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Chapter 223: Fighting Black Shark

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 223: Fighting Black Shark


    After the Black Shark King heard what SongZhong said, he almost puked blood on the spot. No matter how foolish he was, he could also tell that he was being played by SongZhong already. He then burst out into an outrage, “Darn fatty, you dare to play me?!”

    “HAHA!” As SongZhong heard that, he burst out into laughter, “If I don’t play with a fool like you, who will I play with?”

    The Black Shark King began to tremble in anger as he shouted, “Dammit, you’re going to anger me to death! Darn fatty, this daddy here will definitely skin you alive!”

    As he said that, he did not say anything else and waved his hands, summoning a 30 odd feet trident over six to seven inches thick. The trident was completely black with silver dots flashing on it like stars.

    With a single look, SongZhong knew that this was a magical artifact which was forged from Stardust Metal, found a hundred thousand feet deep in the sea. In the world of the human cultivator’s a tael of Stardust Metal is worth over a hundred thousand spiritual stones. To think that the trident in the hands of the Black Shark King was formed completely out of Stardust Metal! That would require at least a few thousand catties!

    The strength of a magical artifact forged from Stardust Metal was extremely powerful. With a shake of the Black Shark King’s hands, a one thousand feet long and tens of feet wide trident shaped Qi appeared and charged at SongZhong. If this blow were to land squarely, it would definitely be able to destroy even a mountain.

    However, SongZhong was not flustered when he saw that. Instead, he said with a cold laughter, “You only have such an ability and you want to kill me? What a complete joke!”

    As he said that, SongZhong stretched out his hands and ten different divine lightnings of the five elements appeared in his palm. They first formed a negative and positive five element divine lightning before forming a Lesser Positive Negative Five Element Divine Lightning. Then, SongZhong threw them towards the black trident Qi.

    As both the trident and divine lightning collided in midair, both of them exploded in an instant. A colourful fireball, which was a thousand feet long, had shattered over half of the Qi in the trident. However, the remnants of it still charged towards SongZhong mercilessly.

    As SongZhong saw that, he could not help but be shocked at the might of the trident. He never expected that his Lesser Positive Negative Five Element Divine Lightning capable of rivaling a JinDan cultivator was unable to shatter a casual Qi wave by the Black Shark King. It can be seen how the Black Shark King and the trident were all extremely capable. It can definitely be considered, ‘An expert with treasure!’ With just this display, it can be said that he was stronger than the Lightning Eagle King!

    However, SongZhong also had plenty of treasures on him and was not afraid of the Black Shark King’s strength. He then summoned his large copper bell to defend against the remaining Qi. Apart from smashing a crater in the wind copper layer of the bell, it did not pose a threat at all.

    Seeing how SongZhong had easily defended against his attack, the Black Shark King was first stunned for a moment. Following which, he snickered, “Hmph, you do indeed have some skills. You actually know how to refine the Lesser Positive Negative Five Element Divine Lightning which exists only in the legends. You do indeed have the qualifications to be proud!”

    “You flatter me, you flatter me!” SongZhong said with a smile, “Look, both of us are pretty powerful. If we were to fight, we would only end up in a state where we are both heavily injured. Why not we both go our own ways, isn’t that the best?”

    “Best your head!” After the Black Shark King heard that, he replied in exasperation, “Darn fatty, do you think that you can leave so easily after scamming me? Let me tell you, not a chance! Don’t think that I will be afraid of you just because you have the Lesser Positive Negative Divine Lightning! Don’t forget, not only do I have the Stardust Metal trident, I have over 10,000 little brothers! Little ones, come on out and take care of this darn fatty!”

    Following the Black Shark King’s voice, the surrounding few kilometres was immediately filled with the roars of demonic beasts. At the same time, SongZhong felt that the black sharks hiding in the downpour were becoming increasingly violent. Following which, they all dashed towards him from all direction from all around him.

    As SongZhong saw that, he also felt a great headache. This was after all 10,000 4th grade demonic beasts and not some random fishes. He would also face a big headache facing them all. Facing the Black Shark King’s reluctance to take a step back, SongZhong regretted how he had gone a little too much in fooling the Black Shark King. Now, the Black Shark King was outraged and wants to take care of him regardless the consequences.

    However, there is no medicine for regret in the world. Since things have already turned out this way, regretting was useless. Thus, SongZhong replied without fear, “Cheh, Black Shark King, don’t tell me you are the only one with subordinates. I am also not lacking!”

    As he said that, SongZhong raised both his hands. Following which, nine beauties appeared from out of nowhere. Five of them were sword cultivators with the Five Element Essence Sword, surrounding SongZhong like a plum blossom. They then set up the Five Element Formation, protecting him from all directions. As for the four nuns, they held onto their various magical artifacts, guarding SongZhong from below. They then set up the Four Direction Devil Subduing Formation, releasing a divine light to guard SongZhong from below. As for his top, it was naturally guarded by his large copper bell. As such, SongZhong was guarded all around securely.

    As the Black Shark King saw that, he was first stunned. Then, he burst out into laughter, “Haha, darn fatty, do you think that these nine beauties will be able to save you? What a joke! Today, not only will this daddy here kill you, I will play your women in front of you!”

    As he said that, he waved his hands and said, “Little ones, attack! Catch these bastards alive!”

    *Roar roar roar* Following the command of the Black Shark King, the surrounding black sharks around him let loose their attacks. The first to attack were the few hundred black sharks closest to SongZhong, dashing towards him from all directions. When they were a thousand feet away from SongZhong, they opened their mouths and shot out black pillars of water.

    These were not ordinary water pillars, they were a special Water-type spell which the black sharks had. Each of these water pillars was tens of hundreds of feet thick and ten feet thick. Like the speed of lightning, with an extremely strong force, fully capable of smashing a hole in the wall.

    SongZhong ignored all of the water pillars on top him completely, allowing them to smash on the copper bell and smashing craters over half a foot thick on the wind copper bell.

    As for the dozens of water pillar below him, they were blocked by the Four Direction Devil Subduing Formation. The divine light only shook for a short moment before regaining their stability, displaying the perverse defensive abilities of the Buddhist spells.

    As for the water pillars from the other direction, SongZhong did not let the five sword cultivators block them. Instead, he used his agility to avoid them swiftly. Because of the slow flying speed of the water pillars, SongZhong’s agility and the fact that the water pillars above and below him were all blocked, SongZhong had a pretty easy time dodging the water pillars. The dozens of water pillars might have seemed extremely daunting, but they did not even manage to touch the corner of SongZhong’s clothes.

    Of course, SongZhong was not someone who would only endure a beating without fighting back. When he was dodging the water pillars, he commanded the five sword cultivators to retaliate. The demonic witches who received that order was extremely excited as they sent out dozens of sword Qi hundred of feets long with a flick of their wrists.

    When the Black Shark King first saw the colourful sword Qi, he did not take much notice of them. Although the sword Qi was extremely sharp and powerful, his subordinates were not weaklins either. The skin of the black sharks was extremely thick and their bodies were more almost 200 feet thick. Their lifeforce was extremely strong and it wouldn’t affect them much even if they had a few holes punctured in them.

    However, the next scene made the Black Shark King dumbfounded and almost shocked to death. It turns out, all of the sword Qi had pierced through the eyes of the shark, creating damage in their brains. No matter how strong their lifeforce was, they did not have any chance of survival after such an injury. They were only able to land in the ocean with a wail. In a blink of an eye, almost one hundred black sharks were easily killed by the five witches!

    You have to know, the black sharks were all over ten thousand feet away. Their eyes were extremely small and they were flying at high speed as well. It wouldn’t be too difficult too hit only one of them. But to hit a few dozens of them accurately, it was extremely difficult.

    Such a profound sword skill was something which even JinDan cultivators were not able to achieve. Probably only YuanYing cultivators would be able to achieve it.

    It is already considered a miracle if there was only a single sword cultivator this perverse. If there were two of them, it can still be accepted. But for five on them to appear at once, just how was this possible?

    No matter how foolish the Black Shark King was, he knew that something was wrong for sure. He could not help but exclaim, “Who are you people?”

    The demonic witches naturally could not be bothered with him. They only laughed and continued to find their next targets. With the flick of their hands, a wave of frightening sword Qi was sent out.

    The Black Shark King instantly became anxious. Although he had many subordinates, they would not be able to survive such a massacre. He quickly shook his Stardust Metal trident, sending a wave of black light out.

    However, this action of his had also attracted the attention of SongZhong. He would naturally not allow the Black Shark King bully his own subordinates. Without a second word, he sent out a Lesser Positive Negative Five Element Divine Lightning. As a loud explosion sounded, a large fireball over a few thousand feet wide filled the skies. The large black light which was sent out from the trident was diminished by more than half, delaying the descent of the black light by a few moments. The agile demonic witches also made use of this opportunity to avoid the black light. At the same time, they did not forget to send out a few sword Qi, killing a few black sharks to display their might.

    As the Black Shark King saw that, he wailed out loud, “Darn fatty, are you really going to oppose me?”

    “Ah ah, so what if I oppose you?” SongZhong said with a cold laughter, “This Daoist here won’t be afraid of you!”

    “Dammit!” The Black Shark King shouted out in anger, “Little ones, attack!”