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Chapter 217: Perilous Situation

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 217: Perilous Situation

    After SongZhong said that, he realised that the atmosphere was a little tense. He hurriedly turned and looked at everyone around him and realised that apart from Mu ZiRong, everyone had fear in their faces. They all stared at the silverish white eagle as though the embodiment of death was staring at them in the face.Especially the most cowardly Old Poison, he was scared to the point he almost trembled while mumbling to himself, “We’re dead for sure, we’re definitely dead for sure this time!”

    Although SiYu and SiYun were not as cowardly, their faces also turned pale and despaired. Even Stone, who was usually indifferent towards almost everything, also could not help but have a change in expression.

    As for the headstrong Naked Skinning Witch, her face turned ashen. Then, she gritted her teeth and stomped her food on the ground, “Since things have been reduced to such a state, don’t blame me!”As SongZhong heard that, he was instantly stunned. He thought that the Naked Skinning Witch wanted to fight him right at this moment and readied his battle stance. Mu ZiRong also brandished her Divine Azure Shadowless Sword as she glared at the Naked Skinning Witch.

    But, the Naked Skinning Witch had no intention of attacking. Instead, she took a step back as she slapped her chest with both hands. With a loud bang, the Naked Skinning Witch spat out a mouthful of blood.As SongZhong and Mu ZiRong saw that, they were completely dumbfounded and did not know what was going on. Why did she suddenly torture herself like that? Will torturing herself increase her battle prowess?

    Following which, they understood what happened. After the Naked Skinning Witch spit out a mouthful of blood, she casted a few spells with her blood. Then, she activated her magical Qi and shouted, “Ten Thousand Miles Blood Escaping Art!”

    Following that voice, the Naked Skinning Witch became shrouded in a crimson light and disappeared in a flash.

    SongZhong and Mu ZiRong was instantly taken aback. They had both heard of the Ten Thousand Miles Blood Escaping Art before and knew that it was a life saving secret art which one would only use as a last resort measure. Although it is able to send someone ten thousand miles away, it will also greatly harm one’s vitality. Despite the Naked Skinning Witch being a peak foundational cultivator, she will be bedridden for at least half a year with a few years of recovery period for her to recover to her peak state. She would also have to delay assailing the JinDan stage for at least more than a decade as well. It was broad daylight without any dangers at all. The only exception was 4th grade demonic beasts which posed negligible threat. Besides, they were all about to go back already and the flying boat was capable of providing a safe and swift journey. Why did she have to use the Ten Thousand Mile Blood Escaping Art despite the repercussions? SongZhong and Mu ZiRong were both puzzled about this matter and just could not understand.

    As Old Poison by the side saw that, he could not help but scold, “That darn witch, to think she is still the team leader! She actually ran away!”

    As SiYu and SiYun heard that, they could not help but say with a bitter laughter, “If she stays behind, she will only die with us. Escaping would still be better than her dying with all of us right? It is just a pity for junior brother Song and junior sister Mu. It is only their first mission and they will have to perish in the Eastern Ocean. It is really such a great pity!”

    “What?” As SongZhong heard that, he immediately replied in shock, “Just what is going on? Why are we dead for sure? Can you guys explain it to me?”“Haiz!” SiYu and SiYun sighed and pointed towards the silverish white eagle, “Did you see that eagle? That is the recce of the Eastern Ocean Surveillance Corps, Eagle King Shan’er. She will be here in a moment and we will be dead for sure!”

    “This?” SongZhong then said with a bitter laughter, “Can I ask, just what is the Eastern Ocean Surveillance Corps? Who is eagle king Shan’er? Can you guys be a little clearer?”“Ah, I’m sorry, I forgot that you are new in the Eastern Ocean. Forget it, let me explain it to you guys so you will die a knowing death!” SiYu and SiYun then began to explain, “It’s like this!”

    Following which, SiYu and SiYun explained all the relevant information to SongZhong and Mu ZiRong. The demonic beasts of the Eastern Ocean were not all scattered. Those high grade beast, especially those of the 6th grade and above, were able to transform into human forms and possess intellect no lower than humans. As time passed, these intelligent creatures created a country in the depths of the Eastern Ocean called the Eastern Ocean Empire.

    With regards to this empire, humans only know its name. They were clueless about the specifics like the population number, who the king was, the hierarchical structure of the place. The only thing they knew was that the territorial borders of the Eastern Ocean Empire was where the Eastern Ocean and Vast Mountain met. Furthermore, all the demonic beasts here were their citizens.

    Thus, when their population became too big to be sustained, they would lead an incursion on the Vast Mountains to prevent any internal conflicts.

    When the cultivators became united and formed the Eastern Ocean Alliance, they also formed a Eastern Ocean Surveillance Corps to protect their own citizens. The size of the Eastern Ocean Surveillance Corps was also not huge, only a few dozens of them. But, they were comprised of strong demonic beasts with their own fleet of demonic beasts. When these recces took action, they would usually be in a large fleet of over hundreds or even thousands.

    Facing such a large assault force, the small teams in the Eastern Ocean would seem to be extremely insignificant. Thus, it would be best to not meet them. If a team ever meets them, the only thing that they could do would be to run. At times, they would not even be able to escape. Thankfully, these demonic beasts were extremely lazy and would not leave their own territories usually. As such, the chances of the thousands hunting teams encountering them was not high either. Thus, the Eastern Ocean Alliance was still able to continue its mission of hunting demonic beasts.

    However, these guys did have the responsibility of an Eastern Ocean Survelliance recce after all. Thus, they would still have to come out to roam the place once in awhile. During such circumstances, the teams which meet them can only blame their own misfortune. Thankfully, most of these recces usually moved in a large formation and were extremely slow, giving the cultivators a chance to escape.

    However, there were some ambassadors which were rather perverse. As long as cultivators were to meet them, it would be impossible for them to escape. The eagle king Shan’er which Little Fatty and company encountered, is one of them.This eagle king Shan’er was a 5th grade demonic beast. But because of a fortuitous encounter, she found a cave which an ancient cultivator created. After consuming an elixir pill which that cultivator left behind and cultivating a profound cultivation method, this eagle king Shan’er actually transformed into a human as a 5th grade demonic beast and appearing as cute young lady that’s over ten years old.

    Of course, despite her changed appearances, her vicious methods of the eagle king did not change. Everytime she went out for recce, she would definitely be in a large fleet with over ten thousand clan mates. With over ten thousand lightning eagles in flight, they were definitely able to obscure the whole sky.

    The lightning eagles had two specialties. First was that they had lightning on their bodies. When they attacked, lightning would be shot out of their wings with just a shake of it. When facing a single lightning eagle, it wasn’t considered much. But if they were to gather together, the lightning bolts would be showered down like rain. That scenario was just like end of world apocalypse. Upon the sight of ten thousand lightning eagles attacking together, even YuanYing cultivators would flee for sure, much less a mere JinDan cultivator. The other speciality was their fast flying speed, which was incomparable. They could fly up to almost 3000 units, which was the flying speed of a JinDan cultivator. Thus, if ordinary foundational cultivators were to be found by eagle king Shan’er, they would have no chance of escaping.

    Just like SongZhong and gang, apart from the Naked Skinning Witch who escaped with the Ten Thousand Miles Blood Escaping Art, the rest of them can only await death. The speed of a flying boat was only around a thousand and the lightning eagles would definitely catch up to them very quickly. The speed of their flying swords were only around 2000 and they would only be able to escape slightly longer with it. They can only dream of travelling of tens of kilometres back to their land safely. It also also precisely this reasoning that everyone was in a state of despair, and entertained no thoughts of escaping at all.

    After SongZhong and Mu ZiRong heard that, they finally understood why the Naked Skinning Witch would escape with all her might!After he understood that, SongZhong could not help but curse, “This darn Naked Skinning Witch, as the team leader, not only did she not fight with us, she even dare to escape alone? What a scumbag! If I can return alive, I will definitely teach her a lesson!”

    As everyone heard that, they all rolled their eyes. Obviously, no one thought that SongZhong would be able to return alive.

    However, SongZhong was completely indifferent about it. Even if he were to meet eagle king Shan’er, he would not be extremely scared. Even if he would lose, he would definitely be able to drag her down together.

    Since it was useless to escape, SongZhong decided to ignore all of these things. Instead, he looked towards SiYun and SiYu and said jokingly, “Oi oi, since we are about to die, can you grant me my final wish?”

    As they have a good impression of SongZhong, SiYun and SiYu replied without hesitation, “What wish? If we can do it, we definitely would not disappoint you!”

    “Haha, that’s great! My wish is extremely simple. You guys can easily fulfil it!” SongZhong smiled, “ I wish to see your true appearances!”

    As SiYu and SiYun heard that, they did not know whether to laugh or cry and replied, “What kind of a situation are we in, you are still thinking of something like that?”“What else should I think about then? Since I am already going to die, don’t tell me you are willing to let me die with regret?” SongZhong then lamented, “This is already my final wish, can’t you just grant it to me? Please?”

    Seeing SongZhong whine, SiYu and SiYun did not know whether to laugh or cry. At the same time, their hearts turned soft as they thought to themselves, ‘Since we are already going to die, it doesn’t matter whether or not we keep our appearances a secret. Why not we just grant his wish!’