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Chapter 211: Tyrannical ZiRong

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 211: Tyrannical ZiRong

    Hearing that, SongZhong merely smiled coldly and did not even bother replying her. Instead, he took a step back to watch a good show.

    Mu’er who possessed Mu ZiRong’s body then took a step up and said coldly, “Bitch, be more polite to my brother Song! If not, I will make you die a horrible death!”

    As the Naked Skinning Witch heard that, she was almost angered to death on the spot. Everyone in the surrounding was completely startled. You have to know, this was no ordinary person. She is the infamous witch. An early foundational rookie actually dared to call her a bitch in front of so many people? Wasn’t this just seeking death?

    Viciousness suffused the Naked Skinning Witch’s eyes and just when she was about to flare up, the tall man beside her stood up and said with an apologetic laughter, “Elder sis, elder sis, this lass is not worth you taking action personally. Why not you let me do it, I promise you that I will torture her to death for sure. I will definitely make you satisfied!”

    As the Naked Skinning Witch heard that, her eyes lit up and could not help but laugh, “That’s also good, I haven’t seen a ‘live action’ for quite a while already. You can let everyone have a new experience today. Old Xu, you better work hard!”

    “Elder sis, you can be assured with me, Old Xu!” Old Xu then laughed and pounced towards Mu ZiRong. His hands then stretched out and became two bloodied hands, emanating a bloody smell while charging right at Mu ZiRong’s chest.

    As Mu ZiRong saw that, she could not help but laugh, “So it is the Blood Demon Hands from the Thousand Demon Sect. You actually dare to make a fool out of yourself with such a low-grade cultivation method. You are really amazing!”

    As she said that, Mu ZiRong shook her hands and countless of sword shadows appeared, piercing the two bloodied hands.

    Following which, Old Xu let out an ear piercing scream as his hands were riddled with holes with blood spraying out. But, Mu ZiRong did not let him off and continued to attack, sending out more sword shadows and stabbing Old Xu countless of times. Only after he was completely bloodied and lay down on the floor, did she stop.

    Seeing this scene, everyone present could not help but exclaim. Even the stone-like white dressed man opened his eyes with shock, revealing an incredulous expression.

    You have to know, Old Xu was no ordinary person. For him to be seated right beside the Naked Skinning Witch was a testimony to his prowess. He is also a completed foundational cultivator. For such a person to deal with an early foundational cultivator, it should be no more than child’s play. But in the end, he was crippled right on the spot, not even exhibiting a single blow. This, this is just too mind blowing! If not for the fact that they saw it themselves, they would definitely not believe it.

    Of course, SongZhong was completely unsurprised by this. He knew that in Mu ZiRong, the real Mu ZiRong was not there. If she was still Mu ZiRong, she will definitely lose in a few rounds even if she had the Divine Azure Shadowless Sword. After all, the cultivation gap between the both of them was just too big.

    But the problem is, the one controlling Mu ZiRong’s body is a Wood-type sword cultivator who had trained for thousands of years. With so many years of training, it is obviously easy for her to deal with a careless foundational cultivator. After all, she just had too much experience. Together with it being a surprise attack, if she still could not win, then her countless of years of training would be for naught.

    Just when everyone was shocked by Mu ZiRong’s frightening combat prowess, Mu ZiRong did not let Old Xu off. With SongZhong’s permission, the demonic witch in Mu ZiRong’s body finally revealed her devilish side.

    She then walked over to Old Xu who was barely alive and poked at him with her Divine Azure Shadowless Sword and laughed, “Ai yah yah, didn’t you want to play me to death? Why did you suddenly collapse? Why don’t you get up to play me to death? If you’re not going to play me, I will play with you! Hehe, you are really fun. These muscles of yours are extremely well built, making it extremely fun for me to stab you. What about this, I should stab through all of your muscles and tendons, leaving behind only a slight connection. Then, I will see if you can still walk in the future?”

    As she said that, Mu ZiRong did not stop and seriously stabbed Old Xu countless of times. She would always be extremely careful to avoid the main arteries and vital points. In the end, she made Old Xu cry out in agony, a fate worse than death.

    Facing such a scary witch, Old Xu completely broke down as he pleaded for mercy while letting out pained cries of agony. Mu ZiRong ignored him completely and only continued to stab him happily. It didn’t seem like she was torturing a person but torturing an animal.

    Seeing this frightening scene, everyone here could not help but reveal faces of fear. Even the Naked Skinning Witch was startled in her heart and her expression began to change to one which revealed fear. Such a feeling was something which she had not felt in years.

    Old Xu’s cries lasted for over 4 hours before slowly disappearing. It was not that he died, but it was because Mu ZiRong was tired of listening to his cries and cut off his tongue so he would not be able to scream. Following which, Mu ZiRong grew tired of this toy and kicked him to a side before walking back to Little Fatty obediently. Then, she took out a few tea making tools, obviously intending to prepare tea for Little Fatty.

    Satisfied, SongZhong then sat on a chair which Mu ZiRong brought out. Then, he caressed Mu ZiRong’s hair and said with a smile, “I’m SongZhong, please take care of me!”

    The Mu ZiRong who killed Old Xu with such gore previously, was now like an obedient kitten beside Little Fatty, allowing him to caress her hair or even her bare back without complaining. At the same time, she did not slow down her actions and brewed the tea.

    Seeing this weird scene and Little Fatty’s tone which seemed polite yet ostensibly threatening, everyone could not help but reveal a weird expression.

    Seeing their startled faces, Little Fatty could not help but feel delighted in his heart. Then, he looked towards the Naked Skinning Witch and asked, “So you are the one who is called the Naked Skinning Witch?”

    “I am!” At this moment, The Naked Skinning Witch dare not be arrogant anymore. After all, the example of Old Xu was right in front of her face. You have to know, although Old Xu could not be compared to her, they were similar in strength. If the both of them were to fight, the Naked Skinning Witch will only be able to win if she paid a price. But this harmless looking Mu ZiRong was able to easily torture Old Xu to death. In other words, she would also be able to easily torture the Naked Skinning Witch to death!

    Under such circumstances, the Naked Skinning Witch would naturally not dare to be arrogant anymore unless she wanted to die. In fact, she was silently thankful that the one who attacked was not her. If not, the one on the floor with moans of agony would not be Old Xu but her!

    Facing the respectful reply of the Naked Skinning Witch, SongZhong was extremely satisfied. But, he would not let someone who humiliated him off so easily. So. he said with a devious smile, “Then, can I call you Slut in future?”

    As the Naked Skinning Witch heard that, she was immediately enraged. But, she quickly calmed down and forced a smile, “Of course you can, you can do as you please!”

    “Very good!” SongZhong said with a laugh, “This slut is very tactful, I like!”

    As the Naked Skinning Witch heard that, she almost spat out blood from anger. She only managed to suppress her anger after rubbing her chest. Before being able to take care of Mu ZiRong, she could only bear with the humiliation. If not, she will end up in the same state as Old Xu.

    Seeing how the Naked Skinning Witch suppressed her anger and arrogance, SongZhong nodded in satisfaction and asked, “I remember that the cultivation method which you are cultivating has a special method, which is to emit a special fragrance. Anyone who smelled it will be fervently aroused, disrupting their mental states and even causing them to kill each other. Is this really the case?”

    “Yes!” The Naked Skinning Witch did not dare to delay and hurriedly replied, “In fact, we often use the special fragrance to deal with demonic beasts. Combined with Old Poison’s hysterical poison, ordinary demonic beasts would fall for it easily. After they fought each other until almost none of them is left, we will appear and achieve an easy extermination!”

    “Very good!” SongZhong nodded in praise. Then, he turned to look at the perverted looking old man, “So you are Old Poison?”

    “It is I!” Old Poison hurriedly replied.

    “You specialise in using poison?” SongZhong asked curiously.

    “Yes, I am from the Sacred Poison Sect, and I utilise these poisons to protect myself!” Old Poison hurriedly introduced himself.

    “Very good!” SongZhong nodded and asked the pair of sisters, “Can I ask what are senior sisters name? Which sect do you come from? What are your specialties?”

    The both of them looked at each other and then said with beautiful voices completely unlike their faces, “We are called SiYun and SiYu. We are from the Eight Trigram Sect and specialise in the usage of formations!”

    SongZhong's eyes lit up as he heard her speak. He knew the strength of formations, the moment it is successfully laid, the formations would be able to kill enemies ten times stronger than them. It is just that time is needed for the formation to be laid and is difficult to use in a blitz. As such, there were not many people who learned it. But, Little Fatty never expected to see two of them here and they were even his subordinates.

    SongZhong nodded in satisfaction, “So it is the famous formation cultivators. In future, I hope senior sisters will take good care of me!”

    Seeing how SongZhong was so polite which was extremely different from Mu ZiRong’s violence, their guards lessened a little and replied, “You flatter me!”

    Just at this moment, Mu ZiRong who was brewing tea asked curiously, “The both of you are obviously as beautiful as angels. Why do you have to consume the Face Changing Pill to make your faces as such?”