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Chapter 220: Eagle King’s Scheme

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 220: Eagle King’s Scheme

    However, now that Eagle King Shan’er had released them, he can’t possibly ask her to capture them back right? Thus, he can only grit his teeth and accept the fact!

    After Eagle King Shan’er released them all, she said with a smile, “SongZhong, I had a great day today. I hope that we can see each other again!”As she said that, she did not give SongZhong a chance to reply her and she took her leave with her troops.

    Needless to say, Eagle King Shan’er quickly flew a few thousand kilometres away and SongZhong who was behind them, was no longer in sight.

    At this moment, a lightning eagle which was larger than the rest suddenly turned around and said in human speech, “Elder sister, that darn fatty only wants a few junior brothers of his, why did you let them all go? Aren’t we going to suffer a great loss if that’s the case?”

    It turns out that this lightning eagle was actually a 5th grade demonic beast with the strength of a JinDan cultivator. Although it was unable to transform into human form, it was already able to speak the human language. This lightning eagle was the younger brother of Lei Shan’er, Lei Dian’er.

    “Hmph, aren’t they just a few human cultivators, they are only there to feed a few of our children. Even if we suffer a loss, how much of a loss would that be? That darn fatty thought that he is the one who is the final winner but does not know that he had suffered a great loss!”

    “Really? Elder sister, why did that darn fatty suffer a loss?”

    “Hmph, what do you know? If I give him a few people, he would be able to leave easily. This darn fatty actually forced me to make a pointless trip, how can I let him off so easily? Thus, I gave him more than 50 people. With so many people, it would not be easy for him rescue them away from this place. Also, he cannot just kill them and forget about it. Thus, he has no choice but to fly back slowly! Enroute back, he will definitely be in big trouble!”

    “What kind of troubles would he run into? No matter how slowly that darn fatty travels, he still has plenty of divine lightnings to protect him. We can’t do anything to him.”

    “Idiot, don’t you know how to utilise others to kill him? You have to know, just because we cannot provoke him, it doesn’t mean that no one can!”

    Lei Dian’er shrunk his neck after being scolded. But, he still argued back, “But this darn fatty is an exception right? Unless our elders take action, none of the ambassadors in the Eastern Ocean Surveillance Corps can do anything to him.”

    Not knowing whether to laugh or to cry, Lei Shan’er replied “Foolish boy, why can’t you understand? Although that darn fatty is strong, only we know that. As long as we conceal this fact and give them some benefits, we do not need to be afraid that there will be people willing to take care of that darn fatty!”

    “Really? Then who do you plan to ask to take care of him?”

    “Yes!” After a moment of thought, Lei Shan’er said, “Call the Black Shark King to go! That fellow is a brainless fool who does not know how to think. He would be the best to fool. Go and tell him that I was bullied by a human cultivator called SongZhong. If he can bring me SongZhong’s head, I will treat him a meal!”

    “Is that enough?” Lei Dian’er was amazed.

    “Ai yah yah, this still isn’t enough to convince him! Although the Black Shark King is a little foolish, he knows how to weigh his options. If he realises that the darn fatty is difficult to deal with, he would not fight that darn fatty to the death just because of a meal!” Lei Shan’er suddenly became depressed.

    “Then what should we do?” Lei Dian’er hurriedly asked.

    Lei Shan’er suddenly replied resolutely “Hmph! One has to pay the price to achieve results! This young lady will also go all out! Go and tell the Black Shark King, if he brings SongZhong’s head to me, I will marry him! I believe that the Black Shark King would definitely give it his all in order to marry me!”

    As Lei Dian’er heard that, he replied in shock, “Elder sister, you can’t! You are like a fairy with thousands of people going after you! How can that idiotic Black Shark King be a match for you?”

    “Hmph, what do you know? This is nothing more than bait! Do you think that SongZhong is someone easy to bully? He has thousands of Lesser Five Elements Positive Negative Divine Lightning! It is enough to destroy almost all of the Black Shark King’s subordinates! At that time, even if the Black Shark King really brings SongZhong’s head, what will he be able to do if I don’t want to marry him? With that tattered troops of his, he can only take his anger lying down!” Lei Shan’er said with disdain, “Perhaps, this young lady here shall take over all of his territory if my mood is good!”

    “Woah, elder sister, you are really too devious!” Lei Dian’er could not help but cry out in shock, “I can’t believe that you can think of such a cunning plan. I really admire you too much!”

    “Stop talking nonsense and get going!”

    “Yes, I will be going now!” Lei Dian’er transformed into a flash of light and disappeared into the horizon.

    Let’s return to the scene of SongZhong and gang. After the infamous Eagle King Shan’er left, everyone broke out in applause. They just could not believe that they actually managed to escape from that scary lady. That was simply a miracle! All of these people who escaped death were naturally extremely grateful to SongZhong. Even Stone could not help but thank SongZhong.

    Pertaining SiYu and SiYun, the moment they thought about how they said they would offer their bodies to SongZhong previously, they felt very embarrassed each time they saw him, not knowing where to bury their heads

    The greater everyone’s cheer, the more shy SiYu and SiYun became, and the more assertive the crowd became, forcing the duo to say something. Under everyone’s compulsion, they were brought to in front of SongZhong, with their faces red and their hands twiddling with the corners of their clothes.

    As SongZhong saw that, he could not help but tease, “Hehe! Senior sisters, you must definitely keep to your word! I have forced Eagle King Shan’er into retreat already, you two must now present your bodies!”

    “You, you, you!~” As SiYu and SiYun saw that, they became even more embarrassed and could not say anything else. Finally, they responded spitefully, “You are so bad! Obviously you were confident in fending off Lei Shan’er, and you still teased us on purpose, forcing us to say something so humiliating!”

    “You maglin me! I did not force you two to say anything! Everyone here can be the judge of that. It was obvious that the both of you said it yourselves!”

    “Yes yes!” Old Poison stood out and said, “I can be a witness, you guys said it yourselves!”

    Although Stone did not say anything, he smiled at SiYu and SiYun, obviously agreeing with what Old Poison said.

    SiYu and SiYun finally could not take it anymore and shouted out, “You guys are bullying us!” Then, they ran away with their faces covered.

    Following which, everyone all burst out into laughter. As SongZhong saw that, he was also not willing to push things too far. Accompanied by a laugh, he waved his hands, “Alright, alright, stop forcing them. Let’s rescue our fellow daoists!”

    As everyone heard that, they did not say anything else and began to save all the injured cultivators. All of these cultivators had serious injuries which were all caused by lightning. Although they did not bleed much, all of their injuries were internal and extremely troublesome to handle. Thankfully, a cultivator’s elixir was extremely helpful towards their injuries. After taking a series of pills and some healing with spiritual Qi, their lives were all saved.

    After a few hours of healing, everyone had their injuries treated. Then, SongZhong counted all of them and realised that he had saved a total of 57, 26 righteous cultivators and 31 devil cultivators. There were three of them from the Mystical Sky Yard but five from the Thousands Desire Sect. After putting in so much effort, he actually saved more enemies than his own sect mates, making SongZhong extremely depressed.

    However, since he had already saved them, he can’t possibly kill them right now. In here, the relationships between the sects are extremely intertwined. Many of those from the Thousands Desire Sect form the core of their teams. It would be extremely troublesome if he were to kill them and thus, SongZhong could only choose to suppress his indignance and disappointment.

    However, what made SongZhong glad was that he actually saved a JinDan cultivator which was a senior from the Mystical Sky Yard. Although he was only an early JinDan cultivator, his status was still notable and was a senior of his. This would be extremely beneficial in his future promotion in the Mystical Sky Yard. After all, this is a life-debt!

    In addition, something worthy of mentioning was that he was friends with SongZhong’s parents. At that time, they were all of the same generation. It is just that he only make a breakthrough to the JinDan stage recently and can be considered SongZhong’s senior uncle.

    With regards to the fact that he was saved by a junior of his, this JinDan cultivator who was called Dan QingZi was both moved and felt a bit of helplessness. A JinDan cultivator was an existence which should be able to do what he liked in the Eastern Ocean. Even if he isn’t invincible, he should have the chance to escape at the very least.

    But when he encountered Eagle King Shan’er, he nor his teammates had the chance to escape individually, and was surrounded as a whole. It was also impossible for him to leave as the lightning bolts would struck down like rain. After using his Natal Artifact, he was not able to hold on for long before his magical artifact was destroyed and he fell unconscious. Originally, he thought that he would be put to death. Never did he expect Lei Shan’er to capture them instead. Then, SongZhong made a heroic appearance and used thousands of Lesser Five Elements Positive Negative Divine Lightning to suppress Lei Shan’er and saved them all. On hindsight, Dan QingZi felt as though he was still in a dream.

    Especially the fact that the one who saved him was the son of his friend, making him extremely moved. However, despite having a lot of things to say to each other, they did not have the time to do so. None of them knew what other plans Lei Shan’er may have for them. Thus, they quickly packed up and ran away! Those who had more severe injuries were carried onto the flying boat. In the end, the flying boat which was only supposed to hold less than twenty people, had almost 40 people on board it. The rest of the cultivators were able to fly on their own, but flew extremely slowly. They would have to take a rest every few hundred kilometres they flew. Who knew just when would they be able to reach back home!