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Chapter 197: Overbearing

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 197: Overbearing

    It is also no surprise that they were all rendered speechless. Little Fatty’s performance was just too perverse. Blowing a crater so large with an attack was already comparable to the full force attack of a middle or even late JinDan cultivator. For sure, a foundational cultivator would not have the chance to survive. Even if eldest brother Gold had used the divine puppet and had power comparable to a JinDan cultivator, he probably would not have much chance for survival.

    At this moment, Little Fatty was only at the early foundational stage. For such a low-level cultivator to produce such a strong attack, how was it possible for the people to not be in a state of shock?

    But as compared to the others, Little Fatty himself was even more gobsmacked. The reason was simple, because even after eldest brother Gold had been attacked by his trump card, he was still not injured in any severe way. He escaped with only some bruises and some external burn wounds. In truth, he did not receive many injuries apart from these.

    Of course, it was not because Gold was strong enough to be able to receive this attack. In fact, he could not have escaped on his own. It was Mister First and Mister Second saving him in the nick of time. At that moment, the Lesser Five Element Positive Negative Divine Lightning was only at the initial stages of the explosion and had only ripped apart eldest brother Gold’s divine puppet. Just when it was about to blow Gold into smithereens, Mister First and Mister Second descended like angels and saved him, shielding him from the rest of the explosion.

    Being YuanYing cultivators, Mister First and Mister Second strengths were incomparable to Little Fatty. Dashing in and saving Gold happened in merely a blink of an eye, such that most of the people present did not even see them take action. Only after they saw the both of them appearing with Gold on the outside did they understand what actually transpired.

    Seeing the frightening crater, Gold broke out in cold sweat and thought to himself, ‘Thankfully master saved me in time. If not, I would have definitely been blown apart by this darn fatty today!”

    Mister First and Mister Second were both filled with rage. Mister Second shouted, “Darn fatty, do you have to be so vicious in a friendly spar between sect mates?”

    * Cough cough* Little Fatty coughed twice and hurriedly explained, “Reporting to senior, it is not that I am vicious. It was just that senior brother Gold’s appearance was just too appalling just now. The moment he used the divine puppet, he was glowing in majesty, looking as though he would destroy all evil. Facing such a strong senior brother, this disciple would naturally have to give it my all as well, right?”

    “Right your head!” Mister Second scolded, “You obviously just wanted to kill him!”

    “I didn’t, I didn’t!” Little Fatty immediately denied, “This disciple only overestimated senior brother Gold’s strength!”

    As Mister First and Mister Second heard that, they almost fainted from anger. At this moment, this darn fatty still had the heart to tease their disciple. It was obvious that he did not hold the both of them in any regard.

    Filled with frustration, Mister Second’s eyes narrowed as he wanted to teach Little Fatty a lesson. But just as he revealed his killing intent, Daoist HuoLong who was on standby appeared in front of Little Fatty and laughed, “Ai yah yah, what is junior brother trying to do?”

    “I want to teach this brat who don’t know how high the heavens are a lesson!” Mister Second raged.

    “What?” As Daoist HuoLong heard that, he said with a cold laughter, “You’re saying that you want to bully a junior?”

    “What bully a junior?” Mister Second retorted, “This darn fatty does not hold his elders in regard, don’t tell me I cannot teach him a lesson for that?”

    “Nonsense!” Daoist HuoLong immediately said with a cold laughter, “I was here the whole time and this child had been extremely courteous to you. Since when did he offend you? It is obviously that you are embarrassed over the fact that your disciple is so useless and want to vent your anger on this child! You’re already so old already, do you know what shame is!”

    “You?” As Mister Second heard that, he was almost angered to death as he wanted to fight with Daoist HuoLong.

    But, Mister First who was at the side held him back and said coldly, “Senior brother sect master, that brat behind you wanted to kill his fellow sect mate. This crater here is the evidence!”

    “Ha. Kill his fellow sect mate? What a big crime you’re maligning him with!” Daoist HuoLong said with disdain, “But I think it was just self-defence! Your disciple had already used the divine puppet, what face does he has to lament about injustice? Why not we find people to judge, a bodily cultivator using a divine puppet or a lightning cultivator using divine lightning. Which party should be the one to be condemned?”

    “This~” As Mister First heard that, he was at a complete loss for words. Indeed, being a lightning cultivator, there was nothing wrong for him to use divine lightning to battle. But for Gold who was a bodily cultivator to use a precious one-time use divine puppet, it was indeed a little bit of foul play. It can even be said to be bullying the weak! If they were to find someone to judge, he would most likely be on the losing end!

    Seeing how he was not able to gain an edge in this matter, Mister First suddenly said with a smile, “Haha, senior brother sect master is really good with words and made this junior brother at a loss. But, there is one fact that you must admit. This darn fatty knew that his attack would definitely take the life of eldest brother gold, but he still used it in a spar. This is obviously murder. Senior brother, am I right or not?”

    “This~” All of a sudden, Daoist HuoLong did not know what to reply.

    Seeing that, Little Fatty interrupted, “Senior, you misjudged the situation!”

    “Oh?” Mister First then said with a cold laughter, “Brat, what else do you have to say!”

    “Senior, this disciple thought that senior brother Gold’s strength was above his peers. Plus the fact that he had the help of the divine puppet, he would definitely be extremely powerful. That mere divine lightning of mine shouldn’t have been able to harm him. As such, I threw it out!” Little Fatty then said awkwardly, “Cough cough, the way I see it now, this disciple’s judgment must have been wrong. But, senior brother gold is your disciple after all, with your status, it shouldn’t be wrong for me to overestimate him right?”

    “That’s right!” Hearing so, Daoist HuoLong replied with a hearty laughter, “What this child said is right. Being your disciple, he should naturally think highly of Gold! You can’t expect us to look down on him right? If that’s the case, would you be happy?”

    “You!?~” Mister First never expected that Little Fatty trapped him as such. After all, he could not possibly say that Little Fatty should look down on his disciple right? Thus, he had no choice but to swallow his anger, suffering in silence.

    Seeing that, Little Fatty knew that he was already in the clear. Thus, he acted seriously and said, “Ai yah yah, no matter what, this disciple made a mistake this time. I am willing to apologise to Gold and two seniors! I hope that you guys will forgive me!”

    Now that Little Fatty had already said that, it wouldn’t be good for them to appear too petty as elders. Thus, they could only grunt coldly, showing that they would not pursue the matter.

    But at this moment, they never imagined that the darn fatty was only pretending to be polite. The moment he saw that the both of them were not going to pursue the matter, he immediately said, “Seniors, the sparring today had been completely ruined and it is really such a waste. Gold and I really hit off with each other well and it is such a pity we did not get to spar today! What about this, let us find another place to spar again tomorrow?”

    Hearing that, Mister First and Mister Second almost fainted as they scolded in their hearts, ‘Dammit, you’re still not done yet? Did you really think the divine puppet grows on trees?’

    At this moment, they could tell that this darn fatty would not let Gold off, so as to take revenge for Qing FengZi. If he did not take care of Gold, he probably would not have a good night’s sleep.

    If it were anyone else, Mister First and Mister Second would not interfere too much with the affairs of their disciples. But after seeing the explosion Little Fatty caused today, how would they still dare to let their disciples spar with him? That would not be considered a spar anymore, it was obviously him taking the opportunity to kill them!

    But in front of so many people, it wouldn’t be good for Mister First and Mister Second to reject Little Fatty. If that was the case, their faction would definitely lose a great deal of face. Thus, they fell into a dilemma all of a sudden.

    But, thankfully Mister First was extremely sharp and immediately had an idea. He then replied coldly, “Not in the near future. Eldest brother Gold’s cultivation has already reached a bottleneck and has to enter close door cultivation to attack the JinDan stage. I have already made an exception for you today, and there will be no more exceptions!”

    “That’s right!” Mister First hurriedly replied, “Attacking the JinDan stage is a big thing which cannot be taken lightly. Gold, what are you waiting for if you’re still not entering into close door cultivation?”

    “Yes!” At this moment, eldest brother Gold did not have the heart to fight with Little Fatty anymore. The moment he heard what his master said, he immediately agreed and left in a hurry.

    In fact, despite how Mister First and Mister Second sounded so dignified, everyone knew that they were afraid of Little Fatty.

    Little Fatty was also clear on this point. But, it was a pity that he did not dare to argue with the both of them with his status. Thus, he could only watch as eldest brother Gold took his leave.

    But, if Little Fatty did not take his revenge, he would not let the matter rest so easily. Although eldest brother gold left, 3rd brother Copper and 4th brother Iron was still here. As for 2nd brother silver, he was already made a eunuch by a kick from Little Fatty and was still bedridden.

    Thus, Little Fatty would naturally set his sights on the both of them. He then came in front of them and said with a smile, “Senior brothers, I was not able to spar with your senior brother and is really regretful. The weather today is extremely good and it is such a good day for a spar. Why not we have a friendly spar?”

    Hearing that, both brothers broke out into a cold sweat. They did not have the divine puppet. Even if they did, they would not dare to face Little Fatty’s frightening divine lightning. But, they did not want to reject Little Fatty in front of such a crowd and could only look at Mister First and Mister Second with a hopeless expression.

    Everyone in the surrounding immediately broke out into commotion as they cheered, “Metal brothers, metal brothers! Spar, spar!”

    “Don’t be a coward! Weren’t you guys extremely powerful?”

    “What are you looking at your grandmaster for? Don’t tell me you still want milk even when you’re so old?”