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Chapter 201: Slashing the Baldies

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 201: Slashing the Baldies

    The Four Metal Brothers did not cower even when they saw the Five Elements Essence Swords rushed at them with such ferocity. 2nd brother Silver, 3rd brother Copper and 4th brother Iron roared together as they unleashed their strongest protective Qi. At the same time, their palms sent out rays of golden light, blocking the sword Qi of the Five Elements Essence Swords.

    Eldest brother Gold then jumped over them and pounced towards Little Fatty. At the same time, he roared, “Darn fatty, you actually dare to attack us, then we shall have no more reservations. Junior brothers, attack with all you got, we have to cripple this darn fatty today!”

    As the 3 of them heard that, their morale rose as they thought to themselves, ‘All four of us are attacking together, with one of us even being a JinDan cultivator. How is it possible for us to lose?’ What made them the most excited was the fact that Little Fatty was the first to attack. In other words, the Four Big Metal Brothers are retaliating in self-defence. Even if they were to cripple this darn fatty, the upper echelons will not be able to pursue the matter! Such good opportunity only appears once every hundred years, how was it possible for them to let go of it? Thus, they gave it their all, using everything they had to tangle with the Five Elements Essence Swords to allow their eldest brother gold to attack from the skies.

    Having heard the conversation between the Four Big Metal Brothers, the enraged Little Fatty became even angrier. He could not help but scold in his heart, “These four darn bald idiots. Not only did they barge into my house and see my women’s naked bodies, they even want to kill me! They are really mad! Forget it, since you want to kill me, then don’t blame me for not showing mercy!’

    Thinking about this, Little Fatty exploded with rage and decided not to conceal his strength any further. He was determined to give it his all and slaughter all of them.

    With a cold laughter, Little Fatty took out his large copper bell. He shrunk it to the size of a few feet, with the mouth of the bell facing eldest brother gold. Then, he smashed a grey spiritual talisman into the base of the bell.

    A loud ring could be heard as a visible sound wave shot out from the bell, smashing towards eldest brother Gold who was in mid-air.

    This Bone Eroding Immortal Voice was unleashed with all of his might. Thus, the bell emitted a powerful attack, which was capable of devastating even a mountain. Wherever the soundwave went, everything was reduced to rubble. Even the building which Little Fatty was at had a portion of it being destroyed by the soundwave.

    Despite having a protective Qi shrouding him and being a JinDan cultivator, eldest brother Gold who was in mid-air could not help but be sent flying by the soundwave. As though a mountain smashed onto him, he caused a large hole in the building and was sent flying into the skies. In just a blink of an eye, he flew up a few thousand feet.

    Just when eldest brother Gold was sent flying, Little Fatty placed the copper bell behind him to block the view of Han LingFeng and Mu ZiRong. Then he released the nine beauties in the Nine Beauties Painting.

    Little Fatty being a middle foundational cultivator had greatly augmented the strength of the demonic witches. Their cultivation base reached the completion of the foundational stage, extremely near the prowess of a JinDan cultivator. At this moment, they were in their demonic witches form, able to come and go without a trace. Even in broad daylight, it would be extremely difficult to catch their trace, much less a messy situation where the Five Elements Essence Swords was emanating with so much sword Qi and the three metal brothers unleashing all their strength. As a result, all the furniture in the bedroom was send flying, with the broken parts flying all around, leading to an extremely chaotic scene.

    Under such circumstances, it would be even more difficult to spot the demonic witches. As such, they were able to pass through all restrictions, controlling the 3 metal brothers with their quantity and quality.

    It was only at the last moment where the 3 metal brothers realised that something was wrong. It was a pity that they could not control their bodies any further. The only thing which they were able to do was to control their facial muscles to express despair.

    Little Fatty did not show them the slightest mercy. Enraged, the sinister looking Little Fatty took out the Gold Essence Sword and waved it fiercely. Consequently, the whole world became silent as 3 bald and bloody heads flew up. At the same time, blood spurt out from their necks, as though it was a fountain.

    With a single sword slash, he beheaded 3 people, effectively killing the 3 metal brothers. It can be seen that the Nine Beauties Painting, which exceeded a spiritual artifact, indeed has its own specialty. This item, be it using it openly or for an ambush, was extremely powerful. Despite the 3 metal brothers not being as strong as eldest brother Gold, they were still late foundational or even at the completion of the foundational stage. Their protective Qi was something that even ordinary foundational cultivators would not be able to break. Even with the strong Five Elements Essence Swords in Little Fatty’s hands, it would still require a few full-powered attacks before destroying it and killing them!

    After the demonic witches possessed them and forcefully dissipated the protective Qi shrouding them, they were beheaded by a single sword slash from Little Fatty. At this moment, eldest brother gold was still a few thousand feet up in the air, still rising in altitude!

    Despite eldest brother being shocked, he was a bodily cultivator after all. His body was strong with an astounding protective Qi. Thus, the soundwave was only able to send him flying and faze him a little, but it wasn’t able to seriously injure him.

    Just as he was flying, he witnessed the sight of his junior brothers being beheaded. At that moment, eldest brother Gold felt that he was burning on the inside, suffering from an inexplicable pain!

    It must be understood that the Four Big Metal Brothers had grown up together. Their relationship was even better than some biological brothers. Originally, they swore to become YuanYing cultivators together, enjoying prosperity together. But today, his 3 junior brothers were all slaughtered! How could eldest brother gold accept it?

    “AHHHH~!!!” Eldest brother gold let out a heart-wrenching cry in the sky before shouting out, “DARN FATTY, I’M NOT HUMAN IF I DON’T KILL YOU!!!”

    As he said that, he stopped himself from flying any further and dived towards Little Fatty.

    Seeing that, Little Fatty let out a sneer and spread out his arms. 5 divine lightnings appeared in each of his arms, spinning around continuously. As they spun, they quickly combined with each other, forming a colourful lightning ball. Then, Little Fatty placed both of the lightning balls together, forming a rainbow coloured lightning ball. Only then did Little Fatty release it, smashing it towards eldest brother gold who was charging over.

    Five Elements Positive and Negative Divine Lightning!” As eldest brother gold saw that, he let out a shriek and turned around, changing his trajectory in an attempt to avoid the attack.

    However, how would it be easy to dodge the lightning balls which were controlled by Little Fatty’s spiritual sense? Just as eldest brother Gold started to fly away, Little Fatty adjusted the trajectory of the lightning balls.

    Despite Gold’s speed, he was still slower than the lightning ball. Furthermore, he received an attack from the copper bell already, and still felt a little numb. Even with his fastest speed, Gold just could not shake off the lightning ball.

    Helpless, eldest brother gold could only take out a black weapon, throwing it towards the lightning ball with all his strength. After the rainbow coloured lightning ball was struck, it exploded immediately, creating a wave of prismatic flame a few thousand feet wide.

    Despite eldest brother gold being a few hundred feet away from the lightning ball, the shockwaves from the divine lightning still struck his body. With a loud shriek, eldest brother gold was sent flying again.

    This time, the impact was far greater as compared to the attack from the large copper bell. Eldest brother Gold’s protective Qi was instantly destroyed as the flames smashed him from his right side and engulfed him.

    A few breaths later, the latter landed on the floor with lightning flames all over him. At this moment, his body was almost all burnt, with a few places revealing his bones. Especially his face, with his right cheek being completely burnt, revealing his teeth and right eye roasted. Although his left side was better, it was also burnt all over. Such a scene was just too unbearable to behold.

    Actually, if not for the fact that the large copper bell exhausting a large portion of his protective Qi, he would not be in such a peril given his strength as a JinDan cultivator. But, he had lost his sense of reasoning in a moment of rage. The death of his junior brothers had made him lose all reasoning. Thus he charged towards Little Fatty despite his weak protective Qi. Then, he was struck by the Five Elements Positive and Negative Divine Lightnings, an attack which even JinDan cultivators would find it troublesome to deal with. It would be a surprise if he wasn’t injured! In fact, it could be considered a miracle that he is still alive.

    Of course, even though eldest brother Gold was in such a pitiful state, Little Fatty had not fully vented his anger yet. He waved his hands, wanting to release his Five Elements Essence Swords to eradicate the roots of his troubles completely.

    But, a few lights flashed from the surroundings as a few dozen JinDan cultivators landed. Little Fatty couldn’t possibly kill a seriously injured sect mate in front of them, right? Helplessly, he could only stay his hands.

    At this moment the whole Mystical Sky Yard was alerted. The strength of the Five Elements Positive and Negative Divine Lightnings was just too frightening, and the explosion was just too big. As such, every surrounding passer-by saw it clearly.

    You have to know, Little Fatty was staying in the inner courts of the Mystical Sky Yard which is a protected area where not just anyone can come in. It was so that the people in there could have a peaceful life. But now, someone unleashed the Five Elements Positive and Negative Divine Lightnings, creating such a commotion. How is it possible if no one else was alerted. As such, a large crowd surrounded the place in just a short while.

    As they saw the situation in front of them, they all inhaled a breath of cold air, not knowing what to say at all.

    Throughout so many years, there were many private fights in the Mystical Sky Yard. But, they were only scuffles with light injuries at the most. Today, such a big and unprecedented commotion where 3 was killed and 1 heavily injured, actually occurred. Furthermore, the one who died today wasn’t a nobody, but the prized disciples of Mister First and Mister Second. Just how big of a matter is this? Both Mister First and Mister Second would probably go crazy from this.

    Indeed, in just a short while, Mister First, Mister Second and Daoist HuoLong also arrived. As they saw the situation, they were all startled. Especially Mister First and Mister Second, they were trembling from the heartbreak to the point tears almost rolled down their cheeks. Disciples who they had brought up for a few decades were killed and injured just like that. Probably anyone would heartbroken from that.

    Mister First maintained his sangfroid, immediately treating eldest brother Gold’s wounds. But Mister Second was hysterical as he roared, “WHO DID THIS?!”

    Seeing a YuanYing cultivator explode in such rage, everyone by the side all trembled in fear and retreated, afraid they would be caught up in this. Even Little Fatty was also startled. After all, Mister Second is a YuanYing cultivator, much stronger than him. He did not dare to provoke him at such a time. If he were to attack out of anger, he wouldn’t even know how he died. Thus, Little Fatty sensibly chose to remain reticent as he slowly moved towards Daoist HuoLong.

    Even though Little Fatty was silent, it did not mean that everyone else was. Just at this moment, eldest brother Gold slowly woke up under the elixirs’ aid and pointed towards Little Fatty, crying out, “Masters, it is this darn fatty who killed the 3 of them! You must take revenge for us!” As he said that, the burly eldest brother Gold was already filled in tears, sobbing pitifully.

    Little Fatty was shocked and hurriedly hid behind Daoist HuoLong. As Daoist HuoLong saw that, he could not help but laugh bitterly and think to himself, ‘This darn fatty, using me to block your misfortune at such a time!’

    How would Daoist HuoLong simply allow Mister Second to kill Little Fatty? Thus, a red sword shadow immediately shot out from his hands, forcing Mister Second into retreat. Then, he said in a solemn manner, “Junior brother, isn’t it a little too much for you to attack a junior like that without getting the facts right first?”

    “Bullshit!” Mister Second was angered to the point he could not be bothered about anything else and scolded, “This darn fatty killed my disciple, there is concrete evidence. On what basis are you stopping me from seeking revenge?”“What concrete evidence?” Daoist HuoLong said with disdain, “That is only something eldest brother Gold said. In order to find out what really happened, we will have to ask my child first, right? Don’t tell me he should die just because you say that he is in the wrong?”

    “You~” As Mister Second heard that, he was rendered speechless.

    At least Mister First was still rational and pulled Mister Second back. Then, he said coldly, “Senior brother HuoLong is right, then I will be here to listen to what he has to say! SongZhong, I don’t know how these disciples of mine offended you, such that you have to kill them!”