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Chapter 205: Trampling A Crazy Lady

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 205: Trampling A Crazy Lady

    Just as Mu ZiRong spoke, her whole body was already controlled by Mu’er, with only her mouth being able to move. Of course, this was because Mu’er had ‘thoughtfully’ left it for her, and not that she had the ability to speak while being possessed.

    Hearing what she said, Little Fatty could not help but let out a cold smile as he spoke: “You just found out? I’m afraid that’s too late! Mu’er will take control of your body, and plead with your grandfather tomorrow to allow you to come with me to the Eastern Ocean! Why don’t you take a guess as to whether Daoist HuoLong would agree to your incessant pleading?”

    At this moment, Mu ZiRong felt a chill go through her heart, did she even need to guess? Even an idiot using their foot would be able to guess, that Daoist HuoLong would definitely not prohibit her. One part was that he really favoured Mu ZiRong, and would not refuse her requests most of the time. The other part was that he was fond of Little Fatty, and believed that he possessed immeasurable potential. As a result, he naturally would not interfere in their affairs, and even hoped that they would foster better bonds through braving dangers together!

    However, once they had reached the Eastern Ocean, far away from the surveillance of Daoist HuoLong, wouldn’t Little Fatty have the final say? Even if he wanted to play her till she died, no one would be none the wiser. After all, danger abounded at the place, people dying there was just too common.

    Thinking about this, Mu ZiRong was filled with a sense of fear, and hurriedly started to plead: “Senior Song, no, Brother Song, I was wrong, I was just pulling your leg just now! Why are you taking it so seriously?”

    “Is that so?” Little Fatty merely let out a snort before saying in disdain: “Then I’ll play a joke on you right now!” As he finished speaking, a pair of large hands immediately latched onto Mu ZiRong’s collar, before viciously pulling it.

    With a tearing sound, pieces of her clothes floated down, revealing a body of snow white skin.

    “Ahhh!” Mu ZiRong could not help but cry out in alarm, but Little Fatty did not even wait for her to continue, positioning her horizontally across his lap. With his left hand on her breasts, his right hand raised up high before harshly slapping her pert buttocks.

    With a loud slap, a palm mark appeared on Mu ZiRong’s white skin. How strong was Little Fatty? He was strong enough to crush black iron with his bare hands! Despite showing mercy already, Mu ZiRong was still in pain and let out a shriek as she began to cry!

    But, her cries did not garner any pity from Little Fatty. Just now, what Mu ZiRong said had completely hardened his heart. He continued to beat her as he scolded, “Bitch, didn’t you want to let me wear a green hat? I’ll make sure to let you wear as many as you want!”

    As he said that, he waved his hands and slapped her continuously.

    “AH! AH! Pain! Stop!” Mu ZiRong pleaded pitifully, “Brother Song, I am wrong! Please let me go!”

    “Brother Song? A bitch like you is not worthy to call me brother!” Little Fatty continued to slap her viciously.

    “Ah, stop!” Mu ZiRong hurriedly changed her address, “Then I’ll call you senior brother alright?”

    “You can’t either!” As Little Fatty said that, he continued to slap her.

    “Ah! Stop hitting me!” Mu ZiRong pleaded, “Then what do you want to call me? Just tell me what you want me to call you and I will call you that!”

    “This lowly bitch, you are only a female dog in future. You have to call me master!” Little Fatty scolded.

    “Yes, yes master!” As Mu ZiRong heard that, she immediately cried out, “I am your female dog. Master, please let me go!”

    As she said that, Mu ZiRong’s face turned red and her body began to heat up, actually feeling excited from all these.

    Little Fatty also noticed that, because his hands touched the fluids which flowed out from Mu ZiRong’s valley which was obviously due to her excitement. He never expected Mu ZiRong to be excited from getting beaten and asked in surprise, “You, don’t tell me you are really a natural born slut? Why did you become like that from getting beaten?”

    “I, I also don’t know!” Mu ZiRong lamented.

    “Master, this servant knows!” At this time, Mu’er controlled Mu ZiRong’s mouth and said, “She cultivates the Divine Thousand Tribulation Lust Formula! This is an extremely profound dual cultivation method. The more the cultivator is being trampled and violated, the more excited she will become!”

    “My goodness, someone would actually go and cultivate such a slutty cultivation method?” Little Fatty could not help but exclaim, “Don’t tell me Mu ZiRong is just a natural born slut?”

    “Master, Mu ZiRong is indeed a bit of a masochist. But the reason she cultivated the Divine Thousand Tribulation Lust Formula is because of the strongest part of this cultivation method!” Mu’er explained.

    “Strongest part of it?” Little Fatty asked in doubt, “Is this cultivation method very strong?”

    “That’s right, it is very strong!” Mu’er said seriously, “It is able to absorb the vitality, Qi and spirit of a man, strengthening the cultivator in many ways including magical Qi, body constitution and spiritual sense! Such a dual cultivation method is a high grade one. It is a pity that this Divine Thousand Tribulation Lust Formula requires a long time before it takes effect. Furthermore, it also causes suffering. Thus, it cannot be compared to the Nine Beauty Revolutions of us sisters!”

    As Little Fatty heard that, he took in a cold breath and said, “This bitch is indeed vicious. She obviously wants to suck me dry! Aiyah, not good!”

    Little Fatty then exclaimed, “I did it with this bitch so many times! Then wouldn’t I suffer a big loss?”

    “Master, you do not need to worry!” Mu’er said with a smile, “Your cultivation method is much stronger than the Divine Thousand Tribulation Lust Formula. In fact, it is even stronger than the Nine Beauty Revolutions. Mu ZiRong did not suck away anything of yours. Instead, you sucked away some of her five elements spiritual Qi!”

    “What?” As Little Fatty heard that, he immediately asked in shock, “Is that really the case, you can’t be lying?”

    “Master, this servant has already lived for tens of thousands of years and am extremely familiar with matters like these. Now that I am in Mu ZiRong’s body, I have checked her through a few times and did not find any signs of an increase in spiritual Qi. Instead, her magical Qi had become lesser, but purer. Of course, this is a good thing for her. For all of your other girls, this would also happen everytime you do it with them!” Mu’er explained.

    “That’s good!” Only then did Little Fatty relax and ask curiously, “Mu ZiRong is only an early foundational cultivator. Why would she have the Divine Thousand Tribulation Lust Formula? Do you know who gave it to her?”

    “Of course I do!” Mu’er hurriedly replied, “In her memory, this servant checked that it is someone called Huo QianWu who passed on the method to her. That lady seems to be Mu ZiRong’s aunt!”

    “Mu ZiRong’s aunt? Huo QianWu?” Little Fatty was first stunned before saying in shock, “I remember, there is indeed a JinDan cultivator like her in the Mystical Sky Yard! I think she is Daoist HuoLong’s youngest daughter! She, she, she~”

    “She what?” Mu’er asked.

    “It is said that she bitterly went after my dad when she was young and even asked Daoist HuoLong to propose a marriage. In the end, she was rejected by my father!” Little Fatty said, “I think that Huo QianWu was completely enraged because of that matter and saw it as a humiliation, closing herself in cultivation and seeing no one! Why would she suddenly appear and give this cultivation method to Mu ZiRong?”

    “Master, I found something else in Mu ZiRong’s memory!” Mu’er suddenly said, “It may be very important to you!”

    “What is it?” Little Fatty hurriedly asked.

    “Mu ZiRong guessed that the Divine Thousand Tribulation Lust Formula that Huo QianWu gave her actually came from the Thousands Desire Sect. She then thought about how you were ambushed by old man Feng when you went out to find your parents remains. Thus, she made a conjecture that the matter is related to Huo QianWu!” Mu’er paused for a moment and continued, “Mu ZiRong even guessed that the matter regarding your dad back then may also be related to Huo QianWu!”

    As Little Fatty heard that, he turned dumb as though he was struck by lightning. He only regained his senses after a while and raged, “Get Mu ZiRong out to talk to me!”

    “Yes, master!” Seeing Little Fatty’s anger, Mu’er quickly agreed and let up the control of Mu ZiRong’s mouth.

    Little Fatty slapped her once then scolded, “MU ZIRONG!”

    “Ah, master, master! I’m here! Stop hitting me!” Mu ZiRong pleaded.

    “Let me ask you, is Huo QianWu really the one who sold my parents out to the Thousands Desire Sect back then?” Little Fatty interrogated angrily.

    “Master, I made a conjecture from the Divine Thousand Tribulation Lust Formula given. Auntie did admit that she was the one, however I don’t dare to say that it is definitely her!” Mu ZiRong quickly replied.

    “Then what do you think are the chances that she is the one?” Little Fatty pressed.

    “This~” Mu ZiRong immediately hesitated.

    Seeing that, Little Fatty flew into a rage and began to slap her once again, ignoring her pleas.

    Only after Mu ZiRong’s buttocks were completely bruised did he stop and scold, “Hurry up and say! Do you want me to beat you to death?”

    “I’ll say, I’ll say!” Mu ZiRong no longer dare to hesitate and cried out, “I guess that it is most likely her!”

    “Why are you so certain?” As Little Fatty heard that, he could not help but frown.

    “Two reasons. First, the Divine Thousand Tribulation Lust Formula is extremely profound. The Thousands Desire Sect will not give something like that out so casually. Huo QianWu must have probably done something that made them extremely pleased, like getting rid of the disciple of the sect master!” Mu ZiRong explained carefully.

    “What else?” Little Fatty said coldly.

    “The second reason is simpler. Your parents had a good reputation is the Mystical Sky Yard and did not have any enemies. Plus, your father is the disciple of the sect master and had an extremely high status. No ordinary person would dare to plot against them. Then the only one who has a reason and is crazy enough to do that would be Huo QianWu!” Mu ZiRong said carefully.

    “Bastard!” Little Fatty roared and lifted Mu ZiRong up. He then grabbed her swelling ass and pierced through it fiercely! At the same time, he began to roar. “Bitch, bitch!”

    “AH~” Mu ZiRong let out an ear piercing shriek. But the more she shrieked, the angrier Little Fatty got and became more violent, stopping only after Mu ZiRong was gasping pitifully!