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Chapter 195: Threesome

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 195: Threesome

    “But, I do not know SongZhong at all, I can’t possibly just go knocking on his door, right?” Huo QianWu hurriedly said.

    “Ah ah, Aunt do not have to worry about that. After I become his slave, I will give him a chance to ** you!” Mu ZiRong then said with a cold laughter, “In any case, I will take care of everything. You just need to agree!”

    “What if I say no?” Huo QianWu suddenly asked coldly.

    “Aunt, you won’t!” Mu ZiRong said with an indifferent laughter, “Unless you are willing to let me reveal the matters regarding the Divine Thousand Tribulation Lust Formula. Even if your status is different, it is still a big thing if grandfather finds out that you colluded with the Thousands Desire Sect! Am I right on this?”

    Hearing so, Huo QianWu could not help but lash out, “Darn lass, I helped you out of goodwill but you’re going threatening me?”

    “HAHA, help me?” Mu ZiRong could not help but burst out with laughter, “Help me to cultivate an evil dual cultivation method to become a sex slave and bitch? I must really thank you! Thus, I can only repay you by helping you! If I am going to hell, you are not going to be able to stay on the surface of the earth!”

    “Crazy, you’re already crazy!” Huo QianWu stretched out her hands and said, “Return the Divine Thousand Tribulation Lust Formula to me and I will take it that nothing happened today!”

    “HAHAHA, impossible! I have already decided to cultivate it!” Mu ZiRong said with a maniacal laughter, “And you, will have to keep me company! Welcome to hell, Aunt! HAHAHA!”

    As she spoke, Mu ZiRong walked out while laughing hysterically. Huo QianWu was angered to the point her face turned green. She began to rise up, wanting to silence Mu ZiRong. But, she noticed a few JinDan cultivators walking around. Only at this time did she remember that this is where Daoist HuoLong stays at, with a tight surveillance all around. Thus, Mu ZiRong’s maniacal laughter immediately drew the attentions of a few people. Under such circumstances, it was obvious that she did not have the chance to silent Mu ZiRong at all. Helpless, she could only watch Mu ZiRong disappear into the horizons.

    Despite how indifferent Little Fatty looked on the surface after ** Mu ZiRong, his heart was filled with butterflies. After all, Mu ZiRong was no ordinary cultivator, she was Daoist HuoLong’s granddaughter! Just what kind of guts did he have to actually ** her? This, if this were to be spread out, he would not be able to escape unscathed for sure!”

    Despite the fact that he might not be killed on behalf of the previous sect master’s face, he would definitely have to pay a price. He would probably be locked up for many years for sure. Although he could just remain in his Natal Artifact to cultivate if he was locked up, but he would find it difficult to reunite with his girls for sure. HongYing was not in the yard, ShuiJing had her own intentions. But, if Han LingFeng loses his protection, she would definitely suffer in the future.

    Thinking about this, Little Fatty could not help but start to regret. But, he was also helpless as the deed was done, thus he could only find ways to make it up to Han LingFeng.

    Thus, Little Fatty hurriedly returned home and cooked up a large feast. Then, he accompanied Han LingFeng, having a good conversation as they ate. In the conversation, it was mostly filled with him saying goodbye and asking her to take care.

    Han LingFeng was also not foolish and could tell that something was wrong. Thus, she immediately asked Little Fatty what happened. At such a moment, Little Fatty knew that it was pointless for him to hide this matter any further. Since it would probably spread out anyway, he decided to tell her about how he ** Mu ZiRong.

    As Han LingFeng heard that, she almost fainted and knew that Little Fatty made a terrible mistake. She then hurriedly persuaded Little Fatty to escape in the night.

    But, Little Fatty analysed the situation to her calmly, “If I escape, it is as good as admitting to the crime. At that time, even if it was for their own face, the Mystical Sky Yard will chase me to the end of the earth for sure. If I stay, the worst that would happen would be for me to get locked up. I definitely would not lose my life. After all, sect master Hong asked Daoist HuoLong to take care of me. If Daoist HuoLong were to kill me, he would offend sect master Hong for sure. Daoist HuoLong is not an idiot and will not do something so disadvantageous to himself!”

    After hearing that, Han LingFeng relaxed a little. But, her eyes were still filled with anxiety and depression. Seeing that, Little Fatty hurriedly went forward to comfort her. The both of them then hugged each other tightly. First, it was just their tongues, then the fiery passion burned as they could not hold themselves back any longer.

    Han LingFeng thought that Little Fatty was about to be locked up, and would not be able to see him for a long time. Thus, in this last night, she gave it her all, satisfying Little Fatty to the point he felt as though he had entered heaven.

    The both of them only stopped after it was midnight when Han Lingfeng was completely exhausted. But, Little Fatty was still not satisfied. After all, his body was just well built to the point he was not human but more like a demonic beast! A single woman, even if she was a cultivator, would probably not be able to sate Little Fatty.

    But just at this moment, Little Fatty’s bedroom door was slammed open. Little Fatty instantly reacted and jumped off the bed, staring at the door with an alert face. Only then did he realise that the person who arrived was Mu ZiRong.

    Seeing her, Little Fatty immediately felt a wave of guilt as he covered his rowdy little brother. He covered the head as he looked behind Mu ZiRong, afraid Daoist HuoLong would be following close behind.

    How smart was Mu ZiRong? She naturally knew what Little Fatty was worried about. Thus, she said with a cold laughter, “Darn fatty, don’t need to be afraid, my grandfather did not come!” As she said that, she walked in and closed the door behind her. Then, she gave a smile to both the naked Little Fatty and startled Han LingFeng.

    The moment he heard that Daoist HuoLong did not come, Little Fatty heaved a sigh of relief. Then, he asked coldly, “Since he isn’t here, then what are you here for?”

    “What do you think?” Mu ZiRong suddenly asked.

    “How would I know what you are thinking about?” Little Fatty retorted, “Maybe you went crazy and want me to take care of you again!”

    “Ah, you’re right!” Mu ZiRong said with a smile.

    Little Fatty never imagined that this would be the reply he would have gotten. If she wanted him to kill her, he would not be surprised. But for her to want him to take care of her, how was that possible? He thought that he heard wrongly and hurriedly said, “What did you say? I didn’t hear you clearly!”

    “I said, I am here for you to take care of me!” Mu ZiRong repeated seriously.

    “Take care of what?” Little Fatty was immediately dumbfounded as he asked in bewilderment, “Are you desperate?”

    “That’s right, I am desperate!” Mu ZiRong then emphasised on her words, “I just want you to take care of me! Trample me! ** me!”

    Little Fatty was left speechless as he said with a face full of amazement, “Oi, you, are you mad?”

    “I’m not mad, I am just horny!” As Mu ZiRong said that, her hands landed on her waist as she took off her belt. With a small tug, all of her clothes were removed, revealing the white skin under it. The teeth marks and handprints left by Little Fatty was still present, making her even more alluring.

    Seeing this, Little Fatty was completely at a loss.

    But, Mu ZiRong calmly walked up to Little Fatty. Then, she knelt down and grabbed Little Fatty’s dragon. She shifted closer as she used her mouth to lick it. Then, she slowly swallowed it, touching her throat as she took his whole length in.

    “Woah!” Little Fatty moaned out comfortably. At the side, Han LingFeng was completely dumbfounded and could not determine what was going on.

    But, Mu ZiRong seemed to be oblivious to the fact that Little Fatty just had so much fun with Han LingFeng. She only helped Little Fatty suck his little brother. In just a few moments, Little Fatty’s lust was completely activated. Seeing Mu ZiRong acting in such a way, despite how bewildered he was, he could not be bothered with any consequences. He grabbed Mu ZiRong to the bed and began to penetrate her.

    As Little Fatty attacked Mu ZiRong, she began to moan incessantly. Such a fierce battle made Han LingFeng burn with lust. Very quickly, Little Fatty realised that Han LingFeng’s face flushed bright red, and knew that she was having a hard time holding it in. Thus, he also pulled her under him. Then, that darn fatty would alternate between left and right, making both the ladies completely breathless as they moaned out loudly.

    This ferocious battle lasted for a whole 2 hours before it finally ended. Both the ladies were completely exhausted, but Little Fatty was still filled with energy.

    Little Fatty lay on bed comfortably with the mission complete, hugging the both of them. His hands began to caress them all over as he asked curiously, “Senior sister Mu, your actions are extremely strange. Didn’t you say that you want to lodge a complaint against me? Why are you on my bed instead?”

    “I already did so! I found my grandfather and told him that you ** me!” Mu ZiRong then said with a cold laughter, “But guess what my grandfather said?”

    “What did he say?” Little Fatty immediately asked curiously.

    “He said that you did a good job!” Mu ZiRong scolded.

    “What?” As Little Fatty heard that, he was completely dumbfounded as he asked, “He really said that?”

    “Of course, else do you think I was deaf?” Mu ZiRong said angrily.

    “But, why would he say that?” Little Fatty asked.

    “That’s right, it is just too strange!” Han LingFeng also said.

    “Because he wants you to be my husband. It was just because there was HongYing that he did not say it. But now that you did what you did, he had an excuse to make you marry me!” Mu ZiRong then scolded, “Thus, he would of course happily say ‘good job’ to you!”

    At this moment, even a strong lady like Mu ZiRong could not help but cry.

    Little Fatty was rendered speechless. Not knowing how to comfort her, he could only stroke her with his hands. But, the place he was stroking was her breasts, making this attempt to comfort seem dubious.

    Mu ZiRong was gradually getting used to Little Fatty’s actions and hugged his hands instead, making him feel even better. At the same time, she said with a cold laughter, “Since he said that you did a good job, so I decided to find you and let you do it all you want! Junior brother Song, you can just treat me as a bitch, doing whatever you want to me! No matter how you want to do it, I will listen to you!” As she said that, she bent down and swallowed Little Fatty’s dragon into her throat yet again!