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Chapter 191: Taking Revenge

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 191: Taking Revenge

    “Alright!” Little Fatty was also someone who did not like to be wishy-washy. After hearing that, he made up his mind. Since he had already offended one party, he could not afford to offend Daoist HuoLong too. He said straightforwardly, “I will offer him a bunch of five element divine lightning tomorrow, assuring that he gets sent into the reincarnation cycle!”

    “Good, I will wait for your good news!” Daoist HuoLong said excitedly. Then, he slapped Little Fatty on the shoulders and said with a smile, “Go and rest, I will personally keep watch over you tomorrow!”

    “Yes, this disciple takes his leave!” Little Fatty paid his compliments and took his leave.

    After he returned to the Serene Cloud Yard, he saw Han LingFeng who had tidied her appearance. Although she had already washed up, Han LingFeng’s eyes were still swollen and red, causing Little Fatty to feel empathetic towards her.

    Seeing Little Fatty return, Han LingFeng dived into his bosom and cried, “You’re back already, I’m afraid!”

    “What are you afraid of?” Little Fatty hurriedly comforted, “I have already taken care of everything! There is nothing to be afraid of!”

    “Will the Four Big Metal Brothers let matters rest so easily?” Han LingFeng could not help but ask.

    “What kind of bullshit Four Big Metal Brothers. In my eyes, they are only 4 little kittens!” Little Fatty said with disdain, “Today, the 2nd brother Silver who humiliated you have already had his family jewels ruined by me. Even if his grandmaster is a famed doctor, he will still need a few years to become a man again. Tomorrow, I will spar with the eldest brother Gold. I plan to settle this once and for all tomorrow!”

    “Settle it once and for all?” Han LingFeng was first stunned before exclaiming, “You’re going to kill him?”

    “That’s right!” Little Fatty said with a cold laughter, “Since he crippled my senior uncle Qing FengZi, I will make him pay for it with his life!”

    You can’t do that! They are the disciples of Mister First and Mister Second. If you kill them, the 2 YuanYing cultivators would not let you off for sure!” Han LingFeng persuaded anxiously, “I think it is enough if you just teach them a lesson.”

    “I can’t~” Little Fatty shook his head and said, “There are many things which you do not know. The Mystical Sky Yard is now dominated by both their factions. Since I am enemies with Mister First already, I have to establish a good relationship with Daoist HuoLong. This eldest brother Gold will be the basis for that! If I do not kill him, I will not be able to please Daoist HuoLong, and he may even suspect that I am not on his side. At that time, I will be in a tough spot, not being able to lead a peaceful life!”

    “But~” As Han LingFeng hear that, she wanted to say something but was interrupted by Little Fatty, “Alright, no buts. This is the test which Daoist HuoLong have given me. I do not have a choice. You do not need to worry about Mister First. They are still shallow in their roots with only 20 plus people who came here with them. It is impossible for them to take over the whole Mystical Sky Yard. At least for now, the Mystical Sky Yard is still ruled by Daoist HuoLong.”

    “But, Daoist HuoLong’s strength is lacking, and I’m afraid he would not be able to withstand Mister First and Mister Second!” Han LingFeng said with worry.

    “Hmph, you underestimate Daoist HuoLong too much, he is not alone. Don’t forget that there is still his senior sister on the Plum Blossom Peak. Usually, this person may not be willing to take any action. But if Daoist HuoLong can no longer handle the situation, how would she still watch from the sidelines? I’m guessing that as long as Mister First isn’t an idiot, he will not force Daoist HuoLong into a desperate situation. If not, he will only provoke Celestial MeiHua! Thus, the position of Daoist HuoLong within the sect can be said to be extremely firm. As long as ShuiJing’s master do not fall, he will definitely be fine and we need not be worried!”

    Seeing how confident Little Fatty was, Han LingFeng nodded her head and said, “Alright, you always have a plan. I will just listen to you!”

    “That’s the way!” As Little Fatty said that, his hands reached out and began caressing her body.

    Han LingFeng was caressed to the point her face turned red and could only plead breathlessly, “Haiz, it is still broad daylight, can you control yourself a little?”

    “So what if it is broad daylight? Who dares to barge into my house?” Little Fatty said proudly.

    Just as Little Fatty said that, Han LingFeng stared at him with a helpless face. Then, Little Fatty immediately understood and said with a bitter laughter, “Ah, that 2nd brother Silver is an exception!”

    Little Fatty then asked, “Why would he harass you so persistently to the point he would chase you all the way to my place? What gave him the guts to do that?”

    “Isn’t this all because of you?” Han LingFeng could not help but stare at Little Fatty with resentment and complained in grievance, “I don’t know where this bastard found out that I am no longer a virgin and so he began to pester me. As I was afraid of his senior brothers, I could only respond meekly. In the end, he misunderstood that I was a slut and harassed me every day. I was annoyed by him to the point I could only seek shelter here. I thought that with the size of the inner courts, he should not be able to find me. But, I never expected him to appear to suddenly. If not for the fact that you came out from cultivation in time, I would have already been ruined by this beast! Wuwu~”

    Talking about this, Han LingFeng could not help but cry again.

    Little Fatty hugged her and consoled her while asking at the same time, “The matters between us is a secret, how would 2nd brother silver know about it? Who did you tell?”

    “I~” Han LingFeng wanted to say something but hesitated.

    Seeing that, Little Fatty knew what she was worried about and said with a bitter laughter, “Alright, don’t worry. I have already publicly announced the matter between us. Everyone knows that you are my women already!”

    “Really?” As Han LingFeng heard that, she felt elated. “You’re not lying to me?” Actually, she was already tired of this life of hiding around. It was just that Little Fatty was too weak previously, thus having no choice but to hide this matter to prevent her suitors from seeking trouble with him. But now, Little Fatty is already the strongest foundational cultivator in the Mystical Sky Yard and has no one to be afraid of. Thus, he had no reason to hide it anymore.

    “Ah ah, of course, it is real!” Little Fatty then added, “Now, can you tell me who else you did tell about this matter?”

    “Er, it’s sister Mu ZiRong!” Han LingFeng said, “She was the only person I told!”

    “Mu ZiRong?” As Little Fatty heard that, he immediately said in frustration, “Fuck! That crazy bitch, why did you tell her? Don’t you know that I am enemies with her?”

    “I know that. But, she is one of the 4 elite talents in the sect with the bloodline of the upper echelons and had a prestigious status. She took the initiative to make friends with me and I can’t possibly chase her away right?” Han LingFeng replied with a face full of grievance.

    “It is fine to make friends. But you also didn’t have to tell her about the things between us right? Aren’t you just finding trouble for yourself?” Little Fatty could not help but complain.

    “It is not that I took the initiative to tell her. She, she guessed it!” Han LingFeng said helplessly, “Even though Mu ZiRong looked so fierce, she is actually extremely discerning. From the many clues there were, she managed to guess our relationship. Then, she confronted me with solid evidence. I, what else could I possibly do? I could only admit it!” Han LingFeng said helplessly.

    “What kind of evidence?” Little Fatty frowned.

    “First was the fact that we found the spiritual stone mine together, she guessed that we had a relationship. If not, I would have killed you and taken all the credit for myself and not share it with you. Then, it was the fact that my strength had great improvements over these past few years. It was not something which could be achieved with my talents, especially the last few years. Moreover, I achieved a few breakthroughs after eating the Mystical Spiritual Fruit. Then she somehow managed to find convincing proof about this matter. I don’t know what kind of method she used, but she actually managed to prove that I ate 3 Mystical Spiritual Fruits! Apart from you, there is no one else in the Mystical Sky Yard who will be so generous towards me. By then, our relationship was so obvious already!” Han LingFeng explained.

    “Haiz!” As Little Fatty heard that, he knew that he could not blame Han LingFeng about this matter. It wasn’t that she wasn’t careful, but Mu ZiRong was just too crafty. Thus, he can only admit that he was unlucky and said, “This time, we have really lost. That darn Mu ZiRong, she wants to take revenge but does not have the courage. Thus, she made use of 2nd brother silver. Furthermore, she is able to use this to help Daoist HuoLong to recruit me. It is really killing two birds with one stone! Why didn’t we see that she was so crafty before?”

    “It may be because you only noticed her beauty?’ Han LingFeng teased with a cheeky laughter.

    “Beauty? Her?” Little Fatty said with disdain. But, he very quickly said with a bitter laughter, “Alright alright, I admit that she is a beauty. But a pity, she is like a venomous beauty, and almost caused you to die!”

    As Han LingFeng heard that, her face changed and hurriedly said, “It isn’t just me. I heard that Qing FengZi was focusing completely on advancing to the JinDan stage and was not willing to interfere with our affairs. But Mu ZiRong said that she was harassed by the Four Big Metal Brothers and pleaded for Qing FengZi to take action. In the end, because Qing FengZi was enraged and decided to take action, thus leading to his grievous injuries!”

    “What?” As Little Fatty heard that, he immediately flew into a fit of anger, “This darn Mu ZiRong, it must definitely be on purpose. With her status as Daoist HuoLong’s granddaughter, she can plead to anyone but still chose to ask my senior uncle to take action.”

    “I only just realised it. I’m afraid all of these actions are revenge against you!” Han LingFeng then said.

    “I know!” Little Fatty said with a cold laughter, “This daddy will go and take revenge right now!” As he said that, he turned and wanted to walk out.

    Han LingFeng hurriedly pulled him back and said, “You can’t. She is a descendant of Daoist HuoLong, you cannot touch her!”

    “Hmph, Daoist HuoLong has dozens of descendants, he will not care about her! As long as I do not kill her and just teach her a small lesson, it would not matter!” Little Fatty said with a cold laughter, “Don’t forget, Daoist HuoLong is still counting on me to take care of the Four Big Metal Brothers!”

    As he said that, he grabbed Han LingFeng’s shoulder and said, “You do not need to bother about any other things. You just have to tell me where can I find that bitch?”

    “This~” Han LingFeng hesitated for a moment before saying, “At this time, she is usually at the back of the mountains practising her swordplay. Due to her arrogance, that area is off-limits to almost everyone. Usually, no one would dare to go there at this time!”