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Chapter 196: Shocking Lightning

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 196: Shocking Lightning

    Despite them having already undergone a great battle last night, Little Fatty just could not hold himself back against such stimulation. He began to rise up again as he fought another great battle for more than an hour. Only until it was near daybreak did the 3 of them finally decide to stop.

    Despite having such a fierce battle at night, Little Fatty was still full of energy, without any signs of fatigue. Han LingFeng was still worried and wanted him to rest for a day, delaying the fight until tomorrow. However, Little Fatty rejected the idea without a second thought, as though he completely indifferent to it.

    After washing up, Little Fatty ate a simple breakfast and flew to the training grounds with Han LingFeng and Mu ZiRong.

    When the three of them arrived, the place was already completely filled, with the people being split into two different camps. The one with more people was naturally Daoist HuoLong’s camp while the one with fewer people were the disciples of Mister First and Mister Second.

    Seeing Little Fatty fly over, they all looked over and revealed faces full of shock.

    In the past, Little Fatty was always a lone wolf, but today, two beauties appeared beside him all of a sudden. The most surprising thing was, the usually headstrong Mu ZiRong actually stood behind him obediently today. With a pitiful expression, she looked as though she was a lamb that had been coerced by a wolf.

    Although Han LingFeng following Little Fatty was shocking, but it was not too stunning. But, Mu ZiRong was different. A lady like her who was fierce as a tiger and cursing Little Fatty in secret was actually so easily subdued by him? Just what was going on?

    As the audience saw such a scene, everyone present could not help but discuss among themselves. Only Daoist HuoLong knew what was happening, and thought that Mu ZiRong had finally thought things through, thus obediently following Little Fatty. He could not help but smile in satisfaction as he stroked his beard.

    When the three of them paid their respects, Daoist HuoLong actually personally supported Little Fatty up and said with a laughter, “Haha, good pudgy boy. You are able to seduce my precious granddaughter so silently. You’re good!”

    “Hehe~” Apart from laughing bitterly, what else could Little Fatty say?

    At this moment, ShuiJing suddenly walked over with a smile, “Senior brother, I never imagined that you are such a casanova, having such luck with the ladies!”

    Despite how bright her smile was, Little Fatty could not help but feel a chill pass through his heart as he hurriedly explained, “No no, junior sister don’t misunderstand. I actually~”

    “To think you’re actually just such a frivolous person!” ShuiJing did not even give him the chance to even before walking away.

    “Wait, wait!” No matter how foolish he was, Little Fatty could tell that ShuiJing was angry, or perhaps jealous. But, he did not want her to have any misunderstandings and thus rushed forward to explain the situation to her.

    At this juncture, Mu ZiRong by the side suddenly grabbed him and spoke with an aggrieved face, “Fatty bro, don’t leave me. Please?”

    At this moment, Mu ZiRong’s gaze looked completely like a smitten lady whose husband had cheated on her. As such, everyone could not help but look at Little Fatty with anger as though he was an unforgivable sinner.

    Especially Daoist HuoLong, he immediately said with a deep tone, “Darn fatty, you’re not allowed to bully my granddaughter!”

    Despite how Little Fatty was clear in that Mu ZiRong was putting up a show, he still could not help but feel weak in his heart in the face of Daoist HuoLong’s anger. Who asked him to subdue her for the whole of last night in all different kinds of positions? Today morning, Mu ZiRong was almost unable to get out of bed. Under such circumstances, it also wouldn’t be good for Little Fatty to press the matter. Helpless, he could only say with a bitter laughter, “How did I bully her? She is obviously the one who bullied me!”

    “Cheh, you’re still trying to act like an angel even with all the benefits?” Daoist HuoLong immediately said with disdain.

    Despite the grievances in his heart, Little Fatty could not explain and thus could only respond with a bitter laughter.

    Mu ZiRong instead began to plead, “Grandfather, don’t say anymore. It is all my fault! It was all because I was so unbridled and conceited in the past. But rest assured, I will definitely change for the better, I swear!”

    “Look look! Look at how sensible my granddaughter is?” Daoist HuoLong immediately said with delight, “Let me tell you, the upbringing in my Huo family has always been this good!”

    “Yes yes~!” Little Fatty replied with a bitter laughter while cursing in his heart, ‘Good your head. I wonder who was the infamous witch called Mu ZiRong? If not for you pampering her like that, would she have turned out like that? Turned out to be so irritating?’

    Of course, Little Fatty only dared to curse in his heart and did not dare to say it out. Seeing how obedient Little Fatty was, Daoist HuoLong nodded his head in satisfaction and said with a smile, “Alright, let us talk about family matters another day. Mister First and Mister Second are both here already. This spar can officially begin. You must remember that I want eldest brother Gold dead!” Daoist HuoLong whispered the last sentence to Little Fatty with great emphasis and anger.

    Actually, it wasn’t strange that he hated eldest brother Gold so much. Before Little Fatty appeared, the Four Big Metal Brothers came to seek trouble with all the disciples of Daoist HuoLong’s camp. There were more than 10 disciples with decent aptitudes that were heavily injured by them, possibly affecting their future cultivation. Despite it being a friendly spar, such a situation kept occurring. Not only was Daoist HuoLong anxious in his heart, his face was also at stake. But being an elder, he could not interfere in those matters and could only be passively anxious. Now that he had a trump card like Little Fatty, of course, he would make the full use of it.

    Hearing that, Little Fatty nodded his head as he walked towards the center of the training grounds.

    The training grounds were specially built for disciples to spar with each other. It was actually nothing special either. After all, cultivators fight their battles in the sky. Thus, the training grounds was just a name for a plain field stretching across a few thousand feet.

    At this moment, eldest brother Gold had already arrived at the center of the training grounds, silently waiting for Little Fatty’s arrival.

    Little Fatty also did not say anything unnecessary and stopped in the air a few feet away from eldest brother Gold. He then looked down at eldest brother Gold and said with a grin, “Ai yah yah, I really kept eldest brother Gold waiting!”

    “It’s alright, I am always extremely patient when it comes to waiting for a dead person!” Gold said with a cold laughter.

    “Haha, good heroism!” Little Fatty laughed and said, “I hope you will still have the ability to talk later!”

    As he said that, Little Fatty turned towards Mister First and Mister second, asking, “Can we begin the match already?”

    “Yes!” Mister Second said calmly, “I announce that the fight is beginning!”

    Following Mister Second’s voice, Gold let out a roar and smashed a small golden figurine in his body, “Immeasurable Heavenly Monarch, activate!”

    As everyone saw that, they were at first surprised because they did not know its origins. Only Daoist HuoLong roared out when he saw that, “Divine puppet? Mister First, you are using such a thing in a friendly spar?”

    As everyone heard that, they all fell into shock. This divine puppet is a special one-time use item which is extremely precious. After using it, it could largely increase the power of the user. Different divine puppets would result in an increase of a different aspect, be it martial skill or magical Qi.

    The divine puppet which eldest brother gold was now using was something specially crafted for bodily cultivators, which could even be personally refined by Mister First. Thus, his strength would increase a few folds, almost being comparable to a JinDan cultivator. Furthermore, he would also receive the comprehension of martial skills from Mister First. Thus, when they fight later, his martial skills would be similar to Mister First. Adding his increase in strength, it can be said that the current eldest brother Gold could be said to be able to fight a JinDan cultivator.

    But, under normal circumstances, sparring between sect members were meant to be friendly. To use such a precious divine puppet was just to make a big fuss over nothing. Thus, Daoist HuoLong would protest so vehemently.

    But, Mister First only replied calmly, “Ah ah, why can’t he use it? Isn’t it just a treasure? You guys can use treasures, so why can’t we?”

    “Is that even the same?” Daoist HuoLong scolded in exasperation, “You’re cheating, you’re shameless!”

    “Ah ah, I don’t think so!” Mister First said with a smile, “Senior brother, you’re thinking too much! Look, SongZhong doesn't seem to be objecting!”

    Indeed, when Daoist HuoLong looked over, he realised that Little Fatty did not seem to care. His face was still extremely calm, waiting for eldest brother Gold to fully unleash the might of the divine puppet.

    As Daoist HuoLong saw that, he could not help but mumble to himself, “Maybe that brat has already been completely scared silly. In any case, it is too much for you guys to do this. Being a judge, I demand that the fight must end now!”

    “Ah ah, if SongZhong admits that he is not a match for eldest brother Gold and is willing to admit defeat, we can stop the battle now!” Mister First said with a smile.

    Daoist HuoLong thought for a moment and finally concluded that it was not worth losing SongZhong here because of such a small issue. Since he had already wasted a divine puppet of theirs, he already made a profit. There was completely no need to continue fighting at all. Thus, he shouted out, “SongZhong~”

    The moment he said that, he shook his head and thought to himself, ‘What an ugly sounding name.’ Then he continued, “Little Fatty, they’re being shameless. Let’s not play with them anymore. Just admit defeat, I will not blame you!”

    Actually, Little Fatty was already prepared to attack. But, he held himself back, so he could silently hear the conversation between Mister First and Daoist HuoLong. Seeing how Daoist HuoLong was willing to lose face in order to protect him, Little Fatty felt touched in his heart. Understanding that this old man was really on his side, he also did not drag things on and said with a laughter, “Grand senior uncle, although SongZhong isn’t talented, I do not have the habit of admitting defeat! No matter what, I will definitely fight this battle!”

    “Don’t be rash!” As Daoist HuoLong heard that, he hurriedly said, “The divine puppet isn’t so easy to deal with. That fellow is already considered a JinDan cultivator, you can’t win!”

    “Hahaha!” Little Fatty burst out in laughter and shouted out, “A mere JinDan cultivator is not enough for me to feel fear!”

    As everyone heard that, they were all stunned. Following which, they all thought that the darn fatty was just boasting. Even Daoist HuoLong did not dare to believe that he had the ability to fight a JinDan cultivator.

    But, Little Fatty could not be bothered with all of these. He only said with a cold laughter, “Bald idiot, are you ready to accept your death?”

    When eldest brother Gold heard that, he immediately fumed with rage, “Darn fatty, come and get me if you have the balls! See how this daddy tears you apart!”

    “Haha, very good!” Little Fatty then said fiercely, “If that’s the case, then enjoy my divine lightning!”

    As he finished his sentence, Little Fatty raised his hands. 5 divine lightnings of different colours appeared in each of his hands. The one on his left hands were all dark in colour, almost impossible to see even in the day. The one on his right was the exact opposite, all bright and shining.

    The moment the divine lightning appeared, it spun around his hand and slowly combined together, forming two lightning balls with all five elements mixed. Then, Little Fatty pressed both his palms together. He mixed the two lightning balls up, forming a head size lightning ball flashing with different colours.

    As the lightning ball was formed, Little Fatty roared and threw it towards eldest brother gold. Following which, the lightning ball became a meteor as it was thrown directly to eldest brother Gold.

    At the same time, Little Fatty did not forget to shout, “Take a look at my Lesser Five Elements Yin Yang Divine Lightning!”

    Seeing the lightning ball mixed with 10 different divine lightnings smashing towards eldest brother Gold, Daoist HuoLong, Mister First and Mister Second all could not let out a cry of surprise.

    Daoist HuoLong said with a face full of shock, “Goodness, is this even possible?”

    “Dammit!” Mister First and Mister Second did not have the chance to say anything. They could only curse and pounce forward as two flashes of light.

    Following which, everyone saw the divine lightning smash onto eldest brother Gold’s golden light, creating a large explosion. The whole earth began to shake as the soil was blown apart, destroying all the vegetation in the thousand feet radius. All of the cultivators present all could not help but activate their divine light to protect themselves.

    When the explosion settled down, everyone looked towards the center of the training grounds and took in a cold breath. There was already no longer a training ground left. The only thing that was left was a crater a few hundred feet deep, still smoking as the groundwater began to seep in. Seeing this scene, everyone present was completely dumbfounded as they thought to themselves, ‘Is this darn fatty still a foundational cultivator or a JinDan cultivator? Isn’t this too ferocious?’