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Chapter 219: Divine Lightning’s Migh

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 219: Divine Lightning’s Might

    At this moment, SongZhong was extremely thankful that he spent all of his assets on the Lightning Congregating Stations. He thought inwardly, ‘If not for the Lightning Congregating Stations, who knows when would I be able to refine so many Lesser Five Elements Positive Negative Divine Lightning. If that’s the case, I would most likely perish here today! Thank goodness, thank goodness!’

    Eagle King Shan’er was dumbfounded as she saw that scene. You have to know, it is already extremely difficult for her to handle two to three hundred divine lightnings and she might have to sacrifice a magical artifact to do so. If she were to face a few thousand divine lightnings, there is simply no need for her to fight at all and she can just admit defeat right away. Of course, if she can bear to send her subordinates to their deaths to squander away SongZhong’s divine lightnings, she might still be able to achieve a bitter victory. But if she were to do so, most of her subordinates would perish for sure. Then, she would be a leader without any subordinates anymore.

    In the Eastern Ocean, it is extremely difficult for her to survive alone, especially among the demonic beasts where strength is everything. The only reason why Eagle King Shan’er was able to do what she wanted was because of these 10,000 lightning eagles. If she were to lose all of them, her status would definitely plummet. At that time, all of those who have enmity and grudges with her would definitely leverage on this opportunity to beat her down even further. The only thing that would await her would be endless escaping and getting pursued.

    Thus, Eagle King Shan’er would not fight SongZhong to the death over a moment’s anger.

    Judging that the situation wasn’t good, Shan’er inhaled a deep breath and smiled, “Can you tell me what your name is?”

    “SongZhong of Mystical Sky Yard!” SongZhong replied fearlessly.

    “SongZhong? Interesting name!” Eagle King Shan’er replied with a smile, “Although your name doesn’t sound auspicious, you have good abilities. Ai yah yah, you really made me change my perception of you! Alright, I admit that you are fierce enough. The weather today is indeed good, it is best for us to go our own way!”

    Hearing Eagle King Shan’er say that, SiYu and SiYun could not help but jump in excitement. However, SongZhong was still extremely calm and replied indifferently, “Then Miss Shan’er, you may take your leave!” As he said that, he waved stretched out his arms as though he was sending a guest off.

    Despite how unresigned she was, Eagle King Shan’er could only wave her hands in retreat helplessly and instructed her troops to leave.

    But just at this moment, a pitiful cry sounded from Eagle King Shan’er’s troops, “Senior brother Song, senior brother Song, save me! I am from the Mystical Sky Yard!”

    SongZhong was startled as he heard that. He took a look in the direction where the voice sounded and it turns out that in some of the lightning eagles’ grasps, there were some human cultivators who were captured alive, amounting up to more than 50 of them. As the lightning bolts on the lightning eagles were too flashy, SongZhong did not look into the herd of the lightning eagles, thus not discovering them.

    The captives were mainly composed with casualties, either injuried or unconscious. One conscious captive saw SongZhong displayed his might to fend off Eagle King Shan’er. Thus, he could not help but cry out for help.

    Eagle King Shan’er’s eyes lit up as she heard the cries. She then stopped her troops. She commanded the lightning eagle who is holding the captive to be brought in front of her and then she asked, “Do you know this little brother SongZhong?”

    The one who was caught was a male foundational cultivator. His body was smeared full of blood and had an expression full of fright. As he heard Eagle King Shan’er questioning him, he immediately replied, “SongZhong is extremely famous in the Mystical Sky Yard, of course I know him!”

    “Haha, then I have to congratulate the both of you for reuniting! Little fellow, the situation has changed. Your junior brother is in my hands. How about it? Do you surrender now?”

    “Hahaha!” As SongZhong heard that, he could not help but be amused. “Although we are fellow sect mates, we do not have much interactions between us. At least, I will not sacrifice myself to save him. If you want to use his life to threaten me, then save it!”

    “Really?” As Eagle King Shan’er heard that, she was slightly disappointed. But, she still continued, “So if I were to rip him into shreds right in front of you, you would not care at all?” As she said that, she used her eyes to signal to the lightning eagle who was holding him captive.

    The lightning eagle then gripped its claws tightly and it clawed deeply into the cultivator’s body, making him cry out in pain. In order to survive, he could not help but plead, “Senior brother Song, on the account that we are from the same sect, please save me! Save me!”

    No matter what, they hailed from the same sect after all. Although they were not on close terms and SongZhong only found him to be familiar looking, SongZhong still could not take it when he heard the pitiful cries. Besides, one would have to determine who the master of the dog is, before beating the dog. For Eagle King Shan’er to torture his junior brother in front of him, it was obvious that she was not giving him any respect at all. How could he be able to bear with that?

    SongZhong’s face turned ashen as he flew up to the sky with a large bell hovering above him and a large amount of divine lightning encircling him. With a large killing intent, he hovered at a level where he could see Shan’er at eye level and said coldly, “Shan’er, do you really think that you will win against me for sure?”

    Seeing SongZhong ready to fight to the death, Shan’er could not help but feel jittery in her heart. But she could not possibly back down in her subordinates’ presence. Thus, she replied unyieldingly, “I am only managing my own captives. Don’t tell me you also want to intervene with that?”

    “I can’t be bothered about the rest, but he is from Mystical Sky Yard. As his senior brother, I will definitely concern myself with him!” SongZhong replied.

    “Ha! Just with you? I want to see how you plan to concern yourself with him!” Shan’er could not help but reply irascibly.

    “Shan’er, don’t force me to commit into mutual destruction!” SongZhong said coldly, “I have over thousands of divine lightning around me. If I were to ignite them all at once, not only will your subordinates be dead, you will also not escape alive!”

    As King Shan’er heard that, her expression changed and barked, “Then you will not be able to survive either! Why? You want to die together?”

    “If you do not want to show me any respect, then I can only choose to do so!” SongZhong replied haughtily, “As a man, I can die, but I cannot back down!”

    “You, you” Shan’er began to tremble from anger as she scolded, “So only you can command respect from others but I don’t? I have over 10,000 subordinates here and I have to release him because of a word from you? If I were to do that, how would I have the dignity to continue living in the Eastern Ocean?”

    As SongZhong heard that, he could not help but frown. He knew that people with a esteemed status like her would definitely be concerned with commanding respect. If he were to really force her to a corner, she might really fight him to the death. In actual fact, SongZhong was unwilling to fight her as well. First, he may not win. Second, even if he won, he would have to pay a steep price as well and it just wasn’t worth it.

    But he simply could not leave his junior brother in the lurch. Thus, both SongZhong and Shan’er were stucked in a conundrum. They were both unwilling to fight but also did not have an excuse to take a step back. As such, they were both locked in a stalemate.

    Thankfully, SongZhong with his scintillating wits had quickly formulated an idea. “Haha, what about this! One of us hails from the Eastern Ocean and the other from the Vast Mountains. We are over tens of thousands of miles apart but we manage to encounter each other here today. With such affinity between us, why not let us exchange souvenirs as memento?”

    “Exchange souvenirs? What do you mean?”

    “What I meant is simple!” SongZhong then threw out a small bottle to Shan’er. “This is my gift, if you like it, you can keep it! I do not expect much, you just need to release everyone here that is from the Mystical Sky Yard! How about that?”

    As Shan’er received the bottle that SongZhong threw over, she opened it and exclaimed, “Five elements pure water?”

    “It isn’t much!” SongZhong replied indifferently.

    “Haha, this is really something great!” Shan’er said with a laugh. Then, she blinked her eyes and teased, “But, I have not agreed to your terms yet. Aren’t you afraid that I will escape with your gift? You have to know, us lightning eagles are extremely fast. You will not be able to catch up for sure!” As she said that, she began to gleam with excitement as though she was really about to escape.

    As SongZhong heard that, he sneered. In reply, he revealed the Gold Essence Sword. Then, he taunted Shan’er with a glare, signalling her to run if she had the guts.

    You have to know, SongZhong was already a middle foundational cultivator. Together with his dense magical Qi, it is enough for him to reveal some prowess of the Five Elements Essence Sword. As such, it would not be an issue for him to fly faster than 3000. Besides, 3000 was the speed of the lightning eagles. In other words, SongZhong was perfectly capable of catching up to them. If Eagle King Shan’er were to really run with his item, SongZhong would definitely not let the matter rest and pursue with all his divine lightnings.

    Shan’er understood what SongZhong meant as she saw that. She would not sacrifice her subordinates for a mere 50 plus human cultivators. Her expression softened as she replied with an apologetic laughter, “Haha, I’m only joking. Release all the cultivators!”

    As Shan’er commanded, all the lightning eagles began to release the cultivators and over 50 cultivators began falling from the sky. SiYu and the rest of the team did not dare delay and they hurriedly caught the falling cultivators.

    At this moment, SongZhong was completely dumbfounded. He only intended on saving two or three cultivators from the Mystical Sky Yard. He did not know if it was Shan’er who heard wrongly or was it on purpose that she actually released them all. Upon this scene, SongZhong became depressed. All of these people had heavy injuries and had difficulties moving. With two or three casualties, his flying boat would still be able to fit them in. But now that there are more than 50 of them, it was impossible for him to fit all of them in!

    If his flying boat was unable to fit them in, then they can only fly back slowly. But, there were many XianTian cultivators amongst these injured people. For them to fly over thousands of kilometres back, when would they be able to return back? If they were to encounter any accidents along the way, SongZhong would not even know from whom can he seek to redress his grievances!