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Chapter 208: All Perverts!

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 208: All Perverts!

    As for why the upper echelons of the various sects would claim that the death rate was only about 70%, it was nothing more than to deceive their disciples to guard the borders of the Eastern Ocean. Anyway, it also isn’t difficult for them to lie about this. After all, not many people within the sect knew about the situation in the Eastern Ocean. Even if there were fewer people from their sects returning alive, they would only take it that their sect was unlucky and would not suspect anything.

    But after they arrived here, they would realise that all of these is nothing more than just a scam. It is just far too easy to die in the Eastern Ocean. All those distinguished cultivators in other places are nothing more than cannon fodders when they arrive here. There are cultivators dying here almost daily. As for casualties, they were just far too numerous.

    Under such circumstances, the people here would naturally be forced into desperation. Under the prospects of imminent death, they all started becoming crazy. In order to raise their chances of survival here, they would use any means necessary, even if it means selling their body. They would also become crazy in order to lead a more fulfilling life. After all, not many males or females would want to die a virgin.

    In the Eastern Ocean Alliance, there were many kinds of people here, both righteous and devil cultivators. This also adds on to the evil atmosphere of the place. Besides that, there are no law enforcement teams in the Eastern Ocean Alliance. They are only concerned about killing demonic beasts. As long as you accomplish your mission, they would not care even if you were to go out killing others.

    Under such circumstances, devil cultivators who were unscrupulous in their means would survive well here. In comparison, all of the righteous beliefs of the righteous cultivators would become a burden to them. As such, the righteous cultivators were also no longer righteous in order to survive while the devil cultivators became even eviler. As time goes on, such an atmosphere would pervade across the Eastern Ocean Alliance, turning it into the lawless zone it is today.

    After listening to Huo ** explanations, Little Fatty could not help but break out in cold sweat as he exclaimed, “Then isn’t the Eastern Ocean lawless?”

    “That’s right, it is indeed the case!” Huo ** said with a bitter laughter, “In fact, the Eastern Ocean Alliance only recognises the strength of a person. As long as you are strong enough, you can kill people in the streets for no reason and no one would care. You can also snatch any female cultivators who you like as long as you are not afraid of their revenge in future. In other words, anything goes and it’s the place where devil cultivators thrive the most.

    “Goodness, if that’s the case, then isn’t it difficult for the righteous cultivators to live in here?” Little Fatty exclaimed.

    “Indeed, if they were to stick to their rules, it would be difficult for them to survive here. Thus, all of the righteous sects have a rule - All of their disciples who are sent to the Eastern Ocean can also do whatever they want like the devil cultivators, even if they break the sect rules.” Huo ** then said with a smile, “I believe that the sect master also told you about this before you came?”

    “He did. I didn’t understand what he meant back then but now I do!” Little Fatty then licked his lips and smiled, “You and the sect master are right, this place is indeed suitable for me!”

    “Haha, I knew it!” Huo ** laughed, “You have the strength and the shrewdness. Together with my protection, you can definitely lead a good life here. But~”

    “But what?” Little Fatty hurriedly asked.

    “In the Eastern Ocean, you cannot offend everyone. There are 3 people who you have the avoid because they are not people who even I dare offend!” Huo ** said seriously, “When you deal with their subordinates, you should try to be more respectful, do you understand?”

    “Who are they?” Little Fatty could not help but ask curiously.

    “Who else can they be? Apart from the famous Eastern Ocean Three Demons, who else would I be so apprehensive towards?” Huo ** replied with a bitter laughter.

    “Eastern Ocean Three Demons?” As Little Fatty heard that, he asked curiously, “Who are they?”

    “The Eastern Ocean Three Demons are 3 fearsome characters who grew up in the Eastern Ocean. They are all at the peak of JinDan stage and can assail the YuanYing stage anytime. It is just that they are inundated with killing intent. Despite their strong magical Qi and battle prowess; even to the point they are able to fight YuanYing cultivators, their overwhelming killing intent greatly affects their mental state, causing them to be unable to comprehend the heavenly laws. As such, they have been stuck at the final bottleneck, not being able to achieve a breakthrough!” Huo ** then said, “ But, the moment they achieve a breakthrough, their strength would definitely scare even YuanYing cultivators who are hundreds of years old!”

    “JinDan cultivators who are able to contend with YuanYing cultivators?” As Little Fatty heard that, he could not help but exclaim, “Who exactly are they? Why are they so perverse?”

    “The Eastern Ocean Three Demons are Hermaphroditic Little Demon Liao, Asexual Green Demon Qing, and Capricious Old Devil Zhong!” Huo ** said with a smile.

    As Little Fatty heard that, he could not help but burst out laughing, “Haha, their names are strange enough. Why are they named as such?”

    “Of course there is a reason!” Huo ** smiled, “For example, Hermaphroditic Demon Liao is named as such because her body has a mutation. She has both the negative genitals and the positive genitals of a female and male. It is also because of her mutated body that she is able to cultivate a unique cultivation method called the Divine Positive Negative Combination Formula! This devil cultivation method from the Thousands Desire Sect made his character extremely thwarted. He likes both men and women and will have to take 3 pairs of men and women to bed every day before he will be satisfied. If not, his temper would become explosive and he will kill without reason!”

    “He is indeed strange enough!” Little Fatty could not help but laugh.

    “It doesn’t matter if he is just strange. But, he is an extremely lecherous person. As long as he takes liking to someone, he would resort to any means possible to get what he wants.” Huo ** then warned, “The both of you are also in his range of preferences, so you should avoid him as far as possible. It’s best that you do not let him spot you, if not it will be very troublesome!”

    A chill was immediately sent down Little Fatty’s spine as he hurriedly said, “We shouldn’t be so unlucky to see him right?”

    “Ah ah, usually, you won’t!” Huo ** smiled, “The Eastern Ocean Three Demons are all famous people who will not come out for no reason. If they come out, it would definitely stir a commotion and you would know that it is them for sure. You will just have to make sure that you run away quickly!”

    “That’s good!” Only then did Little Fatty relax and continue asking, “Asexual Green Demon Qing?”

    “Ah ah, do you know a special cultivation method which talks about castrating one’s self?” Huo ** asked.

    “Ah, I know, I think it is the Yin Yang Formula!” Little Fatty said with realisation, “I understand, this fellow probably castrated himself in order to cultivate the Yin Yang Formula. Thus, he is called asexual!”

    “That’s right, this is indeed the case!” Huo ** then warned, “this time, you have to be extremely careful. Because of his low self-esteem, this Asexual Green Demon Qing hates muscular man the most. Every time he sees a muscular man, he will definitely go crazy and castrate the other party. Up until now, there are over thousands of people in the Eastern Ocean who suffered under his hands. In any case, you better be careful!”

    “I will be careful for sure!” Little Fatty wiped his face full of cold sweat and replied, “I will definitely not let him see me for sure!”

    “It’s best that you understand!” Huo ** then continued, “As for the Capricious Old Devil Zhong, what can I say about him? He is just a person with a weird temperament. At times, he will be extremely righteous and would act like a saint. At times, he would be extremely violent and completely evil! At times, it would be a good thing when you see him as he will give you some good stuff or pointers for any cultivation problems you have. But at times, even if he is in a good mood, he will kill you just for fun! In any case, it is best for you to not meet this crazy person! You just can’t tell if he will slice you into pieces or give you something good!”

    “This junior understands!” As Little Fatty heard that, he could not help but say with a bitter laughter, “These Eastern Ocean Three Demons indeed live up to their reputation, they were all too eccentric! Why are there always these kinds of people here? Don’t tell me there isn’t a normal person here?”

    “Haha, there are normal people all over the place in the Vast Mountains. In there, the Eastern Ocean Three Demons are demons. But here, the Eastern Ocean Three Demons are normal. Instead, the normal people you are talking about becomes the weird ones here. In other words, if you don’t want to be treated as a weirdo in the Eastern Ocean, you should also become weird. Trust me, that would make your life much more comfortable!” Huo ** said with a smile.

    “This disciple will try his best!” As Little Fatty said that, he asked with a bitter laughter, “But, this disciple has been living in a normal world for all my life, and I just don’t know how to become weird. Can senior teach me a thing or two? For example, how do you become weird?”

    “Hehe, me!” Huo ** smiled and said, “There is Mu ZiRong here and it wouldn’t be good for me to show it to you. But, I can instruct you a little.”

    As he said that, Huo ** whispered to Little Fatty with a lecherous smile, “There are a hundred female cultivators staying here who are all carefully chosen by me. When they are in their bedrooms, they never put on any clothing!”

    “En?” As Little Fatty heard that, his eyes immediately shone like the sun and exclaim, “This works too?”

    “Of course, this is the Eastern Ocean. Everyone is like that, if you don’t do that, you will be the weirdo!” Huo ** shrugged his shoulders and said, “Anyway, I can do anything I like here and the sect rules do not restrict me. So, of course I would do whatever I like here! In fact, my Hundred Flowers Tower is quite famous in the Eastern Ocean!”

    Only then did Little Fatty remember the that the signboard of the building states ‘Hundred Flowers Building’. He originally thought that Huo ** was posing as a refined, cultured person. But he never expected this guy to be so literal! It completely stunned Little Fatty, making him both envious and jealous. At the same time, he could not help but scold inwardly, ‘This old lecher is indeed Daoist HuoLong’s eldest son. He is exactly the same as his father. No, he is even worst than his father. After all, his father only has about 8 concubines. But, he has a harem amounting to a 3 digit figure! He indeed surpasses his father!’