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Chapter 198: Exciting Day and Nigh

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 198: Exciting Day and Night

    Hearing all those cheers, Mister First and Mister Second’s faces turned green from anger. But, they could not possibly scold all the juniors. Thus, Mister Second could only shout, “Why are all of you so noisy? Shut up!”

    Although they were all cheering, they did not dare to face such a strong YuanYing cultivator and hurriedly fell silent.

    Mister First then said coldly to Little Fatty, “Good, SongZhong, you’re really majestic today!”

    “No no, I can’t be compared to the Four Big Metal Brothers! They are able to sweep the whole Mystical Sky Yard with their might! Even my senior uncle was injured by them!” Little Fatty then added fiercely, “This disciple is only using their methods against them!”

    Hearing that, Mister First and Mister Second became speechless. After all, SongZhong was taking revenge for his elder and was not in the wrong. Instead, their faction had attracted much enmity because they were too overbearing in this period. For example, this darn fatty was from the Hong family and was not even close to Daoist HuoLong. In fact, they could be said to even have some conflicts. But because their disciples’ actions were far too much, beating up everyone they saw, thus causing everyone to gang up and create trouble for them. It could be said that their loss of face today was their just deserts.

    Thinking about this, they also began to feel regret in their hearts. But they did not display it on their faces. Mister First only stared at Little Fatty deeply and said, “Even if you are right, you should also know when to stop! I will let you off today, but if you still want to be at odds with me in future, then you better watch yourself!”

    As he said that, Mister First and Mister Second did not give Little Fatty a chance to reply and led their disciples away.

    After Mister First and Mister Second left, the crowds immediately began to cheer and surrounded Little Fatty. After this event, Little Fatty had already become the hottest figure in the Mystical Sky Yard. His popularity was even greater than ShuiJing who had long taught eldest brother Gold a lesson. All the foundational cultivators were extremely respectful to him, and even JinDan cultivators acknowledged his strength. They no longer saw him as a junior but treated him like how they would treat a JinDan cultivator.

    That day, Daoist HuoLong organised a banquet at his place in order to celebrate this event. He also announced that he will engage Mu ZiRong to Little Fatty, saying that this was something which he had planned a long time ago. Even the dowry had already been given to Little Fatty.

    At that moment, Little Fatty was completely puzzled. He did not know when Daoist HuoLong had given him the dowry. In the end, Daoist HuoLong stared at him and said, “The Five Element Essence Sword is the dowry. Darn fatty, don’t tell me you think I will really exchange such a treasure for your broken bell.”

    As everyone heard that, they were immediately enlightened and all began to praise Daoist HuoLong for his wisdom. Only Little Fatty was completely miserable but just could not explain it. He obviously knew that Daoist HuoLong had no intentions of engaging Mu ZiRong to him at that time and that the Five Element Essence Sword was obviously a bluff made up by him. But, Daoist HuoLong always could not bear the loss and was afraid that this matter would harm his reputation. Thus, he made use of his opportunity to announce that it was his dowry. First, he would be able to show that he valued Little Fatty greatly. Second, it would also mean that he was not tricked.

    Little Fatty did not dare to say anything extra at this time and could only grit his teeth and accept the matter. Seeing how Little Fatty accepted the issue, Daoist HuoLong pulled Little Fatty to drink a few more glasses with him. This night could be said to be a splendid party, lasting until the morning before everyone left.

    Little Fatty also came back to the Serene Cloud Yard with the support of Mu ZiRong and Han LingFeng. Although their marriage was not held yet, with even the date not being decided, being cultivators they were extremely open. Since the elders had already agreed and both parties were willing, no one would say anything if Mu ZiRong were to shift in.

    Although Little Fatty was still uncomfortable with this unexpected slut, he had no reason to reject this pretty lady who was willing to serve him.

    Especially since Mu ZiRong had a huge character change. After she cultivated the Thousand Tribulation Lust Formula, she would be extremely stimulated when Little Fatty violates her. If he was gentle to her, she would not be comfortable with it and would only be satisfied if Little Fatty gets rough with her.

    Little Fatty quickly realised that Mu ZiRong seemed to be a masochist. Since that was the case, he also could not be bothered to be a saint. After he came home drunk, he could not help but feel horny after seeing Mu ZiRong’s beautiful figure displayed in front of him. He could not even be bothered to say anything and grabbed her hair, pressing her under his hips.

    Mu ZiRong first let out a scream. Then with an embarrassed face, she helped Little Fatty to undo his belt, revealing his little brother. Following which, she smiled to Little Fatty and began to swallow the dragon.

    Seeing them like that, Han LingFeng by the side became embarrassed, not knowing what to do as well. But in just that moment of hesitation, Little Fatty grabbed her and pulled apart her top, revealing her white breasts. Then, his face approached the breasts and began to suck hard.

    Following which, Han LingFeng lost all of her strength and could only let Little Fatty do as he pleased. The three of them rolled onto the bed and entered into their own insane world punctuated with heavy breathing and loud moans.

    This intense battle lasted all the way until noon. After a short rest, Little Fatty’s lust was brought out by Mu ZiRong again, as they continued the battle until night, before finally having a stop.

    The next morning, Little Fatty lay on his bed, naked and comfortable. Mu ZiRong lay down on his thigh, using her mouth to service him. As for Han LingFeng, she served him breakfast while allowing him to touch and bite her breasts.

    Han LingFeng completely could not bear with Little Fatty’s teasing and scolded him while breathing heavily. But, Little Fatty still replied with justification, “This is called morning milk!”

    Hearing that, Han LingFeng rolled her eyes and was almost angered to death.

    Only after he was finally full and let out a load in Mu ZiRong’s mouth did Little Fatty get up with satisfaction to clean himself. He then instructed, “I’m going to see junior sister ShuiJing, you guys can go and play!”

    Hearing that, Han LingFeng could naturally not do anything about it. But, Mu ZiRong rolled her eyes and grabbed his thighs. Then, she whined, “Brother Song, don’t tell me you like ShuiJing that lass?”

    “What do you think?” Little Fatty said with dissatisfaction, “Don’t tell me I cannot like her?”

    “Ah, no no!” Mu ZiRong hurriedly replied, “Brother Song can like her, but~”

    “But what?” SongZhong frowned.

    “It’s just that ShuiJing’s faction cannot get married!” Mu ZiRong hurriedly explained.

    “Cannot get married? Why?” Little Fatty frowned.

    “Because the Divine Moon Water Formula which they cultivate can only be cultivated by virgins. The moment they are broken, all of their cultivation will be lost and they will no longer be able to divine, being an ordinary Water-type cultivator!” Mu ZiRong shrugged her shoulders and said, “You should know that without the Divine Moon Water Formula, ShuiJing’s strength cannot even be compared to mine!”

    “This is troublesome!” Little Fatty frowned. Then, he said with a laughter, “But it’s alright. I can chat with her and let you guys solve any bodily needs which I have. How about that?” As Little Fatty said that, he grabbed her breasts like a rapist.

    “Ah!” Mu ZiRong immediately let out a moan and replied breathlessly, “Can, I will always be here for you to **!”

    “You’re really a slut!” Little Fatty grabbed her lecherously then put on his robes and said, “Wait for me here, I will take care of you again tonight!”

    “Okay!” Mu ZiRong then whispered to Little Fatty, “I will wash up and wait for you to trample all over me!”

    “Hehe!” Little Fatty kissed her in satisfaction before walking out.

    Seeing Little Fatty leave, Mu ZiRong said to Han LingFeng with a smile, “I am going to wash up first to let brother have a good time tonight, are you coming?”

    “Alright!” Han LingFeng agreed as she said with a frown, “Senior sister Mu, why have you become so weird?”

    “Weird?” As Mu ZiRong heard that, she smiled and said, “Haha, you’re good with words. Why don’t you just say that I have become a slut? Allowing a darn fatty to trample and violate me!”

    Han LingFeng was immediately shocked as she denied, “Senior sister Mu, I did not say that!”

    “I know it even without you saying that!” Mu ZiRong laughed, “That is because I am just so slutty! I just like being violated by brother Song, and I am willing to be trampled by him. Every time he rides me so violently, I will be extremely excited, unable to control myself!”

    As she said that, Mu ZiRong caressed her breast while her other hand reached for her crotch, displaying a face full of pleasure. Han LingFeng who was by the side was completely at a loss and concluded that Mu ZiRong could no longer be saved. Thus, she did not say anything else but changed the topic, “Alright, I know. Let’s go and take a bath!” As she said that, she immediately left.

    Seeing Han LingFeng’s back, Mu ZiRong let out an evil smile as she thought in her heart, ‘Of course I am willing to be trampled by that darn fatty. If not, how can I suck him dry? Just wait, darn fatty, I will make you regret that you were born one day!’