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Chapter 199: Miserable ShuiJing

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 199: Miserable ShuiJing

    There resided a small waterfall in the Mystical Sky Yard. Under the waterfall, there was a small lake. The lake’s water is pristine clear with few fishes swimming happily within it. Besides the lake, there is an exquisite small yard called the Moon Gazing Yard, which was ShuiJing’s residence.

    Just as Little Fatty arrived at the Moon Gazing Yard, ShuiJing was seated down on a rock behind the lake, staring silently at the fishes. As though she felt Little Fatty’s arrival, ShuiJing turned over and looked at Little Fatty silently.

    Although she did not say anything, the sorrow in her eyes explained everything. At this instant, Little Fatty felt as though his heart had been seen through. With an inevitable feeling of heartbreak, Little Fatty simply could not express his stomach full of words.

    The both of them then stared at each other stupidly until dusk and was finally woken by the ring of the evening class bell. They might have stared at each other for a whole day, but it was not dual cultivation. Instead, it was a plethora of ambivalence deeply entrenched in their very souls.

    After regaining a clear state of mind, ShuiJing said with a bitter laughter, “Senior brother isn’t going to accompany the pretty ladies? Why have you come to see this poor, lonely person?”

    “Junior sister must be joking, what kind of pretty ladies do I have? It is all just a facade!” Little Fatty hurriedly explained, “You know my heart!”

    “Hmph, I’ll let you off this time!” Only then did ShuiJing grinned in satisfaction. She got up and said, “Follow me. Although I do not have any Dao Comprehending Tea, I also have a fruit wine which I hope you will like!” As she said that, she walked towards her Moon Gazing Yard.

    “Definitely, definitely!” Little Fatty complied and followed.

    A short while later, the both of them sat down in a guest room of the Moon Gazing Yard. ShuiJing then took out a bottle of fruit wine, poured it out to Little Fatty and said, “Taste it first!”

    “Okay okay!” Little Fatty agreed and took it over, having a taste of it.

    Little Fatty originally thought that it was a wine which ShuiJing brewed. But after tasting it, he felt an extremely bitter taste entering his throat, as though what he was drinking was not wine but a bitter gall bladder! It made Little Fatty’s face turn green and he wanted to spit it out immediately.

    But that was something that ShuiJing gave him after all. However, due to a guilty conscience and not wanting to be rude, Little Fatty could only grit his teeth and force it down his throat. Alas, the bitter taste entered his stomach, leaving a strong bitter aftertaste.

    In a bid to comfort ShuiJing, Little Fatty forced out a smile and said, “It’s nice, it’s extremely nice!” Although he was smiling, he sounded as though he was crying.

    As ShuiJing saw that, she smiled and said, “Since it is nice, you should drink a few more cups!” Then she wanted to pour another cup for Little Fatty.

    How would Little Fatty dare to let her pour another cup? He hurriedly hid the cup and said, “Junior sister, junior sister, let’s stop here. Senior brother does not have a good alcohol tolerance!”

    As ShuiJing heard that, she said pitifully, “Don’t tell me this little sister is just so unbearable in your sight that you do not even want to drink a glass for me?”

    “No, of course not~” Little Fatty became anxious. “It’s~”

    “You need not explain, this little sister knows!” ShuiJing did not give him the chance to explain and looked at Little Fatty with grief, “In any case, you despise me and has no desire to drink a cup with me!”

    “I…. I…. I’ll drink, alright?” Little Fatty was forced helpless and could only let ShuiJing fill his cup again.

    “That’s better!” As ShuiJing heard that, she smiled and poured another cup for Little Fatty.

    Little Fatty was left with no choice but to close his eyes and swallow it. The bitterness of it was spoiling his intestines.

    After suppressing the churning in his stomach, Little Fatty hurriedly said, “Alright, is this fine now?”

    “No, every time you come to my Moon Gazing Yard, you have to drink 3 cups!” ShuiJing smiled and said, “Senior brother, you’re still short of 1 cup!”

    “Really?” Little Fatty pleaded, “Junior sister, can you just let me pass?”

    “Of course not, this is the rule of my Moon Gazing Yard, please forgive me for not being able to change it!” ShuiJing said with a smile.

    “Rule? You have only stayed here for a few years, since when has there been such a rule?” Little Fatty said bitterly.

    “It was implemented the moment senior brother walked in!” ShuiJing said seriously, “If senior brother wants to visit me in future, you will have to drink 3 cups of it!”

    “En?” Little Fatty immediately understood and replied, “You have long known that this wine is bitter? You’re playing a prank on me, right?”

    “That’s right!” ShuiJing answered candidly. “This wine was made from the gall bladder of a snake, able to reduce your internal heat, helping you to be calm. In future, I will serve you with this whenever you come and visit me!

    “What’s this for?” As Little Fatty heard that, he did not know whether to laugh or cry, “Are you trying to play me to death?”

    “Since I cannot impede senior brother from indulging in lust, I can only resort to such measures to help senior brother remember the Moon Gazing Yard and remember ShuiJing!” ShuiJing said pitifully, “Senior brother, do you know that you made my heart more bitter than this wine?”

    As ShuiJing said that, Little Fatty was left stupefied and understood the bitterness in ShuiJing’s heart. At the same time, he hated himself for being so frivolous. Guilty, Little Fatty frowned as he threw away his wine cup and snatched the bottle of wine over from ShuiJing, finishing it without any complaints.

    After he finished it, he ignored the bitter feeling in his heart and said with a hearty laughter, “Junior sister ShuiJing, how can I compensate for the bitterness in your heart with a mere three cups? I must finish a bottle at least for sure! Every time I come here in future, I will enjoy it with you!”

    As Little Fatty said that, he immediately felt regrets in his heart as he thought to himself, “Why did I have to talk so much? Such a bitter wine, I am almost dead after drinking three cups, why did I have to say I will drink a whole bottle? Am I not seeking death?’

    As ShuiJing heard that, tears started streaming down her face as she said, “Jinx, you are indeed the jinx to my heart!”

    Due to Little Fatty’s debauchery, ShuiJing was extremely indignant in her heart. But, she could not bear to chase him away. Thus, she purposefully placed Little Fatty in a conundrum with the bitter wine. If Little Fatty gave up due to the difficulty of the request, then ShuiJing would never ever bother with the darn fatty again. The both of them would then go their separate ways. However, never did she expect that this darn fatty was a person that paid attention to attachments, to the point of drinking a whole bottle despite the bitterness. He even swore that he would finish a whole bottle whenever he came from now on.

    Her plan now was completely destroyed. She knew that she was not able to escape from her master’s divination. From this moment on, this darn fatty’s fate would be more and more intertwined with her’s, with no hope of recourse. She would probably not be able to detach herself from Little Fatty from now onwards.

    Little Fatty did not know many intricacies of the matter. Seeing the usually calm ShuiJing becoming so emotional, he could only emit a foolish laughter.

    Seeing Little Fatty’s sincere look, all the resentment in her heart disappeared as she said with a bitter laughter, “All you know is how to bully me!”

    “Goodness, since when did I bully you? You are obviously the one bullying me right?”

    “Hmph! Womanizing all day long and enjoying yourself, leaving me frustrated and lonely. Isn’t that bullying me?” ShuiJing said fiercely.

    “This~” As Little Fatty heard that, he did not know how to reply her. Thus, he could only reply bitterly, “Alright, alright, just take it that I’m the one who bullied you. It is all my fault. Junior sister ShuiJing, on account on this bottle of bitter wine, can you let me off this round?”

    “Hmph, look at you, saying as though you were shortchanged!” ShuiJing said fiercely, “This wine of mine is not something ordinary. It was made from the gall bladder of snakes of a 3rd grade demonic beast at least. After drinking it, you would be extremely focused in cultivation, increasing the efficiency of your cultivation by a lot. Other people may not be able to drink it even if they want to! You have reaped benefits this time around, and you’re still acting as though you’re shortchanged?”

    “Yes yes!” As Little Fatty heard that, he could only say with a bitter laughter, “It is my fault alright!”

    “That’s better!” ShuiJing then smile delightfully and said, “Right, I still have something to tell you!”

    As Little Fatty saw ShuiJing’s smiling face, he had a bad feeling as he asked, “What is it?”

    “It actually isn’t anything much, it is just that the cooling effect of this wine is quite enormous. I think that you will not have the mood to create storms with Mu ZiRong these few months!” As ShuiJing said that, she could not help but cover her mouth and giggle.

    Little Fatty was no fool and immediately understood what ShuiJing meant. It obviously meant that he would no longer have any sexual appetite for a few months. He immediately complained, “Junior sister, I am already so courteous towards you. Why did you still make me a eunuch for a few month?”

    “Ah ah!” ShuiJing laughed and replied, “I only asked you to drink three cups, letting you calm down for a few days only. But, who would have thought that you would drink a whole bottle of it? The effect would obviously be extended to a few months! You’re the one who brought it upon yourself, who can you blame?”

    “This~” Little Fatty was rendered speechless. “I didn’t know before~”

    “It isn’t too late for you to find out now!” ShuiJing laughed.

    “That, that~” Little Fatty mumbled, “Then can I drink only three cups the next time I come?”

    “Nope, senior brother has already agreed to drink a whole bottle. How can you go back on your word?” ShuiJing smiled, “Senior brother Song, you are a great hero in my heart, you can’t renege on this promise!”

    As Little Fatty heard that, he almost fainted. Now, the only thing he could do was to slap himself.

    In contrast, ShuiJing’s mood was extremely good as she asked, “Okay, it isn’t easy for senior brother to see me once. You can say anything you want, ShuiJing will comply for sure!”

    As Little Fatty heard that, his eyes lit up and said, “Can you reduce the amount I drink in future?”

    “Of course not, you don’t have to think about this matter all!” ShuiJing rejected, “You better talk about something else, if not I am going to rest. If senior brother wants to see me, you’ll have to wait for tomorrow. At that time, hehe, ShuiJing will serve you with another round of gall bladder wine again!”

    “Forget it, forget it, let us talk about serious matters!” As Little Fatty heard that, he hurriedly said, “I only want to ask you, how should I consume the 5-element lotus!”

    “5-element lotus?” As ShuiJing heard that, she said with surprise, “It seems that it is indeed in your possession!”

    Little Fatty was instantly startled as he heard that and looked at ShuiJing with a shocked expression. She actually found out something which he hid so well! Little Fatty just did not know what to say.

    Seeing that, ShuiJing smiled and said, “You need not be too surprised, as this was not guessed by me. It was my master who told me!”

    “Your master?” Little Fatty asked in doubt, “How did she know that?”

    “Do you still remember the spiritual stone mine you presented to the sect?” ShuiJing smiled, “After my master received the news, she immediately rushed over to investigate it. In the end, she divined that there should have been a natural lotus lake there. In the centre of it was a pillar which could gather the spiritual Qi of the 5 elements from the surrounding, condensing five elements pure water. After the pond is inundated with five elements pure water, there should be a nascent 5-elements lotus.

    ShuiJing smiled and continued, “At that time, my master divined that there was indeed a 5-elements lotus in that place. But what bewildered her was the fact that she just could not divine the location of the 5-elements lotus, as though it was being blocked by something. Despite the fact that she could not find the location of the 5-elements lotus, she was able to follow the clues to conclude that the 5-element lotus must definitely be in either your’s, Han LingFeng’s or Little Monkey’s possession. It was just that she could not bother you without any concrete evidence. Thus, she let the matter rest temporarily. Before she went into closed door cultivation, she had instructed me to pay attention to you because the 5-element lotus was most likely in your hands. Am I right?”

    “Yes yes yes!” As Little Fatty heard that, he could only reply with a bitter laughter, “You are already so scary, but your master is even scarier. I thought that I had hidden it very well, but it was actually discovered by her! Right, this is a big matter, your master didn’t tell anyone else right?”

    “Of course not!” ShuiJing smiled, “Your luck is considered pretty good. Such a matter should be reported to the sect master. However, my master said that I have an affinity with the 5-elements lotus and would probably be able to consume it. Thus, out of self-interest, she decided to overlook the matter! Senior brother Song, since you are here to ask about how to consume the 5-element lotus, is it mature already?”

    “That’s right! It is indeed the case!” Little Fatty nodded with a smile. Although the 5-element lotus required another 100 years for it to bloom when it was found, the dense spiritual Qi in Little Fatty’s Natal Artifact bolstered the rate at which five elements pure water is condensed. Since the growth of 5-elements lotus necessitates the presence of the five elements pure water, the large amount of five elements pure water greatly expedited the growth of the 5-elements lotus. As such, the 5-element lotus bloomed after only a short 10 years or so.