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Chapter 192: Do First, Speak Later

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 192: Do First, Speak Later

    “Very good!” Little Fatty said with a smile, “Baby, just wait for me here, I’ll be back in a jiffy!” As he said that, he dashed out without waiting for Han LingFeng to say anything.

    Although Han LingFeng was worried, she chose not to interfere with the conflicts amongst foundational cultivators. She could only stay behind and wait for Little Fatty to return.

    After a couple of minutes, Little Fatty’s sword flashed and he arrived at the back of the mountains. This was a bamboo forest that is several kilometres wide. The bamboos were all tightly packed and looked extremely lush. Within the bamboo forest was a small lake with a pavilion within the lake.

    At this moment, Mu ZiRong was standing in the pavilion unleashing her sword Qi into the lake. Countless of azure sword shadows were seen dancing above the lake, creating an astounding view.

    After Little Fatty appeared, Mu ZiRong kept her sword and looked at Little Fatty irascibly. Then, she asked coldly, “What are you doing here? You are here to spy on me practising my sword?”

    “Practising your sword?” As Little Fatty heard that, he immediately said with disdain, “Miss Mu ZiRong, it isn’t that I want to praise you, but you are already very ‘despicable’. You can be said to be the most ‘despicable’ person on earth already!”

    (TL/N: Despicable and Sword in chinese have the same pronunciation but are different words. This is a pun used by Little Fatty.)

    With her scintillating wits, Mu ZiRong naturally understood Little Fatty’s pun. She was enraged and barked, “Darn fatty, you dare insult me?”

    “Insult you?” Little Fatty said with a cold laughter, “Insulting you is going too easy on you, I am going to beat you up today!”

    “You dare?” As Mu ZiRong heard that, she was startled and hurriedly said, “Darn fatty, I have no enmity with you, what are you going crazy for? Why are you seeking trouble with me?’

    “No enmity?” Little Fatty said with a cold laughter, “Let me ask you, why does 2nd brother silver know about Han LingFeng? Why did he know where Han LingFeng was hiding? Were you the one who told him?”

    “No!” Mu ZiRong denied without hesitation, “I don’t know what you are talking about.”

    “Hmph, you are able to deny it so easily!” Little Fatty then asked again, “I wonder how are you going to explain the fact that my senior uncle Qing FengZi got injured because of you?”

    “I admit that he was injured because he was standing out for me. With regards to this matter, I am also extremely regretful. But, I don’t see how this can be an excuse for you to find trouble with me!” Mu ZiRong said calmly.

    “I think it can!” Little Fatty said with a cold laughter, “In order to take revenge on me, you first harmed my senior uncle Qing FengZi, then made use of 2nd brother silver in an attempt to harm Han LingFeng. Am I right?”

    “Hmph~” Mu ZiRong said with a cold laughter but did not continue.

    As Little Fatty saw that, he bellowed, “Mu ZiRong, if you dare to do it, admit it right away. Don’t make me despise you!”

    As she heard Little Fatty say that, the proud Mu ZiRong could not take it any longer and shouted, “So what if I admitted it? This lady here just wants to take revenge on you. I will harm anyone who has a relationship with you. What can you do to me?”

    Hearing that Mu ZiRong finally admitted it, he was instantly angered and unleashed his Five Element Essence Swords. Pointing at Mu ZiRong, he growled, “Darn lass, this daddy here will teach you a lesson today!” As he said that, he immediately unleashed 5 sword Qi and made a slashing motion towards Mu ZiRong.

    Seeing that, Mu ZiRong also did not yield and brandished Azure Shadowless Divine Sword , unleashing countless azure sword shadows. Both of them then engaged in a ferocious battle above the lake.

    Both of them were a thousand feet away from each other, commanding their flying swords to attack ferociously. Little Fatty’s sword Qi was majestic and relied on his strength and high grade magical artifact, attacking without restrain.

    Although Mu ZiRong was weaker than Little Fatty and had a weaker magical artifact, she was a sword cultivator after all. Her control of the sword was better than Little Fatty. The countless azure sword shadows which were formed could all be controlled freely by her like they were her limbs. Be it to defend or to attack, it all formed a spectacular scene. As such, she was able to suppress Little Fatty who was stronger and had a higher grade magical artifact at the start.

    But, good things do not last for long. Just when Mu ZiRong’s attack was becoming increasingly sharp, Little Fatty was grew increasingly used to her attacks’ tempo. Then Little Fatty revealed the might of his superior strength and magical artifact. The Five Element Essence Swords then formed 5 sword Qi of about a thousand feet, smashing an opening in the azure sword shadows. It threatened Mu ZiRong to the point she could not help but start dodging.

    Now that things have developed like that, Mu ZiRong knew that she was not able to win. But, she was resigned and began to scold, “You dare to bully me with my grandfather’s treasure? Are you still a man?”

    “Haha, whether or not I’m a man, you will know after testing it yourself!” Little Fatty said flirtatiously, “As for this treasure, it is no longer your grandfather’s but mine. Since I want to use it, what can you do about that?”

    As he said that, Little Fatty increased the amount of spiritual Qi, increasing the size of the sword Qi. In a single attack, he destroyed the defence of the azure sword shadow. Then, with whizz, Mu ZiRong’s clothes began to be torn by Little Fatty’s sword Qi. Even her thighs and back were revealed.

    No matter what, Little Fatty did not dare to kill her and could only use such a method to humiliate her.

    Almost stripped naked, Mu ZiRong was also startled to the point she began to scream. But, not only did her screams not scare Little Fatty, it even piqued his interest. Little Fatty flew towards the pavilion and admired Mu ZiRong’s pitiful sight while he teased, “Ai yah yah, senior sister Mu’s skin is really so white!”

    “This darn pervert!” Mu ZiRong scolded.

    “Ah ah, no no no!” Little Fatty did not get angry but laughed instead, “I only dare to look, but I don’t dare to eat you up. I still can’t be considered a pervert! I can’t be compared to you, actually planning to use 2nd brother Silver to rape my woman. Are you still considered a human?”

    “You deserve it!” Mu ZiRong cried in anger with tears, “Who asked you to harm me so badly? Isn’t it right for me to take revenge?”

    “Bullshit!” As Little Fatty heard that, he scolded, “It was obviously you finding trouble for yourself! I did not attack from the start to the end and only defended. Your incompetence caused you to harm your vitality. What rights do you have to resent me?”

    “I’m going to resent you! Resent you! You caused me to be a laughing stock in the sect, I will not let you go in this lifetime!” Mu ZiRong then said viciously, “Don’t think that you can gloat just because I cannot beat you. Even if I am not your opponent, I can take care of Han LingFeng, Qing FengZi and that disgusting Little Monkey! I will take revenge on anyone close to you!”

    As Little Fatty heard that, he was enraged. He never imagined that this lady could be crazy to the point she was so unreasonable. If he really allowed her to continue all these actions, then wouldn’t everyone around him be played to death by her?

    As he thought about that, Little Fatty could not take it any longer as he slapped her, sending her to the ground from the slap. Then, he pointed at her and barked, “Bitch, don’t force me to kill you!”

    Not only did Mu ZiRong not plead, she laughed coldly, “Kill me if you have the balls!”

    “You~!” Now, Little Fatty was the one who was helpless. Mu ZiRong was the granddaughter of Daoist HuoLong after all, and was one who was doted upon heavily. No matter what, Little Fatty just could not kill her. If not he would not be able to answer to Daoist HuoLong. But if he were to let her go, he was afraid that she would seek trouble with those close to him. He was stucked in a dilemma, not knowing what he should do.

    Seeing how Little Fatty hesitated, Mu ZiRong naturally knew what his concerns were. She began mocking, “Hmph, I knew that you are just a balless scum! You are not a man, but a eunuch!”

    Which man on earth would be able to take such an insult? Little Fatty was not any different as he exploded in anger. Without saying anything else, he tore Mu ZiRong’s dress apart and threatened, “Bitch, if you dare to call me a eunuch, I will rape you here today!”

    Mu ZiRong was initially frightened by Little Fatty. But, her expression suddenly changed and started scolding without restrain, “You are just an eunuch, eunuch, darn eunuch! If you have the balls, rape me here today! I will just take it that I was bitten by a dog!”

    “Dammit!” Little Fatty was angered to the point he could not think clearly. He could not be bothered with anything else and tore off all of Mu ZiRong’s clothes. In that instant, a naked lamb appeared in front of him.

    Despite being stripped naked in broad daylight by a man, the stubborn Mu ZiRong suppressed the fear in her heart. Instead, she exposed her body and instigated, “Darn fatty, come if you dare! Don’t be all talk only!”

    “You, you, don’t force me!” This was the first time Little Fatty encountered such a situation and could not help but be flustered to the point he turned his face away.

    “Hmph!” Seeing that, Mu ZiRong further provoked, “What? You dare to strip me but don’t dare to look? Hmph, I knew that you are just a cowardly eunuch!”

    “Bullshit! I am not an eunuch!” Little Fatty was completely enraged by Mu ZiRong. As he lost all rationality due to his anger and lust, he thought to himself, “Who cares what kind of status she has, I shall just do first and speak later!”

    Following which, Little Fatty tore apart his robes and pounced over like a tiger looking at his prey. Then, a large dragon penetrated Mu ZiRong and she let out a heaven-shaking shriek. The next moment, tears began to stream down her face.