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Chapter 194: Mistress Crisis

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 194: Mistress Crisis

    After coming out from Daoist HuoLong’s inner chambers, Mu ZiRong found a corner to cry as she mumbled to herself, “Darn fatty, you actually dare to ** me. Now, I do not even have anyone to complain to. This isn’t fair! Don’t be proud of yourself! I will definitely make you pay! Hmph, aren’t you going to marry me? Then I will cheat on you! I will give my body to every other guy and then go around showing off. I must let the whole world know that you are a bastard!”

    Just when Mu ZiRong was cursing, a voice sounded in her ears, “You shouldn’t abuse yourself like that! You are only making things good for others, with nothing good for yourself!”

    Mu ZiRong was first stunned before she turned around and saw a lady dressed in green. She immediately recognised her and replied, “Aunt? What are you doing here?” She was the youngest daughter of Daoist HuoLong, a JinDan cultivator called Huo QianWu.

    The moment Huo QianWu heard that, she said with a smile, “I went to find father just now, but saw you coming out from his room crying. In a moment of curiosity, I came over to check on you and heard something like this! Let me ask you, did that bastard SongZhong really ** you?”

    “Of course it’s real!” Mu ZiRong jumped into Huo QianWu’s bosom and wailed, “Today, I was practising my sword in the pavilion on the lake when that darn fatty came to pester me. I did not want to bother him, but he became too much before raping me like a beast!”

    “He is indeed a beast!” Huo QianWu scolded.

    “He’s a beast, but grandfather isn’t any much better. I complained to him and he actually said that it was good that he raped me. Now only is he not only going to stand up for me, he is going to force me to marry that darn fatty!” Mu ZiRong raised her head with a face full of grievance, “Aunt, that darn fatty raped me and it became a good deed, what kind of a logic is that?”

    “Haiz!” Huo QianWu helplessly sighed, “In the eyes of your grandfather, there are only interests and no logic!”

    “I don’t care!” Mu ZiRong cried, “Although grandfather is foolish, but Aunt still understands logic. You must help me!”

    “How do I help you?” Huo QianWu said with a bitter laughter, “That SongZhong has already become a favourite of Father. Tomorrow, we will still have to count on him to take care of eldest brother Gold. If I teach him a lesson now, am I not going against Father? He will kill me!”

    “Dammit!” Mu ZiRong scolded, “All of you are so heartless! Alright, since you are not going to help me, I will help myself! After that darn fatty marries me, I will cheat on him every day!”

    “You can’t do that!” As Huo QianWu heard that, she immediately warned her against it. “Silly child, this isn’t only going to affect that darn fatty. This will affect the reputation of our own family as well! If you are to ruin the reputation of our family not allowing us to lift our heads up in future, Ffather will definitely take care of you! It’s best for you to not make such a useless attempt!”

    “Goodness!” As Mu ZiRong heard that, she could not help but say desperately, “Don’t tell me I must endure the humiliation by that darn fatty!”

    “Not necessarily!” As Huo QianWu heard that, she said calmly, “Your Aunt has an idea to help you take revenge. It can even give you a big benefit, but~”

    “But what?” Mu ZoRong hurriedly asked.

    “This matter is rather vicious and you will have to suffer a bit!” Huo QianWu said bluntly.

    “Hmph, I am not even afraid of death now, how would I be afraid of some suffering?” Mu ZiRong said with a cold laughter, “Aunt, can feel free to speak your mind. Even if I will have to go through a sea of fire or mountain of blades, I will do it for revenge!”

    “Good, you’re resolute. As expected of a child of the Huo family!” Huo QianWu nodded and said, “There is a cultivation method from a devil sect here. Not only can it kill that darn fatty secretly without anyone noticing, your strength will definitely increase greatly. Even father would not be able to ignore you in the future!”

    “Oh?” As Mu ZiRong heard that, her eyes lit up and hurriedly asked, “Aunt, what cultivation method?”

    “This is it, Divine Thousand Tribulations Lust Formula!” As Huo QianWu spoke, she handed over a jade strip to Mu ZiRong.

    Mu ZiRong received it and scanned it with her spiritual sense. After looking through a few times, she exclaimed, “This is a devilish method which replenishes my negative energy by sucking positive energy!”

    “That’s right, it is a dual cultivation method for ladies in the devil sects to cultivate. The person who cultivates it must definitely be a stunning beauty with a strong mental resilience. The moment you decide to cultivate it, there will be no routes of retreat anymore!” Huo QianWu said seriously.

    “That darn fatty’s cultivation method is extremely powerful. His body is also as strong as the Four Big Metal Brothers. Is is possible for me to suck him to death using such a dual cultivation method?” Mu ZiRong could not help but ask with doubt.

    “Hmph, you’re ignorant!” Huo QianWu said with a cold laughter, “This Divine Thousand Tribulation Lust Formula is not a normal cultivation method. You must first focus all of your heart and attention to a man, making him your owner. In short, you will be his sex slave or even his call-bitch. You must let him trample over you, and abuse you as he wishes. At this time, you will have a fatal attraction to him, making him can’t do without you. This is what the Thousand Tribulations means, for him to die after a thousand tribulations!”

    “Goodness, I must become a bitch?” As Mu ZiRong heard that, she could not help but ask, “Why do I have to do that?”

    “Because that is the only way for him to let down his guard for you, allowing you to suck away all of his spiritual Qi without him knowing!” Huo QianWu said coldly, “The strongest part of the Divine Thousand Tribulation Lust Formula is that it is not only able to suck away spiritual Qi, it can even suck away spiritual sense. After all of them are sucked into your body, it will all become yours! At that time, you can have everything he has, spiritual Qi, body strength and spiritual sense!”

    “Ah?” As Mu ZiRong heard that, she immediately exclaimed, “Goodness, if that’s the case, then wouldn’t I become as strong as him?”

    “No, you will be stronger than him! Because, you not only have everything of his, you still have everything of yours. With the both of it combined, you will definitely become the strongest foundational cultivator in the Mystical Sky Yard, not losing to even ShuiJing!” Huo QianWu spoke with a honeyed tongue, “How about it? Is it good?”

    “This is indeed good!” Only then did Mu ZiRong regain her senses and ask, “Where did Aunt get such a powerful cultivation method from?”

    “Ah ah, your Aunt had good luck. After killing a pervert, I found this on his body!” Huo QianWu described.

    “Ah ah, Aunt, you’re really funny!” Hearing so, Mu ZiRong instead replied with a cold laughter, “Although I am not familiar with dual cultivation methods, I know that ordinary dual cultivation methods would only able to suck spiritual Qi. A higher grade one would be able to suck vitality. Only a few top grade cultivation methods would be able to suck away spiritual sense as well! This Divine Thousand Tribulation Lust Method is obviously an extremely strong cultivation method of the devil sects. Probably only the Thousands Desire Sect would have something like that, and it should be considered a top tier cultivation method there. Let me ask you, do you think a small pervert could come into possession of the top tier cultivation method of the devil sect?”

    “I doubt so!” Huo QianWu shrugged her shoulders, then she asked, “What exactly are you trying to say?”

    “I’m trying to say is that the darn Fatty went out to search for his parents remains and was ambushed by the Thousands Desire Sect. Many people in the sect guessed that there is a traitor within the sect who revealed the whereabouts of that darn fatty!” Mu ZiRong then pretend to ruminate, “I wonder what Aunt thinks about this?”

    “You are very smart!” Huo QianWu was first shocked into silence before saying honestly, “But even if you are right, what are you going to do about it? Expose me?”

    “Ah ah, I do not have such an intention, instead, I have to thank you. If not for you, I would still be lying in bed!” Mu ZiRong said with a smile.

    “If that’s the case, then do you want this Divine Thousand Tribulation Lust Formula?” Huo QianWu asked with a smile.

    “Of course, why not? Such a good thing, to be able to kill that darn fatty and improve my strength. Only a fool would not cultivate it!” As Mu ZiRong said that, she took the jade strip over.

    “Ah ah, that’s good, I wish you success!” Huo QianWu said with a smile.

    “Hehe, Aunt, you’re wrong in this part. You should be wishing us success!” Mu ZiRong said with a crafty laughter, “That darn fatty is just too fat. I’m scared I can’t eat him up alone. Why not we do it together?”

    “What? You want me to cultivate the Divine Thousand Tribulation Lust Formula and deal with him together with you?” Huo QianWu said with an expression of utter shock.

    “Of course, good things have to be shared, right?” said Mu ZiRong with an evil grin plastered.

    “No, this is impossible, we have a generation difference!” Huo QianWu immediately said.

    “Ha! Aunt, don’t be so humble. What generation difference, do you think us cultivators care about such a thing?” Mu ZiRong said directly, “The smallest concubine of my grandfather used to be my senior sister. Didn’t he marry her also?”

    “Your grandfather is a lecher, you can’t compare me with him!” Huo QianWu hurriedly said.

    “It seems that he are not the only one who is mixing up the generations! That darn fatty can be said to be HongYing’s nephew also because his father is the disciple of Old Sect Master Hong. But didn’t that darn fatty also stick together with HongYing all the time? Not only does Old Hong not reject, he even supports them. It can be seen that things like generation gaps aren't important to us cultivators who can live for hundreds or thousands of years!” Mu ZiRong then added, “Aunt, you do not need to have any considerations. From the way you plotted against Little Fatty with the Thousands Desire Sect, it can be seen that you hate him to the core also. If that’s the case, why not we suck him dry together as revenge?”

    “Why do you have to force me?” Huo QianWu could not help but ask not knowing whether to laugh to cry.

    “Because one cannot let down her guard!” Mu ZiRong said with a cold laughter, “In the past, Aunt have never bothered about me. But today, you gave me a top grade cultivation method the moment you see me. Such an odd matter, who will believe you if you said that there is nothing hidden? If I do not pull you to cultivate it with me, how would I know if there is anything hidden within here?”