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Chapter 200: Having Fun

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 200: Having Fun

    Having heard Little Fatty admitting that he had a 5-element Lotus, ShuiJing was elated. “Senior brother is indeed blessed. Such an item is extremely rare but is actually found by junior brother!”

    “Ah ah!” Little Fatty smiled in delight and said, “Junior sister relax, if there is a portion for me, there will be one for you as well!”

    “Many thanks, senior brother!” ShuiJing cupped her hands and said, “Why not this little sister offer you another glass of gall bladder wine?”

    “That’s alright, that’s alright!” Little Fatty almost fainted and hurriedly shook his head, “I will die if I drink anymore. Junior sister, let us talk about the important matters! Although the 5-elements Lotus is good, there must be a way to consume it. The 5-elements Lotus is an extremely rare item in the world, with little information regarding it. In any case, I have a scant understanding about it and need to rely on you!”

    “That’s simple, Master had told me about it before going into close door cultivation!” ShuiJing then explained, “The spiritual Qi in this item is extremely dense, and only a foundational cultivator will be able to consume it. If a cultivator with low cultivation base eats it, they would detonate from the dense spiritual Qi for sure. Furthermore, there are also many taboos when consuming it. The most important thing is that one must be selective!”

    “Ah? What does that mean?” Little Fatty asked in doubt.

    “It means that the 5-element Lotus has the spiritual Qi of all five elements and is extremely dense. As a water cultivator, if I eat the whole thing alone, while the Water type spiritual qi is important to me, the rest will all be unnecessary and I will have to give it up. Is this explanation clearer to you?”

    “I do understand, but how should we do that?” Little Fatty asked.

    “You don’t have to worry about that since you have an affinity with all five elements, you do not need to pick and choose. You will be able to absorb all of it. But I can’t do that, so I will have to slowly absorb the Water type spiritual Qi within it to change my spiritual roots. As for the other elements, I will have to slowly force it out of my body. In other words, this is something which requires a lot of energy!” ShuiJing explained.

    “I understand, what you are saying is that I only need to go into meditation after consuming it, right?” Little Fatty said.

    “More or less. This is what is special about your cultivation method, no one else will be able to enjoy such a blessing. But~” As ShuiJing said that, she became serious and added, “Senior brother, if you just consume the 5-elements Lotus, your spiritual roots will improve and your spiritual Qi increase. But when you reach a bottleneck, it will be difficult for you to absorb any more of it, and you will have to give it up. If you forcefully absorb it, you may even harm yourself. If that’s the case, you will end up wasting a lot of it, thus junior sister has a suggestion for you!”

    “Speak!” Little Fatty replied.

    ShuiJing then added, “I recommend that we enter into close door cultivation together, slowly absorbing the 5-elements Lotus while comprehending the heavenly laws by commuting in spirit. The best would be for us to break through the bottleneck in a single stroke, not wasting a single trace of 5-elements Lotus. Of course, if we have the aid of the Dao Comprehending Tea, the effect would be best!”

    “Haha!” As Little Fatty heard that, she immediately laughed out loud, “I still have some Dao Comprehending Tea, enough for the both of us to drink. It is just that I have a problem!”

    “What?” ShuiJing was curious.

    “It is the gall bladder wine. If we enter close door cultivation together, you have to promise me that you will not feed me the tea every day. If that is the case, then it would be better for you to kill me straight!” Little Fatty said in grievance.

    “Oh!” ShuiJing said with a smile, “Alright, anyway we can’t separate from each other during close door cultivation. It can’t be considered to be another meeting, so I can make an exception. But if you want to see me again after we exit from close door cultivation, you will have to drink some gall bladder wine again!”

    “Alright alright!” Little Fatty could only helplessly agree.

    “Mmm, that’s great. Then let us enter close door cultivation now!” ShuiJing hurriedly pulled Little Fatty into her bedroom.

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    Little Fatty hurriedly stopped her frantically. “What are you so anxious for? The 5-elements Lotus can’t run away. You have to let me inform the people at home about such a big matter like close door cultivation right? So that they would not worry about me!”

    “Hmph hmph, I didn’t expect you to be so considerate!” ShuiJing said in jealousy, “If that’s the case, then I will give you some time to inform them!”

    “Ai yah, then I thank junior sister!” Little Fatty hurriedly said.

    “Wait, you shouldn’t be happy too early. I have to be clear about something, if you walk out of the Moon Gazing Yard, it would mean that you are saying goodbye to me. It will then be considered a new meeting the next time we meet. Hehe!” ShuiJing then said with a cunning smile, “You should also know the formalities for each new meeting with me. You don’t need me to remind you again right?”

    “A bottle of gall bladder wine?” Little Fatty became depressed after hearing her implicit reminder, “I am only going to say my goodbyes, I can’t even do that?”

    “Rules are rules!” ShuiJing retorted.

    “Forget it, I’m afraid of you!” As Little Fatty heard that, he could not help but said helplessly, “I won’t be going back. I’ll just use a flying sword to send the message back, alright?”

    “Hmph, consider yourself smart!” Only then did ShuiJing nod in satisfaction and revealed a smile as though she successfully played a prank on her boyfriend, and was especially cute.

    Little Fatty’s heart palpitated before laughing bitterly. Then he used a flying sword to send the news back. Following which, he entered a secret room in the Moon Gazing Yard and began dual cultivation with ShuiJing.

    Time flew and when Little Fatty and ShuiJing exited from the secret room, it was 3 years later.

    At this moment, Little Fatty and ShuiJing walked out together hand in hand and appeared to be extremely intimate. But in reality, the both of them did not have any man and women interactions and had a pure relationship.

    It is just that in the countless of times their spirits intertwined during cultivation, the both of them were close to the point that they were life and death partners.

    Furthermore, with the aid of the Dao Comprehending Tea, they had a deeper understanding of the heavenly laws. As such, after they absorbed the 5-elements Lotus, they achieved a breakthrough and were both middle foundational cultivators.

    You have to know, it was only a few years ago that they had entered the foundational stage. It is a shocking result for them to be able to achieve a breakthrough in such a short time. After all, for a normal foundational cultivator to go from the early to the middle foundational cultivator, it would require at least a few decades. Even the greatest geniuses would take at least 10 years. For them to achieve a breakthrough in just 5 years, it was something that only happens once every few hundred years!

    Although it was only the rise of a single level, it represented a qualitative rise in their strengths. As the strength of the Lightning Congregating Station is determined by the might of the owner, the strength of the divine lightning condensed also increased greatly. Furthermore, the strength of the Five Elements Positive Negative Divine Lightning would also be increased greatly because of the increased purity of the divine lightning. In other words, Little Fatty is more than able to fight a JinDan cultivator right now. He would even be able to fight with a middle JinDan cultivator.

    As for ShuiJing, despite her usual countenance, her eyes now had a deeper look. The aura of Moon Water State exuding off her also became extremely strong, to the point it was be able to unknowingly affect the people around her.

    ShuiJing silently sent Little Fatty to the doorstep before reluctantly saying, “It is time for farewell.”

    “Don’t make our parting sound so sad, alright?” Little Fatty could not help but say with a bitter laughter, “We stay so near each other, you can reach there with a short walk. Why can’t you visit me?”

    “To look at you create storms and winds with the 2 ladies?” ShuiJing stared at Little Fatty fiercely before pushing him out. She then slammed the door and said, “Remember, the next time you come and visit me, I will make you drink a bottle of gall bladder wine!”

    “Then why don’t you come visit me!” Little Fatty shouted, “I will let you drink a jug of mature vinegar!”

    ShuiJing did not reply him, but the water in the lake suddenly became active, forming a few hundred dragons, charging towards Little Fatty.

    As Little Fatty saw that, he knew that ShuiJing wanted to mess with him. How would he dare remain? Thus he ran away immediately. But the water dragons which ShuiJing sent out were just too many, Little Fatty was unable to dodge them all, with many of them still smashing onto him, drenching him completely. Little Fatty then ran away pitifully as though he was back to the times he was bullied when he was young.

    “Hehehe” ShuiJing who was at home, could not help but giggle. But then, she quickly scolded, “Darn fatty, you can obviously block the attacks, but you are willing to make a fool out of yourself in order to please me. This fellow, despite having me in your heart, you still think of other ladies. You are really just too hateful. It seems what my master said is true, you are definitely the jinx of my life. I must have owed you too much in my previous life, thus I’m tormented by you this lifetime!” As she said that, tears began to fall as she ran into her room while sulking.

    Needless to say, after Little Fatty left the Moon Gazing Yard, he hurriedly rushed back to his Serene Cloud Yard. As he entered, the first thing he saw was Mu ZiRong and Han LingFeng. In these two years, they stayed here all the time, not going anywhere else.

    Seeing how Little Fatty walked in all wet, Mu ZiRong and Han LingFeng let out a cry and rushed into his bosom.

    “You’re finally back!” Han LingFeng said lovingly.

    “Hehe!” Little Fatty smiled foolishly and kissed her, “Baby, I’m back!” At the same time, he stretched his hands towards her chest lustfully.

    Han LingFeng’s face immediately turned red but did not push his hands away, allowing him to do what he wanted.

    Mu ZiRong at the side also whined, “Brother Song, I missed you!”

    “Oh, really?” Little Fatty said lecherously, “Which part of you misses me?”

    “Here!” As Mu ZiRong heard that, she grabbed Little Fatty’s hands to her chest and panted, “Touch and see how much it missed you!”

    “Hehe!” Little Fatty naturally caressed her without restraint and said with a lewd smile, “Where else do you miss me?”

    Seeing how Little Fatty was unsatisfied, not only was she not angry, she revealed an expression of craziness. She then said with a lovable voice, “Here as well! I missed you the most here!” As she said that, she took off her belt and pulled Little Fatty’s hands into her most valuable spring.

    Facing such a flirtatious Mu ZiRong, the lust which Little Fatty had suppressed for 3 years completely erupted. His gargantuan dragon began to rise underneath his wet robes.

    Seeing that, Mu ZiRong could not help but giggle as she took off Little Fatty’s wet clothes. She then lowered her head and said softly, “I also missed it greatly!” As she said that, she swallowed it whole.

    Little Fatty simply could not withstand the excitement and he threw both the girls onto the bed. Then, the storms began to brew as a great battle began.

    Han LingFeng was still not used to having a threesome and just let Little Fatty do as he pleased. Thus, she resisted the fervor of lust within her and did not make a sound.

    But, Mu ZiRong was different! After cultivating the Divine Thousand Tribulation Lust Formula, she had a great change in character. From a fierce tigress, she became a lustful bitch. She moved her hips vigorously as Little Fatty thrust vigorously. “Ah, brother Song, this is it. I just like the feeling of being ridden by you like that. Just do me as you wish and ravage me with all your strength, trampling me however you deem fit!”

    As Little Fatty heard Mu ZiRong’s moans, he became even more excited. The excitement rushed in like a tsunami, as he gave it his all. Only after 6 hours did he finally stop. At this time, Han LingFeng was rendered mostly immobile. As for Mu ZiRong who was given extra attention, she lay down like a pile of mud, not even being able to move her fingers.

    Despite all that, she did not forget to use her tongue to help clean up Little Fatty’s little brother. All of these encounters would give Little Fatty a feeling of satisfaction and masochism, to the point he developed feelings for Mu ZiRong which was not fully lustful.

    After settling all of that desire which was held in for 3 years, Little Fatty lay down comfortably in bed while enjoying Han LingFeng’s soft chest and Mu ZiRong’s small tongue. At the same time, he did not forget to ask Han LingFeng what happened in these 3 years.

    Han LingFeng tried to be nonchalant from the stimulation by Little Fatty’s hands while using a normal voice to reply, “These 3 years could still be considered to be rather peaceful. After the Four Big Metal Brothers lost a great deal of face in your hands, they all entered close door cultivation and did not dare to stir any more trouble. Thus, there are many people in the Mystical Sky Yard who are extremely thankful towards you for taking action a few years ago!”

    “Hmph hmph!” As Little Fatty heard that, he said with a cold laughter, “A leopard can’t change its spots. The Four Big Metal Brothers will not remain silent for long. I bet that they would definitely continue to stir trouble. Right, after entering into close door cultivation, have they advanced into the JinDan stage?”

    “It is said that eldest brother gold benefited from that humiliation and succeeded in advancing into the JinDan stage. He is now solidifying his cultivation base and will emerge very soon!” Han LingFeng said, “As for the rest, they are all still lacking. They most likely won’t succeed anytime soon!”

    “What about 2nd brother silver?” Little Fatty specifically asked, “Is he crippled yet?”

    “Of course not. The two grand masters of his are indeed formidable, causing him to achieve full recovery in just a year. It is said that he actually went to a brothel in the secular realm to find a lady to test his prowess afterward. Then, he boasted it to those friends of his, with the news percolating across the mountain. Mister First and Mister Second was angered to death and they almost castrated him!” Han LingFeng continued.

    “Haha, don’t tell me this idiot is from some countryside? Why does it seem that he doesn’t even know basic common sense? As a righteous cultivator, it is a big taboo to ** someone. It doesn’t matter if he did it, but why did he have to boast around? Isn’t he just seeking death?” Little Fatty could not help but ask in doubt.

    As Han LingFeng heard that, she also replied in doubt, “This matter is indeed fishy. It is true that 2nd brother silver ** someone. It is also true that this matter is being spread all across the mountain. But, he refuses to admit that he boasted about it! It is just that no one is willing to believe him.”

    “Hmph, someone probably saw him and then ratted on him. Sure a pitiful person like him isn’t worth talking about!” Little Fatty then asked, “How is my senior uncle Qing FengZi? Is the Red Palm Elixir which I gave him effective?”

    After the Mystical Sky Yard successfully refined the Red Palm Elixir, Daoist HuoLong’s faction only took 2 of them to heal Peerless Sword Deity and Mu ZiRong. As for the rest of the Red Palm Elixir, half of them was kept in the sect, the other half was given to those with merit. As the key figure who tricked old man Feng over, Little Fatty naturally earned great merit. Thus, he was awarded 3 Red Palm Elixirs.

    Three years ago when he heard that Qing FengZi was injured by someone, he challenged eldest brother gold in rage. Although the matter wasn’t completely settled, he still managed to exact vengeance for Qing FengZi. After that, he personally gave Qing FengZi a Red Palm Elixir to repay him for the many years of care.

    Initially, Qing FengZi did not want to receive such a precious gift from Little Fatty. In the end, he succumbed to Little Fatty’s persistence and could only accept the gift. Now that 3 years had passed, Little Fatty estimates that Qing FengZi’s injuries should have more or less healed.

    Indeed, after Han LingFeng heard that, she replied with a smile, “Senior uncle Qing FengZi is extremely powerful now. Because of the Red Palm Elixir, his advancement to the JinDan stage was extremely smooth and had long since become a JinDan cultivator. Now, he is still solidifying his cultivation and would most likely be given heavy responsibility the moment he finishes his cultivation! It is said that Daoist HuoLong placed a big emphasis on him!”

    As Little Fatty heard that, he could not help but think to himself, ‘Daoist HuoLong isn’t interested in him at all, he is interested in me. He wants to use Qing FengZi to express goodwill to me! Now, I owe him a favour out of nowhere! This sly old fox is just too canny!’

    Thinking about this, Little Fatty did not have the mood to ask about anything else. At the same time, he was once again aroused by Mu ZiRong’s tongue after this period of rest. Little Fatty then carried Han LingFeng up and wanted to continue the war.

    But just at this moment, the 3 of them heard a loud bang as the wooden door was kicked into pieces.

    “Darn fatty, scram out here to die for this daddy!” As the voice sounded, the Four Big Metal Brothers appeared in front of Little Fatty self-righteously.

    In an instant, the 4 bald man were completely in a daze. It was also no surprise that they were like that, the situation in the room was just too fiery, to the extent that it should not be seen.

    Three naked man and women, with the darn fatty lying comfortably on the bed. Mu ZiRong was crawling beneath his feet, with her peaks pressing against his thighs and mouth taking care of his dragon. As for Han LingFeng, she was lying down on Little Fatty’s stomach, with her round balls being grabbed by the darn fatty. In broad daylight, who would imagine that they would see such a sight?

    The next moment, the 3 of them regained their senses. Han LingFeng let out a shriek as Little Fatty roared and covered the 2 ladies with a blanket. But Mu ZiRong actually continued to lick Little Fatty’s dragon while making a funny expression at the Four Big Metal Brothers. That lecherous smile made the little brothers’ of the Four Big Metal Brothers immediately stand up in attention.

    At this moment, Little Fatty could not be bothered with Mu ZiRong. After he covered their bodies, he got up and put on his robes in the air quickly before landing in front of the four of them.

    “Do the 4 of you bald idiots want to die?” Little Fatty roared. No man would be able to bear with the fact that their women were completely seen by any other person, much less someone like Little Fatty.

    Thus, as he said that, he threw out a punch and did not even allow them a chance to explain themselves.

    But, the Four Big Metal Brothers also did not have the intention to explain anything. Eldest brother Gold who had already advanced into the JinDan stage met Little Fatty’s fist with his own, fighting him head on. Despite Little Fatty’s strong body which had been baptised by the Heavenly Tribulation, he was only able to fight a bodily cultivator one whole stage above him to a stalemate. The both of them let out a low grunt as they retreated a few steps, causing a large crater to be formed on the ground.

    The force from both their punches brought about a hurricane in the room, destroying all the furniture in it. Han LingFeng and Mu ZiRong was also blown to the ground, looking extremely pitiful.

    But, the other Four Big Metal Brothers were completely unharmed as they broke out in laughter in the winds.

    “Good brat, you’re really lucky!” 2nd brother Silver said with a lecherous laughter, “Even the famous junior sister Mu ZiRong is willing to give you a mouth service! You are indeed formidable!”

    “That Han LingFeng isn’t too bad either. Her body is really fair!” 4th brother Iron also said with a licentious smile.

    “No matter how fair she is, she is still a bitch who had been ruined by this darn fatty, “3rd brother copper said with a cold laughter, “To think that underneath that dignified veneer, she is just a whore who enjoys doing it in the daylight!”

    As Han LingFeng heard that, she was both angered and embarrassed, almost fainting on the spot from anger. Little Fatty’s rage exploded as he bellowed, “Darn bald idiots, all of you go and die!”

    As he said that, he waved his hands and the Five Elements Essence Swords shot out in the sequence of Gold, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth. They became 5 separate sword Qi, smashing towards the Four Big Metal Brothers like a tsunami!