultivator. That was the blood brother of the Black Shark King!

    Seeing his brother getting dismembered into pieces by the sword Qi and being blown into ashes by the divine lightning, the Black Shark King was completely enraged. With a roar suffused with grief, he led his subordinates on a grand battle.

    A brutal battle broke out as the five coloured sword Qi filled the skies, prismatic fireballs and explosions all around. Furthermore, there was also the trident of the Black Shark King, sending out gigantic black waves of Qi blast.

    The whole space was filled with dark clouds as rain poured down from above. However, the explosions of the divine lightning had lit up the entire place. Anyone in the surrounding few hundred kilometres could hear the cacophony of the loud explosions, the loud rings from the copper bell and the miserable groans of the black sharks. This large battle lasted for over a few hours before there was finally a turn in tide!

    This turn in tide was not because both parties were exhausted from the fight. The magical Qi of the Black Shark King and his subordinates were almost endless. As for SongZhong, he had the Five Elements Pure Water to replenish his own spiritual Qi. Not to mention a few hours, they would probably be able to fight for a few years before they would feel tired. However, if they were able to fight for years, the Black Shark King’s trident might not be capable of enduring the battering of SongZhong’s divine lightnings.

    After such a long fight, SongZhong had threw out almost a thousand Lesser Positive Negative Five Elements Divine Lightnings. 80% of them were blocked by the trident while the remaining were blocked by the black sharks, who had sacrificed their lives for it. However, these 80% of divine lightnings were not something that the trident was able to block over a prolonged period of time.

    In fact, this is already considered pretty good. An ordinary magical artifact would shatter under tens of Lesser Positive Negative Five Elements Divine Lightnings. Despite having endured 800 divine lightnings, the trident still did not shatter. It only revealed cracks, with signs of breaking.

    The Black Shark King became depressed. Without the trident, he can’t possibly use his body to block the divine lightnings. Despite his fleshly body having been tempered with over a thousand years of training, it is still a little lacking as compared to the force of the Lesser Positive Negative Five Elements Divine Lightning.

    If it was any other person, they would probably retreat if things developed to such a state. But the Black Shark King couldn’t afford to throw his face! The renowned Black Shark King of the Eastern Ocean Surveillance Corps, surrounding a foundational cultivator with ten thousand brothers of his. In the end, almost half of them died and he had to retreat in defeat. If news of this were to spread, he would no longer have the dignity to face anyone in the Eastern Ocean anymore!

    Besides, he had also estimated that SongZhong should be running out of divine lightnings soon. In fact, the amount of divine lightning which SongZhong had also exceeded his expectations. If he were to have anymore than that, it would be too unacceptable.

    In addition, the marriage with the lightning eagle king was just too alluring to him. If he were to give up at this point after making such painful sacrifices, he would be extremely indignant. As such, he was also hoping that he would be able to take SongZhong down at the last moment.

    Thus, after cracks appeared on the Black Shark King’s trident, he did not think of escaping. Rather, he threw the trident out towards the four nuns beside SongZhong.

    Because everything happened too quickly, the trident was well within their Four Directional Demon Subduing Formation before the four nuns had a chance to react. At this time, they finally reacted as they shouted out, “Master, be careful! He wants to detonate his magical artifact!”

    Although they were aware of the Black Shark King’s intention, it was already too late. In order to defend against a magical artifact that is going to detonate, the only way is to dodge it before it approaches or to block it. The moment it was beside them, it was already too late. Thus, the four of them only had enough time to remind SongZhong before being drawn in by the explosion.

    Even the Four Directional Demon Subduing Formation of the Buddhists was unable to defend against the explosion of a Natal Artifact of a JinDan cultivator. In an instant, the divine light of the four nuns were broken, with the remnants of the explosion rushing towards SongZhong.

    SongZhong could only use his copper bell to defend against it. Though the copper bell was able to defend against the explosion, it was also sent flying from the force of the explosion. Thus, SongZhong was left defenseless, without anyone or anything to protect him.

    The Black Shark King who already made preparations, roared as he rushed towards SongZhong. At this moment, he thought that victory was in his grasp and he could not help but reveal a vicious smile, “Darn fatty, this daddy will beat you to death!”

    The way the Black Shark King saw it, this SongZhong was just a pile of meat. As a lightning cultivator, his fleshly body would definitely not be strong. At the very least, SongZhong’s body cannot be compared to his fleshly body which had been toughened for a thousand years. As long as they engaged into close quarters combat, he would be able to crush SongZhong as easily as crushing a bug.

    However, the Black Shark King was obviously wrong. The moment SongZhong saw that the Black Shark King wanted to bring the battle to close quarters, he wasn’t surprised. Instead, he was enraged. With a roar, he stretched out his arms as the muscles on his body expanded, tearing his robes apart and thereby revealing his frightening muscles.

    “Blackhead, let us see who beats who to death!” As SongZhong said that, he turned into a flash of light as he received the Black Shark King.

    The both of their figures then crashed together with a loud bang as they floated in midair. SongZhong then punched the Black Shark King’s chest with his right fist while the Black Shark King also sent his fist towards SongZhong’s chest! This exchange led to the both of them flying back with blood in their mouths.

    At this moment, the Black Shark King was at a disadvantage. Due to the large stature of his younger brethrens, they had a slow reaction speed. When the trident exploded, they were sent flying by the explosion, causing their king’s reinforcement to be delayed.

    SongZhong was different, the nine beauties all had a formless body. When the trident exploded, the nine demonic witches had already transformed into their formless form. Thus, they were able to quickly appear after the waves of the explosion had passed. The first to take action was the four nuns nearest to SongZhong. They so happened to meet the Black Shark King who had blood in his mouth after being punched by SongZhong. If they did not leverage on this opportunity, how can they still be considered demonic witches?

    Without saying anything, they unleashed their magical artifacts and had them smashed onto the Black Shark King’s body. As the Black Shark King was sent flying, coupled with his grievous injuries, he was completely unable to react. Thus, he could only curl his body and let the four magical artifacts land onto his body.

    With four mellow banging sounds, three of the Black Shark King’s limbs were broken, with one of the blows actually landing on the Black Shark King’s forehead, which almost knocked him unconscious. Following which, the Black Shark King was sent into the ocean with an enormous force, disappearing into the oceanic depths, with the state of his life unknown.

    As for the five sword cultivators, they were too far away when that happened and did not have the time to take care of the Black Shark King. But they were able to catch the heavily injured SongZhong.

    At this moment, SongZhong’s injuries were extremely severe. After all, the Black Shark King was a peak JinDan cultivator who was much stronger than him. Together with the thousand years of toughening his fleshly body, the strength of his body was naturally not a laughing matter at all. It is capable of devastating the mountains! It was already considered a miracle that SongZhong is still in one piece after receiving a full force blow from the Black Shark King!

    Despite not dying, SongZhong’s life now hung between the balance of life and death. Almost all the bones in his ribs were broken, with some of them even piercing into his lungs, making him cough out blood incessantly. He was no longer capable of maintaining flight. If not for the five sword cultivators catching him, he would definitely have landed in the ocean already.

    “Leave!” After SongZhong was saved, he dared not stay any longer. He pointed in a random direction and was unconscious soon after.