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Chapter 206: Brutal Eastern Ocean

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 206: Brutal Eastern Ocean

    The next day, Little Fatty brought Mu ZiRong to meet Daoist HuoLong. Of course, Mu ZiRong was currently possessed by the demonic witch. The reason why he chose Mu’er was because they were both of the Wood element. It would make it easier for her to possess Mu ZiRong and would be harder for anyone to find out.

    When they both arrived at the inner court’s hall, he saw that Mister First and Mister Second were also present. Furthermore, eldest brother Gold was actually standing behind the both of them, covered in bandages. When the three of them saw Little Fatty, their expression turned ugly, glaring at him as though they wanted to eat Little Fatty up alive.

    Seeing that, Daoist HuoLong grew a little unhappy. Thus, he purposefully warmly welcomed Little Fatty, “Ai yah yah, our hero is here. Sit, sit. Don’t need to stand on ceremony!”

    “Hero?” As eldest brother gold heard that, he was almost angered to death. Not being able to hold back his anger, he scolded, “Sect master, this bastard killed 3 of my junior brothers and is a grave sinner. How did he become a hero?”

    “Hmph!” As Daoist HuoLong heard that, he said with a cold laughter, “The people he killed are little thieves who entered his room with malicious intent. Of course he is a hero!”

    “You~” Eldest brother gold shook in anger, but did not dare to retort the sect master. He could only hold his anger back and say, “Sect master, please don’t forget that the reason why SongZhong is being sent to the Eastern Ocean is because he killed someone! It can be said that he is in the wrong!”

    “Hahaha, what a joke!” Daoist HuoLong said with disdain, “Who said that SongZhong is posted to the Eastern Ocean as a punishment? That is only your wishful thinking! I have never thought that way! He is obviously posted there to defend against the demonic beasts. For someone who takes the initiative to make such a sacrifice, what should he be called if not a hero?”

    Little Fatty was completely stunned by their arguments. Then, he quickly understood that they were fighting for the reason for him going to the Eastern Ocean! Mister First and Mister Second wants to send him there as a form of punishment, but Daoist HuoLong wants to send him there as a willing party. The two reasons have meanings which are vastly different.

    According to Mister First and Mister Second’s intention, Little Fatty is banished to there as punishment. Even if he were to come back in future, he would have a blemish on his history. It would also mean that Little Fatty was in the wrong to kill the 3 metal brothers. This would definitely adversely affect his future.

    Daoist HuoLong’s intention is for Little Fatty to be a willing party to go to the Eastern Ocean. As such, he would become a hero when he returns and would be able to get a noteworthy position in the sect.

    Celestial MeiHua’s letter only had two words and did not specify the reason for sending him there. Thus, despite both parties agreeing to send Little Fatty there, they had different justifications for sending him there.

    Seeing that he was not able to win against Daoist HuoLong, eldest brother gold scolded Little Fatty, “Darn fatty, you killed my junior brothers and cannot be forgiven! Do you admit your mistakes?”

    “Admit your head!” As Little Fatty heard that, he scolded, “These four shameless baldies still think that they are in the right to barge into my property with malicious intent? You really don’t know what shame is!”

    Eldest brother gold was infuriated as he heard that and wanted to spar with Little Fatty in frustration. But, Mister First held him back and said with a cold laughter, “Don’t be angry at a dead person! It’s not worth it!”

    “Yes!” Eldest brother Gold replied respectfully and calmed down.

    Following which, Mister First said calmly, “Senior brother sect master, no matter what, I cannot believe that SongZhong is going there willingly. In reality, he is being punished, you have to admit that!”

    “I’m just not admitting that!” Daoist HuoLong retorted, “He only killed a few petty thieves, what mistake did he commit?”

    “My disciples are not petty thieves!” As Mister Second heard that, he bawled in exasperation.

    “Haha, since they are not petty thieves, why did they break into someone else’s house for no good reason?” Daoist HuoLong said with disdain, “Don’t tell me the Mystical Sky Yard didn’t teach them to follow rules?” It was obvious that Daoist HuoLong was criticizing the Mister First and Mister Second for not disciplining their disciples properly.

    Mister First and Mister Second’s eyes both narrowed, but they were completely helpless since they were in the wrong.

    At least, Daoist HuoLong did not want to drive them crazy. Thus, he did not push them further and said to Little Fatty, “Little Fatty. Actually, the Eastern Ocean isn’t too bad a place. The scenery there is fantastic and experts are all over the place, extremely suitable for cultivation. Furthermore, hehe~” As he said that, Daoist HuoLong began grinning.

    Out of curiosity, Little Fatty hurriedly asked, “Furthermore what?”

    “Furthermore, the Eastern Ocean has no rules, with atrocities happening everywhere! It can be said that you can do anything you want. That is also the place where all guys would want to go!” Daoist HuoLong said with a lecherous smile.

    “I don’t quite understand?” Little Fatty frowned.

    “Ah ah, you will understand when you get there. In any case, I will announce something as the sect master. When you reach the Mystical Sky Yard, you can forget about all the sect rules. No matter what you do there, we will not pursue it!” Daoist HuoLong grinned, “You only have to follow the sect’s rules when you return!”

    “En?” As Little Fatty heard that, he was at a loss and completely could not understand what Daoist HuoLong meant. He then could not help but ask with a frown, “Sect master, this, what is the meaning of this?”

    “I’ll still say the same thing, you will know when you get there!” Daoist HuoLong then took out a letter and handed it to Little Fatty, “When you reach the Eastern Ocean Alliance, find a JinDan cultivator called Huo **. He is my eldest son and is in charge of matters regarding Mystical Sky Yard in the Eastern Ocean Alliance. I have already written a letter for him, and he will make arrangements for you after seeing it!”

    “Yes!” Little Fatty agreed and received the letter.

    At this moment, Mu ZiRong suddenly said, “Grandfather, I also want to go!”

    “Don’t create trouble!” Daoist HuoLong cried out, “The Eastern Ocean is extremely dangerous. Why do you want to go there for?”

    “Nooooo, nooo, I just want to go!” Mu ZiRong pounced onto Daoist HuoLong, shaking his arms as she pleaded, “If you don’t let me go, I will die here!”

    As Daoist HuoLong saw that, he did not know whether to laugh or cry. He looked at Little Fatty, then he looked towards Mu ZiRong. With a sigh, he replied, “Alright, since you insist, then follow him! But, darn fatty, you better protect my dear granddaughter! If she lose even a single strand of hair, I will skin you alive!”

    “Rest assured Sect Master, this disciple will definitely protect her. I will not let her lose even a strand of hair!” Little Fatty cupped his hands and replied.

    “That’s good!” Daoist HuoLong nodded his head in satisfaction.

    At this moment, Little Fatty suddenly realised that eldest brother Gold’s expression seemed weird. It was as though he was surprised at Mu ZiRong’s actions. In an instant, Little Fatty understood what was going on. Yesterday, Mu ZiRong was serious when she said that she would let him wear a green hat! Precisely because eldest brother gold knew that Mu ZiRong hated Little Fatty to the point she would willingly let herself be trampled, he would find Mu ZiRong’s performance today extremely strange.

    After he understood that, Little Fatty silently cursed in his heart, ‘Darn baldie, you actually want me to wear a green hat. Just you wait, I will definitely smash that bald head of yours to smithereens when I come back!’

    Of course, Little Fatty only dared to say that in his heart. Apart from eldest brother Gold, he dared not mention Huo QianWu’s name. Despite knowing that she was most likely the one who caused his parents to die, he could only hold his anger back and wait for an opportunity.

    You have to know, Huo QianWu is Daoist HuoLong’s youngest daughter and is a JinDan cultivator. Now, Little Fatty may not even be able to defeat her. Besides, so what if he is able to defeat her? If they were to really have a fight, Daoist HuoLong would not be on his side for sure. In fact, it isn’t impossible for Daoist HuoLong to be involved in his parents’ incident as well As such, Little Fatty can only silently endure it and bide his time. Only when he is able to fight Daoist HuoLong, would he make a surprise move to avenge his parents.

    Following which, seeing that they were about to have a reunion dinner to send Little Fatty off, Mister First and Mister Second took their leave promptly. Only after Daoist HuoLong give instructions and some gifts to Mu ZiRong and Little Fatty, did he sent them away.

    Then, Little Fatty and Mu ZiRong came to the Shifting Towers and took the strongest transportation formation. They were shrouded in white light, which sent them to the headquarters of the Eastern Ocean Alliance.

    When Little Fatty and Mu ZiRong emerged from the white light again, they realised that they were in a sealed room. Above them was a solid roof and formations all over them, incarcerating them within. Besides that, there were a tens of foundational cultivators staring at them, and a JinDan cultivator as commander.

    Before Little Fatty and Mu ZiRong could react, one of the foundational cultivators bellowed “Report your name quickly if not we will kill without mercy!”


    “Mu ZiRong!” Facing such a large army of cultivators, the both of them did not dare to say anything else and reported their names immediately.

    Hearing that it was them, everyone relaxed slightly. But, they did not release the formation and continued to probe, “Where did you come from?”

    “Mystical Sky Yard!” Little Fatty quickly responded, “We have a talisman!” As he said that, the both of them raised up a talisman which Daoist HuoLong gave them before leaving.

    “Throw it over!” The cultivator shouted, “Be careful!” As he said that, the formation relaxed slightly, revealing a crack.

    Little Fatty and Mu ZiRong did not dare to be careless and hurriedly threw it through the crack. After the cultivators saw that there isn’t anything wrong, they removed the formation and used their spiritual sense to scan both of their bodies. Finally, they concluded that the both of them were not demonic beasts under disguisement. They then returned Little Fatty and Mu ZiRong their talismans, leading them out.

    On the way, Little Fatty felt as though he was in a cave, one which was extremely deep in the mountains. It can be seen just how tight the defence of this place was. Thus, he could not help but ask curiously, “Senior brother, why is the defence here so perverse? Why do you guys seem as though an enemy just attacked?”

    As the person heard that, he replied with a smile, “This must be your first time here right?”

    “Indeed!” Little Fatty nodded.

    “Haha, it is no surprise that you do not know then! We are not secure over here. A few decades ago, a demonic beast disguised as a human, launching an ambush from the transportation portal. The disciple on duty did not check and let them in. In the end, a great battle erupted and our Eastern Ocean Alliance suffered a great loss. From that time onwards, the transportation portal became so heavily guarded. Even a fly which flies in will not be able to fly in without being checked!” The other party explained.

    After Little Fatty heard that, he replied with shock, “Isn’t this the headquarters of the Eastern Ocean Alliance? There’s an ambush here before?”

    “Of course, in the Eastern Ocean, there is nowhere safe. You will understand in future!” The person smiled slightly, “Alright, the exit is over there, you guys may leave!”

    Only then did Little Fatty realise that they had unknowingly arrived before a large door made from black iron. There were tens of cultivators keeping guard there. After seeing the 3 of them, their talismans were checked before letting Little Fatty and Mu ZiRong out.

    After finally walking out of the dark cave and arriving in the warm sunlight, Little Fatty and Mu ZiRong felt extremely refreshed. They could even hear the soft sounds of the waves. As they looked around, they realised that they were at the apex of a large mountain. The east of the mountain was facing the ocean while the west of it was facing the Vast Mountains, with a wonderful view.

    On the mountain were many buildings with countless cultivators traveling on flying swords. The place where Little Fatty and Mu ZiRong came out from was a crowded plaza, inundated with hundreds of different kind of cultivators. Some of them were talking, while others were selling elixirs or demonic beasts skins. There were also some who were browsing around, making the place seem like a lively market.

    Little Fatty swept the place excitedly and realised that most of the people attending to the stores were XianTian cultivators, with only a few hundred foundational cultivators and 3 JinDan cultivators. There were both righteous and devil cultivators, but all of them emit an extremely devilish feel. Even those cultivators looked righteous were spouting vulgarities non-stop, not looking refined at all.

    Furthermore, the atmosphere just felt extremely evil. People laughed unbridled, others with killing intents in their eyes. There were many male cultivators hugging female cultivators. No matter male or female, they were extremely open regardless righteous or devil cultivators. Little Fatty even saw a female cultivator with the Jade Pearl Pavilion’s insignia leaning on the chest of a devil cultivator from the Thousands Desire Sect, letting him touch her all over. Not only was she not embarrassed, she even let out a laugh. As Little Fatty saw such a bizarre sight, he was naturally extremely bewildered.

    Following which, something which made Little Fatty even more dumbfounded happened. A late foundational devil cultivator seemed to have taken a liking to Mu ZiRong’s looks. He then walked over openly to them with a female Jade Pearl Pavilion disciple in his arms and said with a lecherous grin, “This fat little brother, your lady looks good. Why not let’s exchange them for a few days?”